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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Cheats

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky cheat codes.


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Destiny Tower
Riku here! I was on Youtube and I found out how to find Arceus. It's in the game but you can't recruit it because it's a statue, aka not real. Well, here it is. You'll have to beat the dungeon with: lv. 1, basic moves, IQ back to half star,only team leader, 0 money and items.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Destiny TowerKeep drinking in Spinda's Cafe. It's rare and I mean very rare. Appears at post-story. After Darkrai of course.
Arceus StatueClimb the 99 floors of Destiny Tower.
Space GlobeFind the Arceus Statue
Since Explorers of Sky is different to Explorers of Darkness & Time. There is something a little different.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Normal PokemonFinish the game by defeating Primal Dialga, then defeat Wigglytuff. Go to Lumionous Spring
Starter/PartnerDefeat Darkrai, recruit Manaphy and unlock Marine Resort. Do a couple a missions and the two Usarings will tell you that you can evolve now
Any pokemon apart from you and your partnerOnce you have beat Primal Dialga and Wigglytuff you will be able to go to Luminous Springs.
You and your partnerDefeat Darkrai, recruit Palkia ( you don't need to get Dialga) and unlock Marine resort. (To do this once you've defeated Darkrai, do a few missions for a few nights and Manaphy should appear and join your team. Then after a few MORE nights it will tell you about Marine Resort) Do a few missions and then the two Ursarings should tell you that you can evolve now!
After you beat the game, there are two different forms of evolution that you need to earn.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Normal EvolutionJust beat the main game, meaning the final boss, and the Master of all things Bad.
Starter/Partner EvolutionTo get this one, you need to defeat Darkrai, Recruit Palkia, and unlock Marine Resort. Congrats, you can now evolve you're Partner and Starter Pokemon.
Unlockable Dungeons
Meet the following requirements to unlock special dungeons, some featuring Legendary Pokemon you can recruit as well as some nice treasures.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bottomless SeaDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Destiny TowerComplete the game, then make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Giant VolcanoDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Happy OutlookBeat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Inferno CaveAttain Guildmaster Rank
Labyrirth CaveComplete the game, then accept a job that takes place at "???"
Lake AfarMake 100 Recycles
Landslide CaveMake 3 Recycles
Lost WildernessComplete the game, then make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Lush PrarieMake drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Midnight ForestComplete the game, then accept a job that takes place at "???"
Mt AvalancheDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Mt MistralComplete the game, then make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Mystery JungleDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Oblivion ForestAttain Master 1 Star Rank
Oran ForestMake 60 Recycles
Serenity RiverMake drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Shimmer DesertDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Shimmer HillComplete the game, then accept a job that takes place at "???"
Sky StairwayDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Southern IslandsAttain Master 3 Star Rank
Star CaveClear Special Episode 1 and get the Secret Rank, then get Jirachi's Challenge Letter from Spinda's Cafe
Tiny MeadowMake 25 Recycles
Treacherous WatersAttain Master 2 Star Rank
World AbyssDefeat Froslass to earn the Secret Rank, then accept the job from Spinda's Cafe
Zero Island CenterGraduate from the Guild, then make 150 Recycles


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Hey, all you Riolus Munchlaxs and Evees! To get the IQ you need, go to Marine resort! That is the best place to get gummies. Also, at the end of the dungeon, there are four deluxe boxes. Each one contains a gummi! You can even find Wonder Gummies! So get those gummies!
Beating the Guild
Make sure you have at least one ranged attack. First turn use it on watever you can hit. After this, target digglet and dugtrio. The need to be killed before they use earth power. use a sleep seed at wigglytuff. His double slap owns if it hits. 50+ damage x2-5.
Changing Shaymin's form from Land Forme to Sky Forme
If you want to know how to change Shaymin's forme here is how. A couple of days after you recruit Shaymin (go back to the summit of Sky Peak after clearing first time) go to Shaymin's village and talk to the shaymin that is by what looks like a fence in the top right corner of the village (directly below Kangaskhan Rock) and it will ask if you want a gracidea, say yes and you will get one. (You do not have to have Shaymin in your current team to get the Gracidea.) Once you have it, and you have Shaymin in your current team, go to any dungeon and use the Gracidea on Shaymin, it will change form. When you leave a dungeon, it will change back into Land Forme. In order to change it back, you have to talk to the same Shaymin in Shaymin's Village and get another Gracidea. You can do this lots of times but you can only have 1 Gracidea in your bag and it dissapears after you use it.
easy items and money
When you unlock Bidoof's wish as a special ep, play both story mode and special ep to get extra money and items because you can save money from bidoof's which connects to strory mode and also items.Make sure to store it first!!!
Endeavor Legendary Destroyer
Okay, first, make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Endeavor and another strong move (I used Mudkip with Hydro Pump). Link the moves together, and make sure Endeavor is first. When battling legendaries, use your endeavor combo and it will (hopefully) 1-hit KO the opponent. If not, use an attacking move to finish it off.
Free Items
When you are walking in a Dungeon and you see a Kecleon Shop, you can walk on it and take items without paying and get them for free. Before doing this, however, make sure you are an extremely high level or there are stairs nearby, as when you walk off of the mat the shopkeeper will accuse you of being a thief, and many Kecleon will come after you and attack you. These Kecleon are Level 90, and have stats that are abnormally high.
Getting IQ up and stats quick!
All you have to do is go to the marine resort and get heaps of gummies (make sure you get gummies that you pokemon likes) and after you finish the dungeon go to spindas cafe and keep on giving spinda your gummies and make sure you only give the drinks to your self. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Good stuff from Spinda's drinks
Three things can happen from drinking Spinda's drinks.
1. You get a new team member
2. You get an egg
3. You can explore a new dungeon
Hero and Partner Compatibility
A good way to help yourself is by making compatible partners. To do that, you should have a partner that supports you weakness. (ex. Vulpix (hero) and Piplup (partner)) It's will help you get through type advantage battles. Hope this helps! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How to beat Darkrai
First you have to be at least lv 70. Darkrai will have aroud 7 henchmen so that's a total of 8 to beat. Bring at least 2 pages of reviver seeds. This is so you have spares after going through dark crater. Get reviver seeds buy the kecleon shop, recycle shop, rewards or just find them on the way(i found 1 in both dark and deep dark crater) Bring plenty of status seeds like stun seeds or sleep seeds but this isn't necesary. I beat him with 8 out of 18 reviver seeds. 2 against him and 8 along the way. No sleep/stun seeds.Good luck beating him.
Legendary Pokemons recruit
The best way of getting pokemons is to know where they hide first.
(They as listen in Dungeon pokemon Guide/FAQ)

Then you get a golden Mask/Friend bow
(Golden mask is VERY hard to get - North zero isle -75 floors)

Friend bow should be possibly aquirable through a wonder-mail s.

When you reach the legendary pokemon you want (Some are rare and hard like darkai or easy ones like palkia,which is 100% recruit success rate)

You must finnish the legendary with the pokemon that hold the item and if your lucky,hes gonna join your team!

Watchout to turn off all moves of partner when the pokemon is low,you can also (If you are good) go as solo to beat him.

Another hint: use recruitment search, it is really useful
Hope it help.