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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheat codes.


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Escort Tip
OK, you are escorting your client right then all of a sudden you see... "IT'S A MONSTER HOUSE!" You can do this one by yourself but then an enemy comes from behind and kills your client. That sucks. To avoid that, go to those places where there are two different paths that take you to the same room and just turn around and take the other path. If your client is behind you, then following your client is your friend then you should be safe.
Waaaaaaayyyy easier way to beat the game
Can't beat the game with just two of you? Try bringing a third pokemon along with you. When you start the game from the beginning just get a third pokemon that isn't the same type as you or your friend. for example...

you are a water type and your friend is a fire type. bring a grass type to revive the Starter triangle.

Remember: There is a very very very low chance that you are going to get a starter or a strong pokemon on your team so settle with what you can get
All Legendaries in the game!
Zapdos: Mt. Thunder Peak 3F
Moltres: Mt. Blaze Peak 3F
Articuno: Frosty Grotto 5F
Groudon: Magma Cavern Pit 3F
Rayguaza: Sky Tower Summit 9F
Kyogre: Stormy Sea 40F
Regirock: Buried Relic 15F
Regice: Buried Relic 25F
Registeel: Buried Relic 35F
Mew: Buried Relic 36 to 98F (need a Music Box)
Entei: Fiery Field 30F
Raikou: Lightning Field 30F
Suicune: Northwind Field 30F
Ho-Oh: Mt. Faraway 40F
Mewtwo: Western Cave 99F
Lugia: Silver Trench 99F
Jirachi: Wish Cave 99F
Celebi: Purity Forest 99F
Deoxys: Meteor Cave 20F
almost invincible
you already noticed, your attacks have PP. but if you reach a level above arround 95. you don\'t need your attacks anymore. stand face to face against your enemy and press the A button. and the damage is arround 200. only legendaries are a problem. your HP is now somewhere to 160 till 200. but pokemon like ho-oh, articuno and rayquaza. still do more than 1 HP. ho-oh: has fire blast: the damage is somewhere to 80 HP
articuno: has powder snow: the damage is somewhere to 20 HP. rayquaza: has dragon claw: the damage is somewhere to 13 HP. normal pokemon still have defense. some pokemon know schreech. thats a dangerous one. your defense will go so low that attacks will do you 30 or more. and the silver trench has dewgongs: they have sheer cold. and thats a one hit KO attack. and lapras and politoed have perish song. in 3 steps you die. last but not least delibird: present. first one will do 40 HP, and after that 80 HP.
now you know, a high level is only strong. but there are still attacks that can finish your adventure in that dungeon.

good luck, rayquaza
Always go first!
If you are an odd number of spaces / tiles away from a Pokemon that you have to fight, just keep pressing 'A' until it comes to you and you will go first.
An Easier Way To Recruit Legendary Birds
You can try this for Articuno Zapdos and Moltres, it probably won't work every time, but it has worked for me. Okay so you go and fight them the second time (they won't join the first time) and after you start battling, go along the wall of the room, letting the bird follow you. After you circle the room once, defeat the bird. It will very likely join you.
1. Make sure you have only one Pokemon, send the rest back. (Two may work)
2. You should have a strong Pokemon that can handle the birds' attacks.
3. I think this also works on Groudon, but you have to circle the room 3 or 5 times.
Annoyed with meteor cave?
Discouraged about having to search for the freak Deoxys through meteor cave just to unlock the stairs? Well here's a tip that may help you and ease your frustration a bit:

Bring a tight belt, X-ray specs, and a reviver seed (the seed is crucial DO NOT FORGET IT!) . Your next objective is to find the stairs. This is the part where people say 'Why? They're locked until you kill the mirage Deoxys!' Well just hold on a minute. When you reach the room with the stairs and they are locked, just hold down the A and B button and let time pass rapidly. Deoxy's will eventually come to you and your belly will not go down thanks to the tight belt.

Now to get Deoxy's, make sure you have a friend bow nd put it on floor 19 (just before the boss room.)Thn enter and after he shuts his mouth drop the reviver seed. Move back and let him pick it up, now kill him. He'll come back again and then kill him again. After you kill him the second time he should want to join your team.

Hope this helps,
ARticuno's End mwahahhahahhaa
To kill articuno get 15 sleep seeds keep throwing them at him when hes awake ( Stun seeds wont work as well) Then use a long range attacks or simplys send a pokemon partner almost usless that made it up their with you go after foes THen simply let the nitwit pokemon do the attacking and just throw seeds
Avoid Escort Monster Houses
Okay, now we all hate it when your escorting a client through a dungeon and you get a monster house. Here is a good way to stop that. Try to keep a warp orb with you at all times. If you get in a monster house, use it and all the enemy pokemon will warp out of the room, leaving you a way to get out.
bad loser
first save the game before going to any dungeon. Then if you lose turn the game off. When you turn the game on you will still have all your items and money will be saved. WARNING do not do this on the dungeons that require you to quick save your adventure or else you will lose all your items instead of only half

Be prepaired before you go to a long journey!
Here are few hints and tips before you go out for a long journey.

Be prepaired with useful items:
- 2x Reviver seed
- 2x Oran berries
- Escape orb
- 2x Max elixir
- 2x apple (big, huge)

Add more if needed. Be sure to give your team members a useful item before you go to the dungeon, examply joy band (gives the holder exp. points when other pokemon attack it, examply if it takes 20 damage, it gets 20 exp. points)

If you enter a monster room, do either ways:
- go back and battle them one by one
- use attacks (examply Thunderbolt) that attack all foes around the user
- if you're excorting a pokemon, protect it by going back and fighting the foes one by one

Before entering the dungeon, prepair with a small team with powerful members, no members should be weak against the pokemon you're against at in the dungeon. NEVER take money with you in the dungeon or any rare items, because IF you accidentally faint, you will loose ALL your money and half of your items (beware, even those that you're holding might be lost). Collect money in the dungeon if you like.

And that's about it then. You should save before you enter the dungeon, so you can restart if you fail and loose items.

If you have any questions or you need help, send me e-mail. Thanks!
Beat enemies easy(works better whit bosses)
you need:
You do:
Well when you will get to the boss the wheather will be sunny(dosen't works whit rayquaza)and tropius' attack will quicken an you will be able to attack 2 times in a row!(works for me)
Beat The Game Faster and Easier
It can take a lot of work and a lot of money to beat a lot of the hard caves. You have to buy, find or earn a million Reviver Seeds and Oran Berries that clog up your inventory. Big time. But using a legendary Pokémon (I use Articuno because he knows Powder Snow) it makes a LOT of the caves totally effortless. They start on super high levels that would take a lot of time and money to get to with other Pokémon.
best attack of all
when your pokemon reaches lvl99(it can go higher)it will gain a special move like charizard gains fire burst,the move help's if your in a monster house beacuse it attacks everything around you hope i helped
Buried Relic Open
To get Buried Relic you must complete Stormy Sea, by beating Kyoger. The next day clean out your mailbox and wait another day. You will recieve a notice talking about a "New Discovery" which is Buried Relic. Then go talk to Shiftry in the Pokemon Square and he will unlock Buried Relic for you.
Defeat Groudon
Groudon will be a long way from you so just keep on using long ranged attacks and he will easily go down

Note: When he gets close, if you used long ranged attacks enough his HP should be very close to depleted. Once he gets close use short attacks and he will not last long after.
Double exp. without using a move.
If an enemy has been modified in some way (ie. safeguard, agility, double team, etc.), even if it was modified by itself or by another enemy, you will get double exp. by killing it with a regular attack.
dungeon rooms
theres three items you need!!!

x-spes (find in wyvern hill)
scanner orb (purchase or find)
radar orb (purchase or find)

these you'll need to finish dungeons or hard rooms.

if you need help e-mail me!
Easy EXP
There's a couple of easy ways to level up, if you are having trouble finding easy ways to get Experience Points.

If you are a lower level, you can head to the dungeon with Pokemon of a decent level, and that you can easily defeat. If you are a Water or Ground type, Magma Cavern works excellently. You might want to bring a Max Elixir or something, to help you stay longer. Go all the way through the dungeon, but stop on the last floor. Stand right next to the stairs, in case you run low on HP. Hold the B button and and the A button until some Pokemon come towards you. Defeat them, and repeat until you are satisfied, or until you run out of PP.

