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Super Scribblenauts Cheats

Super Scribblenauts cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Super Scribblenauts cheat codes.

Super Scribblenauts Passwords

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5th Cell Developers!
The 5th Cell developers created this game, and their names also count as words! Each one has a different appearance and personality. Enter 3 to get a merit! Just enter these words into Maxwell's Notebook! Enjoy!
PasswordWhat it does
JEREMIAH SLACZKACreates the creator of the game, a thin, spiky-haired man wearing a red jacket. Likes dancing.
MARIUS FAHLBUSCHCreates an unshaven man, wearing a green jumper.
SEAN WISSLERCreates a friendly blue slime, who is invincible.
BRIAN FIRFERCreates a jumpy man holding a spanner. Does lots of jumping and makes objects he comes into contact with friendly.
EDISON YANCreates a T-Rex wearing a headband that will attack anything.
BRETT CAIRDCreates a man wearing a black coat.
DAVID FRANCOCreates a secret-agent style man that wears dark shades.
CALEB ARSENEAUXCreates a man wearing specs, and holding a mobile phone.
DAVID DEVATYCreates a well-dressed man wearing specs and carrying a rosette.
DUSTIN FISCHERCreates a man with a moustache and green jumper.
MATTHEW GROSSCreates a man that runs around with his head tilting backwards.
CODY HASKELLMakes what is basically a normal man wearing a dark green jacket.
TOM JONESCreates a man dressed in all black,
GENE SIEWCreates a middle-aged man wearing a red coat.
CHUCK SKODACreates an unnshaven man wearing denim jeans and a jacket.
JUSTIN CHAMBERSCreates a man who is exactly the same as Chuck Skoda, (see above) but has more hair.
SHANA GITNICKCreates a woman with long brown hair.
JOHN WAUGHCreates an angry looking man who is very curious.
IAN GOODMakes a man, who upon being placed, turns into a 'WIZARDLY Ian Good' and starts flying, also bearing a magic wand and wizard hat.
ROBERT HUNTCreates a mean-looking man carrying a bottle. He throws orange juice.
NIKOLAY ALEKSIEVCreates a man wearing a plain white T-shirt.
ZACH BROWNCreates a man with short hair and a suit.
HEIDI GAERTNERCreates a man (or woman- hard to tell) wearing sunglasses, a bicycle helmet and protective gear.
MATT PELLICANECreates a man with Elvis-style hair and specs.
COLE PHILLIPSCreates a soldier with spiky hair and a sniper rifle. Friendly unless attacked.
JOSHUA BALVINCreates a small man that spreads Baby Unicorns and rainbows wherever he goes.
LIZ ENGLANDCreates a female pirate wearing a bandana and eyepatch. If she touches another object it becomes PIRATIC, and weids a scimitar and pirate hat.
BRANDON GODFREYCreates a man who stumble when he walks.
BAILEY HALLCreates a man in a hot-dog outfit.
JEFF LUKECreates a man in black who runs around the place.
GARY SIMMONSCreates a robot wearing a suit and green trousers.
AKIO SEGAWACreates a dwarf in read samurai armour, holding a gigantic longsword.
ALAN DIEKFUSSCreates a man wearing informal clothing.
NATHAN HERNANDEZCreates a short man in a black-and-white superhero outfit, who runs around.
CHERN FAICreates a man (or woman) wearing a paper bag over their face.
JIMMY LYCreates a bunny wearing headphones.
BORJ A RUIZCreates a man wearing glasses.
THINH PHAMCreates a man with a superhero cape.
BRITTANY AUBERTCreates a long-haired woman dressed in brown.
VICTOR CHAVESCreates a black-haired man wearing a ver formal suit.
CHRIS CASEYCreates a man wearing an orange T-shirt.
KAORI SLACZKACreates a grey-haired woman wearing a red tracksuit.
ANGELA SEGAWACreates a woman wearing a blue dress.
ERICA SABATELLOCreates a brown-haired woman wearing an orange jumper.
Submitted by: Laika on February 05, 2011
The Secret Adjective
The very last merit is one called "The Fourth Wall", and mentions a "secret adjective".
PasswordWhat it does
ScribblenauticalUnlocks "The Fourth Wall" merit, and anything with this adjective applied to it will come into play wearing Maxwell's rooster helmet. Not the Maxwell's Notebook, unfortunately.
Submitted by: goldensunmaster on July 11, 2011

Super Scribblenauts Tips

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2 ways to get a starite in special levels
in the special levels that require you to simply reach the starite and obtain it, there are simple ways that it can be done. among those, these two are my favorites.

1. create an ultrasonic invincible RC plane and place it near the starite. tap on it once placed. there should be an option labeled "Command." tap that. now you're playing as the plane. pick up the starite as the plane and fly back to Maxwell. then release the starite to give it to Maxwell. (to play as Maxwell again, tap him while you're a plane) RC cars and helicopters work equally as well, but the cars require the flying adjective to work. replace ultrasonic with subsonic or sonic and invincible with unbeatable or indestructible for challenge levels.

