Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats

Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon cheat codes.


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Unlockable Outfits!
These are only accessible in the Second Generation, from the dresser on the left side of the second floor of the house.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Monster CostumeWin the Monster Taming Contest.
Handsome ArmorWin the Adventure Contest.
Glittery SuitWin The Mining Contest


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Birthday Gifts
You know all that stuff Yue sells in her shop? Well, here's a little tip: If you check your friendship list, the default order of the townsfolk is the order their special birthday gift appears in Yue's shop. For those of you who don't know, giving a person that special birthday gift on their birthday will significantly boost their friendship with you.

PS: Although logically, Ray's special birthday gift should be GRAPE JUICE, somehow FRIED RICE also works, even though that's Douglas' gift.
Character likes/dislikes

Alicia- Diamond, Strawberry
Barrett- Iron, Salmon
Byron- Eggplant, Autumn Grass
Cammy- Strawberry, Strawberry Jam, Insect Skin
Cecilia- Amethyst, Platinum, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
Dorothy- Char, Emery Flower
Douglas- Skipjack, Skipjack Sashimi, Pumpkin
Egan- White Cabbage, Charm Blue
Gordon- Pumpkin, Proof of Warrior
Herman- Pineapple Juice, Tomato Juice
Jake- Spinach, Onion
Julia- Carrot, Toyherb
Mana- Pink Turnip
Max- Proof of Warrior, Fluffy Scarf, Platinum
Natalie- Pumpkin Pudding, Tomato, Cherry Grass
Ray- Pink Melon, vegetable Juice, Pink Cat
Rosalind- 4-Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato
Roy- Potato
Tanya- Apple, Apple Pie
Yue- Aquamarine, Daikon Radish, Fried Udon


Alicia- Spinach
Barrett- Eggplant
Byron- Toyherb
Cammy- Green Pepper
Cecilia- Lamp Squid
Dorothy- Insect Skin
Douglas- Carrot
Egan- Orange
Gordon- Wolly Furball
Herman- Cornflakes
Jake- Milk
Julia- Skull
Mana- Mackerel
Max- Partridge, Weeds
Natalie- Strawberry
Ray- Shrimp
Rosalind- Gyoza, Snake
Roy- Pike
Tanya- Tomato
Yue- Squid
Current Character List
-Kyle (Main Character)

-Rosalind de Sainte-Coquille*
-Max de Sainte-Coquille

*Marriage Candidate
Easy Money
As we all know, it's quite difficult to earn money as mining no longer holds huge Gold mines of jewels. However, a quick and quite useful way to raise your gold to the point where you won't even have to till the fields lies in Strawberry's. You must be in the 2nd Generation for this to work, and have purchased the Seed Maker from Yue. In Trieste Forest, plant as many Strawberry seeds as you want. Any other crop is fine, but the Strawberry's are the most recommended choice. Once they're fully ripened, pick them and throw them into the Seed Maker. When you sell the seeds, they'll be worth about 24,300 gold. And that's only for one pair of nine. And since they reproduce in only 2 days, that's around 100,000 gold every 2 days for a pair of four!
Easy Wood Gain
As the title says, there are a couple ways to get wood quite easily. And one of those ways is to go to Trieste Forest - Wooded Paradise. As the name of the place states, the river there as an abundance of wood. All you need to a weapon (To get rid of the Monsters there) and the pole to fish the wood. This has been verified by me and when I tried this, all I got was branches.

Also, the well at your farm will also give out branches, but it may give out something else too.
Extra money
You must be in the 2nd generation before this will happen.