For the higher leveled people out there, there's another way, if the above is too boring and tedious for you. Most of you should know of the famous one-room Monster Houses of the Silver Trench. Bring someone with a move that hits all Pokemon in the room (Earthquake and Heat Wave come to mind) and find one of these one-room Monster Houses. When you encounter the Monster house, Earthquake and Heat Wave should do the trick, reaping you loads of EXP. For the especially higher leveled, Western Cave will work even better.

Note: If you encounter a Monster House in a regular room, a One-Room Orb will have the same effect as the above, creating the one-room Monster House.
Easy kill monster house
The easiest way to kill a moster house(especially silver trenches 1 roomers)is to have a pokemon(Ex:Articuno)that knows powder snow,hits all and if strong or ginsenged a couple times can wipe out all and major exp.
Easy Legendary Birds
Look i know theres some people who just cant get a legendary bird, so heres a trick that should work every time.

1)get to the boss fight
2)drop a reviver seed
3)beat the bird
4)beat him again
5)hes very likely to join you

BEWARE! This only works on Zapdos,Moltres and articuno.hope i helpesd

p.s.the must be recruited in this order,Zapdos,Moltres,articuno.
Easy level up in lvl 1 areas
For the level 1 areas (except purity forest) take a few joy seeds with you and level your pokemon up normally then when the EXP points to the next level get to high use the joy seeds to level your pokemon up. The best pokemon for these type of dungeons is charizard and mewtwo as they level up quickly.
easy monster house (comes with a woping xp bonus as well)
if you enter a room and you walk in to a monster house go back down the corridor you came from (go back two spaces) and kill all the pokemon one by one (helps if lv40 up)
Easy Super Move!
You may know that at level 99 Charzard learns Heat Wave right? well here's how to get at level 40 or less. Go into a dungen that puts you back at level 1. you should have heat wave. use it once then leave. go to glupin link shop. choose remember. Choose Heat wave. there you have it. a super power full move a good 40 levels or so before it's time! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy way to beat Rayquaza!
There is a way to beat the final story mode boss easily! Use the wonder mail code for Bolder Cave, and then, when you can go into Magma Cavern go with just your partner. Once you get to the deepest parts of the cavern (around BF20) Onix will start coming. Try to recrut one (this may require a friend bow and for you to be level 30 or higher) and get it safely out of the cavern. Then, before you go to sky tower, go to bolder cave and tell onix to come with you. The onix will be around level 30, and have dragon breath. Having him on your team should make the fight against Rayquaza easy, especally sence Rayquaza is only level 33. GOOD LUCK
Easy way to defeat Groundon
I suggest that you bring at least 2 sleep seeds when you go to fight Groundon (if you don't think that would be enough, bring as many as you want, but leave room for other items in your inventory). When the battle starts, throw a sleep seed at Groundon. If successful, Groundon should be asleep the whole battle. Then just spam him with all your most powerful attacks. I suggest you have 2 partners with you when you battle Groundon in case the first sleep seed was dodged (happened to me the second time playing the game). This should also work vis versus with red rescue team.

Hope this is helpful.
Eay Way to Beat Meteor Cave.
Bring huge apple x ray specs friend bow and make sure ur pokemon is holding a stamina band. ps requires lvl 100
1.giv urself xray specs
2.find mirage deoxys
3.kill deoxys
4.giv urself stamina band
5.find stairs
6.when u go down the stairs switch 2 xray specs and repeat

hen u are losing health because ur hungry go as far as you can thru the dungeon i.e when u hav 1 health eat the huge apple. when u get 2 floor 19 giv urself friend bow beware of its counter and it has a base minus 10 percent chance of recruitment rayquaza and groudon hav that but i caught rayquaza the 2nd time i fought it but goudon was harder and i still havent caught deoxys
Escape MonsterHouses
If your pokemon are week and you fall in a monsterhouse,try walking slowly and WITHOUT attacking.The monsterhouse pokemon will either just follow you,or attack you rarely.This is a great tip,especially for dungeons like Purity Forest
espeon and umbreon
alrighty peoples to get espeon and umbreon you need a sun ribbon and a lunar ribbon.to get the lunar ribbon you have to have a key and got to northwind field on the 20th floor and your evee has to have 4 or more iq. to get a espeon you have to get the sun ribbon fron wyvern hill on the 20th floor (key needed)and the iq also has to be on 4 or morethanks for reading this and if you dont like it well than you suck!
When you defeat Rayquaza at the end of the game, a hole near Wishcash's lake appears. Try to go into the cave and it says you can only go in the cave alone. Then, try to go to a dungeon and your partner will stop you. He says that we should go on some dungeons alone and choose different. After you say it's a good idea, your partner will leave to his friend area. Now you can go into the cave and evolve any Pokemon that can evolve. Just go to their friend area and choose "Make Leader". The Pokemon you were using will go to their friend area and you can use someone else.

Therefore, you can now also control only a single Pokemon.
Entry Location:
End of game

After you beat the end pokemon go to wiscash pond and there will be a hole. Make it only you on your rescue team (because only one at a time can get in). You may need a item to evolve but may not.
Experience Farming
When your lower levels, things can be abit hard for you. If you can't beat something, you die, losing everything. When you try to train, it takes to long, and you end up quitting. There are afew places that give you great experience without killing you, or making it into a chore. I'll share some...

<span class="wikilists">
  • Mt. Steel is home to your first boss. However, it also gives good experience. I just gave this 9 floor dugeon a run through and farmed about 600 experience. This may seem small if you are a higher level, but to those just starting out, it's a great chane to train and get stronger.</li>
  • Silent Chasm is the next place for your training. Being only 1 dungeon apart from Mt. Steel, you wouldn't think there would be that much experience difference, but your wrong. About 1800 experience is gained from within these walls. The only downside is the stats problems that the Pokemon in this dugeon can affect you with. Weedle's Poison Sting is the worst, but you can suffer from burn, confusion, accuracy loss, etc aswell.</li>
  • After Silent Chasm, you are going to take a break from dungeons and invest your time into the Dojo. The good thing about the Dojo is you can experience type match ups, advantages and disadvantages without the loss of anything, only gains. It's one of the fastest ways to gain experience because after your done, unlike dungeons, you don't go home to rest for the day. You can immediately go back in. I suggest training in the elements your strongest against first, then taking on the harder ones.</li>
  • After your fun at the Dojo, you are now ready for Mt. Thunder. If you paid attention to the Dojo, you now understand type match ups. You won't use a Water type against an Electric. </li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Soon after Mt. Thunder you are banished from town, and only by completing a series of difficult dungeons can you come back. This is what your training is for. This period in the game is one of the most difficult to many.

<span class="wikilists">
  • After you come back to town, you can now start the Dojo again, but with a better selection of training. Build your skills again, and then continue down the road to saving the world.</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

<span class="wikilists">
  • Sky Tower is the "end" of the game as a story, but you can continue to play afterwards and get more indepth. Sky Tower is home to many tough monsters, including Rayquaza. To defeat this dungeon, you need to train more. I suggest going back through some of the Mountains, training and recruiting any Pokemon that would help against Dragon types. Mt Freeze and Frosty Forest have some Ice types, try there. Train.</li>
  • After you beat Sky Tower, you pretty much have free will to do whatever you want. Train on the places you know, or venture into the unknown. Buried Relic should now be open to you, and it's your first 99 floor dungeon. It's also a great place to train, so long as you don't die! Good luck and happy Experience Farming!</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Note: The longer you stay on a floor, the more Pokemon there are, meaning more experience. Always bring some supplies to help you in a given situation. Escape Orb, Oran Berry, Apple, and Max Elixir. Equippin yourself with something to boost your stats could also increase experience, such as Power Band, Def Scarf, Joy Ribbon, Special Band, etc.
Extra Rank Points + Rewards
If you get more then one mission in the same dungeon, you can do them all in one go, at the end of the day getting points and rewards for each of them.
Fast Cash $_,$
Here are wondermail passwords to get Gold Ribbons witch you can sell at the Kecleon shop for $2k ($2000). You also get some cash from the mission.
Note: You cant use the code twice unless you enter the others first.
All the codes are for Thunderwave cave so dont worry about strong pokemon.

