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Rayman cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Dealing with the Camera Angles
Need help dealing with the Camera Angles? Here's a tip, never get stuck in a corner, always walk around in big areas, this will never let the camera choose where to look for you and you can continue looking yourself.
GLITCH - Complete the last lvl easy!
First of all go on the last lvl, jump down where Globox was being hung and you'll resprawn on top of the hook with Razorbeard right next to you then smash with your power fist and he'll fall into the lava then instead of fighting him with him on a flying shell he'll die strait away! Voila!


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1000th Yellow Lum
1000th Yellow Lum
In Tomb of the Ancients, you can find the 1000th lum.
1. In the room with the blocks that rise out of the water, go to the top of the ledge, but don't fall down into the next area.
2. While facing the entrance to the room (out towards the water), go to the right side, but not past the fence.
3. Jump off of the right side and helicopter down, but only helicopter to the right for about 3-5 seconds.
4. Once there, there is an indentation in the wall, go foward towards the wall and turn right. You should see a hole by the water, that
you can't see from the top ledge.
5. Fly towards the hole and continue down that path. You should enter a secret area.
6. You should see a large skull and 2 pirates will pop out of the eye sockets. Fight them and continue on the stones in the water.
Pirates will pop out of the eye sockets as you continue forward, just beat them and go on.
7. At the last stone, you should see a yellow lum in the left eye socket. Jump onto the left spider web and jump up to collect the lum.
Congratulations, you can now get all 1000 lums instead of 999. The only thing that happens is that once you get all 1000 you will have 100%. However, when playing the game, the game never registers the lum, so don't worry when you still have 999/999 at the end.
hidden cage
when flying in the echoing caves you might see a room in the top left corner.try to go in it and you will see a sign saying: the fairy glade go down the hole and you will be somewhere in the fairy glade. follow the "help" voices until you reach one of the blue henchmen now go left and jump forward avoiding the Hench guy you will see another blue Hench guy beat him and shoot the cage.
How to defeat the machine in 'the fairy glades' to save Ly
Grab a keg, run down the pathway to the machine, when a flying bomb flys towards you, throw the keg up in the air, and while the keg is in mid air, use a normal attack to attack the bomb, it is then destroyed. Continue walking along until another flying bomb flys towards you, complete the same process. Now run as close as you can get to the machine without falling into poisonous water, and throw the keg at a sparadrap on the machine. Run back the way you came and get another keg, when you are here a flying bomb will not hurt you, complete the same process, and destroy another sparadrap, complete the same process and one more time will destroy the machine. If you do not know what a keg or a sparadrap is, look in the instruction manual.
The Crows Nest
On the very last level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you go in the level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.