2. create a ridable dot to escape from any confined spaces (the last level, for example). then do whatever is needed to get the starite. can only use once on challenge levels.

try it out
Submitted by: anonymous on August 05, 2011
Arcade Minigame
If you type in arcade(machine) and interact with it you will be able to play an arcade mini game.
Submitted by: DarkRue_Cloud on November 26, 2012
Cool and Funny Adjectives + Nouns too!
Here are some cool Adjectives: blank, colosssal, molecular, friendly, floating, scaly, glowing, cyan, etc.
Here are some cool nouns:
Dark knight, tyrant, orc, titan, sand worm, golem, hydra, dragon, arcade machine, etc.
Submitted by: twilightfreak on November 04, 2010
cool things to create
Rideable Spyro ----- Kind indigo swift dragon

Santa! ------- magical red floating sleigh + santa + flying reindeer + short rope.
(put santa on the sleigh, and make him HOLD the rope. then attach the other end to the reindeer. create a red nose and put it on the reindeer to make rudolf!)

swim underwater ----- flippers + scuba gear + goggles

cool banana ------ demonic evil [insert colour] large banana

ice tree ----- artificial christmas tre

any thing!! ----- real maxwell (random stuff started to fal out of no where. cool but they do increase thermometer)
Submitted by: cynderdragon1 on December 21, 2011
Fast ollars
If you want to get fast ollars then get maxwell's notebook and keep on using it over and over again. Well there you have it.
Submitted by: Mudkipzroks on July 11, 2013
fun/useful words and adjectives
RC Helicopter-When clicked on you click command and can fly it around (It can flip switches too)
EBG- It fires exploding barrels
Invincibility Cloak- You cannot be harmed
Gaf- A floating ball you can ride
Arcade(game)- Tap the rockets to destroy them, and do not let them get past the bottom of the screen
Drivable- You can ride it
Immortal- It cannot die
EVIL- it will kill you (or try)
Zombie- It becomes undead
Sizes(in order of small to big)- Molecular, tiny, shrunken, small, large, great, huge, mega, colossal
Immovable-can never move, even in the air
Supersonic-item will get sort of a speed boost
Deadly- attacking will it will kill in one hit
Submitted by: d-rocn on July 02, 2012
Make more items on Sandbox screen
To make more items be on the sandbox then type in dwarven hydra or dwarven kitchen and the meter will go down to 0 items if you keep on doing it. It will also work if you have other items on screen.
Submitted by: Mudkipzroks on July 11, 2013
Many Maxwells
In this game, you may have noticed that if you spawn MAXWELL you will get someone who does not look like him. I have figured out a way that you can have another identical Maxwell. First, spawn a TIME MACHINE and keep clicking on one of the places to go back in time to. It may take you a while to get to this, but when you see a redwood tree with a starite at the top, you'll know your there. If you haven't already, chop down the tree and get the 121st starite. Then, spawn a HANDHELD POTION and use it on the maxwell. He should be standing somewhere by the tree. Pick him up and use the time machine. Now you have another Maxell. You can make as many as you want with the clone gun.
Submitted by: awalker12 on April 23, 2011
Strong Monster Maker
Whenever you want to see one of most dangerous Monsters in the game put in "Wormhole" and once you do it will sends out a random Monster. Useful for finding creatures useful for destruction.
Submitted by: Legendary Boss Hunter on November 07, 2010

Super Scribblenauts Glitches

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Glitched frozen man!
Summon a "freeze ray",and give it to Maxwell.Then summon a "guy" and shoot him with the freeze ray.Next,summon a "fire",and place the frozen guy on it until it says "HOT!". Freeze him again,and he'll look like a glitch!Happy cheating!
Submitted by: spartanguy10 on March 16, 2012
On and Off
Put a cold iceberg onto the game, and then put a Frozen object on it. The result should be that the frozen oblect flickers on and off the screen.
Submitted by: Glacxor on August 22, 2011
the only fun way to die
if you use rideable in front of anything round and ride it to the edge of the playground, it will shoot you up to the corner and you will die
Submitted by: jcool986 on January 26, 2013

Super Scribblenauts Easter eggs

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3 Easter eggs
I have 3 easter eggs!

1. Put in TIME MACHINE in maxwell's notebook. Now,Time travel until you see a starite in a tree and another maxwell

2. Put LOLWUT (No spaces!) in maxwell's notebook now a giant maxwell head will appear. (You can put this on maxwell!)

3. Put in RICKROLL in the notebook. It will look like Rick Astley but without the jacket
Submitted by: UnknownMan on November 04, 2010
Cow Milk
Just get a cow and pet it. You will then have milk.
Submitted by: Mudkipzroks on July 11, 2013
Creator Cameo Appearence
On stage 10-5, one of the things preseent is none other than the creator, Jeremiah Slaczka.
Submitted by: mesprit fan on March 26, 2011
Long Cat
If you enter "long cat" into Maxwell's notebook, a cat(ish) creature will appear on a cloud capable of increasing and decreasing its height. You can also make the it ridable and sit on top its head as its height changes(Very Odd).
Submitted by: anonymous on July 02, 2012
Super Smash Bros Brawl Characters
Old Mario: Help + red hat
Old Luigi: Skinny Help + green hat
Koopa Troopa: big tortoise
Goomba: Living angry big brown mushroom
Bowser: Colossal angry scaly green beast
Link: Gamer (as avatar / character) + green Santa hat + green tunic + indigo electric sword
Zelda: Princess
Ganondorf: Dark Knight
Ganon: Colossal demonic dark boar
Kirby: Mega Pink living friendly ball
Meta Ridly: Skinny robotic dragon
Ridly: skinny indigo dragon
Master / Crazy hand: Colossal magical living floating white hand
Submitted by: twilightfreak on November 04, 2010
Weird item!
If you type in "ridable automotive supersonic wrecking ball",you can ride it,and if you ride on the edge of the screen,you'll shoot up and kill yourself!
Submitted by: spartanguy10 on March 16, 2012