Scribblenauts Cheats

Scribblenauts cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Scribblenauts cheat codes.

Command codes

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When I first tried to calm an animal down with peroxide, it didn't work. Feed it a certain food that it likes and then interact while holding the peroxide in Maxwell's hand.
type me, clone, or maxwell for another maxwell. the clone will steal from you


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Powerful Enemy Killers
These summons tend to be amongst the strongest summons to deal with enemies. Just input the names into the book to summon them. Be careful though as they can and will attack Maxwell as well if he's near.
PasswordWhat it does
DeathOnly loses to a few enemies
OozeKills almost anything. Small size is ideal for dealing with enemies in enclosed spaces.
EdisonA T-Rex with a headband. More powerful than Ooze but is also rather big.
KrakenUseful for sea based enemies
HydraThree headed dragon
DragonGood against firey foes not good for watery foes. Very powerul.
cthulhugood for killing big creatures
VampireInvincible to most things.
Rail gunIt's supposed to shoot a trail of green smoke but it shoots rockets
Nuclear bombDestroys everything
Laser gunLike pistol but shoots lazers
PistolNormal just shoots
RifeShoots two bullets at a time
Chain gunIt's supposed to shoot bullet but it shoots two cannon balls at a time
CannonShoots cannon balls
MineAnything that drops or steps on this it will explode
BombPut it on fire and it will explode
PriestSeemingly invincible.Give it a weapon and it kills enemies that it is scared of.
DynamiteDoes samething as bomb, but stronger
RiotgunShoots at enemies
SwordSwats everything you attack
BehemothBig, strong, scary beast