Everyday(except holidays) at school between 12:00pm and 1:50pm go into the workshop. Douglas will meet you there and give you your packed lunch.
The lunch varies everyday and they food sells for good money.
Occasionally you may get an Ultimate Curry that sells for about 3000g.
Want a free hammer? Then accept gordon's 1st quest, Go talk to him and he should give u a hammer then go back to the quest board and click cancle on the quest. Then look in yor bag and the hammer is still there!!! so thats how to get a free hammer
Don't you hate it when you have to clean the ground over and over again? Well if you just hoe the ground after you get rid of the stuff on it, nothing can grow on it and earthquakes won't even mess it up. :3
How to get easy lobsters
go to the alvarna pond and fish there. You get lots of lobsters from there
Introduction and Storyline
The sequel to the original Rune Factory is set several years after Raguna and friends defeated the evil plans of the Sechs Empire. Things are at peace again in Norad Country. In the village of Alvanna, a boy named Kyle has become old enough to travel on his own. Right before he begins his adventures, a strange premonition of doom begins to appear as a strange lady makes an appearance.

There have been a few announced improvements so far. Instead of having to go into your inventory to change accessories and armor, there are now Touch Pocket tabs in the lower left-corner of the DS touch screen. Tapping on these pockets will open up a larger window, where you can easily equip the items you need.

-Ushi No Tane
Mana Marriage Requirements
To Marry Mana you must have done the following
-Have Mana up to 10 hearts
-Have Completed all of her missions on the bulletin board
-Have 3 or more friendship points with Douglas
-Have completed all of Douglas' missions on the bulletin board
-Give her the Engagement Ring (Received via Douglas' final mission)

Marrying Mana is really simple when it comes down to it just do the following.
-Talk to Mana and Douglas everyday (It's simple when their right next to each other at 9am)
-Once you have established some money buy 4 Pink Turnip seeds and grow them in the Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing, once grown give Mana one once a day.
-Check the message board every day

By the beginning of Fall all requirements should be met, if not chances are it's Douglas stopping you from it, just catch a SkipJack or two at the port and give them to him and he'll wise up in no time
Monster Feed
It may seem like simple logic but it's alot cheaper to buy Grass Seeds and grow feed rather then buy it, doing simple maths it's like this.

Bought -
1 piece of Feed = 400 gold

Growing -
Cost of Seeds = 300 gold
9x4 = 36
300/36 = 8

Bought = 400 gold a piece
Growing = 8 gold a piece

The labour pays off <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Note- Seeds plant in your typical 3x3 grid, giving you a total of nine squares, while each 1 square produces 4 piece's of feed
<span style="color:purple;"><font size=1>Here's everything about Rosalind you need to know.

Birthday: Autumn 27
Favourite Items: Apple, Four-Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato
Birthday Gift: Hot Milk ((Can be bought from Yue))

To marry Rosalind you have to finsih all of Max's requests, and receive her marriage item from him on the last request.</span></font>
Rune Factory 2 Calendar
1 Spring: New Year's Day
2 Spring: Douglas' Birthday (Skipjack, Skipjack Sashimi)
5 Spring: Barrett's Birthday (Salmon, Iron)
9 Spring: Yue's Birthday (Daikon Radish)
13 Spring: Flower Festival
16 Spring: Julia's Birthday (Carrot)
21 Spring: Natalie's Birthday (Tomato, Pumpkin Pudding)
25 Spring: Eating Contest
27 Spring: Byron's Birthday (Eggplant, Autumn Grass)

1 Summer: 1st Day of Summer
7 Summer: Monster Taming Contest
9 Summer: Mana's Birthday (Pink Turnip)
12 Summer: Cecilia's Birthday (Apple, any Gem)
15 Summer: Cammy's Birthday (Strawberry)
19 Summer: Dance Festival
23 Summer: Jake's Birthday (Spinach)
25 Summer: Fishing Contest
28 Summer: Alicia's Birthday (Strawberry, Diamond)

1 Autumn: Adventure Contest
6 Autumn: Max' Birthday (Proof of Warrior, Fluffy Scarf)
8 Autumn: Ray's Birthday (Pink Melon)
13 Autumn: Harvest Festival
15 Autumn: Gordon's Birthday (Pumpkin)
21 Autumn: Egan's Birthday (White Cabbage)
25 Autumn: Monster Contest
27 Autumn: Rosalind's Birthday (4 Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato)