4?-9 !Q+? 4R?!
N.?Q 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 HJF? ?867
4R?! 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 H-+? ?867
1R?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 H!0? ?87S 3R?! 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 HJX? ?87X
HR?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 1#+? 4P?F
JF?S 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 1KX? 4P6+
QF?S 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 1C.? 4P6S
#F?S 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 1%F? 4P74
?F?S 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 1%F? 4P74
?F?S 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 JK0? 48?-
TQ?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 JK0? 48?-
TQ?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 JQX? 486#
WQ?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 JJX? 487X
3Q?! 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 JQX? 4871
WQ?! 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 !JY? 4R?8 #.?Q 64?6 SN?W

4?-9 !3Y? 4R6H !.?Q 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 !3Y? 4R6H !.?Q 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 !-X? 4R7-
..?Q 6??6 SN?W

4?-9 !4X? 4R78 K.?Q 64?6 SN?W

For the male sign (♂<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />, "#" is used instead.
For the female sign (♀<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />, "%" is used instead.
For the ellipsis (…), "." is used instead.

If you have problems just email me at <a href="mailto:brandonmw@yahoo.com" target="_blank">brandonmw@yahoo.com</a>
Fast Training
Bring the Pokemon you wish to train along with you as your partner, holding a pass scarf, to Western Cavern, and spend a fair amount of time on each floor beating many Pokemon for experience. You can't stay on the floor for to long though or you will be killed by the mysterious wind.
Friend Area's Legendaries
Legendary Island: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos
Volcanic Pit: Groudon
Stratos Lookout: Rayquaza
Seafloor Cave: Kyogre
Final Island: Mew
Ancient Relic: Regirock, Regice, Registeel
Cryptic Cave: Mewtwo
Sacred Field: Entei, Raikou, Suicune
Southern Island: Latios, Latias
Enclosed Island: Deoxys
Rainbow Peak: Ho-Oh
Deap-Sea Current: Lugia
Healing Forest: Celebi
Mt. Moonview: Jirachi
Friend Bow
The Friend Bow can be found on Floor 30 in Mt. Faraway.
If a fainted pokemon asks to be on your team and you've already got it but not it's evolved form (if it has one) then SAY YES ANYWAY. Once you've got it check it's summary to see if it can evolve if it can't, choose farewell but if it can, keep it and evolve it when you get out of the dungeon.
Get friends easily!
When you want a new friend, you need at least 1 Escape Orb. Go to a dungeon and when one Pokémon joins, use your Escape Orb. You leave with all your items and the joined Pokémon.
Get lugia easy
most people have troble defeing monster houses in silver trench take in a 1* above 50 (recamend picatu)and articuno because of its powder snow make the 1* pokemon your leader go through the cave as you would when you get to a monster house change ur leader to articuno and use powder snow and repeat for every monster house when u get to floor 98 find the stairs and send articuno back then go in as your 1* pokemon and deafet lugia

the reason you had to send articuno back is beacause if u did it with him he has a 4* size and your team can only have 6*

good luck
Get to the end of a dungeon quickly
For dungeons which are very long for you(For me it was Wish Cave and Silver Trench)Take a Warp Scarf and a few Cleanse Orbs(Just in case there are a few sticky Traps!)Also take a few eat items just in case your belly goes really low do not take any partner pokemon with you!
First save before you go to that dungeon!
Then go to the dungeon and give the warp scarf to your pokemon!
Then walk around a bit and you will warp(there are no signs of when you will warp)
If you go to the room which has the stiar in it then take the wrp scarf off your pokemon and walk up to the next floor
Keep on doing this until you have reached the end1
Note:Do not use this method when you have Partner Pokemon with you,when you have to escort some one!
Getting Espeon
It took me a looong time to figure out how to get an Espeon. It wouldn't have taken me so long if SOMEBODY had just told me... Oh well! To get an Espeon, just go and get a solar ribbon, I'm not sure where you find it exactly, it's been a while. Then, get a sun stone and get your Eevee's IQ up to the highest it can go. After that, go to the evolution place in Wiscash's pond and give the solar ribbon and sun stone. This should work. If not, then try not using the sun stone.
Getting jirachi
go to the 100 floor of wish cave and you will find jirachi (you will have to battle witn it so it will join your team)
Getting the Legendary Birds Easily
In order to get the legendary birds easier, your Pokemon has to meet the following criteria:
1. You must have only one Pokemon, preferably over Lv. 60, with a size of one and able to withstand the birds' attacks.
2. Your Pokemon cannot have the ability to walk on magma or water(otherwise it will 100% not work I tried lots of times)
3. It also shouldn't be a flying type(it kind of lowers the possibilities)
Okay now you take a Pokemon, say a Lv. 79 EEVEE, and you go into the Articuno's dungeon. After you listen to him jabber on and on about crushing you or something, you start the battle. NOW, make the bird follow you and take a walk around the wall, keeping close to the side( I think it's okay to skip corners) and ignoring the bird completely, even if it uses repeated attacks on you with Agility. After a full circle, defeat the bird. It should have a 95% chance of joining you.

NOTE: It may also work on Groudon except with him you would have to take around three walks around the room, again no lava water walkers and flyers.
Getting thru lv1 areas
When you go to a place that makes u lv1 (i.e. Joyous Tower) bring Pass Scarfs, 1 or 2 Cleance Orbs, and ALOT of Gravelrock. Give the Pass Scarfs 2 u be4 any of ur members.

Also, if you want to buy stuff, bring stuff like Special Bands to sell, since when u go into some dungeons, it takes all money u r holding(In Joyous Tower, Kecleon sometimes has Friend Bows!)

Also, Huge apples cant turn sticky.


Hope that really helps! Jolty
getting umbreon and milotic
you probely read somewhere else that you need a beauty scarf to evolve feebas, well the place is: western cave on B59F with a key.
and after beating the story line, and you have an eevee. you want him to evolve. this is what you need: flarion: fire stone: fiery field: 29F
joltion: thunderstone: lightning field: 29F
vaporeon: waterstone: northwind field: 29F
espeon: solar ribbon: i don't know yet
umbreon: lunar ribbon: northwind field: 20F and you need an key.

good luck, rayquaza
Good Place For Oran Berries
As we all know, Oran Berries are incredibly useful, but you have to either find or buy them. They're rarely ever in stock and are totally overpriced. Every now and then there will be one lying around, but as you progress through the game they become less and less common. A great place to find a lot of Oran Berries is in Waterfall Pond. There's more than you'll know what to do with just in a few trips. Waterfall Pond is also very short, so you can go over and over in preparation for a really long or tough cave.

Waterfall Pond is only available after you beat the storyline, and requires a Pokémon that knows Waterfall or the Waterfall Hidden Machine (which can be found in the Solar Cave).
grimy food
in dungeons with many floors such as silver trench or the western cave, keep the grimy foods instead of just throwing them away.

grimy food are just like apples, only they give a random side effect

keep at least one grimy food, and when you start to get below 50 belly, eat a grimy food right next to the stairs.

itll fill your belly, and the side effect will go away after you enter the stairs
Groundon joins
Mats u need. 2-3 reviver seeds 2x. Red gummies 2-4 apples 2-6 Oran berries And 1 friend bow a water or grass type between 30-45 mostly water type with rain dance grass is good against groundon since he's part ground and that none of attacks are fire moves ( mud shot,scary face, ancientpower, slash) he's lvl 37 & he's comes with his own friend area once u get past the 23fl save at the stone statue and go up one fl and that where u would see one of alakazams partners on the 2fl right before groudon of u didn't beat the game but if u did they'll be gone when u get the 3fl groundon well apologizes for his rage when u first meet him and says it won't happen again time for battle he's got 500 hp drop a reviver seed
And back up he'll pick up the seed and throw the gummie at him if he dodges it throw the second one then use rain dance start wailing on him with water type attacks you'll do 230-500 or grass type attacks don't throw another reviver seed at him he'll just dodge it make sure to use rain dance again if it wears off then start wailing on him again he should ask to join say yes then he'll come with volcanic pit if u don't get him shut off the game right when disappear really at that moment don't shut off when it says dungon done and u go back to base do it right he disappears or youll lose all of ur items it took me one time with my baltoise with a friend bow I beat him it took two shots on one life send me a wondermail if u need help no reward needed put all numbers lie 999999
hint for moltres
when fighting moltres for the first time a good hint is to tell your partner to go into get away mode then throw a stun seed at him then go to the back of the arena and start lobbing gravelerocks at him (helps having 50) he will come over to you gradually so then tell your partner to go into go to foes mode then use a paralysis move when moltres gets to you ( helps having max elixers)then go all out at him. by the way how do u beat articuno i am stuck
Beating the game will unlock Solar Cave after you talk to Lombre in Pokemon Square. The cave is not that long (20 floors), but pack supplies just in case. When you get to Floor 10, you will find a key hole somewhere. I found a key at the end of the dungeon. There is also a key hole at the end. Use the key there and you should get the HM Waterfall. After that, the keys will no longer be there. It will be in a desert-like dungeon. There are key spots in other places but this; Western Cave and Wyvern Hill, for example.

