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Rhythm Heaven Cheats

Rhythm Heaven cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for DS.

Rhythm Heaven Command codes

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Phone Numbers
Go to the phone in Rhythm Toys and type in the following numbers.

555-328-2338 (EAT BEET)

555-762-5688 (ROCK OUT)

555-732-5937 (PECK YES)

555-726-8724 (SAMURAI)
Submitted by: Kittykratz on October 23, 2009

Rhythm Heaven Tips

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Punch Kick!
Having trouble with those annoying bombs in Karate Man? I've come up with a trick to master this game. You know how in The Secret of Flicking they say that flicking is like making the end of a checkmark? Well, do just that in Karate Man. When the person says Punch, move your stylus down as if you were drawing a check. Then, when the person says Kick, finish off your imaginary checkmark with the sharp tail (the flick). If you did this correctly, you should have successfully launched the bomb into the air!
Submitted by: Kittykratz on October 23, 2009