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Get an unlockable item

How-to get one unlockeble item.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Seal CaseFirst, when your mom calls you and buys you oran berries keep them! You will need them in Olivine. If you have already messed up and sold them or ate them go to cinnawood and thr ruins of alph and smash lots of rocks till you find the blue, red, and green shard. Then go to Violet City and talk to the guy in front of the pokemon center. He will talk then ask you if you want to trade a shard for berries, say yes. Then trade him the blue shard and get an oran berry. Plant it in the berry pots and wait 16 hours. Then feed them to the milktank in the moo moo milk farm north of
Verified by: victorye Submitted by: anonymous on December 01, 2012


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~~Rare Candy FARMING~~

You need to have unlocked the Object Placer in the Safari Zone.

Ok to do this trick, just go into the Safari Zone, into the "Peak" area, and place 5 Plains Objects (Red Flower, White Flower etc.).

Use a repel and have a level 40-44 pokémon 1st in your party.

Keep catching Linoones with the ability "Pick UP".
If you think its hard to catch them, catch Zigzagoons by going to the "Plains" area and planting 15 Forest Objects. Use a repel again. Once you have six linoones/zigzagoons. I suggest having linoones cause they have the ability slash. Once your done, retire, and exit the Safari zone. go to the patch of grass nearest to the Entrance Gate. K.O. the wild pokemon. Once your done, check your pokémon. Theres a 15% chance of one of your pokémon having a rare candy. You can also get Full Heals, Ultra Balls, Sun Stones and Moon Stones etc. I have 60 Rare Candies right now. But it took me 1 week…

Verified by: dina, s99033020 Submitted by: PokeMaster123 on August 04, 2011

Another Master Ball

If you go to the Pokemon Lottery Corner in Goldenrod, if you match every single number on the Lottery you get the Grand Prize: Another Master Ball!
Verified by: amoelfutbolyelrap, muhsin Submitted by: Zuidy on March 29, 2010

Awesome Items...but hard work.

There are a number of helpful items in Mt. Mortar that can be found using the Dowsing Machine. Buy plenty of repels if you want to reap all of the items you can find down there. (Such items include Max Revives, Rare Candies, Full Restores, Stat-Enhancing Items, and so on.)
Verified by: joakim9683, iFad Submitted by: Neolord on April 12, 2010

Battle Your Friends Each Day

If you go to Kanto, in Viridian city, there is a house called the Trainer House where you can battle anybody who has connected with your Pokewalker device with. They will have the same Pokemon unless you Link with them again. Then they will have a different party when you battle them the next time.
Verified by: dina, Neolord Submitted by: Zuidy on March 28, 2010

Call Lyra

Usually if you are traveling around you can call Lyra in Kanto and Johto she will give you surprises about certain places pokemon and people. for example in fushia city she will tell you that if you bring a Tauros to fushia city it will get agervated. So call Lyra if you need advice!
Verified by: lordbenny1 Submitted by: anonymous on August 22, 2012

Catching Dialga,Palkia or Girantina

After Getting National Dex And The TRU Arceus Go To Ruins Of Alph go to the house And Someone Will Bring You to Sinto Ruins Go to The House Tallk To Cynthia and She Will go To the Cave Only Arceus Should Be in Your Party Go to Cynthia after little talking Its your Choice Its Will Be lvl 1 with thier orbs This is No Need To Catch Them Girantina Will Be In Orgin Forme
Verified by: bicho, muhsin Submitted by: ido on October 20, 2009

Catching Mewtwo

In Cerulean cave, you can catch Mewtwo. BUT BE WARNED! It's really hard!

Mewtwo is level 70! His moves are power swap, Amnesia, Gaurd swap, and Psycho cut.

Guard swap swaps all defense and sp. defense stats. It tends to use this one most.

Amnesia raises either it's defense or attack.

Psycho cut is an attack move. it's pretty powerful.

Power swap swaps all attack and special attack stats.