Dive: Whiscash after main story is beated AND Solar Cave floor 10
(Key required) Surrounded by water, bring a Water or Flying pokemon
Waterfall: Solar Cave, floor 15 (or possibly 10). Key required, surrounded by water.
Surf: Solar Cave, floor 20. Key required, surrounded by water
Fly: Wyvern Hill, floor 30. Key required.

Moderator's Note: Merged two cheats together.
How to beat the game faster with more level ups
if you can't beat the game with just two of you, try bringing a third pokemon along with you. When you start the game from the beginning just get a third pokemon that isn't the same type as you or your friend. for example...

you are a water type and your friend is a fire type, maybe use elecktrike or shroomish as a third member. I do not reccomend absol because of it's lack of evolutions and it's moves are fairly weak.

Remember: There is a very very very low chance that you are going to get a starter or a strong pokemon on your team so settle with what you can get

How to recruit kecleon
How to get Kecleon in 5 easy steps.

1:Get to lv100
2:Get the Friend bow(Met faraway 30F)
3:Go to a dongon and find a kecleon shop
4:Steel from his shop
5:Keep battling until one joins
Do you have no more Apples and only Reviver Seeds? Well this may be crazy, but It can help. If you lose all you apples and have a Reviver Seed, die on purpose. Than you'll have a full belly. It also refills your PP.
Hunger seeds
Hunger seeds can be useful in one way.If you throw one at a foe they'll eat it and become famished so they can only do one damage to you.
You will need:
A pass scarf
A tight belt
A huge apple
A reviver seed
When your in a tough dungeon (wish cave, meteor cave) and you come across a pokemon, put on the pass scarf and the pokemon will eventually kill itself. When your finished put on the tight belt. Then when you faint, and belly is empty, eat the apple. *don't come with team members or recruit*
Latios,Latias,Entai,Suicune,Raikuo, andHo-Oh
First you need to go and get southern island from wigglytuff shop the got to the 20 floor in solar cave if you are an articuno go thruogh the whole dungeon and you will find a little square of water with a disc in the middle(surf). The next day you will see latios fly by and then when you go to the square bellsprout will see a pokemon fall(spinda) and you will go back to your base whith your partner and spinda will give you a feather. Make sure you have a pokemon that knows surf. Then you get to choose to go to latios first or go to entai first.
Legendary Friend Areas
Don`t know what to use your money on?
The first priority would be Friend Areas.
These are needed for certain legendaries.
Also, if you are going to recruit legendaries, you should save in the mids (like in mt. blaze and Frosty Forest), as there wont be a log way, just 1 to 10 floors to the legendary, so you can turn the game off and try from the mid (This won`t do in like Buried Relic for the Regi`s or Stormy Sea for Kyogre).
If a friend area has one, two or three different pokemon it`s legedaries to recruit!
Which can be easy to guess in their names.
(Rainbow Peak for Ho-oh, etc.)
Some might be gotten by simply battling the areas legendary for the second time, others must be bought from wigglytuff, and even others must be gotten by missions.
Get yourself some wonder mails to grab all of these friend areas.
Get a lot of money and go in dungeons and do missions a lot to get the bought.
For the last, never give up!
Battle them on and on to finally get them.
(I had to battle Articuno like 10 times before I got him. They`ll rematch you forever until you recruit them)
Remember to make your team fit for the pokemon.
You can have a maximum 4 size stars.
To recruit the Legendary birds, dogs and robots, only have 2 normal size pokemon in your team (NOT another legendary!) so that the new legendary can get in as they are size **.
For Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Ho-oh, Lugia and Mewtwo, come alone as they`re size ***.
(Skarmory and OnixSteelix are also size **, not only legendaries.)
Monster Houses
Monster Houses are rooms that, once you step into them, have a massive amount of high-leveled enemies appear. However, if you use a move that affects the whole room, like Powder Snow or Heat Wave, it tends to be quite efficient in taking out the enemies. Also is the Petrify Orb, which petrifies all the enemies in the room. With this information, you can have an easier time in places like Purity Forest!
Monsterhouse tips!
If your a water,flying or fire type(enviroment depends) and you run into a monster house just simply get away by either going up the same corridor you came through(if you have a partner or escorting)or just walk/fly onto some near by lava or water and voila!Avoid 'em or battle them one by one in the corridors!!!EASY!!!
More Money
Do wonder mails that the reward is a friend area that you have. They say sorry and give you 1000 money instead.
moves without TMs
if you get a strong pokemon on your team but it dosen't know any good moves, go to the gulpin link shop and select "remember" before using all your TMs.
Mt.Moonview is only accessible by Wonder Mail. Or is it?

Go to Floor 50 of Wish Cave. There will be a Wish Stone. Now on Floor 99 ask for a Friend Area.

(This is only guaranteed to work if you have every other Friend Area)
There is a rare possibility of spoting Munchlax at pokemon square,I met him while I was shopping.Talk to him before he leaves,he\'ll say he\'s hungry.Give him a food item and he\'ll give you a Munchbelt.Your adventure log will also say \"spoted Munchlax\" somewhere
Non Water Walker
It seems to me like the couple of times I have tried this it hasn't been pulled off more than 20% of the total tries. However, it is something that most people I have talked to here on Neo didn't know about. Throughout the randomly generated dungeons in this game you'll notice there are some with small patches of water that Water Type Pokemon can walk through. Other types of Pokemon are unable to do so without the use of this glitch. All you have to do is pal up with a water type Pokemon, and your type doesn't matter. Stand one square away from the patch of shallow water and work it so that you remain one square away while your partner Pokemon actually stands in the water. [Note: your partner will have to be a water type for this to work] Then open up your item screen. Select a Gravel Rock item [You may need 20 or so to pull this off] and start lobbing them at your partner Pokemon. [Some positioning may be required to be shifted if you don't seem to be hitting the square your partner is on] After a random amount of tries [depending on your ability to hit your partner while the game doesn't catch the fact that it isn't an enemy] you'll see your partner get hit [fade out and draw back] like a wild Pokemon would do, but the text showing damage etc won't appear. Congrats, now all you have to do is switch places with your partner and throughout the rest of the dungeon you'll be able to walk over the shallows or pools with any type of Pokemon in tow. This can drastically help you speed through a long dungeon without a ton of hassle.
one way to defeat groudon
when battling groudon throw a thorn or rock and use lots of stun sleep seeds and then u can beat the living out of him worked for me
Pre-game quiz (ver very long)
PM me if you want this in short

In the quiz conducted when a new game starts, eight questions, one each from eight groups, are chosen at random from among the questions listed here except the last one. The last question listed here, "You valiantly fight the aliens...", is not chosen at random, but appears when the player chooses "Fight" on the question "There is an alien invasion..." (thus making the quiz have nine questions in that case).

After asking the random questions, the quiz asks "Are you a boy or a girl?" to determine the species of the player's Pokemon.

