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Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends cheat codes.


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Clover Clock and Lucky Collar
All you have to do is set your date (on your ds setup screen) to: 17th March -St.Patrick's day- and go onto your game.
Your going to need to walk a dog which has LOADS of stamina and go by all (or some) of the question marks on the map as possible. The ones which contain present may include the Clover Clock or even the Lucky Collar, this is NOT guaranteed but on St.Patrick's day you have a higher chance of finding it! :-)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Lucky CollarSt Patrick's Day
Clover ClockSt Patrick's Day


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A question alot of people ask
Will my Nintendog/s die if I dont feed it everyday?

No, it will feel hungry though. Whenever you start up Nintendogs, its a good idea to give your Nintendog/s some food and some water. Its amazing what a little food can do to cure a growling tummy! BUT if you overtly neglect (not care for) your Nintendog/s, they will run away
Okay so basically what I do to be the 99 time champion is I'll feed and give my dogs some water before I do ANYTHING else and save my game straight after that but don't turn off my DS. Then you go to whatever competition your dog is great at and pay attention to the dog's score that is currently in the lead. That's the score/time you need to beat: REMEMBER THE SCORE/TIME! If by the end of the competition you know you lost. IMMEDIATELY TURN OF YOUR DS AND TURN IT BACK ON. Then just try again! No going down classes! WOO!

The maximum amount of times you can be a champion is 99 but I've won at least 200 championships because of this but this just means more cash and trainer points for me! Hope this helps!
to do a backflip teach your dog to sit and jump then tell it to sit then say jump and it will do a backflip!!!!!!!!

p.s. sorry if it does not work

ETC items
Go on a walk with a dog, get as many ? blocks as you can, and at the end of the walk go to the park before going home. Then, change the accessory on your dog and turn off the ds when it's done saving. Now you have all the items ans trainer points you got on that walk, but you can go for a walk with the very same dog again.

Next, go on a walk with the same dog after ds is turned back home. Get all the ? boxes but don't go to the park- go straight home and save. Do the above steps with all of your dogs.

After all of your dogs have done this, go to the secondhand shop and sell all the ETC items you picked up. Trust me, I made like 300 bucks from doing this.
Free House Makeover!
When you buy a house, wait till they are done renovating. Then, if you have enough money, then buy another one just after they are finished with the first one the built. When the second house is done bulding, then finally go back and go to Interier Decorater and the first house you bought will be free and you can get it again!
Get A lot of Presents
Before you walk call your doggy over and rub him untill his head sparkles two or three times. Then go for a walk and he is more likely to find a present than run into a dog!
get points when brushing
This takes a while, but it's good if you want to make some points while you're asleep. Just brush your dog, and leave the brush on your dog. You'll get points for every minute it's on there. So if you leave it that way overnight, You'll get A LOT of points.
How To Get A Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
To unlock the Cavalier K.C. Spainel, you need to have 2000 trainer points.
Put an accessory on a dog that u want to walk. Then when you mark the route of your walk on the map, make sure you go to the park. Carry on your walk as normal but when you get to the park, change your accessory. It should save and after it has finished saving turn your Nintendo DS off. Then turn it back on again and you will have all the items you have collected during the walk you just had and you will be able to go on another walk straight away with the very same dog! It is a great way to earn lots of money and get crap loads of awesome stuff! ENJOY XD
How To Get More Point's
Go in a compition if you win you get one hundred and is you come second you get fifftey
how to get Siberian Husky
the siberian husky will be unlocked after youve earned 22,000 trainer points
How to teach cool tricks
First go to 'go out' than 'info' and change your mic sensitivity settings to 'high' so your dog can hear you without you sounding weird.

Second don't teach your dog tricks by what they are called because there are a lot of 'S' tricks e.g. change from sit-down, lie down-lie, beg-up, shake-high 5 and so on. Saying 'beg' as up ruins 'jump' so once you can do a 'back-flip' delete 'jump' and use 'back-flip' as your 'jump'. Yes that actually works.

Thirdly I figured out how to do a 'handstand'. It will take a while but get your dog to 'lie down' than get in to 'beg'. The quicker you say them the more chance you have of teaching your dog.

Finally, once you have mastered all the above you can teach your dog to hold tricks longer by telling them the command and patting them until you get that sparkly stuff. Repeat this heaps and you'll be winning those obedience trials.
Sometimes at night a neighbor dog will bark, your dog will "howl" back. When he does this, tap on your dog's picture and you will get the light bulb. Teach it howl. You only have to teach him three or four times to learn the trick.