I recommend getting it's health to red and using either an extra master ball or a nest ball. MAKE SURE TO STOCK UP!!!
Verified by: kevin10131, savan1 Submitted by: REL15 on June 29, 2010

Catching Roaming Pokemon

The best way to deal with roaming pokemon (that is, ones that move around the region and run at the first opportunity) is to have a strong pokemon with moves like the following:

False Swipe
A sleep or paralysis inducing move
A trapping move (eg Mean Look)

Option 1:

Breed a female ralts with a compatible partner that knows Mean Look (eg Gastly or Duskull). Take a male offspring, keep Mean Look on it and raise it to Lv43 to learn Hypnosis. Evolve it to Gallade now and teach it False Swipe via TM.

Option 2:

Breed a female Absol with a male Umbreon that knows Mean Look. Teach the baby Absol False Swipe (TM 54, Dark Cave or Goldenrod Department Store) and Thunder Wave (TM 73, 32 points at the Battle Frontier). Now just level up the Absol.

In either case make sure to use Mean Look first so the opposing pokemon doesn't run away on the first turn (yes, they'll run even if put to sleep).
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: jrrymaury on August 29, 2011

Cerulean cave

The Cerulean cave is a really crazy cool cave you can get into after you have all 16 badges! (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BEAT RED TO GET IN HERE!)
OK so you can find these pokemon in the cave:


Also there are pokemon in the water!
And there are a bunch of useful items you can find, and a Dusk Stone!!!
Verified by: grizz Submitted by: REL15 on June 29, 2010

Daily Items

Monday: Route 40

Tuesday: Route 29

Wednesday: Lake of Rage

Thursday: Route 36

Friday: Route 32

Saturday: Blackthorn City

Sunday: Route 37

The people located in these areas will give you helpful items that can only be acquired once.
Verified by: allanjtw, Darkdialgamaster99 Submitted by: Neolord on April 12, 2010

E4 Prep

Stuck on the E4? Wild Pokemon not doing it for you? Does a level up seem to take hours?

An easy way to acquire experience for the E4 without having to farm for it is to simply challenge the E4. Before you do so, waste all of your money of healing items or anything of your choice, then, equip an Amulet Coin to a Pokemon that you will use to fight the E4. After all this is done, fight the E4 and gain the experience and money from fighting them until you lose to one of them. Your Pokemon will be significantly stronger at the end and you will have lost a small amount of money, but gained some from the money that you previously wasted on items. Repeat as much times as desired until you have the strength to defeat the E4.
Verified by: benito12345678901 Submitted by: Neolord on April 12, 2010

Easily Defeat the Kanto Gym Leaders

Stuck on one of the Kanto gym leaders? Read this for help:

Lt. Surge (Electric)
Weaknesses - Ground

Sabrina (Psychic)
Weaknesses - Bug, Dark, Ghost

Erika (Grass)
Weaknesses - Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

Misty (Water)
Weaknesses - Electric, Grass

Janine (Poison)
Weaknesses - Ground, Psychic

Brock (Rock)
Weaknesses - Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water

Blaine (Fire)
Weaknesses - Ground, Rock, Water

Blue (Miscellaneous)
Weaknesses - Flying/Psychic (Machamp), Rock (Arcanine, Gyarados), Ice (Exeggutor, Pidgeot, Rhydon)
Verified by: clawslash268 Submitted by: Zero on September 15, 2010

Easy Cure of Confusion

If you want to cure confusion without a berry or item just switch out your pokemon for another one than put it back and the confusion will magically disappear.

This also works when you're hit with yawn
Verified by: Kornels, The Anti Hero Submitted by: thejuls on March 31, 2010

Easy Hatching of Eggs

you can actually hatch eggs a lot faster once you have a pokemon with the ability of flame body (magmar,magmortar,magcargo,etc)...this can help people having a hard time hatching eggs =)....hope this helped you guys out
Verified by: iFad, BigCaseyDog Submitted by: Giral Ga on July 17, 2010


Since there are a lot of different versions of UNOWN, it can be a pain keeping track of those you do and don't have. If you have gotten the Radio card for your PokeGear, then it will become easier to find those you haven't obtained yet.

Simply turn on the PokeGear Radio and move the frequency to approximately the center. You will be receiving a broadcast from "Mysterious Transmission", which is really the Unown Transmission. This will call Unown you haven't caught appear more commonly. You will need to turn it back on after every battle however, like any other station.

