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Sometimes, your bunny won't like it when it's being brushed, and you'll end up making it sad.
What I do is, clean up the cage first, then pick up my bunny and stroke it once or twice.

Once I hit the back button and return to the menu screen, my bunny is usually more willing to be brushed.
Verified by: PinkyTheCat Submitted by: Daydreaming on September 13, 2009

Play Mini Games without cage

Wanna Play Games your room?

1. Go to Menu
2. Go to Outing
3. Open Cage
4. Press Select and B Button & Press Back
5. The Game icon will appear, Careful don't push brush button its a little tricky.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: PinkyTheCat on February 04, 2012