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Plants vs. Zombies (DS) Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Plants vs. Zombies cheat codes.


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Heat Wave
You know how in the Heat Wave level/mini-game your plants can get dehydrated and you have to "shout" at them for encouragement? There is an easier way of "shouting" at them than actually shouting. Just blow into the microphone! It works a lot better than shouting and can save the strain from your vocal chords.
Heat Wave - How to Cheat
Having trouble on the Heat Wave with only 4 Pea shooters and 2 Wall nuts?
Here's how to EASILY win.

You need to:
Turn on a TV
Find the MIC on the DS
Find the Speakers on the TV

1. Start the level (or minigame.).
2. Turn on the TV.
3. When it says "shout!" put the DS MIC right next to the TV speakers.
It should make the plants red.

Please verify if you beat it using this!
HOW TO MAKE A NEAR INVINCIBLE PLANT ARMY!! (For day and pool levels only)
For this you will need:
Any pea-shooter. (Works better with Repeater,Threepeater and Gatling Peas).
Sun Flower. (Works better with Twin Sun Flower).
Rows #1 and 2: Plant sun flowers here.
Rows #3,4 and 5: Plant pea-shooters.
Row #6: Plant torchwoods here.
Row #7 Skip this row for now.
Row #8 Plant tall-nuts here.
Back to Row #7 Now plant chompers here.
When ever a tall-nut starts to crack use the shovel to dig up and replace it with a new one. If you have the item from Crazy Dave's shop you can just plant a new tall-nut over a weak one. If u are playing this on a water level do not try to plant all this over lily pads. If you have cattails then plant as many of those as you can in the water and when you think you have enough of those planted plant two tall-nuts on lily pads where your line cat tails ends. And in front of those put 2-4 tangle kelps. If you do not have cattails then plant six lily pads with pea-shooters of any kind and in front of those plant two tall-nuts on lily pads with 2-4 tangle kelps in front of those. And viola! You have a near invincible plant army! P.S. I might post on how to make near invincible plant armys for night,fog and roof levels...just maybe....well hope I helped!