I personally suggest packing a lot of Ultra Balls, because I have thrown 3 at some Unown and of those 3 Unown, all were captured.
Verified by: tmntpokemon, Lylodile Submitted by: Pgans on March 21, 2010

Easy way to beat Red

Note: You must not of defeated Blue and got the eighth badge yet!

Before challenging Blue, go through the Elite Four again with your high levels, putting the EXP Share on a lower level. If you had no problem beating the E4 the first time, this will be easy. You will get massive EXP and money if you have the Amulet Coin equiped onto your high levels.
Verified by: pokemon20002000, MinunTheGreat Submitted by: Quill on April 25, 2010

Ecruteak Gym Puzzle

Having trouble finding your way through the darkness that is Ecruteak Gym? Well here's a tip that will make things easier. After you defeat each Medium, the light they're carrying will go out leaving you to feel around for the correct path in complete darkness. If you're having trouble finding the right path try exiting and reentering the Gym. The Mediums you have defeated will have lit their lamps, and you can easily make your way to the Gym Leader.
Verified by: kingconway, clawslash268 Submitted by: Gefloung on March 18, 2010

EXP Share

To get an EXP share, catch or just battle the Red Gyrados at the Lake of Rage and then you should get a Red Scale.

Go to Mr. Pokemon's House and he will give you the EXP Share.

You can also win the EXP Share by matching numbers in the Pokemon Lottery Corner.
Verified by: kingconway, 96761jap Submitted by: Zuidy on March 29, 2010

Extra Bug-type Pokemon!

If you take part in the bug catching contest witch is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the national park, you will find pokemon that are not in the national park normaly.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on July 29, 2011

Fashion Box Items

When you find an item on the ground,(must be on ground not in a wall, rock, etc) move the pokemon following you over it.Talk to the pokemon,sometimes your pokemon will be holding an item for the fashion box thingy.
Verified by: sartomo, benito12345678901 Submitted by: wadyamacallit on April 02, 2010

First gym help

When you get to the top of the gym, instead of going through the path towards Falkner, you can find a very clear path at the edges of the platform , take that way so that you do not have to battle the other trainer.
Verified by: MasterZX, The Anti Hero Submitted by: Slowpoke360 on March 29, 2010

Free Heart Scale

There is a hidden heart scale located on a boat near the pier of Vermilion City. (Use the Dowsing Machine)
Verified by: Zero Submitted by: Neolord on April 17, 2010

Free Rare Candy

The first time you go outside one level up form the ground in The Lighthouse, on the other side of it is a Rare Candy.
Verified by: tmntpokemon, dragon17 Submitted by: Kazooieman on September 27, 2009

Free Shuckle

In Cianwood City, if you go to the house on the bottom-left, make sure you have one spot in your party, a guy will tell you about your Rival coming in and stealing his Pokemon. He says all he has left is his Shuckle, who he doesn't want to get stolen, so he gives it to you!
Verified by: TwilightGirl_97, The Anti Hero Submitted by: Zuidy on April 01, 2010

Free spearow (no cheats)

Go up in goldenrod city thing,talk to the red guard he will ask you to deliver a spearow.click yes.take the mail off and keep it,it is female L.V. 22
Verified by: pandaheartski Submitted by: Master on September 30, 2012

Gameboy Player

A hidden device in game called the Gameboy Player allows you to change the game's music to Gold and Silvers music for a more nostalgic feeling.
Verified by: ermi, jman1598 Submitted by: Kazooieman on October 10, 2009

Getting to Lugia in the Whirl Islands.

To catch Lugia, first, defeat Pryce, the Seventh Gym Leader. Now you must defeat Team Rocket after they take over Goldenrod City and the Radio Tower after getting a call from Professor Elm. Defeating Team Rocket will award you the Silver Wing, a Key Item needed to get Lugia, and cause Team Rocket to disband entirely.
Next, defeat the 8th Gym Leader Clair, of Blackthorn City and win the Rising Badge from her.
Professor Elm should then give you a call afterward and tell you to swing by his lab back in New Bark Town.
He'll hand over a Master Ball, and tell you the Kimono Girls were looking for you, and are awaiting your arrival in Ecruteak City's Dance Hall. You must defeat all Five Kimono Girls consecutively with no breaks in-between. After you defeat them, they'll hand over the Tidal Bell, another key item to gain access to the Whirl Islands, and to Lugia.