Here is a list of the items I have aquired so far (not including music)
Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends Items List

· White Rubber Bone
· Red Rubber Bone
· Blue Rubber Bone
· Tennis Ball
· Bark Ball
· Rubber Mushroom
· Soccer Ball
· ? Ball
· Dice Cushion
· Terry Cloth Cube
· Red Flying Disc
· Blue Flying Disc
· Yellow Flying Disc
· Khaki Camo Disc
· Blue Camo Disc
· Yellow Sponsor Disc
· Green Sponsor Disc
· Pink Aerodisc
· White Aerodisc
· Broken Clock

· Balloon
· Bubble Blower
· Pull Rope
· Jump Rope
· Windup Toy
· Talking Bird
· Bowser Kart
· RC Helicopter

· Red Leather Collar
· Black Leather Collar
· Purple Leather Collar
· Green Leather Collar
· Pumpkin Leather Collar
· Blue Leather Collar
· Dot Collar
· Rainbow Collar
· Denim Collar
· Platinum Collar
· Woven Collar
· Lucky Collar
· Flower Collar
· Spiked Collar
· Red Ribbon
· Yellow Ribbon
· Checked Ribbon
· Striped Ribbon
· Red Polka-dot Ribbon
· Blue Polka-dot Ribbon
· Tricolour Ribbon
· Purple Pearl Ribbon
· Green Pearl Ribbon
· Rose
· Hibiscus Flower
· Lily
· Scholar Glasses
· Business Glasses
· Huge Sunglasses
· Sport Sunglasses
· Party Glasses
· 3-D Glasses
· Ten-Gallon Hat
· Yellow Cap
· Red & Blue Cap
· Beret
· Straw Hat
· Newsboy Hat
· Red Hat
· Green Hat
· Pirate Hat
· Crown
· Party Hat
· New Year Tiara
· Fireman's Hat
· Rainbow Wig
· Lion's Mane

· Dog Biscuit
· Jerky Treat
· Water Bottle
· Milk Carton
· Dry Food
· Dog Food Can
· Natural Dog Food Bag
· Short-Hair Shampoo
· Long-Hair Shampoo
· Rubber Brush
· Wire Brush

· Modern Clock
· Marine Clock
· Clover Clock
· Silver Clock
· Cube Clock

Etc. (not including junky items)
· Lisa Doll
· Stuffed Bear
· Stuffed Pink Dog
· Moai Statue
· Shuttle Model
items while walking cheat
first take your dog on a walk and make sure you have a diffrent excesorrie. then go thrugh as many ? as you want then got to a park. when you get to the park change your exessorrie and it should say saving. the restart the game, you should be back home and have the items you got on the walk and you can go on another walk right away. really helpful when trying to get a rare item.
jump rope madness
Go to the discount shop and buy a jump rope. When u get home get it out and one of your dogs will grab the other end. Swing it as fast as u can and your dogs will try to jump in. your dogs will get hit and go flying. It is really funny. (this will not hurt your dog)
Mixed Tricks
Have you taught your dog all the tricks in the book? Well, why not try mixing the tricks? For example, if you tell your dog to beg, and then spin, it might spin while still in the begging position! There's lots of other combinations, too, like if you make your dog lay down and then jump, it will do a flip! But, it only works if your dog is loyal enough or has known the trick for a long enough time, so don't get discouraged if your dog doesn't do it on the first try!
More chance of getting the Shiba Inu
First go to the Interior Decorator and buy the Tatami room. Go on a walk your BOUND to find the Japanese Print Collar!
More presents on walks!
If you want to get more presents on walks, read this!

Once you have chosen the dog that you want to take a walk with, go to the map and mark out the route of your walk trying to get as many ? boxes as possible but try and avoid blue puddles. That way you get more presents and you stop less during walks.

