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Help for episode 1, Dream Walks!!
Getting confused in these parts of case 1?? Here's how....
You must get in the Dream World 3 times to catch the thief, the paperbag man. What you must do:
1) In the 1st time you enter Dream World, go to Condominium, see Penelope kidnapped by that paperbag. (the 'Aaaaaaaa' thing)
2) Travel the Dream World, and find out that there isn't anyone there, wake up
3) Talk to Chloe at the park, she will call the imaginary Sandman.
4) Make everyone sleep early by using Butterfly in all people
5) Enter the Dream World again, see Penelope kidnapped. You may take the pump (in rooftop)and give it to Cromwell after finding out it's broken (use it to the Landlord) (Cromwell's room is beside Mackenzie's) but he won't finish repairing it
6) Go to Daisy's Boutique fitting room, touch Penelope's clothes (green thing)
7) Wake up, talk to Penelope and Daisy, also the Landlord
8) Go to Dreamworld again, meet Penelope, take the pump from Cromwell, give the pum to Beatrice/Landlord. Then close the door so the thief can't escape.
9)A fun part! chase the thief until it jumps down. Then EXPLODE Beatrice with the Teddybear you got. Catch the thief

Then.... Case Completed! (only a few intros, bla,bla,bla) Hope this helped!