Lastly, fly to Cianwood City and bring a Pokemon that knows Whirlpool and Surf. A few Max Repels and Escape Ropes wouldn't hurt either. The Kimono Girls are awaiting your arrival at the Whirl Islands, so enter the Top Right Hand Island. This will lead you down to Lugia. The Island is pretty straight-forward, so you shouldn't worry about a Pokemon knowing Flash. Lugia will be at the bottom of the Whirl Islands at Level 45, so be prepared.

Verified by: r3ap8, Squall22 Submitted by: The Anti Hero on March 31, 2010

Goldenrod City Dept. Store Basement Items

Try pressing the A button in front of the smaller boxes, you may find an item.
Verified by: Fluroclad Submitted by: Gefloung on March 18, 2010

How to find and catch Suicune

First, you will see suicune in the burned tower. After, you'll see it at route 42. It will keep running away from you until you get of the boat into Veridan City. Soon, you will find it at route 14. After you beat Gym Leader Misty, you will find Suicune at the cape where you first found her. You will battle Suicune there. Save first. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Hope this helped!
Verified by: Power Fighter Submitted by: piplupluver on May 30, 2010

how to get snorlax

after you go to kanto and get your 5th badge, go to the radio tower there and play your radio to the top (where you cant here anything)while talking to the guy in the brown hat and suit. he'll give you the pokeflute on your radio channal. after, go to route 11 to digglet's cave. in front of the cave there will be a snorlax. play the poke flute and 'talk' to it. the snorlax is at lv.50 so have some hyper potions with you. he also has leftovers which heals it at each turn. on of hes strongest moves are giga impact, so be ready.
Verified by: Power Fighter, CCpokelova12 Submitted by: xxpiplupxx on May 19, 2010

If you use an escape rope out of dragon's den!

After you beat Clair and you go to dragon's den and take the quiz but you use an escape rope out of the den. That means Clair won't be there to give you the TM dragon pulse which prevents you to get the Dratini. To get the TM go to her gym and solve the puzzles again and talk to her and she will give you the TM.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Skyexplorer on August 04, 2010

Increased chance of finding Electric-type Pokemon

Having a Pokemon with the Static ability in the first slot of your party will increase your chance of finding an Electric-type Pokemon by 30%. The affects of Static will work even if your lead Pokemon is fainted.
Verified by: Fluroclad Submitted by: Gefloung on March 18, 2010

Increased chance of finding Steel-type Pokemon

Having a Pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in the first slot of your party increases the appearance rate of Steel-type Pokemon by 30%. The affects of Magnet Pull will work even if your lead Pokemon is fainted.
Verified by: Fluroclad Submitted by: Gefloung on March 18, 2010

keep the spearow for yourself. and still get the tm reward.

hey, you pokemon fans must already know that you get boosted exp for pokemon you get in trades right. well, there is a really neeat trick i tried and worked with the letter delivery to rout 31. well the pokemon spearow holding the letter grows with boosted exp like a traded pokemon the thing is when you deliver the pokemon to the guy the spearow disapears. you don't want that do you? not when it can grow fast and give you an advantage. well there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. just send the mail from the spearow to you box then put it on another pokemon instead. since the person won't recognize your pokemon he gives you back the pokemon and the tm and you keep the spearow for yourself! you keep the spearow with the increased growth and your pokemon that was holding the letter. should come in handy for those who need faster growing pokemon but can't get to trade. hope this comes in usefull.
Verified by: kwick_gamer, brashadmc Submitted by: deego on March 28, 2010


To get a Lapras in game, simply go to near the end of Union Cave and surf along a body of water and at the end will be a set of stairs. Follow those stairs and eventually you'll come to a a body of water leading to a dead end. In that water should be a Lapras. Lapras will only appear there on Fridays however.
Verified by: benito12345678901, dylan811 Submitted by: Dragoon on April 14, 2010

Leftovers, Light Balls, and other goodies.

