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3 Of the Lengendaries!
Ok... So you think trying to capture Suicune, Raikou, and entei is hard. Well I\'ve found a solution!

Raikou: Use any-type of fighting Pokemon that is on level 2 or 3. Draw loops around it until the blue goes away.

Suicune: Ok, First try to find the original when it copies it self. When you find it, take one out of the two copies. Now you\'ll have 2 suicunes. Now when both of them are attacking use minum/plusle before they attack. Then draw loops as fast as you can.

Entei: Be sure that you have two level 3 water pokemon with you. Make a bubble around Entei. You can also use a Phsykic pokemon but I prefer water. When you are about to make the bubble, try to look at the flames that are blowing up. See when they\'ll fade. Do the bubble before that. Like 4 seconds before. Draw loops around it. Try to avoid the flames around Entei!

I hope this helped you. If you want the horrible thing to happen again, after you beat the game go back to the temple and find the drowzy man!
Annoying tap
Tap the target pokemon with the stylus to make it do a close range attack.
(ex. Donphran, tap to use headbutt.)
After you beat the game go back to the challenge place and go where entai was .An Arcanine will be there instead.
beat manaphy mission
once you unlock the manaphy mission with the password it will give you the mission. the mission is stopping the remaining go-rock squad members from escaping to fall city with proffesor haskins precios manaphy egg. you basiclly go around lyra forest untill you find a swellow. CAPTURE IT !!!! then you will see a parasect discuised as a mushroom. use swellows field move gustx1. it will move to a different spot. keep on battling grunts untill you catch the go rock squads commander at a dead end. BE CAREFUL he has a venasuar and two scyther. once you capture them the commander will flee but Gorder (who is now on your side) captures the commander. you will bring the egg back to proffesser hastings who keeps the egg untill you can trade it. next time you go on ranger net there will be an option called check the egg touch that it will show you a picture of the egg. touch the egg and you will go on to a screen with a letter. touch the bottom screen and you can trade the egg to diamond or pearl.
Caphering Charzard 2nd Time
When Caphering Charzard use Plusle or Minim to shock him .

When Paralized QUICKLY circle around hime and get him Poliwirls never work.
capture callange
after you have completed the story you can go in the capture challange building.
Capture Challenge
After you have completed the story you can go in the capture challenge building. It is in fall city.
Capturing Charzard
Best way to capture him is to let him shoot out his flames and the one he is closer too, circle your stylus with him and the flame. But beware, hit the flames and it huts your stylus! Good luck!
capturing Mew on Find Mew,The Mirage! special mission
If you want to capture Mew easily, Go to Ranger Net and follow these instructions: There is a temple at the area your in.Before you go for Mew,go up to the temple. Two Shedinja should be outside the temple. Capture both and go find Mew. I hope this helps.It worked for me!
Capturing the deadly Flygon the easy way.(The cheesy way)
When capturing flygon wait till he has attacked then circle him about 4-5 times. When you have done then do not take your stylus off of the touch screen because he will fly off the screen then will come back. When he has come back and attacked continue circling. You only have to circle him 1-2 times. When it sais OK take stylus off touch screen.

This is easy to do but remember. Once you have circled him and moved the capture disk away from him when it flys off the screen make sure flygon does not hit the capture line or disk.
Catching Charazard
Is catching charazard hard? Of course it is. Wanna make it easier? You probubly do. If you don't... then skip this...

Charazard eventually shoots up flames, and walks around. when it walks around, this is your time to capture it. Oh wait, those Darn flames keep hurting your stylus. Well, this works for me, but is risky. Make sure you have full health, then purposely hit some of the flames. You may lose a lot of health,(I think it was either 4, or 5 each) but the makes the flames disappear. Dont hit all of them though. just the ones that are too close. Then he just keeps walking around like he did before. Circle him quickly and you got 'em. If you fail this, wither use a electric type poke assist to recharge your stlyer, or purposely lose, so you start at your last checkpoint. Ten you can do this tactic over. It may take a few tries, but it will work.

Note: Count how much energy you have, so you know how many flames you can put out. If you accedently do 1 flame to many, you lose.
Donot do play Nosglectic Captures!
When you finish the game, go to the place where you find Rayquaza and you will find a guy with two Drowzee. If you choose to go to Nosglectic Captures, you will be sent back in time and battle the 3 legendary pokemon, Raikou, Suicune and Entei. If you want to battle these three pokemon, I recommend to bring Regirock, your partner pokemon and Regice.
Easy Entei Capture - Second Time
There are many Pokemon you will need.