A test is coming up. How do you study for it? [Group 0]

Study hard. (Hardy: 2)
At the last second. (Relaxed: 2)
Ignore it and play. (Impish: 2)
Can you focus on something you like? [Group 0]

Yes. (Hardy: 2; Docile: 1)
No. (Quirky: 2)
When the going gets tough, do you get going? [Group 0]

Yes. (Hardy: 2; Brave: 2)
No. (Sassy: 2; Quirky: 2)
There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it? [Group 0]

Full. (Hardy: 2)
Half. (Calm: 2)
A little. (Quirky: 2)
You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take? [Group 1]

Big box. (Docile: 2; Naive: 1)
Small box. (Timid: 2; Calm: 1)
You broke a rotten egg in your room! What will you do? [Group 1]

Open a window right away. (Docile: 2; Hasty: 1)
Take a sniff first. (Naive: 2; Relaxed: 1)
A friend brought over something you'd forgotten. How do you thank your friend? [Group 1]

Say thank you regularly. (Docile: 2)
Say thanks with a joke. (Naive: 1; Lonely: 1)
Say thanks, but be cool. (Sassy: 2)
There is a wallet at the side of a road. [Group 1]

Turn it in to the police! (Docile: 2)
Yay! Yay! (Naive: 2)
Is anyone watching...? (Impish: 2)
You're going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it's scary, you decide to test the jump with a doll... And the bungee cord snaps! Will you still try to make a jump anyway? [Group 2]

Yes. (Brave: 3; Impish: 1)
No. (Docile: 2; Timid: 1)
There is an alien invasion! What will you do? [Group 2]

Run. (Timid: 2)
Ignore it. (Relaxed: 2)
There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react? [Group 2]

Yank open the door. (Hardy: 1; Brave: 2)
Scream in unison. (Naive: 2)
A delinquent is hassling a girl on a busy city street! What will you do? [Group 2]

Help without hesitation. (Brave: 3)
Help, even if scared. (Hardy: 2; Brave: 2)
Call the police. (Docile: 1; Timid: 1; Relaxed: 1)
Do nothing out of fear. (Timid: 2)
Are you a cheerful personality? [Group 3]

Yes. (Jolly: 2; Naive: 1)
No. (Sassy: 1; Quirky: 1)
Do you like to noisily enjoy yourself with others? [Group 3]

Yes. (Jolly: 2; Lonely: 1)
No. (Timid: 1)
It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go? [Group 3]

The beach! (Jolly: 2)
Spas. (Calm: 2)
Anywhere. (Quirky: 2)
A foreign person has started up a conversation with you. To be honest, you don't have a clue what this fellow is saying. How do you reply? [Group 3]

Haha! Yes. Very funny! (Jolly: 3)
Um... Could you say that again? (Hardy: 2)
Right... Well, I gotta go. (Timid: 2)
Have you ever made a pitfall trap? [Group 4]

Yes. (Impish: 2; Lonely: 1)
No. (Calm: 2)
Do you like pranks? [Group 4]

Yes. (Impish: 2)
No. (Docile: 1; Relaxed: 1)
Are there many things that you would like to do? [Group 4]

Yes. (Hardy: 1; Impish: 2)
No. (Sassy: 1; Quirky: 2)
Your friend is being bullied! What do you do? [Group 4]

Face up to the bully. (Brave: 3)
Caution the bully from afar. (Timid: 2)
Heckle the bully from behind. (Impish: 2)
Do you like groan-inducing puns? [Group 5]

Love them! (Impish: 1; Naive: 3)
A little. (Jolly: 2)
Spare me. (Sassy: 2)
Do you tend to laugh a lot? [Group 5]

Yes. (Docile: 1; Naive: 2)
No. (Quirky: 2)
Do others often call you childish? [Group 5]

Yes. (Jolly: 1; Naive: 2)
No. (Calm: 2)
Do you like to imagine things for your amusement? [Group 5]

Yes. (Naive: 2)
No. (Hasty: 2)
A human hand extends out of a toilet! What would you do? [Group 6]

Scream and run. (Timid: 2)
Close the lid without a word. (Hardy: 1; Calm: 2)
Shake hands with it. (Brave: 2; Impish: 1; Naive: 1)
Grab any digit on your left hand with your right hand. Which digit did you grab? [Group 6]

Thumb. (Timid: 2)
Index finger. (Hasty: 2)
Middle finger. (Jolly: 2)
Ring finger. (Sassy: 2)
Little finger. (Lonely: 2)
You are suddenly locked inside a pitch-black room! What do you do? [Group 6]

Kick the door. (Timid: 2)
Cry. (Lonely: 2)
Clean it. (Impish: 2; Quirky: 1)
Can you go into a haunted house? [Group 6]

No problem! (Brave: 3)
Uh... N-no... (Timid: 2)
With someone I like. (Sassy: 2)
You receive a gift! But you don't know what's in it. You're curious, so what do you do? [Group 7]

Open it now. (Hasty: 2)
Open it later. (Calm: 2)
Get someone to open it. (Timid: 2)
You win a lottery! What do you do with the money? [Group 7]

Spend it now. (Jolly: 2; Hasty: 1)
Save it. (Hardy: 1; Calm: 1)
Give it away. (Brave: 2; Quirky: 2)
You come across a treasure chest! What do you do? [Group 7]

Open it right away! (Hasty: 2)
No... Could be a trap... (Timid: 2)
It's going to be empty... (Sassy: 2)
Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. What do you do? [Group 7]

Become irritated. (Docile: 1; Hasty: 2)
Wait patiently. (Relaxed: 2)
Get angry and bail. (Hasty: 3)
Your country's leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her? [Group 8]

Speak calmly. (Hardy: 2)
Speak nervously. (Docile: 2)
WHATEVER!! (Sassy: 2)
Do others tell you to watch what you say? [Group 8]

Yes. (Impish: 1; Sassy: 2)
No. (Calm: 2)
Do you think you are cool? Be honest. [Group 8]

Yes. (Sassy: 2)
No. (Relaxed: 2)
Can you sincerely thank someone when you feel grateful? [Group 8]

Yes. (Docile: 2; Calm: 1)
No. (Sassy: 2; Quirky: 1)
Do you occasionally consider yourself dull and overly cautious? [Group 9]

Yes. (Calm: 2; Lonely: 1)
No. (Hardy: 2)
Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement? [Group 9]

Yes. (Calm: 2)
No. (Impish: 2)
Do you like to fight? [Group 9]

Yes. (Impish: 1; Timid: 2)
No. (Calm: 2; Lonely: 1)
Do you often yawn? [Group 9]

Yes. (Calm: 2; Relaxed: 1)
No. (Hardy: 1; Hasty: 2)
Are you often late for school or meetings? [Group 10]

Yes. (Sassy: 1; Relaxed: 2)
No. (Hardy: 2; Hasty: 1)
Do you get the feeling that you've slowed down lately? [Group 10]

Yes. (Relaxed: 2)
No. (Impish: 1; Hasty: 2)
It is a pleasant day at the beach. How do you feel? [Group 10]

This feels great! (Jolly: 2)
Snore... (Relaxed: 2)
I want to go home soon! (Hasty: 2)
Do you fall asleep without noticing? [Group 10]

Yes. (Calm: 1; Relaxed: 2)
No. (Hardy: 2)
Do you feel lonesome when you are alone? [Group 11]

Yes. (Timid: 1; Lonely: 2)
No. (Sassy: 2)
Do you hate to be the last person to leave class at the end of a school day? [Group 11]

Yes. (Timid: 1; Lonely: 2)
No. (Brave: 3; Relaxed: 1)
What do you do with your room's light when you're going to bed at night? [Group 11]

Leave it on. (Timid: 1; Lonely: 2)
Turn it off. (Calm: 2)
It's a weekend, but no one will play with you... What do you do? [Group 11]

Go on a trip. (Jolly: 1; Lonely: 1)
Hang around vacantly. (Calm: 1; Relaxed: 2)
Huddle in a corner. (Timid: 1; Lonely: 3)
Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden? [Group 12]

Yes. (Quirky: 2)
No. (Hardy: 2)
How quickly do you respond to an e-mail? [Group 12]

Reply right away. (Hardy: 1; Hasty: 1)
May reply, may not. (Quirky: 2)
Too much trouble. (Sassy: 2)
There is a person you like... But there's no opportunity to get close. What do you do? [Group 12]

Bravely declare my love. (Hardy: 1; Brave: 3)
Might say hello... (Quirky: 2)
Pull a prank to get attention. (Impish: 2)
Look from afar. (Timid: 2)
The road forks to the right and left. You are told there is a treasure on the right side. What do you do? [Group 12]

Instantly go right. (Docile: 2)
It's a trap! Go left. (Sassy: 2)
Choose either side. (Quirky: 2)
On vacation outings, you want to... [Group 13]

Go alone. (Hasty: 1; Quirky: 1)
Go with others. (Jolly: 1; Lonely: 1)
It's the summer festival! Do you like carnivals? [Group 13]

Love them! (Jolly: 2)
Don't care. (Sassy: 1; Quirky: 1)
Somebody calls you "weird but funny." How does that make you feel? [Group 13]