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Alternate Title Screen
At the Sandbox mode title screen, type one of the following words to change the background:
UnlockableHow to unlock
BeeChange Background.
CarChange Background.
CatChange Background.
ChairChange Background.
CoffinChange Background.
CoinChange Background.
CourtChange Background.
ItChange Background.
PCChange Background.
Rain, then select Rain (water)Change Background.
TreeChange Background.
VibesChange Background.
WomanChange Background.
ZombieChange Background.
Folkloric Creatures
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Folkloric Creatures:
UnlockableHow to unlock
CentaurWrite "Centaur"
CupidWrite "Cupid"
ElfWrite "Elf"
FaunWrite "Faun"
GhoulWrite "Ghoul"
LeprechaunWrite "Leprechaun"
MermanWrite "Merman"
MermaidWrite "Mermaid"
SantaWrite "Santa"
Vampire or BloodWrite "Vampire" or "Blood"
WerewolfWrite "Werewolf"
Wood ElfWrite "Wood Elf"
Zombie or UndeadWrite "Zombie" or "Undead"
Gold Star Rank
Successfully complete a puzzle to have it marked with a Silver Star at the puzzle selection screen. Replay a puzzle marked with a Silver Star to play it in Advance mode. In this mode, you must complete the same level three times in a row using different objects in each attempt. Successfully complete the puzzle in Advance mode to have it marked with a Gold Star at the puzzle selection screen.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gold Star RankComplete same 3 levels.
H.P. Lovecraft Related Creatures and Objects
The following words can be used in the game to unlock H.P. Related Creatures and Objects:
UnlockableHow to unlock
CthulhuWrite "Cthulhu"
NecronomiconWrite "Necronomicon"
ShamblerWrite "Shambler"
ShoggothWrite "Shoggoth"
Internet Memes
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Internet Memes:
UnlockableHow to unlock
All Your Base Are Belong To UsWrite "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
Ceiling CatWrite "Ceiling Cat"
Do Not WantWrite "Do Not Want"
Dramatic ChipmunkWrite "Dramatic Chipmunk"
FeepWrite "Feep"
FTWWrite "FTW"
Giant Enemy CrabWrite "Giant Enemy Crab"
I See What You Did ThereWrite "I See What You Did There"
Keyboard CatWrite "Keyboard Cat"
Leeroy JenkinsWrite "Leeroy Jenkins"
Loituma GirlWrite "Loituma Girl"
Lol WutWrite "Lol Wut" (Enables Big Head Mode)
LollerskatesWrite "Lollerskates"
LongcatWrite "Longcat"
ManbearpigWrite "Manbearpig"
Monorail CatWrite "Monorail Cat"
NeoGAF or GAFWrite "NeoGAF" or "GAF"
Ninja SharkWrite "Ninja Shark"
Ninja CatWrite "Ninja Cat"
WeegeeWrite "Weegee"
O rly, Ya rly or No walWrite "O rly" or "Ya rly" or "No wal"
Om Nom Nom NomWrite "Om Nom Nom Nom"
Over 9000Write "Over 9000"
PhilosoraptorWrite "Philosoraptor"
Post Two One SevenWrite "Post Two One Seven"
Rick RollWrite "Rick Roll"
RoflcopterWrite "Roflcopter"
Spaghetti CatWrite "Spaghetti Cat"
TacgnolWrite "Tacgnol"
Ur MomWrite "Ur Mom" (Spawns a zombie)
Legendary Creatures
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Legendary Creatures:
UnlockableHow to unlock
BehemothWrite "Behemoth"
CecaeliaWrite "Cecaelia"
ChimeraWrite "Chimera"
DragonWrite "Dragon"
Dragon GodWrite "Dragon God"
GargoyleWrite "Gargoyle"
GriffinWrite "Griffin"
KrackenWrite "Kraken"
LeviathanWrite "Leviathan"
ManticoreWrite "Manticore"
Medusa or NagaWrite "Medusa" or "Naga"
PegasusWrite "Pegasus"
PhoenixWrite "Phoenix"
RocWrite "Roc"
SandwormWrite "Sandworm"
SirenWrite "Siren"
UnicornWrite "Unicorn"
Loch Ness MonsterWrite "Nessie"
ouroborostype ouroboros
HydraWrite "Hydra"
UnlockableHow to unlock
5th CellSpawn a 5th Cell Developer
All NewComplete a level with objects you've never used before
ArchitectWrite 2 buildings
ArrrrrrAttatch the Jolly Roger to a flagpole
AudiophileWrite 2 or more instruments or audio objects
WhispererRide any hostile animal
BioterroristIntroduce the plague and infect two or more people
BotanistWrite two or more plants
ChaufferDrive a vehicle with more than one passenger
ChefWrite 2 or more foods
ClosetWrite 2 or more clothes
ComboCombine any two objects together
CupidShoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow
ShovelerWrite two digging tools
Sea TwoWrite two or more sea vehicles
Knight SchoolSlay a dragon with a melee weapon
ElectrolysisShock someone with electricity
ElementalWrite more than 1 element
EntertainerWrite 2 or more entertainment objects
EntomologistWrite 2 or more insects
EnvironmentalistWrite 2 or more environmental objects
ExplosiveWrite 2 or more explosive devices
Exterminator2 or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed
Fantasy NovelWrite 2 fantasy objects
Fashion DesignerClothe Maxwell's head, body, legs, feet and give him an accessory
FirefighterPut out at least 2 fires
GeniusComplete a level twice in a row
GluttonFeed someone or something 3 times in a row
Gold DiggerWrite 3 or more precious stones
Grab and GoWrite 2 or more grabbing tool objects
HaxxorWrite 5 or more developers
HealerWrite 2 or more medical objects
HerpetologistWrite 2 or more reptiles
InfectedWrite a zombie and have it infect two humanoids
DecoratorWrite 2 furniture objects
JanitorWrite 2 or more cleaning tool objects
JockeyUse an animal as a vehicle
JoustDefeat a knight while Maxwell is mounted
LudditeShort out 3 or more objects
LumberjackCut down 3 or more trees in a level
MadhatterPlace a hat on 4 or more humanoids or animals
MagicianUse the magic wand to turn something into a toad
Marine BiologistWrite 2 or more fish
MechanicJump start a vehicle
MessiahTurn a humanoid into a deity
MilitantUse 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle
Miner 49erDig a massive hole
MiserReach 300,000 Ollars total
New ObjectWrite a completely new item
Novice AnglerCatch a fish with a fishing pole
No WeaponDon't write a weapon to complete the level
Old SchoolWrite two or more classic videogame objects
Organ DonorWrite 2 or more organs
OrnithologistWrite 2 or more birds
PaleontologistWrite 2 or more dinosaurs
PariahMake 3 humanoids or animals flee
PiEarn 314 Ollars in a single level
PicassoWrite 2 or more drawing tool objects
PilotWrite 2 or more air vehicles
ProdigyComplete a level three times in a row
PyromaniacSet at least 4 objects on fire in a level
ReanimatorBring a corpse back to life
Roped InWrite 2 or more rope objects
Russian DollPlace an object, inside an object, then inside an object
SaviorTwo or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive
SmasherWrite 2 or more melee weapons
SmugglerHide a weapon in a container
Split PersonalityWrite 2 or more cutting or splitting tool objects
StealthDestroy a security camera
Sweet ToothWrite 2 or more junk foods
Tooling AroundWrite 2 or more tool objects
WashingtonChop down a cherry tree
Water JockeyUse a sea animal as a vehicle
HumanitarianWrite 2 or more humans
Zoo KeeperWrite 2 or more animals
Moon Level
At the title screen, type "Meteor" to unlock the secret Moon level. Alternately, spawn a teleporter. Use it to access the Moon level.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Moon LevelType "Meteor" at Title Screen
TeleporterType "Teleporter" at Title Screen, then use it.
Original Scribblenauts Costume
Successfully complete all puzzle and action challenge levels in Advance mode to unlock the original Scribblenauts costume, which is the original design for the main character before he was changed to Maxwell.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Scribblenauts CostumeComplete all puzzle and action levels.
Popular Cryptic Monsters
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Popular Cryptic Monsters:
UnlockableHow to unlock
BigfootWrite "Bigfoot"
ChupacabraWrite "Chupacabra"
Flatwoods MonsterWrite "Flatwoods Monster"
Jersey DevilWrite "Jersey Devil"
Lizard ManWrite "Lizard Man"
Loch Ness MonsterWrite "Loch Ness Monster"
YetiWrite "Yeti"
Religious Figures
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Religious Figures:
Note: If you summon an "Ambrosia" and give it to a human character you summoned, that same character will turn into a Godly Figure (a man will turn into a God and a woman into a Goddess)
UnlockableHow to unlock
AngelWrite "Angel"
GodWrite "God"
GoddessWrite "Goddess"
Satan or DemonWrite "Satan" or "Demon"
Special Items
Wtie one f the followin words to get the indicated items:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black HoleSmall Black Hole that swallows An enemy or object and then disappears.
ChiFlying Chinese Dragon you can ride.
Da ManScribblenauts game.
Freeze RayTemporarily freeze enemies in an ice cube.
Invincibility CloakBecome immune to damage.
Invisibility CloakCannot be seen by enemy creatures.
Pocket KnifeUseful weapon.
Lunar Rover or Lunar LanderCancels gravity.
ReindeerCan fly.
Saint NickSpawn a man with monkey face.
Shrink RayShrinks enemy creatures.
VirginSpawn a gamer.
X-Ray Vision or Night Goggles.Enables different views.
Zombie RepellentRepels zombies.
X-ray visionwrite"X-ray goggles"
rocket bootsenables you to jump higher
Time Machine
Type "Time Machine" to spawn a time machine. When you ride in it, you will randomly go to medieval times, prehistoric times, or on top of a space shuttle.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Midieval TimesType "Time Machine"
Prehistoric TimesType "Time Machine"
Space ShuttleType "Time Machine"