To start, Make sure your PokeAssist Gauges are all full, then get 2-3 Fighting PokeAssists. And get 1 water PokeAssist. Also have the rest of your slots have Healing PokeAssists

To Capture Entei:

Make sure you dont have 8 energy or less at all times. At the beginning, Entei will shoot out some flames, around the screen and on in the center. Wait till he is next to the center then Loop around him until he has no more little flames around him. The flames make that you cannot capture him. After the little flames are out, he will Shoot out some more flames but only around the screen making him easier to capture, but he moves around alot. This is time to attempt to stop him with you water PokeAssist. If that doesnt work out, use Minun trying to time it when he is in center of screen. If the MinunAssist is succesful, use right away 1 of the Fighting PokeAssist And try to Capture him, Keep doing that until you completely fail or Capture Entei.

Good Luck fellow Rangers .
Easy Kyorge
After the credits roll you can do 3 special missions to get Kyorge, Groudon, and Rayquaza. Well kyorge is one of the easiest ones, just do a maxium power discharge from your partner and circle like crazy!
Ever wonder Charizards Domain?
On mission #8 challenge #4 Charizard's room is all black-ish coal with odd shapes of magma (or lava... I forgot which is which...) near the entrance and the middle.
Getting early Venusaur
You're supposed to only get Venusaur after the credits roll, but you can capture him before that. For this to happen, you must first get a Pokemon with Cut x1. Venusaur is behind a bush in the depths of Lyra Forest. The meadow with Hoppips, Pikachus, and Beautiflies. Two rooms to the right is a path with Nincadas. Those have Cut x1. Bring one all the way back and cut the bush. There's your Venusaur. Happy capturing.
How to beat Charizard
When the battle starts do not try to capture at the beginning. Wait until he spits fire up. Then, wait until the fire goes onto the floor. Choose a spot where Charizard is going and use your capture device to take damage on those fires. Do this at least two to four times then circle as fast as you can. If done correctly you should have captured Charizard.
How to catch Charizard
First,let Charizard blow his flames.After the flames land,count to 3 and use Plusle/Minun to paralize him. then,draw quick circles around him.I hope this works!Good Luck!
how to get a grovyle
when you get to rank 4 then the guy from the go rock squad stores the gate catch a lotad from the pond and thengo to a turn where you will find a wild electrike and a woman use the lotad to water the vine the vine will grow after that climb up the vine then there you will see the groyle.after you catch it go to the fence cut it down with the grovyle.then your on your on your own.
First go to the water marine challenge catch 2 horea and a sedra and kingdra apperes near the island with the pelliper
Lazy Syduck
To find a Syduck all you need to do is first go to the Marine Challenge and enter it. Then capture TWO Staryu to reveal some Starmie. Capture those Starmie to finally reveal a Psyduck. He is visible and he can be found in the bottom left middle.