Happy! (Naive: 1; Lonely: 1)
Not happy. (Hasty: 1; Sassy: 1)
You valiantly fight the aliens... But, you are defeated... An alien says to you... "YOU HAVE IMPRESSED US. IT WAS A PLEASURE TO SEE. JOIN US, AND TOGETHER WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD." What will you do? [Group 2]

Rule with the aliens. (Sassy: 1; Relaxed: 1)
Refuse. (Brave: 4)
Projectiles = Poké
If you've been playing for a while, you probably have a ton of gravelrock in your inventory. Way more gravelrock than you'll ever use. Gravelrock sells for 5 poké for every 1 gravelrock. That doesn't sound like a lot, but if you have hundreds of gravelrock like I do (and I'm fairly certain a lot of you do as well) it adds up to thousands. This is the same for other projectiles (Iron Thorns, Silver Sticks, Geo Pebbles, Sticks, etc.)
Protect Yourself!
If you have another pokemon with you, GIVE THEM SOMETHING THAT CAN HEAL YOU. They can throw you the item that heals you. Happy healing!
Raise your Rescue Rank FAST
It can take a long time to get to Lucario rank if you're always waiting in the mail for more long, painful missions that could cost a fortune in items. So if you want to raise your rank QUICK and EASY, use some of these codes, or use the Wonder Mail Generator to get 80-150 points on just ONE FLOOR! And you can get a nice reward for it too.

Purity Forest; Rescue Points: 150

Please help Feebas!
Feebas hasn't come back!
I'm pleading for help!
Client: Milotic
Objective: Find Feebas.
Place: Purity Forest 1F
Difficulty: A
Reward: 1000 POKe + ? [Joy Ribbon]
Wonder Mail:
??8% %M0? 48?C

Oddity Cave; Rescue Points: 80-100

Please save my love!
I can't live without Plusle!
My heart is breaking! Please! Help!
Client: Minun
Objective: Find Plusle.
Place: Oddity Cave B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Vacuum-Cut]
Wonder Mail:
F?-Y F20? 18?N
0R?H 6JNR F4?W

Remains Island; Rescue Points: 80-100

Please save my friend!
I'm sad without Roselia's company.
We showed flowers to each other...
Client: Bellossom
Objective: Find Roselia.
Place: Remains Island B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Tight Belt]
Wonder Mail:
4?-C %4X? F8?W
17?J 6J?R .4?W

Silver Trench; Rescue Points 100-?

Save my child!
Please find Igglybuff! Oh, where did that
child roll off to?! Oh!
Client: Wigglytuff
Objective: Find Igglybuff.
Place: Silver Trench B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Friend Bow]
Wonder Mail:
1?8C HWX? 9R?F
.4?. 6M?R KY?

Recovering HP in Buried Relic
Ok, the A+B thingy works, but for some unknown reason it tends to draw out wild pokemon and you have to fight them again AND lose yr HP...if u're in Buried Relic and u reach one of those floors that have the regi pokemon, just use tht key combo you've got there-no pokemon will attack you as u're recovering yr HP.

Also, if you're dangerously low on resources such as Max Elixirs and whatnot- make your leader faint on purpose but equip it with reviver seeds first. This will restore its PP and HP when it gets revived back.

PS If you got a Skitty as your starter, don't waste yr time on using pecha, cheri, sitrius berries or berries that restore its poisoned, confused or burned stat to normal-just use the move Heal Bell and it will restore your team back to normal. It saves space for those stuff you're gonna get from the dungeons ( Apples, seeds, orbs, TMs, Bows and Scarves)

Also if you're gonna go to one of those dungeons that have those darned Kecleon shops, bring along an X-Ray Specs to see if there's one of those shops there..you could end up getting killed by those darned pokemon if you use your trawl orb and your team level is low.
Recruiting Groudon & Rayquaza
First of all, make sure that you come with only one Pokemon of size 1. Rayquaza and Groudon are size 5, I believe, so you can only have one Pokemon. Also, their base recruitment rate is -10%. Therefore, I suggest coming at a high level, with the Friend Bow as a hold item (boosts recruitment chances by 10%). With the Friend Bow, you can recruit them at as low as Level 30, but the chances are minuscule. I would wait until around level 80+, so you have at least a 10% chance of recruitment.
Recruiting Legendary Birds
When recruiting the 3 legendary birds, whilst in combat throw there favourite gummi at them. Here are there favourite gummi's:
Articuno - Clear Gummi

Moltres - Red Gummi

Zapdos - Yellow Gummi

of course if you have a friend bow you might not need to use this!
Recruiting The Eons.
Have a desperate want to recruit the Eons?
Follow this!~

1.) Buy the Friend Area: Transform Forest.

2.) Go to the Eon you want to recruit.

3.) Throw its favorite gummi at it.

4.) Run around with it following you for a while.

5.) Defeat it, And it will very likely join you.
Recruiting the legendary pokemon
To recruit the legendary pokemon like Moltres or Groudon, First you have to go threw the dungeon they were in and battle them. When you do have two or less pokemon on your team. When you defeat them, they will want to join you. Afterwards you will get their friend area and you can use them anywhere. Since they are so big you can only have one on your team at a time.
recruiting the regi's
when you do the buried relic you will find the regi's there but they do not join your team but give items: rock, ice and steel part. those together form the music box, now you can meet mew from B36F till B98F. you must keep the music box and do the buried relic again with the music box in your toolbox, now the regi's can join your team. but you need the friend area: acient relic, that you can buy from wiggelytuff.
Rescue Ranks and Points
0 points- Normal Rank
50 point- Bronze Rank
500 points- Silver Rank
1500 points- Gold Rank
3000 points- Platinum Rank
7500points- Diamond Rank
*15000 points- Lucarop Rank

*When you reach Lucario Rank, you get a Lucario statue outside your house.
Rob a shop easily and get out safe!
Here are some things you can do!
1.Go near the stairs and use trawl orb
2.Steal what you want,use sleep orb/paralize orb,use one-room orb,use one-shot orb,run to the stairs
3.Sometimes,the Kecleon will turn you into Decoy.When they do,they\'ll complitely ignore you,but if you use follow me and turn yourself into decoy they\'ll still attack you.Note that your own team members will attack you if you\'re a decoy!
Simplify monster houses
When you hit a monster house walk out the way you came in ( Make sure your partners tactic is run away or whatever its called.) all the guys will be lined up and attack as you please. This is perfect for exp!
OK, go to Pokemon Sqare, and hit "B" rapidly while walking. You should see your character slide accross the ground. If it doesn't work, E-mail me at
Pokefanajc3@aol.com. Have fun!
Solar Cave
When in solar cave looking for waterfall,dive and surf always bring along a flying pokemon. Even if you find a key nd open the door you cant get the TM unless you can either walk on water or fly over it. Because i'm a Sceptile i use the flying tactic. You need to bring a freind you have already made,you cannot make a friend that you make in the dungeon a leader. have fun a good luck gettin those TM's!
Starter Traits
If you're looking for a certain starter, you have to get their personality, or trait. Here is the traits of the starters.

Trait | Male | Female
Hardy: | #004 Charmander | #025 Pikachu
Docile: | #001 Bulbasaur | #152 Chikorita
Brave: | #066 Machop | #004 Charmander
Jolly: | #007 Squirtle | #158 Totodile
Impish: | #025 Pikachu | #104 Cubone
Naive: | #158 Totodile | #133 Eevee
Timid: | #155 Cyndaquil | #258 Mudkip
Hasty: | #255 Torchic | #300 Skitty
Sassy: | #252 Treecko | #255 Torchic
Calm: | #258 Mudkip | #001 Bulbasaur
Relaxed: | #054 Psyduck | #007 Squirtle
Lonely: | #104 Cubone | #054 Psyduck
Quirky: | #052 Meowth | #252 Treecko
statues outside your house
there are certain tasks you can do to get a statue of a 4th generation pokemon. there are 4 in all:

Bonsly- defeat all the challenges in Makuhita's Trainig Dojo

Mime Jr.- do special job to receive figurine

Weavile- do special job to receive figurine

Lucario- gain 15000 rescue points

Here are the Wonder Mail codes for Mime Jr. and Weavile statue:

Mime Jr.- 461F 0JT? 0+7X ...Q?H RNN0 J(FEMALE SYMBOL)/Q

Weavile- ??7S 0NF? 4!M1 -2?... +MN0 J??Q
Store your items
Go to Kangaskan and ask if you want to store your items and she'll store them for you, and press L to select more than one item at a time.
Store your money
Because this isn't really a cheat some people may know this one but, It's really useful if before you go to a place where you know your going to lose. Store some money in the bank, because after you faint you lose all of the money you have with you currently. Depositing money in the Persian Bank means that the money is stored away safe.