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type starite and find the real one
Back To The Future reference
Level 8-11 from the "Frontier" world is clearly inspired by Back To The Future. First, there is a "Mad Scientist" standing on top of a "Courthouse", where there are "Power Lines" connected from it to a tree. There is also a "Stormy Cloud" standing on top of the said tree. The hint is "Timing is everything! Get a charge at Eighty-Eight!", obviously referring to the 88 miles per hour speed the Delorian needs to hit to time travel. To complete this level, you need to get a vehicle to pass through the power lines. Use a monster truck or stick a pole to a car.
Befriend Aggressive Creatures From a Distance
To befriend (and in some cases ride) a dangerous creature, write LOVE BOW.
Now use that to shoot the creature from a safe distance and they'll become friendly.
BioShock reference
Level 9-7 from the "Dark Hollow" world is clearly inspired by BioShock. There is a "Giant" wearing a "Diving Helmet", resembling a Big Daddy, guarding a "Girl", called "Smaller Sister" in the hint (which is a reference to BioShock's "Little Sister"). Also, the level is designed as an underwater city, much like "Rapture" in BioShock.
Dealing with Roof Switches
Are you having trouble with those annoying switches on the roof?
All you have to do is spawn a balloon below the switch. The balloon will float upwards and activate the switch.
Easy Action Levels
To easily complete any action level, spawn a pair of handcuffs, and attach them to the Starite found on the level. Then, spawn a vending machine, and place it next to the handcuffed Starite. Attach the other end of the handcuffs to the vending machine, and it should give you the option to "fill" it with the Starite. Once the Starite is in the vending machine, simply drag it to Maxwell, and click it to empty it out. Note: This glitch should also work with other objects that can be filled, such as baskets.
Easy Advanced Mode
The game ignores adjectives you try to put when writing any word, so writing "Small Hat" or "Big Hat" will only be recognized as "Hat", and will spawn the same thing. The exploit is in the fact that during Advanced Mode, the game will NOT accuse "same word" if you type an adjective before the word itself, even though the exact same thing is spawned. You can clear a stage three times by typing "Wings" the first time, "Big Wings" the second time and "Small Wings" the third time, you'll simply get the Wings all three times, but the game will register 3 different words and will allow it. If you're feeling lazy, you don't even have to put in a proper adjective, since the game doesn't recognize them, simply typing "f Wings" will register as "Wings", the game ignores the "f" as an Adjective (even if it really isn't one).