He will do absoloutly nothing and you will have to circle him 32 times and straight away he will think about beginning to flee. GOOD LUCK FELLOW RANGERS!!
Location Location Location
Bulbasaur - Lyra Forest
Ivysaur - Lyra Forest
Venasaur - Lyra Forest
Bellsprout - Lyra Forest
Weepingbell - Lyra Forest
Victreebel - Lyra Forest
Chickorita - Lyra Forest
Bayleef - Lyra Forest
Meganium - Lyra Forest
Hoppip - Lyra Forest
Mudkip - Lyra Forest
Marshtomp - Lyra Forest
Swampert - Lyra Forest
Slowpoke - Grassland Capture Challenge
Torchic - Lyra Forest
Combusken - Lyra Forest
Blaziken - East Road
Rapidash - Grassland Capture Challenge
Cyndaquil - Lyra Forest
Quilava - Lyra Forest
Thyplosion - Lyra Forest
Pichu - Lyra Forest
Pikachu - Lyra Forest
Raichu - Panula Cave
Beedrill - Lyra Forest
Ralts - Sekra Range
Kirlia - Krokka Tunnel
Gardevoir - Sekra Range
Abra - Grassland Capture Challenge
Spoink - Grassland Capture Challenge
Nincada - Lyra Forest
Ninjask - Lyra Forest
Shedinja - Lyra Forest
Phanpy - Olive Jungle
Donphan - Fiore Temple
Taillow - Lyra Forest
Swellow - Lyra Forest
Dragonite - Capture Arena
Spearow - Grassland Capture Challenge
Fearow - Grassland Capture Challenge
Doduo - Grassland Capture Challenge
Dodrio - Grassland Capture Challenge
Scyther - Lyra Forest
Scizor - Lyra Forest
Skarmory - Grassland Capture Challenge
Murkrow - Lyra Forest
Zizagoon - Lyra Forest
Linoone - Lyra Forest
Tauros - Grassland Capture Challenge
Paras - Krokka Tunnel
Parasect - Krokka Tunnel
Poliwag - Krokka Tunnel
Poliwhirl - Krokka Tunnel
Poliwrath - Jungle Relic
Politoed - Olive Jungle
Magnemite - Krokka Tunnel
Magneton - Krokka Tunnel
Zubat - Krokka Tunnel
Goldbat - Panula Cave
Crobat - Panula Cave
Diglett - Krokka Tunnel
Dugtrio - Krokka Tunnel
Rhydon - Jungle Relic
Geodude - Krokka Tunnel
Gravler - Krokka Tunnel
Golem - Panula Cave
Plusle - N/A
Minum - N/A
Tangela - Waterworks
Krabby - Fall City
Corphish - Waterworks
Crawdaunt - Waterworks
Totodile - Waterworks
Croconaw - Waterworks
Feraligatr - Waterworks
Squirtle - Waterworks
Wartotle - Lyra Forest
Blastoise - Fall City
Voltrob - Dusk Factory
Machop - Krokka Tunnel
Machoke - Dusk Factory
Machamp - Krokka Tunnel
Makuhita - Fall City
Hariyama - Krokka Tunnel
Meditite - Waterworks
Medicham - Panula Cave
Grimer - Waterworks
Muk - Waterworks
Koffing - Waterworks
Drowzee - Waterworks
Hypno - Dusk Factory
Mr. Mime - Dusk Factory
Pinsir - Dusk Factory
Gastly -Dusk Factory
Haunter - Dusk Factory
Gengar - Fiore Temple
Snubbull - Fall City
Skitty - Fall City
Meowth - Fall City
Jigglypuff - Fall City
Rattata - Waterworks
Raticate - Waterworks
Porygon - Dusk Factory
Kecleon - Fall City
Snorlax - Sekra Range
Lapras - N/A
Horsea - Marine Capture Challenge
Seadra - Marine Capture Challenge
Kingdra - Marine Capture Challenge
Goldeen - Marine Capture Challenge
Seaking - Marine Capture Challenge
Staryu - Marine Capture Challenge
Starmie - Marine Capture Challenge
Remoraid - Marine Capture Challenge
Octillery - Marine Capture Challenge
Mantine - Marine Capture Challenge
Carvanha - Marine Capture Challenge
Sharpedo - Marine Capture Challenge
Wailmer - Marine Capture Challenge
Luvdisc - Marine Capture Challenge
Psyduck - Marine Capture Challenge
Wingull - Fall City
Pelipper - Marine Capture Challenge
Magikarp - Marine Capture Challenge/Sekra Range
Gyarados - Marine Capture Challenge
Oddish - Olive Jungle
Gloom - Olive Jungle
Vileplume - Sekra Range
Treecko - Olive Jungle
Groyvle - Olive Jungle
Sceptile - Jungle Relic
Lotad - Olive Jungle
Lombre - Olive Jungle
Ludicolo - Fall City
Numel - Jungle Relic
Camerupt - Jungle Relic
Magmar - Jungle Relic
Slugma - Jungle Relic
Magcargo - Jungle Relic
Charmander - Jungle relic
Charmeleon - Jungle Relic
Charizard - Capture Arena
Torkoal - Krokka Tunnel
Growlithe - Dusk Factory
Arcanine - Jungle Relic
Electrike - Olive Jungle
Manetric - Jungle Relic
Heracross - Olive Jungle
Mankey - Olive Jungle
Primape - Olive Jungle
Ekans - Olive Jungle
Arbok - Sekra Range
Venonat - Olive Jungle
Wurple - Olive Jungle
Silcoon - Olive Jungle
Beautifly - Lyra Forest
Spinarak - Olive Jungle
Ariados - Olive Jungle
Flygon - Capture Arena
Gligar - Olive Jungle
Houndoom - Jungle Relic
Slakoth - Olive Jungle
Vigoroth - Olive Jungle
Slaking - Olive Jungle
Bagon - Capture Arena
Shelgon - Capture Arena
Salamence - Capture Arena
Jynx - Panula Cave
Solrock - Panula Cave
Wobbuffet - Panula Cave
Dusclops - Panula Cave
Swinub - Panula Cave
Piloswine - Panula Cave
Snorunt - Panula Cave
Glalie - Panula Cave
Whismur - Panula Cave
Loudred - Panula Cave
Exploud - Panula Cave
Steelix - Capture Arena
Seedot - Sekra Range
Nuzleaf - Sekra Range
Shiftry - Sekra Range
Vaporeon - Fiore Temple
Flareon - Fiore Temple
Jolteon - Fiore Temple
Espeon - Fiore Temple
Umbreon - Fiore Temple
Electabuzz - Go-Rock Squad Base
Swalot - Fiore Temple
Beldum - Jungle Relic
Metang - Go-Rock Squad Base
Metagross - Go-Rock Squad Base
Larvitar - Sekra Range
Pupitar - Sekra Range
Tyranitar - Sekra Range
Swablu - Sekra Range
Altaria - Sekra Range
Aerodactyl - Fiore Temple
Sneasel - Panula Cave
Absol - Panula Cave
Kangaskhan - Sekra Range
Entei - Fiore Temple
Raikou - Fiore Temple
Suicune - Fiore Temple
Regirock - Sekra Range
Regice - Panula Cave
Registeel - Krokka Tunnel
Kyogre - Safra Sea
Groudon - Jungle Relic
Rayquaza - Fiore Temple
Deoxys* - Krokka Tunnel
Celebi* - Lyra Forest
Mew* - Olive Jungle