Moderator's Note: Trimmed up grammar / content of cheat a bit.
The first hit!
When you battle a team like the meanies or a team at the end of a training dungen, instead of moving forward, move left or right. They will follow you and you will be able to attack first.
(this works anytime there is one space between you
and the enemy.)
the REAL way to escape
If you step into a monster house, eat a warp seed or use a warp orb.

warp seed = the user warps to another area on the floor.

warp orb = all enimies in the room warp to another area on the floor.
Tip: Recruiting Legendaries!
First let me say this. LUCARIO RANK DOES NOT HELP YOU RECRUIT STUFF! It is based on Levels and the Friend Bow.

These Legendaries will remain if you defeat them, but do not recruit them. They can only be recruited after you defeat Rayquaza first time, and only if your leader strikes the final blow (you can change leaders, for example, I used my Pikachu when recruiting Kyogre, but he was the partner during main storyline.)


At the end of Frosty Forest, you'll find Articuno. You cannot recruit Articuno until you defeat Rayquaza. He has a fairly high base recruit rate. You'll probably not need a Friend Bow. Whale on him with a Rock-type attack. Fire and Electric also work well.

A nice trick is to save at the Frosty Forest Mid, then continue to Articuno. If you recruit him, SAVE. If not, reset the game and go back. This can be used for Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, and Rayquaza. I will call it the "Mid Method".


At Mt. Thunder's peak is the legendary bird Zapdos. He has a similarly high base recruit rate, and cannot be recruited till you beat Rayquaza. Use the "Mid Method" on Zapdos. He is in my opinion the best of the three birds, because he has the fewest weaknesses.


At the tip top of Mt. Blaze lies Moltres. He can't be recruited till after beating Rayquaza, high base recruit, use the Mid Method, blah blah blah. Rock is ultra effective, so try those attacks!


Ah, Western Cave. Full of tough Starter pokemon. At the bottom rests Mewtwo. He is a powerful Psychic-type pokemon with a base recruit of 99.9%. You need to buy the Friend area CRYPTIC CAVE to get Mewtwo.


Aww, isn't it cute? In floors 36 through 99 of Buried Relic, carry around the Music Box. Mew will appear occasionally. If you hear "Mew used TRANSFORM!", Mew is there, but sometimes he won't use Transform. He will take you out of the dungeon soon as you recruit him, so make sure you finish missions first!


They appear at the 35th floors of Fiery Field (Entei), Lightning Field (Raikou), and Northwind Field (Suicune). Be sure to bring that friend bow! You must get the Friend Area SACRED FIELD to recruit them.


Despite him being "Guardian of the Sea," Lugia is Flying/Psychic type. In other words, a REALLY TOUGH XATU. Get to the bottom of Silver Trench (beware the Walreins and Dewgongs!) to find him.


At the peak of Mt. Faraway rests Ho-oh. You will need to buy RAINBOW PEAK from WIgglytuff. Ho-oh is easy to recruit, but you might as well get the Friend Bow on floor 30 (hidden behind a locked box) to up your chances.\


Get to the bottom of Purity Forest, and you got a Celebi. Simple as that-not even a battle. Except Purity Forest is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard to get through. (If you heard Whiscash talk about the Ultimate Dungeon, this is the said dungeon right here. No Items or Money allowed, and you are temporarily set back to level one. It is a true test of skill.)


The Regis will be on the 15th, 25th, and 35th floors of Buried Relic, respectively. They have a base recruit rate of 0.1%. In other words, BRING FRIEND BOW. Also, they will not join you unless you have a Music Box in your inventory. You also need the friend area ANCIENT RELIC (if you filled it up with Aerodactyl, you'll regret it) from Wigglytuff.


Kyogre is at floor 40 of Stormy Sea. He has a 50% base recruit rate, but bring the Friend Bow just in case. You will want an Electric or Grass pokemon here. Trust me.


Groudon cannot be recruited till you defeat Rayquaza. He is a powerful ground-type pokemon with a -10% recruit rate. Use the Friend Bow and the Mid Method to get this big guy.


You can't recruit him till you beat him once. His Dragon/Flying combo opens him up to Ice. His-10% recruit does NOT help, but you can use the Mid Method here!


MAN! I REALLY WANT JIRACHI ON DIAMOND! It's times like these when you wish Mystery Dungeon could trade with Diamond. But I digress... on the 99th floor of Wish Cave, the Wish Maker will battle you. I suggest training inside the dungeon, because he is level 40, and Wish Cave temporarily sets you back to Level 1. You will need the Friend Area MT. MOONVIEW. He has a base recruit of 99.9%, so he will most likely join. Don't forget your Wish Stone!


Deoxys has a tricky dungeon. ON the 1st 19 floors of Meteor Cave, defeat the Mirage Deoxys to unlock the stairs (A Pitfall trap will be great). Deoxys will be in his regular form. He has a base recruit rate of -10%. (He can change form inside dungeons once you recruit him.)


Kecleon is not legendary, but he is worth listing because he is REALLY HARD TO RECRUIT! He has a base recruitment rate of -33.9%. The MAXIMUM recruitment bonus you can get (Lvl90 through 100+Friend Bow) is +34%. That adds up to 0.1% per Kecleon! And he is REALLY tough. If you can recruit him, you are a master at this game. Either that, or you used an Action Replay.

Happy recruiting
to be a machop
To be a machop, act tough at the quiz at the start so, for example: You are locked in a dark room what do you do?

Cry for help - no
Polish the door - no
Kick it open - yes
To get latios and latias
Want latios and latias follow this device!
After you beat rayquaza get articuno or zapdos or moltres and beat any of them.
Go to solar cave and go to B20F and be any of the legendary birds and find the hm surf go to the stairs next morning u see latios talk to kecleon and he's got news go to the northern range if you got articuno TAKE HIM use ice beamon latios in northern range B25F and the next day go to pitfall valley and 25th floor u save latias and the will join your team
Training Tip
If you recruit Articuno after beating the game (Replay Frosty Forest), go to the Gulpin link shop with 150 poke and Articuno in your team. Then, link Mind Reader and Powder Snow together. Then battle Team Hydro - use the linked moves to KO the bosses. However until level 60+ you may not kill them on the first hit unless you have special band or Powder Snow +3 obtained by having it set then feeding it Ginsengs with Powder Snow as the set move. The upside to this is that using linked moves and / or moves in general increase gained experience. Therefore, you obtain around 3,500 experience points per run, and your team members don't go back to their Friend Areas!

Moderator's Note: Trimmed up grammar / content a bit. Added an explanation.
Trapped HM's
Have you noticed the HM's that are surrounded by a wall in Buried Relic? Normally you can't get around them, but here are a few methods you can use:

1. In Solar Cave there are key holes as well as keys,(I suggest you buy the friend area and just go through the Desert Region to find keys). In one of the blocks there is the HM Rock Smash! When you teach it to a Pokemon outside a dungeon(I used my Marshtomp) take them into a dungeon and use it to go through walls!

2. Pokemon like Gastly and Shedinja can go through walls. Try taking one of them in!

3. Give ONE Pokemon gummi's, LOTS OF THEM!!! You have to give them all the gummi's you find from like the start of the game. After you have 11 IQ stars you're almost there. The LAST IQ tactic you can get is called "Super Mobile" and it lets you

A) Walk on water and lava(*NOTE*: If you aren't a fire type or resistant to burns you WILL get burnt when you walk on lava!!!)

B) BREAK THROUGH WALLS!!!!(*NOTE*: This doesn't work with LOCKED HM's! Only HM's that are trapped in a wall.

(I suggest you buy the friend area Furnace Desert and just go through the Desert Region to find keys).

I hope these tips help you to get everything you need!


Your friendly neighborhood
Trouble With Hard Missions?
When on a long mission through a challenging dungeon, do not recruit anyone you find along the way or if you get out numbered, they could waste all your reviver seeds and cause you to hve to either abandon them or use an escape orb.
Two Tips!
1. When going in Level One Dugeons (I.E. Wish Cave, Purity Forest) bring Mewtwo. This legendary levels up very fast, with it's first EXP point level up being only 10 points. Completely Western Cave once, then go again and recruit Mewtwo.

