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Ouendan 2 (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Ouendan 2 (Import) cheat codes.

Ouendan 2 (Import) Tips

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If in Hard Mode mode or Insane mode, if your having a hard time seeing the notes. Flip DS upside down and play it like that. The notes are easier to read, and a little bit slower.
Submitted by: gghang on April 26, 2009
Remove Timing rings tip
Your score will be much higher if you play without the timing rings.
Markers are worth 1.5 times more points, meaning that a 50 will be 75, 100 will be 150, and 300 will be 450.
This will make your score for a stage much higher than playing with the timing rings even if you got all 300s with the timing rings.
Submitted by: Kunai Storm on January 07, 2010