*- Ranger Net

♥ IC ♥
to get regice go to Panula Cave (which is below Wintown.) u have to have pokemon with poke assists: 3 fire, 2 rock, and 1 vine, you need one pokemon for each assists. melt the ice near the bottom that is blocking a passage. smash the rock to the right and go down the hole. swing to the other side and go down that hole. regice will be behind the door!
if u bothered 2 talk 2 people after u beat the game u might already no this. in the sekra range (which is right above Wintown) is where regirock is. as u go higher u will see a big rock, break the rock then water the vine that was hiding behind it. u then have to break the wall. there will also be frozen ice that u have to melt. and then regirock is there! i hope this cheat helps u.
registeel is in krokka tunnle. u need these assists: 2 vine, 4 rock x2, and 1 cut x2. go to the room filled with zubats. at the left bottom corner is a wood stump. cross to the other side, continue on, and cut the fence. break 4 rocks and swing to the other side. behind the doors is registeel!
need help getting the rigis here is a tip

after you beat gorder the credits will show but
actully it is telling you where the rigis are.
on one picture it shows the boy character in the krooka tunnel where rigisteel is. on another picture is shows silent chris in front of a big rock in sekra range where rigiroch is. on the last picture it shows silent chris and the leader ranger of wintown in the ice cave where
rigiice is.
second time catching charizard
Of coruse is hard capturing Charizard second time but to to make it easier in there you can see Poliwirl so catch one then when you see Charizard use Poliwirl's poke assist use a bubble and surround it before it use it flames if you surround the Charizard with the bubble cirrcle it even how slow you circle you still can capture it.
Shortcut between Ringtown/FallCity and wintown! Catch cool pokemon, too!
From ringtown ranger base:
Required pokemon: Swampert,balstoise,poliwrath,Feraligatr,Kingdra, or Suicune(if possible.)

Go to the edge of the lyra forest then go in. Go to the middle tree and turn right. then go into the krokka tunnle. Go up and turn right at the dugtrio statue. then go through the glowing sign door. Go to the left until you see one of those little routes. then go up and straight into the next room. Go straight up till you get into the room with just one magneton. Use your pokemon(the water one) on the small, green plant. climp up and you will see a torcoal. It is a good thing to catch. Go down the stairs. You will be in the ice portion of the krokka tunnle. There will be a ton of crobats, three to be exact. Catch one and go through the bottom exit. In this room go to the left to find a... an... AN ABSOL! Catch it and go to the right. Jump off the ledge and turn right and into the next room. You will be in a room with some whismurs and an exploud, all of which are completely useless. Go up and down the stairs in the room with the save machine. Wander around this room 'til you find another set of stairs. In this room, go to the rock you see and then go north. turn right at the next set of rocks and then go north at the piloswine with his baby swinubs, go through that door by the glaile. In this room go to the door on your right. Go around the path until you see the big steelix den. turn right and go through the door to the wooden ramp. navigate til you get to wintown.

From fall city: Go left past the tailows and into the cave. Go north til you get to the sign, then go left and enter the first door you find. Go through the paras room and you will get to the geodude room. Things will look familiar now.