2 Winter: Dorothy's Birthday (Char)
7 Winter: Shooting Star Festival
10 Winter: Herman's Birthday (Tomato Juice, Doria, Omelet)
19 Winter: Mining Contest
21 Winter: Tanya's Birthday (Wolf Fang, Apple)
25 Winter: Roy's Birthday (Cheap Cloth, Shoulder Piece)
30 Winter: New Year's Eve

<font size=1>-Credit goes to Freyashawk.</font>
Special Trade Items
If you notice later in the game that there's several new weapons such as an Omni-Elemental and Rune Blade to upgrade, but no recipe to make it, your in good company. These Weapons are only possible to create through trading them from one person to another. Once you make the Transaction, they'll transform into a new weapon for you to use. But they must be level at level 10 before they'll even transform, and only a number of them will change. That's why I'll provide a short list of all the possible trade items.

Steel Sword Plus: Trade a Level 10 Steel Sword
Platinum Sword Plus: Trade a Level 10 Platinum Sword
Rune Blade: Trade a Level 10 Dragonslayer
Star Sabre: Trade a Level 10 Aerial Blade
Flamberge Plus: Trade a Level 10 Flamberge
Zweihander Plus: Trade a Level 10 Zweihander
Vulcannon: Trade a level 10 Shine Blade
Omni-Elemental: Trade a Level 10 Balmung
War Hammer Plus: Trade a Level 10 War Hammer
Gigant Hammer Plus: Trade a Level 10 Gigant Hammer
Myurnil: Trade a Level 10 Gravit hammer
Pole Axe Plus: Trade a Level 10 Pole Axe
Crescent Axe Plus: Trade a Level 10 Crescent Axe
Executioner: Trade a Level 10 Demon Axe
Mage Staff Plus: Trade a Level 10 Mage Staff
Magic Broom: Trade a Level 10 Rune Staff
Lance Plus: Trade a Level 10 Lance
Corsesca Plus: Trade a Level 10 Corsesca
Feather Lance: Trade Level 10 Heavy Lance
Brionac: Trade Level 10 Overbreak

The Evil Apple Tree
The Evil Apple tree
Once you've reached the second generation, you can challenge bosses in the dungeons. This was my strtegy to beating the Trieste Forest boss.

Trieste Forest~ The Evil Apple tree.

Remember the first generation? Well, things have changed. In Trieste forest, remember tht place where there was the orc archer and the orc, with a save point outside it? Well tht is the site of your first boss battle, so you'll need the save point. I personally found this boss very difficult, so bring lots of recovery potions and medicinal herbs. Recovery spells such as "cure" are also very useful, however, medicines if possible because these spells use up Rune Points. Bring the war hammer sold from Tanya, and upgrade it many times if you have the forge.
Enter the glade and the evil apple tree will await you. It has numerous attacks. In one he will throw apples at you. These attacks can be avoided so long as you're fast on your feet, so if you need to pause and take medicine, don't do it now. He may use the magic spell, stone spike. Once again, keep running and it hopefully won't hit you. Other times he will just stand there and wait for you to come. This is your cue to attack. Run in there and get a quick hit, then dash out the way as he takes a swipe at you. Do this a few times, then get prepared as he throws more apples. On occasion he may eat some apples to recover 80 hp. This makes the battle last longer than you'd think, and that's why you have to be careful with your rune points.
When you've reduced his HP a lot, the apple tree will turn purple and begin to charge around. He only runs in straight lines though, and never changes course, and therefore is easy to avoid. He also hs no other attacks in this state. Run and get a stab at his back and in the end the tree will be defeated, leaving behind a tablet fragment.
Weather Marriage
For your wedding, it can be in any weather because when I was marrying Mana, there was supposed to be a hurricane. So good luck to all u lovebirds have your marriage in shine or rain.
Wood gain
This is an easy way to earn wood, all is needed is to have an axe.
Instead of put the branches directly in the wood warehouse, try to log them with your axe. Each branch will give you 3 of wood.
This works with the trunks, each one give you 15 wood.