So, you can type in "Big Hat" or "F Hat" or "S Hat" and it will all be registered as hat.
Easy Quick Destruction
Just try spawning a "Black Hole", which can destroy many things including high level enemies quickly. Be careful though as this can kill Maxwell and destroy the starite if either are too close to it.
Flying Techniques
There are multiple ways to attain flight in this game, here are the ones that I know.
  • Wings, obvious, just drag them onto yourself or whatever you want to be able to fly
  • Winged Sandals, like Hermes' sandals in Greek Mythology, allow you to fly
  • Jet-pack, the classic yet modern compact flying device, makes an appearance in the game
  • Pegasus, also from Greek Mythology, this winged horse is friendly and allows you to fly. He can also transmute things into items, for some reason
  • Reindeer, just like the ones belonging to Santa, are able to fly
  • Roc, the giant mythical bird, is one of my personal favorites,and it has a pecking attack
  • Planes, Helicopters, Jets, Choppers, Dirigibles, Blimps, Hot air Balloons, and Roflcopters are all flying machines
How to Ride the Dangerous Creatures
There is a way to ride dangerous creatures like the T-Rex. First summon food (such as meat) 3 times, let the creature eat the food and it should fall asleep after that. Wwhen it wakes up, you should be able to ride it like any other creature.
Indestructible Rocks
If you need to cross a lava pit, spawn a huge boulder. It never gets destroyed and it's lava proof.
Killing Vampires
To easily kill a vampire, create a "Sun". It will reduce any vampire to dust and also turn werewolves to human form. Alternately, you can use a "Cross", "Garlic", or "Stake".
Instead of using freeze ray or shrink ray, use magic so you don't have to shoot things, just drop it above them.

Freeze ray = Blue magic

Shrink ray = Shrink magic

Ray gun = Red magic

Medusa head = Stone magic

Black magic = turns people into enemies
Moving Stars Through Barriers
When a star is behind a barrier, use a rope or jump rope to connect the star to the barrier. It will usually fall through the barrier, or maneuver it so you can pull it through.
Other levels
Are you all done with the regular levels and got all those dollars? Well, I'll tell you how to find more level's! All you got to do is:
1.Go into any world EXCEPT the university.
2.Look in the bottom right corner.
3.Touch that zig-zag-like thing.
4.Complete the first level and all the others.
Ride On Most Any Animal/Monster
Spawn an animal or monster that you cannot normally ride. Type in "peroxide" and grab it. While you have it, interact with the creature and it should put him to sleep.
Click on the creature and it will wake up!
You can now ride it.
Spawn a mechanic next to a switch and it will activate it for you.
Title Screen Backgrounds
When you're at the title screen (sandbox mode), you can unlock 14 more backgrounds by typing words that fall into certain categories. These are some words that unlock the backgrounds.

Background 01 You have it by default.
Background 02 Type "cat".
Background 03 Type "car".
Background 04 Type "bee".
Background 05 Type "tree".
Background 06 Type "woman".
Background 07 Type "coffin".
Background 08 Type "vibes".
Background 09 Type "coin".
Background 10 Type "chair".
Background 11 Type "zombie".
Background 12 Type "court".
Background 13 Type "rain" and select "rain(water)".
Background 14 Type "it".
Background 15 Type "pc".


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Getting the Starite past closed metal doors.
Attach a chain to the Starite at one end, and the other end to the other side of the door. If the door is horizontal, it'll fall through. If the door is vertical, put a fan next to the Starite to blow it through.
Glitches that will Freeze your game.
Here are all of the known glitches that will freeze your game.
- In action 2-4 put a large air vent beside the barrier by your left, the two bombs will start floating in the air and with some luck, bombs will start to fall endlessly from the large pipe chunk. If the bombs don't explode, there will be so many bombs that the game will eventually freeze, if the bombs do explode, then enjoy the fireworks.
- Throw a boomerang into the ground, while it's still in the ground click it, if done correctly, you should have a red boomerang in your hand and an X inside the floor. Unequip the boomerang, it will float. Put it anywhere and it will stay there. Put the boomerang high in the air. Attach a rope to it. The rope will fall to the ground slowly. pick the rope up. go away from the boomerang in the air. Unequip the rope. there should be one piece left, pick it up, and the game will freeze.
- In A6-11, using rope on the apples or lettuce and letting the zebras or hippos eat it will freeze the game.
- In the first game. Make a Rickroll then quickly drop Blue Magic on him. He will freeze, tip him over before he explodes. if you manage to do this, the game crashes.