Obtain a Pokemon with the move Thief and make sure it is not holding an item, battle the following Pokemon and use Thief on them to obtain that item:

Koga's Swalot: Holds Leftovers
Koga's Muk: Holds Black Sludge
Red's Pikachu: Holds a Light Ball
Karen's Weavile: Holds a Razor Claw (unverified)
Morty's Dusknoir: Holds an Iron Ball (unverified)

This trick CANNOT be done at the Battle Frontier. This trick can also be done to other Pokemon that holds items (such as the Gym Leader's final Pokemon, which hold Sitrus berries).
Verified by: Zero Submitted by: Neolord on July 13, 2010

Looking for Rare Held-Items?

Some Pokemon like wild Abra/Kadabra and Horsea/Seadra often hold Rare Items such as a Twisted-Spoon, or a Dragon Scale. These items may come in handy if you have a Seadra you want to evolve into a Kingdra, and so on.

The Bug Catching Contest is held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you ever want, or need a Pokemon that is able to locate these wild Pokemon and their held items, go and catch a Butterfree at the Bug Catching Contest on one of the days listed above.

Butterfree has a rare ability called "Compoundeyes" which, in battle, raises it's Accuracy by 30%.
Outside of battle, (if Butterfree is the leading Pokemon in your party, even if it has fainted) has the unique ability, thanks to Compoundeyes, of finding a Pokemon with a Held-Item in the wild by 50%.
Verified by: Pgans Submitted by: The Anti Hero on April 07, 2010

Looking for wild Pokemon with a specific nature?

Having a Pokemon with the Synchronize ability in the first slot of your party will increase your chances of finding a Pokemon with same nature as the Synchronizer's by 50%. The affects of Synchronize will work even if the Pokemon is fainted.
Verified by: Pgans, The Anti Hero Submitted by: Gefloung on March 18, 2010

Method to find Entei and Raikou

-Fly to any one of Ecruteak, Mahogany, Goldenrod or Violet Town. I personally find Ecruteak the best option.
-Entei and Raikou often visit spots nearby these towns.
-Once you have flown to the town, check your map. If their image is nearby yours, you must quickly run to where it is. It will either be the first or second pokemon you encounter. If it is not, then it has already run away.
-If the image is not nearby, use your flying pokemon to fly to THE SAME TOWN you were at until its image is next to yours.
-This method increases your chances of running into one of them. I know that using this method, I ran into them 14 times and caught them in one day.
Note: If you injure them, they stay injured, and they can run away even if they're asleep.
Verified by: Raggyyroo, chochogorito Submitted by: mira_pokemoron on September 29, 2010

Moon Stone

On Monday night in Mt MoonSquare, Clafairy will gather around the pool of water and upon arrival will start dancing. Eventually one will notice you and they'll all run off. One the leaves behind the item, Moon Stone.
Verified by: tmntpokemon Submitted by: Dragoon on April 14, 2010

Mushroom Party 2

After beating Morty, go in the path where it leads to the Bell Tower. DO NOT go in the tower. Once your one the path, press A where 2 trees collide. You will find either a Tiny or a Big mushroom. This can only happen in 3 places.
Verified by: Neolord Submitted by: mariokemon on August 27, 2010

Mushroom Party!

Using the Dowsing Machine in the Viridian Forest will result in the finding of a copious amount of mushrooms (both big and tiny). These mushrooms can be sold for a good amount of money, so bring some repels if you plan on mushroom hunting.
Verified by: Dragoon, Zero Submitted by: Neolord on April 14, 2010

Never get hurt by Mewtwo

Go to the safari zone at night and go left from the front gate into the grassland and find a Murkrow. They do take some time to catch but it is worth it. Make sure it is level 17 or 18 and KEEP it at that level until you get to Mewtwo. Make it know Astonish, Pursuit, Fly, and Wing Attack. When you finally get to Mewtwo don't send out Murkrow until one of your strongest pokemon gets its health down to the red zone then switch to Murkrow. Mewtwo's moves are Power Swap, Defense Swap, Psycho Cut, and Amnesia. Since Murkrow is Dark Flying type Psycho Cut will not affect you and the other moves are stat raising moves. Just use Pursuit for a while till he has a little health then use Astonish until you can barely see his health. Now leave Murkrow out and nothing will happen to him while you are using Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls (recomended).
Verified by: tripleaaa58, vegeta_androids Submitted by: monsterater86 on March 27, 2010