If it doesnt work for you dont worry, just keep trying. It worked for me!
New Dogs!
If you want to buy a new dog go to the "Go Out" button then click on Kennel. After you have done that then click on the dog of your choice. If you do not like any of the dogs then click the "back" arrow and then click on the same breed of dog and there will be different ones.
Obedience Competition!
When in the obedience competition, make sure you save before you enter the competition. When you are doing the tricks, when it comes to the scores or you feel you have done badly in the show, before or when the scores come up, restart your DS seeing as you can only enter three competitions a day.
Presents on a walk
If you are on a walk, look at the top screen. If your dog is walking in place, slow down your dog. It either means you are getting a present or garbage. If it happens to be garbage, you need to tug on your dogs leash to get him or her away. If your dog gets into the garbage, the music will play really slow. Wait a little and your dog will be back to normal.
Really creepy and wierd glitch/trick
If you hold your dog's tail in a certain direction and let go, it head will roll in a circle, pointing in all directions, and it's body doesn't move. It's so creepy and wierd, because it's unnatural and unnerving. If you throw up and/or get nauseous easy, you shouldn't do this trick. It's really wierd but you have to be careful with the tail or your dog will get angry.
reset game
when you start up nintendogs there will be a copy right nintendo on the bottom screen and hold R,L,A,B,X,Y all at the same time.

(note you have to be quick about this)
Teach More Than Three Commands In 1 Day
First Teach Him 3 Commands Save Restart DS Go To The Main Screen Click Options Change The Date To example:it is 12/20 change it to 12/21 It Works For Me Maybe It Doesnt Work For You Have ,Fun <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
The Kennel
Nintendogs comes in 4 different packs: Labrador & Friends, Chihuahua & Friends, Dachshund & Friends and Dalmatian & Friends. Each game comes with atleast 6 different breeds of dogs to choose from. That way you can share the puppy love! Visit the kennel when you start the game and choose the perfect pup. By playing with other owners through wireless gameplay, you can gain access to all 24 breeds.
To Classify A ? on the Rute Map
A ? on the route map is either a present or another dog walking. While walking and about to go to a ? mark, if the music volume goes down it is a present and if the music volume stays the same it is another dog.
Walk Sounds
Do you ever get bored of watching the screen when taking your dog for a walk but scared you might might miss a poop?
Well if you listen the music will change to a rumbling sound if your dog is about to do a poop or pee.


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Glittering Chin!
Brush your dog, and then if you closely...your dog`s chin will glitter! (please try this,its really funny!)

Easter eggs

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Extra cash
If you have a vase or piggy bank sell it at the secondhand shop.
Piggy bank= £36
Fine vase= £100
If thrown (any one of them)= about £10
More Colors That Basic 'Three' Colors
So, I'm always looking at different dogs and how they look, act and sound. Something I've noticed, is that on some dogs, instead of your basic orange, white and dark brown/black colors, there's an extra one. For example, if you look at the Chihuahua's, there's the dark brown, the orange & white, the white, and then a more pinkish/peach colored one. This extra one also doesn't have the furry look the other ones do, as in it looks skinnier, and it's tail doesn't have the fluff on it that the other ones do~! Not only that, but based on the breeds personality, color and gender will depend on what type of bark it has. It's neat to look around and zoom in sometimes xD If I find any more, I'll be sure to add them here~