- Put stilts on a mannequin and, you guessed it, the game crashes.
- Sometimes, when an animal with a saddle on it dies, the game freezes
- Go back in time and make a hostile animal. use cupid's bow on it, get on it and interact with a teleporter or time machine and the game will go into a black screen
- The first time you interact with a holdable instrument (Example: Kulinkitang or kayo), drop it next to you and very quickly tap it and tap interact. The game sometimes freezes
- Summon a Robosaur, but make sure it doesn't like you. Now put a saddle on it then ride it. Get a T-rex and fight them. Don't get off the saddle when the robosaur blows up and the game freezes.
- When you go to the panel with the avatar selection and the music, press the dark yellow box in the bottom right corner. The game will freeze.
Go Underground
First, go to the main playground (the one with the trees and crap).Then, type in CHI (short for "CHINESE DRAGON") and spawn it. After that,go to the far right end and rub up and down. You should then be underground. If you get off the dragon,you'll die instantly.
You can make Maxwell do the " Moon Walk ". Not the one in space the Michel Jackson one. Just move the cursor above his head and slowly move it back. sometimes he will run back words!
Strange werewolf glitch
Spawn a person other than a man (or dad, as the game also calls it).
Then spawn a werewolf and let it bite the person.
After this, spawn a moon to defeat the werewolf's.
This changes any werewolf into a man (even if the werewolf is a woman).
Surpassing the par bar!
When in a level (if you don't care about the level par) and in free mode, here's how to have as many objects summoned at one time as you want without that limit bar bothering you.

First summon a cloud. Then put a glue on top of the cloud. Then attach a large air vent to that glue, the wind blowing upwards. Move the cloud close to the top of the screen. Leave a big enough gap to put something on top of it, something about the size of a person.

Next summon a nuke. Put the nuke above the air vent and it'll float off the screen, even when not activated. Usually when a nuke goes off, everything dies and you start over again. When the nuke flies above the screen, you'll hear the explosion but you won't die. Instead the limit bar will go down. By two spaces. As you can imagine, you can do this as many times as you want to be able to place as many objects as you want and keep on giving yourself more space.

Be warned though, after about 30 objects the game may freeze and there may be glitches.

Easter eggs

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Big Head
Type 'LOL WUT' to spawn an oversized Maxwell head, which you can attach to any friendly creature and some not so friendly ones.
Bull in the china shop cheat
Don't move type in BOMB SHElTER in front of you now type in nuke and drop it in a cup on the left
easter eggs
Type: lie and a Portal cake appears.
Type: wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man for ...that
After you give Hydra peroxide, put on wings and the hydra will be able to fly and swim.
Flying on a horse
All you need is a war horse, any type of weapon, and wings. That's it but you should be flying on a horse.
Future Portal
Type in 'Future Portal', tap it a few times, and random things come out (like an alien or a monster) <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Game Card
Write Maxwell's name backwards into the notepad (llewxam) and it spawns an oversized Scribblenauts game card. It has no practical use though.
Luigi? In Scribblenauts?
Luigi is in Scribblenauts. He shaved, so he has no moustache. To spawn him type MASON or PLASTERER. He just walks around. If you attack him he runs away. He is kinda useless, but it is a great laugh. Mario is in this as well, but some of his dress sense like his hat and shirt are wrong. Type in FARMER and you get a faux Mario. I am gonna submit more Scribblenauts cheats.
Pinkify things
If you spawn "Paint" or "Paintbrush", then equip them and use them on something, the thing you used it on will turn pinkish red!
You can use this on literally ANYTHING, even animals and people!
Plus it never runs out!
Have fun!
Scribblenauts Person
On your note pad type scribblenauts. For some reason you get an NPC spawn who looks nothing like anything else ingame.
Secret dinosaur land and another wierd place.
Type in "Teleporter" for a weird secret room. Type in "Time Machine" for another. Hope you have fun!
Staff Room
If you want to see the staff, spawn a teleporter and use it and then you find the staff. Have fun!
Tame dangerous creatures (no peroxide/food)
Type URANIUM and you'll get a small rock. Drop it on dangerous animals such as dinosaurs and dragons, they will sleep. When they wake up you can ride them like other creatures. It's the same effect as peroxide or feeding 3x, but you don't have to get near the animal. If you drop it on a human or an Edy the person will turn into a strange, friendly green zombie.