Snorlax is finally awake!!!
To awake Snorlax you will need to capture all other Pokemon in the Fiore Region. Including Kyogre, Groudon, Entei and any other legendary Pokemon. Once you have go to the place u fought the Charizard the 2nd time. There shud be a man standing their next to a cave, and in the cave is the Snorlax finally awake!!! U will need to circle him 21 times. GOOD LUCK!!
1) Ranger Net Complete the game's Story Mode
2) Mission 1: Gain Deoxys's Trust?! Unlock Ranger Net
3) Mission 2: Rescue Celebi! Complete the Deoxys mission
4) Mission 3: Find Mew, the Mirage! Complete the Celebi mission
5) Password entry feature On the Ranger Net screen, press R, X, and left (on the D-pad) simultaneously
6) Mission 4: Manaphy egg mission Enter the password, as revealed on the official website (P8M2--9D6F--43H7 for US version)
7) Manaphy Egg Watch/Transfer to Diamond or Pearl Complete the Manaphy egg mission


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Feild Challenge
Inside of the feild challenge, there are some pokemon that only appear after you do certain things. I am here to list said pokemon and what you need to do to get them out.

Gardevoir - Capture two kirlia
Doduo - Capture two kirlia
Slowpoke - Capture two abra
Fearow - Beat Spensers score in the Capture arena(must beat game to get this)
Skarmory - Beat Joels score in the feild challenge
Dotrio - Beat Joels score in the feild challenge
Fishing Challenge
There are some pokemon that only appear after certain events take place inside the fisher challenge. I am here to list said pokemon and how to make them appear.

Pelliper - beat Cameron's score in the fishing challenge
Psyduck - Capture Two starmie
Starmie - Capture two staryu
Mantine - Capture 2-3 remoraid
Seaking - Capture two goldeen
Wailmer - Capture two seaking
Seadra - Capture 2 horsea
Kingdra - Capture 3 horsea or 2 seadra
Raikou, Suicune and Entei
For Raikou I used gengar x2 Suicune: Espeon x1 Raichu x1 and lastly Entei Minun (partner) Medicham x1 then go to Ranger net press R,X and Left on the control pad at the same time, save, and enter this password: P8M2-9D6F-43H7.
Ranger net password
the password to get the secret Manaphy mission is P8M2-9D6F-43H7,(type in renger net password sceeen, obained by finishing the game and pressing the X and right back button at the same time.)
Some Ranger Ranks.
Ranger Rank 2:

Once you are at ranger rank 2, you will unlock the ability to use fighting assists in capture battles.

Ranger Rank 3:

Once you are at Ranger Rank 3, you will unlock the ability to use poison and psychic poke assists.

Also, you will unlock another gauge for your Plusle/Minun's discharge ability. More than one bar means more power.

Ranger Rank 4:

Once you are at Ranger Rank 4, you will unlock ug and Ground poke assists for capture battles. You will also unlock the ability to carry around 1 more pokemon with you. So that means instead of the normal 3 besides your partner, you will have 4 besides your partner.

Ranger Rank 5:

Once at Ranger Rank 5, you will unlock rock poke assists and another gauge for the discharge ability.

Not much for ranger rank 5, but the gauge will help you later on.

Ranger Rank 6:

In ranger rank 6, you will only unlock the ability to use flying poke assists. However, even though its not much, flying wll help you with captures to come.

Ranger Rank 7:

When your ranger rank is at 7, you will unlock Dark and Ghost type poke assists. Also, you will unlock another gauge for the discharge and you will be able to hold one more pokemon, so you should now be able to hold 5 besides your partner.

You will also be able to use the dragonite bus after getting to ranger rank 7.

Ranger Rank 8:

Like ranger rank 6, you will only unlock one thing in ranger rank 8. This time you will unlock the ability to use ice type poke assists.

Ranger Rank 9:

You will now unlock the final gauge for the discharge ability. Using full power with discharge is massive ammount of energy and help.

Ranger Rank 10:

Here it is, the last rank! Since you have already unlocked all of the poke assists, and all of the gauges for discharge, that means you are now allowed to have 7 pokemon with you besides your partner!

(excuse my mistakes in previous ranger ranks with a pokemon upgrade...)
UK Manaphy Code

it is - Mg35 Cpb8 4FW8

Enter this in the password place after you complete story mode

to get the password, go to ranger net, before you select a mission press (top right button), X, and the left directional button. it will then say enter the password has been added.