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A thing from outer space!
So u decide to take ur dog on a walk. U run into a present. In the box is a meteorite. U could sell the meteorite 4 $150.00 or keep the rare space rock!
Exclusive Items
Dachshund & Friends
Dartboard - $10.00
"Dog's Theme" Box - $6.00
Graduation Cap - $18.00
Leather Shoe - $6.00
Mario Kart - $100.00 (Standard ability, able to control)
Red Rubber Bone - $1.60
Shower Cap - $2.00
Smart Clock - $16.00
Tiara - $30.00
Waves - $10.00
Chihuahua & Friends
Blue Rubber Bone - $1.60
Bowser Kart - $100.00 (High speed ability, able to control)
Broken Clock - $2.00
Crown - $30.00
Cube Clock - $16.00
"Mario's Theme" Box - $6.00
Modest Decor - $10.00
Party Hat - $10.00
Pizza Disc - $10.00
Pump - $6.00
Labrador & Friends
Bicolor Rubber Bone - $1.60
High Heel - $6.00
Life Ring - $2.00
Peach Kart - $100.00 (Tight control ability, able to control)
"Puppy Waltz" Box - $6.00
Rack of Deer Antlers - $30.00
Shredded Fur - $10.00
Top Hat - $18.00
UFO - $10.00
Wall Clock - $16.00
Sports Items
? Block - $6.00
Bark Ball - $3.00
Bicolor Rubber Bone - $1.60
Blue Camo Disc - $4.00
Blue Flying Disc - $2.40
Blue Rubber Bone - $1.60
Broken Clock - $2.00
Dartboard - $10.00
Dice Cushion - $5.00
Green Sponsor Disc - $5.00
Khaki Camo Disc - $4.00
Life Ring - $2.00
Pink Aerodisc - $6.00
Pizza Disc - $10.00
Red Flying Disc - $2.40
Red Rubber Bone - $1.60
Rubber Mushroom - $4.00
Shower Cap - $2.00
Soccer Ball - $6.00
Tennis Ball - $2.00
Terry Cloth Cube - $4.00
UFO - $10.00
White Aerodisc - $6.00
White Rubber Bone - $1.60
Yellow Flying Disc - $2.40
Yellow Sponsor Disc - $5.00
Toys Items
Balloon - $.10 (Appears at 300 Trainer Points)
Bowser Kart - $100.00 (High speed ability, able to control)
Bubble Blower - $1.00
Combat Copter - $300.00(Able to control with A, B, L, D-pad)
Jump Rope - $4.00 (Appears at 300 Trainer Points)
Mario Kart - $100.00 (Standard ability, able to control)
Peach Kart - $100.00 (Tight control ability, able to control)
Pull Rope - $3.20 (Appears at 300 Trainer Points)
RC Helicopter - $200.00 (Able to control with A, B, L, D-pad)
Talking Bird - $16.00 (Records your voice, appears at 10,000 Trainer Points)
Windup Toy - $12.00 (Appears at 10,000 Trainer Points)
Accessories Items
Beret - $10.00
Black Leather Collar - $4.00
Blue Leather Collar - $4.00
Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon - $7.00
Camo Collar - $10.00
Checked Ribbon - $4.00
Crown - $30.00
Denim Collar - $10.00
Dot Collar - $10.00
Fireman?????s Hat - $30.00 (Unlocks the Dalmatian)
Flower Collar - $10.00
Graduation Cap - $18.00
Green Hat - $20.00 (Luigi?????s Hat)
Green Leather Collar - $4.00
Green Pearl Ribbon - $18.00
Hibiscus Flower - $10.00
Japanese Print Collar - $10.00
Knit Hat - $10.00
Lily - $10.00
Lion?????s Mane - $20.00
Lucky Collar - $10.00
New Year Tiara - $12.00
Newsboy Hat - $16.00
Pair of 3-D Glasses - $9.00
Pair of Business Glasses - $12.00
Pair of Huge Sunglasses - $15.00
Pair of Party Glasses - $7.00
Pair of Scholar Glasses- $9.00
Pair of Sport Sunglasses - $19.00
Pair of Star Sunglasses - $9.00
Party Hat - $10.00
Pearl Necklace - $10.00
Pirate Hat - $24.00
Platinum Collar - $10.00
Pumpkin Leather Collar - $4.00
Purple Leather Collar - $4.00
Purple Pearl Ribbon - $18.00
Rack of Deer Antlers - $30.00
Rainbow Collar - $10.00
Rainbow Wig - $20.00
Red & Blue Cap - $8.00
Red Hat - $20.00 (Mario?????s Hat)
Red Leather Collar - $4.00
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon - $7.00
Red Ribbon - $2.40
Rhinestone Collar - $10.00
Rose - $10.00
Santa?????s Hat - $18.00
Sombrero - $10.00
Spiked Collar - $10.00
Straw Hat - $9.00
Striped Ribbon - $4.00
Ten-Gallon Hat - $14.00
Tiara - $30.00
Top Hat - $18.00
Tricolor Ribbon - $10.00
Viking Hat - $40.00
Woven Collar - $10.00
Yellow Cap - $8.00
Yellow Ribbon - $2.40
Music Items
"Dog's Theme" Box - $6.00
Dictionary Box- $6.00 (Turn the crank to play what's on the White Record)
Keyboard - $80.00 (Able to play music, appears at 300 Trainer Points)
"Mario's Theme" Box - $6.00
"Puppy Waltz" Box - $6.00
White Record - Cannot sell (Records audio for 5 seconds)

Archies 4 Secret Records
Giant Socks - $10.00
Modest Decor - $10.00 (only in Chihuahua Version)
Shredded Fur - $10.00 (only in Labrador Version)
Waves - $10.00 (only in Dachshund Version)

