Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Cheats

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Resident Evil: Deadly Silence cheat codes.


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Avoiding Battle With Yawn
When Yawn appears run to the crest (Hole where he came from). Also, grab the shotgun shells on the crates if you want. Note: you may be hurt while doing this.
Downside To Using Easy Mode
If you use easy mode and complete the game you don't unlock anything so keep this in mind when choosing your difficulty.
Easy Mode
Like the original Playstation versin there's a secret difficulty setting not available unless, when you go to select rebirth mode or classic mode you hold right on the D-Pad until the hilighted text turns green. Then when you go to play the game you will get double the ammo and zombies take less hits to kill and you take more to kill.
Easy zombie kill with shotgun
when you get the shotgun all you need to do is wait until the zombie gets close to you but not to close or else he will lunge at you but when he gets close aim your shotgun up at his head blowing off his head in 1 shot but you need a good to do this.
getting the magnum
first go to dinning room2f and push the statue soit falls in the gap and beaks.grab the BLUE JEWEL and put it in the tiger statue located in the green hallway.then go to the hcreepy hallway with all the rotting boards.unlock the door.inside will be candles you need to blow out,this is kinda tricky.first blow out the candle to your left then blow it 3 more times to blow out the right candle and then blow as hard as you can on the middle candle before all the candle re-light themselves.after that push the ladder to the moose head and grab the red jewel put it in the tiger statue.
How to defeat Yawn Snake 1
To beat this boss I suggest you have the BAZOOKA (which you should of picked up of the out side porch with Forest dead corpse) with ACID ROUNDS or a SHOTGUN that you can get as Jill by knocking on the doors that are locked and the ceiling's falling or as Chris/Jill. For this you can either go to the hole the Snake came out of and take the WIND CREST. Or to have fun and kill Yawn. Equip the BAZOOKA and use the ACID ROUNDS. With the BAZOOKA; ACID ROUNDS it will take at least 5-6 shots with the SHOTGUN it'll take at least 9-11 shots. If you get poisoned (hit once), when you leave Jill/Chris will have to get the antidote. Or as Jill she might faint and someone will appear and cure her (if hit 2-4 times by Yawn).

How to Get the 1F Map
At the start, to make things easier, go through the blue double doors in the main hall. Through here, you'll see a statue and a stair thing. Push the stair thing 3 times to the right and push it twice forward. Press A to step up the stairs and press A to interact with the shiny thing at the top of the statue. Press A to obtain the map of the first floor. Don't worry, the map doesn't take up any space in your inventory.
Inappropriate Touching
In either rebirth or classic mode, wait for Jill or Chris to enter their stand by mode. Tap them with your stylus and Jill will cover her boobs or Chris will cover his butt.
Infinite rocket launcher in main game
To get the infinite rocket launcher you must complete any mode ( rebirth , classic , Jill or Chris)in under 3 hours.It will be in your inventory when you start from your completed save.
map 2F
to get the 2nd floor map you need to get the lighter and bring it to the place that has a slot for the shotgun. You check the fireplace it will say"wood is put in the stove...a paper is on the wall...". After you light the logs you will see a blank piece of paper and just take it off the wall.
Master of Knifing game mode
To unlock this mode you must beat the game once in Rebirth Mode.
Masters of Knifing
To unlock Masters of Knifing, a 5 level mini-game, complete Rebirth Mode in any difficulty besides easy mode.
RE Rebirth: Returning zombie vomit
A cheeky way to deal with zombies that vomit on you when they get too close for comfort is to blow into the DS microphone as soon as they do so to turn their attack back against them!
Special Key
Beat Jill Valentine's Scenario by keeping Barry Burton and Chris alive or Chris Redfield's Scenario by keeping Rebecca Chambers and Jill alive and save your game on a empty save slot. Load that save up and you will have the Special Key in your inventory. It can be useable in a room in Mansion 1F which in turn will grant you a costume change for your character. Depending on what Game Mode you play (Rebirth or Classic Mode), you will recieve different clothing for each character.
tyrant rematch
the tyrant is easy to kill.when you light the flare run closer to the tyrant so he doesnt charge you.shoot him once and when he gets to close turn and run a little farther.bassically you should run in a square and shoot him once or twice(depending on how far he is)at each of the imaginary squares corner.if he does hit you and you go flying hurry and run closer to him.after shooting him several times brad will drop the r.launcher shoot him and the game ends.CONGRATS!!!!YOU KILLED HIM.if you saved chris and barry you will have unlocked master of knifing,barry in multiplayer and a secret key which you can use to unlock chris or jills speacial costumes(they each have two).also there was a rumor that if you save chris and barry you unlock a magnum with unlimited ammo.i tried this about 9 times and it never worked.
Unlockables Characters
Unlock Barry-Complete Rebirth mode with Jill.

Unlock Enrico-clear all co-op levels in Wi-Fi

Unlock Forest-Complete Classic mode as Jill.

Unlock Kenneth-Complete Classic mode as Chris.

Unlock Rebbecca-Complete Rebirth mode as Chris.

Unlock Richard-Clear all versus mode in Wi-FI

Unlock Wesker-Earn a B rank in Masters of Knifing.
Violent Ending
First get the unlimited ammo for the Rocket Launcher (Completing the game as Jill or Chris under 3 hours) and then beat either Classic Mode or Rebirth Mode as either Jill or Chris (with the unlimited ammo packed Rocket Launcher). You'll see a new violent ending.
You Only Knew the Half of Kenneth
At the start of Jill's game (Rebirth or Classic), you will enter the notorious cutscene with "Stop! Don't open that door!" After this, you as Jill, will enter the dining room with Barry. Instead of talking to Barry, turn around and exit the dining room to Wekser in the main hall. Watch (or skip) the cutscene and you will again be in the dining room. Turn around again, press A at the door and Barry will accuse you of cowardice. You will not be able to leave the dining room. Run to Barry at the fireplace and watch the cutscene. Turn around again and run to the clock. A brief cutscene will emerge and the notorious Kenneth-eating zombie will enter the room. Barry will kill it. Now, go through the door near the fireplace. Walk to the lobby and instead of watching Kenneth being eaten, you'll see Kenneth's body..halved.


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Easy mode
When choosing your mode of play, rebirth or classic, keep hold of the right button and the name of whatever your planning on choosing will turn green, that means if you choose that now you wwill be on a easy mode for Jill and normal mode for chris, equaling more bullets and health items.

Be Warned! you won't get many/any rewards for completing this on easy mode.
Unlock Rocket Launcher in maingame.
Beat any scenario in under 3 hours to gain the Rocket Launcher for your next run through the game. It'll be in your inventory when you start from your completed save.
x2 Ammo Pick Up
Go to the new game mode. Hold the right button for a while and where it says Rebirth Mode/Classic Mode will turn green. Choose Rebirth mode and when you pick up some H. GUN BULLETS it will be 30 instead of 15 and all of the rounds for the BAZOOKA will be 12 instead of 6. NOTE: This cheat only works on Rebirth Mode.