Pokémon Conquest Cheats

Pokémon Conquest cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Conquest cheat codes.


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Passwords for Pokemon
From the menu, select the Password option. Enter one of the following passwords to make a swarm of that Pokemon type show up the following month.
DNB3x2gCgk / RKGBxzC2n8Chimchar
8rf3XPwvJw / PKSRGpCPZJDeino
TbeSt2lIv65Get the Unifer Crystal
1GoW0194SmFSummons Articuno
1Fowaj48502SrSummons Mewtwo
39DJr02Dj2kdSummons Terrakion
1j42HDisjEmf9Summons Groudon
9Joeu39jfoJI3Summons Dialga
u3ks943jfWJkSummons Zekrom
G01dnMoM3ntSummons Registeel
Cr3atr0fTReg0NSummons Arceus
Nm3s0fMe19n2Summons Rayquazza
CrYs7al0fM1gHtGet the Warrior Crystal
Special Mission Passwords
Enter the following passwords in the Password menu to unlock special events
PasswordWhat it does
EDw8w2HaRnKeiji Special Mission
J2TRZXPUm3Motonari & Motochika Special Mission
gauRnak2nROkuni Special Mission
2aL38Ek2RxRanmaru Special Mission
2rz3XFEKxRReshiram Special Mission


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Unlockable Special Episodes
Meet the following requirements to unlock new episodes to play
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hero's episode - "Two Heroes of Ransei"Complete 16 senior warlords' episodes
Aya's episode - "Love is a Battlefield"Complete Kenshin's episode
Gracia's episode - "All Grown Up"Complete Mitsuhide's episode
Hanbei's episode - "The Reluctant Genius"Complete Hideyoshi's episode
Hanzo's episode - "A Ninja amongst Ninjas"Complete Ieyasu's episode
Ina's episode - "Grace and Beauty'Complete Tadakatsu's episode
Kai's episode - "Simply the Best"Complete Ujiyasu's episode
Kanbei's episode - "The Visionary's Quest"Complete Hanbei's episode
Kanetsugu's episode - "Land of Love and Righteousness"Complete Kenshin's episode
Kiyomasa's episode - "Not Worth Fighting Over...2"Complete Mitsunari's episode
Kunoichi's episode - "Time for Battle"Complete Yukimura's episode
Magoichi's episode - "This One Goes Out to My Fans"Complete Gracia's episode
Masamune's episode - "The Dragon's Dream"Complete Kanetsugu's episode
Masanori's episode - "Not Worth Fighting Over...3"Complete Kiyomasa's episode
Motochika's episode - "The Rebel"Complete Kotaro's episode
Motonari's episode - "Putting the Book Down"Complete Muneshige's episode
Muneshige's episode - "Blowing in the Wind"Complete Ginchiyo's episode
Nene's episode - "Teaching Them a Lesson"Complete Hideyoshi's episode
No's episode - "Ransei's Legendary Beauty"Complete Mitsuhide's episode
Nobunaga's episode - "The Road to Conquest"Complete 9 episodes
Oichi's episode - "The Rose of Ransei"Complete Mitsunari's episode
Shingen's episode - "Archenemies"Complete Yukimura's episode
Tadakatsu's episode - "The Unpararelleled Warrior"Complete Ieyasu's episode
Ujiyasu's episode - "The Which We Hold Dear"Complete Kotaro's episode
Yoshihiro's episode - "The FInal Gamble"Complete Ginchiyo's episode
Yoshimoto's episode - "Pokemari and Me"Complete Shingen's episode


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Deleting Save Data
You can delete your Pokemon Conquest save data by pressing (A, B, X, Y.) When you start up Conquest and it says "Nintendo"
Extra Damage
When attacking a pokemon hit it from behind or the sides for extra damage, can be very useful in long battles or just picking off weaker pokemon.
how to beat Nobunaga
In order to beat Nobunaga you must take atvantage of the field and use it to weaken his army as well as healing your forces heres a list
blue does water type effects best to use with the ability water absorb
yellow does electric type move effects best to use when powering up Rhyperior due to lightning rod green and orange does grass and
fire moves to do damage.
How to Level Up
You must have beaten the first story to evolve anyone that isnt the main character.

How to Level Up
Only the protagonist can be leveled up to Rank III in the main story.

The rest of the cast can obtain their secondary form in the post-game episodes. Characters require at least 50-80% linkage with their Best Link Pokémon to obtain their secondary rank. Characters with more specific unlocking methods are listed below:

Nobunaga - unlock his scenario and play it. Build 80%+ Link with Hydreigon during his story.
Ginchiyo and Muneshige - keep both characters separated in different castles. 60%+ Link with their respective Best Link Pokémon.
Motonari - collect over 100 Pokémon. 50%+ Link with Servine or Serperior.
Mitsuhide - unlock and finish his episode. 70%+ Link with Lapras or Articuno.
Nene - collect every Poison type Pokémon. 60%+ Link with Golbat or Crobat.
Shingen and Kenshin - unlock and finish both of their personal episodes. 75%+ Link with their respective Best Link Pokémon.
Masamune - unlock his scenario and play it. Build 60%+ Link with Rufflet or Braviary during his story.
Nouhime - collect every Ghost type Pokémon. 60%+ Link with Misdreavus or Mismagius.
Ieyasu - collect 50 characters in the Collection. 70%+ Link with Aggron or Registeel. Do not build link before assembling characters as it may null his chances of leveling up.
Hanbei and Kanbei - keep both characters separated in different castles. 60%+ Link with their respective Best Link Pokémon.
Yukimura - have him and Shingen in the same castle. 65%+ Link with Charmeleon or Charizard.
Magoichi - have him in the same castle as three female characters (protagonist does not count). 60%+ Link with Grovyle or Sceptile.
Kanetsugu - station him and Kenshin in the same castle. 60%+ Link with Kadabra or Alakzam.
Ranmaru - place him in the same castle as Nobunaga. 60%+ Link with Riolu or Lucario.
Tadakatsu - transfer him to a castle which has both Ieyasu and Ina within it. 80%+ Link with Metagross.