Pokemon dance

If you take a Pokemon with a high friendship level onto the Ecruteak Dance Theater stage and interact with them your Pokemon may preform a jaunty little dance.
Verified by: Jeremi963 Submitted by: Gefloung on April 18, 2010

Re battle Legendaries

If you mistakenly kill a Legendary Pokemon, don't fret. Simply defeat the Elite 4 again and the Legendary Pokemon will be back where it was.*

*Roaming Pokemon do not stay in the same place as they were killed, they start roaming again.
Verified by: Dragoon, The Anti Hero Submitted by: Kazooieman on January 04, 2010

Real Way to get the 27th and 28th Unown

Do what the other cheats and hints say... gather the first 26 unown. But, when you find the hidden room in each separate chamber, go down the hole. This will lead you to a room with encryptions on the floor. You must do this with all four chambers.
Go to the research center and talk to the guy near the bookshelves. He will talk- just ignore him... then go to the Hall. Go to the wall behind the ladder, and press A on the new picture. A guy will come and talk to you. Again, ignore.
Then, use your white flute if you have it, go to your POKeGEAR and move the dot to the middle, then roam around the hall. You will encounter the ! and ? Unown.
Verified by: charizard123dude Submitted by: benito12345678901 on April 04, 2010

Region Exclusive Pokemon

Every Wednesday and Thursday, a certain station plays on the Radio. On Wednesday, Hoenn sound plays while Sinnoh sound plays every Thursday. Playing these stations in areas of the games attracts Pokemon from their perspective regions depending on what station plays.
Verified by: krabs3113 Submitted by: Neolord on July 21, 2010

Rotom Form Exclusive Moves

You can chance the appliance exclusive moves by selecting an appliance, allowing Rotom to learn than move and then choose another one. Rotom will keep the move from the previous unless you select "recall" when changing.
Verified by: Neolord Submitted by: Dragoon on June 09, 2010

Ruins of Alph

In the puzzle caves of the Ruins of Alph, behind the main Puzzle there is another on the back wall. In the cave with the Kabuto puzzle, it says: "Escape". Use an Escape Rope to unlock another hidden door. The cave with the Aerodactyl Puzzle will say "Light", use Flash here and it will open another secret door and unlock more Unowns.
Verified by: benito12345678901, CCpokelova12 Submitted by: Dragoon on April 06, 2010

Secret Rooms in the Ruins of Alph

These rooms are hidden in the rooms with the puzzles in the ruins of alph. They are behind the puzzles. There is a different colored wall with a yellow brick in it. These are doors. If you press A on these doors a message spelled in unkowns will appear. Each message requires a certain command to open it.

Here are the messages and their actions:

Escape-Use an escape rope
Light-Use flash (a pokemon move)
Ho oh-Have a Ho-oh first in your party and press A on the door
Water-Use a water stone

Do these actions in front of the doors.

When each door opens you will go into a room with four items in each of the four rooms. There is also a hole in these rooms. Fall through it and you will go into another chamber with a message on the floor.

When you fall through the second hole in the second chamber of these secret rooms you will be in the normal chambers of the ruins of alph and be able to find different kinds of unkown than you could before.

Hope this helps with your quest for all the unkowns!
Verified by: benito12345678901 Submitted by: darkraimaster25 on March 25, 2010

Shiny Poke in Egg

breed two pokemon in the day care center.....for example ditto and sunkern....one of your pokemon needs to be of a different language....so you will be able to lower the chances of not obtaining a shiny...now it has been dropped from 1 in 8192 to 1 in 2048 cutting it by 75%
Verified by: iFad Submitted by: Giral Ga on June 05, 2010

Simple way to defeat Faulkner, the first Gym Leader.