2. When choosing a starter, this can help:

Easy Completion:


Medium Completion:

All others not mentioned

Challenge Completion:

Uncovering maps in dungeons which allow Leader swapping; the Smart way
1: Bring as many team-mates as possible.

2: Set all their tactics to "Go the other way".

3: Split up!

4: As your team-mates disperse throughout the dungeon floor, open up the "moves" page or "team" page and scroll through all your members' names, then cancel the page and resume your exploration.

5: Now you would've uncovered patches of rooms/corridors on the map, and if you also discovered items or the stairway, take control of a team-mate closest to your target by turning it into the Leader, and move towards the target.
Walking on Lava/Water
Once you get full IQ on a pokemon,if you are using it as leader, it and any friends with you will be able to walk on lava and water, no matter what type they are.
whole picture
if there is the start menu
press L tho see the picture behind the menu


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blue rescue team keckleon joins u/ fifth group member
u know how Keckleon is usially in dungions selling stuff? find him (X-ray specs help) and get a wild pokemon to follow u. go to his shop and get him to come out. get him between u and the wild pokemon (just walk into him) and have the wild pokemon attack him. then, keckleon will usially do hidden power and defeat the pokemon. after that, he will follow u. it works best if ur alone, but if u have friends with u, go to team, tactics, and select "wait here". come back with keckleon and turn them to "let's go together". this is also helpful if u want his items but don't want to pay. give him some of ur items and sell them. then, have wild pokemon attack him until he dies. then, take everything! if u take it when he's alive, the'll be, like, 20 superspeed keckleons after u! if u have a friend bow, u can make a friend!

P.S. wild pokemon can't step on keckleon's tiles!
P.P.S. google friend bow wondermail to get a code!
easy way to get Mewtwo
You have to be lugia to do this. Go all the way up joyus tower with lugia. After you bet it go to Mewtwos friend area and he will be walking around.
How To Increase your Max HP
Location : Buried Ruins
Thing to Look Out For : Sittus Berry
Recomended Items to Bring Along : X Ray Specs / Trawl Orb
Recomended Iq Skills : Trap Seer (Leader) Trap Avoider (Party Members)
Alright Here Goes ,
1) Make Sure Your Leader is Wearing The X Ray Specs to help you locate Items Easily .
2) Make Sure The Pokemon has Full Hp
3) Feed the Sittrus Berry to the Pokemon (Adds 2 to your Max Hp Per Berry)
4) If You Go Down The Full 99 Floors You Should be able to find atleast 10 ~ 15 Depending on your Luck

PS: Thats About 20 ~ 30 Increase to your Max Hp <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Good Luck
stay in place and get heath,hint max IQ
press the A and B button at the same time, eat about 50 gummies for max IQ


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Low on health? Don't feel like walking around to refill your health bar? Well, if you were paying attention, you would know a way to refill it. Didn't? Well here it is.

Just keep holding A and B together and your health will restore. It could be very useful...
Make Deoxys join your team without fail - it comes with a whopping HP stat, too.
When you fight Deoxys, make sure you're holding a firend bow & drop a reviver seed, walk down so that Deoxys will pick up the seed, kill him, he'll come back, kill him again, he'll join your team with a whopping 950 HP! Train that stat up to reach the maximum of 999 - Sitrus seeds do the trick!
Naive: Eevee
Timid: Mudkip
Lonely: Psyduck
Native/Careful: Chikorita
Sassy: Torchic
Relaxed: Sqirtle
Brave: Charmander
Quirky: Treeko
Showing Wish Cave Who's Boss!
I had a lot of trouble with Wish Cave. Until I finally figured out an easy way to beat that horrible...horrible place (lol) Okay, so if you have any of the legendary dogs (Entei, Raikou, Suicune) Use them! I'd recommend Entei...or Raikou. Not Suicune cause...well. I don't know why. But I used Entei. I brought two Frustration Tm's, Reviver Seeds (about 10), a pass scarf, 5 huge apples (or a tight belt, there's food in the dungeon.) and Max Elixirs. Don't bring a partner, they waste your reviver seeds and using a pass scarf will hurt them. Good luck! And watch out for Machops and Skarmorys!
Special Missions!!!!!
If you type in one of these passwords in WonderMail, you will get a job that rewards you with some pretty cool things!

Sky Blue Plains:
5?2Y QWO? ?TOQ JC?[male] FH16 WR?W

Weather Band:
??1Y 4!F? 01PC JF?9 -4?0 -J?W

I hope it helps!
Tight belt
Fed up of apples wasting your space?
Get this tight belt it keeps your belly 100/100
you will never have ur belly empty by 1 percent

here is the wonder mail 1?-???S?4??6RF??F4?6(...)P??
Unlock Exclusive Nintendo Event Dungeons
The 4 Super Secret Dungeons are here:

Unlock Fantasy Strait:
??M1 CJY? 44?P
HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1

Unlock Marvelous Sea:
??MH CJ(...)? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1

Unlock Oddity Cave:
??MS CJ(...)? 44?P
MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1

Unlock Remains Island:
??M4 CJY? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
weather band
to get a weather band use this wonder mail

4?CK 9!(...)? 48RF 3Q?C M5?6 -6?W
Weird death cheat
If you KO a Pokemon and then click the R button, with perfect timing it kinda freezes the game and the Pokemon doesnt die!!!Then release the R Button and the Pokemon disappears
Wild Pokemon From Red!
If you do these missions and beat them, they'll appear in the dungeons! These are Wonder Mail passwords:

Feebas: X?7P(Girl)?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W??
Roselia: F?4N+WT??+6NFR?JF?6685?W
Mantine: 4??N22...??Q6JH3?(Boy)8470JN?W
Porygon: F?434?t?429H90?7H56R8K?(Girl)

Note: This is just some of them.
Wonder Mail
Here are some Wonder Mails passwords:

Wonder Mails that get you areas:

Boulder Cave area
Enter 3?2N 82Y? 4Q83 41?[Female] ...65R ...!?W as a password.

Fantasy Strait area
Enter ??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Marvelous Sea area
Enter ??MH CJ…? 44?P CF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Mt. Moonview area
Enter 0?05 760? 4WP4 KX?6 -?05 53?- as a password.

Mt. Moonview area
Enter 6?2+[Female]40??QN3PC?Q8JO6SY?F as a password.

Oddity Cave area
Enter ??MS CJ…? 44?P MF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Remains Island area
Enter ??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Sky Blue Plains area
Enter 5?2YQW0??T0QJC?[Male]FH16WR?W as a password.

Sky Blue Plains area
Enter O?O9P[Male]Y??+73+H?F+?2O4M?W as a password. Gives you a job for Thunderwave Cave that unlocks Sky Blue Plains.

Wonder Mails that get wild Pokemon:

Feebas appears as a wild Pokemon
Enter X?7P[Female]?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W?? as a password.

Mantine appears as a wild Pokemon
Enter 4??N 22...? ?Q6J H3?[Male] 8470 JN?W as a password.

Porygon appears as a wild Pokemon
Enter F?434?t?429H90?7H56R8K?[Female] as a password.

Roselia appears as a wild Pokemon
Enter F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W as a password.

Wonder Mails that get you statues:
Note: There may be 2+ diferent missions, they will get you the same statue. Also, they are all A ranked missions in 99 floor dungeons.

Mime Jr. statue
Enter 461F 0JT? 0+7X …Q?H RNN0 J[Female]?Q as a password.

Mime Jr. statue
Enter F?-… R4+? 487! 2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password.

Weavile statue
Enter ??7S 0NF? 4!M1 -2?… +MN0 J??Q as a password.

Weavile statue
Enter F?-… R4+? 487 !2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password.
Wonder Mail for Wyvern Hill
Okay if you have an eevee and what a sun ribbon to evolve it or just want to recruit some dragon pokemon but dont know how to go to wyvern hill, here is the wonder mail info. Remember that you must finish the mission to actually get to the area.

Client: Phanpy
Objective: Escort to Gligar.
Place: Thunderwave Cave B3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: Friend Area (Dragon Cave)
Wonder Mail:
H?08 ?9S? ?Q64
?P?! 84S0 +F?!