6 Mystical Records
Colonel Bogey - $9.00
Flower Waltz - $9.00
Naptime - $9.00
Nintendogs - $9.00
Surprise - $9.00
Toreador - $9.00

5 Nintendogs Soundtrack
Chow - $5.00
Friendly Whiff - $5.00
Growler -$5.00
Smilin????? Dog - $5.00
Street Marker - $5.00
Clock Items
Clover Clock - $16.00
Cube Clock - $16.00 (only in Chihuahua Version)
Marble Clock - $16.00
Marine Clock - $16.00
Modern Clock - Cannot sell
Silver Clock - $16.00
Smart Clock - $16.00 (only in Dachshund Version)
Wall Clock - $16.00 (only in Labrador Version)
Etc Items
Black Boot - $9.00
Disposable Camera - $2.40
Dog Photo - $2.00
Fine Vase - $100.00
Globe - $30.00
Gold Bar - $2,000.00
High Heel - $6.00
Jack Russell Book - $3.60 (Unlocks the Jack Russell Terrier)
Juice Bottle - $.80
Leather Shoe - $6.00
Lisa Doll - $30.00
Meteorite - $150.00
Moai Statue - $100.00
Piggy Bank - $2.00 (Can throw it to shatter it and get money)
Promise Ring - $1,000.00
Pump - $6.00
Shuttle Model - $50.00 (Makes a ?????whoosh????? sound when thrown)
Stick - $.50
Stuffed Bear - $60.00
Stuffed Dog - $50.00
Tissue Box - $1.00
Vase - $20.00 (Can throw it to shatter it and get money)
Very Fine Vase - $200.00
Weird Alien - $600.00
White Boot - $9.00

How to get good at disk competitions.
Before entering a disk competition, go to the park and practice. Make sure you go to the one with no dogs around. Then Throw a very short throw. Then longer, then longer until your dog can catch all of them.
How to unlock a chihuahua
Get 8000 trainer points to unlock a chihauhua
How to unlock a Pug
Get 16000 trainer points to unlock the pug
How to unlock the Toy Poodle
Get 14000 trainer points to unlock the toy poodle
Light Bulb
When the lightbulb of your dog understanding appears you can drag it into your dogs mouth and it will eat it.
Little this a little that
As we all know obedince trials are hard to get points on especially when your dog does\'t like to listen. So just wash your dog be4 u enter a obedince trial and you get two points added on to your free prefromance score!!!!!! <33333 any questions contact me by email at xosmallfryox@yahoo.com !!
New items for Presents!!!!
every time you go on a walk, change your dog's accesory. if you do this, you should get a new item for each blue question mark that is a present when you walk through it. pretty soon, you will have all the possible items.
Piggy Bank
If you are lucky, you might find a piggy bank while walking your dog. When at home, take it out of your inventory and throw it to the dog(s). A bunch of gold coins fall out and if your dog(s) steps on them, you get extra money!!!!!! Only $10 but rare $10 at that!!!!!!!!
Pull rope of twirling doom!
Wanna die laughing? Just by a pull rope and play tug-o-war wit ur pup. Lift ur pup in ta air and start twirling ur pup around and fling ta pup outta camera view. Die laughing after!!!>_<
Shetland Sheepdog
To unlock this breed of dog, simply earn 4000 trainer points.
shiba inu
To get a shiba inu, you have to find a japenese print collar
Too teach your dog too sneeze just simply touch its nose (when the dog is on the bottom screen), click on the light bulb and say 'sneeze' keep on doing this untill it learns the trick!

When you have the keyboard put the camera on one of the dogs then play the song (maximum of fifteen notes). Wait until a training icon appears name the song, keep doing this until the dog has learned the song.

Note: Remember to put the camera on the dog you want to teach
surprise present or trash
While you are srtolling on a walk your doggie symbol might stop but your dog on the bottom is still moving! This means your dog is either near trash or a present not marked.
The evil/not so evil stick!
Some dogs hate the stick but others love it! It is wierd but true!
ThePerfect Disc Dog
If your dog does disc competitions and it is slow, the dog in this case that you are looking for is the German Shepard. This dog will have you money bye the time you say German Shepard!
unlocking a jack russel terrier
to unlock the jack ruessel terrior, u have to find the jack russel terrior book when your walking. to lift ur chances of getting it put on a knit hat and changing your clock to a clover clock
Welsh corgi
To get a welsh corgi, get 10000 trainer points