An easy way to defeat Faulkner, the first Gym Leader, is to catch a Bellsprout in the Grassy Area to the south of Violet City. Next, head towards the house in the southern part of Violet City.
The man inside will want to trade his Onix (Nicknamed Rocky) for a Bellsprout. Accept the trade, and you'll have Onix.

Since Onix is a Rock Type Pokemon, he will do exceptionally well against Faulkner's Flying Type Pokemon.
Onix will also come in handy down the road, especially if you chose Chikorita as your Starter Pokemon, since Grass Types are weak against Flying Types.
Verified by: tmntpokemon Submitted by: The Anti Hero on March 16, 2010

Sketch Any Move

In Heartgold and Soul Silver you can sketch any move without having to hunt down the pokemon and wait for the move you want to be sketched. Here's how: Step 1. Raise the desired Smeargle you want to sketch the moves with as much as you want and fill his sketch moves, he/she learns one every 11th level. Step 2. Raise a pokemon with the move that you want to put on the smeagle until it learns the move. Step 3. Go to the move deleter in Blackthorn City and delete all of its moves except the one that you want to put on the Smeargle Step 4. Put the pokemon with the move and your Smeargle in your party, wait until a Friday or change the date. Call school kid Billy until you get a battle with him. Step 5. Take out his pokemon until he brings his Ditto out, once he does switch in the pokemon with the move. Let his Ditto copy your pokemon. Switch your pokemon out to the Smeargle and use sketch. Keep doing this until you have the desired moveset for your Smeargle.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Chris Shell on April 28, 2013

Snow Throw Tip

It is easier to hit the pokemon on the sides than the pokemon that are in front of you. I preferably like to throw diagonally to the left.
Verified by: pandaheartski, tripleaaa58 Submitted by: wiggle_mickey27 on June 04, 2010


You know how when if you're trying to get a pokémon from the Safari Zone and you have to wait a certain amount of days? Its kinda annoying coz for some pokémon you have to wait for 100 days
(like a Gible). Heres a way to speed things up a bit: Once you place your objects in the Safari zone, retire and save. Then Turn off your DS. Go into DS Options(The little DS ICON underneath the GBA slot game option). Select the 2nd Icon. Click the clock(Not the alarm clock). Then set the time to 23:59. Wait. Watch TV, Read a book, play another game, Go on the web. If you want to level up one pokémon, then send it to your pokéwalker, and catch one pokemon and find one item. using the dowsing mchn. Just keep it there. This will work coz when its 00:00, it means 1 day has passed and SoulSilver reads the DS internal clock(the one you tampering with right now). With this method i caught a Riolu(70 days), Gible(100 days), Bronzong(110 days), Bagon(110 days) and a Sealeo(80 days) and a Dusclops(20 days) it took me like about 3 hours, but it was worth it instead of waiting for 1 year <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Verified by: squidso5 Submitted by: PokeMaster123 on August 04, 2011

Stat growth

Are you tired of looking to see what stats are changed by natures? Wait no more! If a stat name on your pokemon has a slight red tint, that stat will grow more, while blue tints mean less growth. Simple!
Verified by: joeydehgr8, Funnyguy194 Submitted by: fluffysbeans on March 18, 2010

Status Effects

Catching hard-to-get Pokemon can be burdensome without some status effects. Every status effect has a different multiplier for the catch rate:

Sleep: 2
Freeze: 2
Paralyze: 1.5
Poison: 1.5
Burn: 1.5

As you can see, Sleep and Freeze are the most effective status ailments for catching Pokemon.
Verified by: Zero Submitted by: Neolord on April 12, 2010

Tips on catching legendaries

Use a pokemon that specializes in catching them with moves like
~False Swipe (necessity leaving the opponent at 1 hp)
~hypnosis(put opponent to sleep, in creases catch rate)
~An attacking move to start things out
~A healing move

Also be sure to bring lots and lots of ultra balls or whatever other balls would be beneficial(quick balls on roaming animals)
Verified by: clawslash268 Submitted by: SoulRaiser on July 28, 2010

Tips On Catching Raikou And Entei

As you probably know after your encounter with Suicune, Raikou and Entei at burned tower, Raikou and Entei start roaming Johto freely. After tracking them done on the map you notice that after one turn of battling them they run away. Theirs three ways of stopping this that I know of. One, have a pokemon in battle with the ability Arena Trap like Dugtrio. Two, have a pokemon use mean lock like Gengar, Haunter etc. Or three, the one I used and recommend, have a Pokemon with the ability Shadow Tag like Wobboffet obtainable in the Safari Zone and in the nearest Dark Cave to Blackthorn Town.
Verified by: Power Fighter Submitted by: GamerSaviour998 on April 12, 2010

Trainer Rematches, the easy way.

Every time you finish a 7-win streak in the Battle Frontier, you will receive a phone call from a trainer registered in your Pokegear. Most of the time, they will ask for a rematch. (Most of the time, they might talk about something else or you might not even receive a call in some rare occasions.)
Verified by: Power Fighter Submitted by: Neolord on April 17, 2010

Unlockable: Supreme Cup

Once you have obtained the National Dex and have talked with Magnus in the Friendship Room, the Supreme Cup is available for play. Foes in the Supreme Cup are harder and you will also be pitted against notable NPCs (Whitney, Falkner, Jasmine, Maylene, Primo and Kuni.) The bonus reward for winning the Supreme Cup is an additional 300 points instead of the original 100 point bonus.
Verified by: clawslash268 Submitted by: Neolord on July 31, 2010


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Evolve Pokémon Via GTS Without Trading

This glitch lets you use the GTS to evolve a pokémon that evolves by trading (eg Scyther or Graveler) without actually sending that pokémon to another player.

1. Enter the GTS building in Goldenrod city (this is a large building on the left side - go to where the rail station is and head left past the radio tower).
2. Put the pokemon that can only evolve by trade up for trade at the GTS (ensure that if it requires an item that it is holding said item). It is recommended to ask for a pokémon in exchange that is legitimately impossible (eg a low level Mewtwo) so that someone doesn't snatch away your creature before you have completed this.
3. Complete any other random trade that doesn't involve the pokémon you just deposited.
4. Withdraw the first pokémon from the trade slot
5. Your pokémon should now evolve.
Verified by: Andre1 Submitted by: PokeMaster123 on January 29, 2012

Pomeg Berry HP Glitch

This trick only works on a Pokemon who has not already had their HP EVs lowered through Pomeg Berries. Now get that Pokemon's HP to a critically low level like 1 or 2 during battle. Once you return to the field, use a Pomeg Berry on it to attempt to decrease its HP by 10; however, thanks to the current HP of the Pokemon, it will instead cycle their HP to a whopping 65,535!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on October 11, 2013

Sinking Pokemon

To do this glitch you must have access to Mt Silver and a Pokemon with Headbutt in your party.

Fly to Mt Silver and head right (->) from the Pokemon Center, down the stairs.
Make sure the Pokemon that knows Headbutt is NOT the first in your party, and have your Pokemon stand on the bottom of the stairs, behind you.
Face the tree, open your menu and have your Headbutt Pokemon use Headbutt on the tree. You can't just press A on the tree, you have to open the menu or it won't work.
If you did it correctly, after the Headbutt animation stops your Pokemon should have sunk into the steps. Don't worry, it's not stuck there, just move and it'll pop out like nothing happened.
Verified by: dylan811, Castlewars Submitted by: Lynxx on August 20, 2010

Easter eggs

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Fancy Table

At the Ecruteak City Dance Theater, there's a table... A simple table... If you interact with it, it will say it is used for certain programs... Hmmmm, how do the Kimono Girls get money?
Verified by: shadow000 Submitted by: lucastcorrea on July 04, 2010

Free drink

If you buy 9 lemonades from a vending machine at once,you'll get a 10th one for free!
Verified by: dragon123wee Submitted by: Wolverine527 on March 21, 2010

Professor Elm secret saying

If you restart the game late at night and talk to Professor Elm. He will have something different to say to you than when you start the game off in the morning.
Verified by: MasterZX, pokemonmarcell Submitted by: Fluroclad on March 26, 2010