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Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends cheat codes.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
the trick: burytouch your dog's back leg and it should shake.


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Acquiring more ways to indicated trainers/gifts
There are multiple ways to tell if, while on your walks, the question mark on the route is a trainer of a gift. You have heard of the "one bark two bark" rule before, and how the screen turns white when it is a trainer, but not if it is a gift, but did you know music gets affected too? If it is a trainer, the music will fade away later than when it does when it is a gift. I.E. It is 10:44.23. You find a question mark. It is a gift, and the music fades away at the time of 10:44.25. Somewhere else, at the same time of 10:44:23, someone found a trainer on their question mark, and the music faded away at 10:44.27. Complicated? Well in Lamands terms, when you find a gift, the music fades away faster than trainers.
an accurate way to get rarer items
Follow this technique to boost your chance of getting rare items:

1. Train 8 dogs to have max. walking distance.
2. Turn on the clover clock and give the dog you are about to walk a Lucky Collar. (This is not nessesary but will boost your chance of luck and finding rarer items).
3. Walk the first dog. Then the second. Then the third. Then swap them for 3 other dogs. Walk the fourth. The fifth. The sixth. Swap those for the final two dogs and the first one. Walk the seventh, then eighth, then first again. Make sure about the Lucky Collars and the clover clock. (Repeat process and pattern).
4. Make sure to aim for those ? boxes.
5. Take the longest possible walk.
6. DO NOT stop at the shop or the gym.
7. Make sure your dog is in good condition.
8. Stop at the park. Make sure you have at least one accessory on. Then take the accessory off. Go back and it will save. Put the item back on. Go back, it will save again. Turn DS off. Then, exit the park and walk again.(Note: this is a bonus and make sure you have at least one accessory. This step is only a suggestion, not required).


good luck to you all and I hope this was informative.
Angry Dog!
Get your dog to "shake paws" and then keep hold of its paw.
After a while, your dog will frown, growl and bite at you! Then when you try to pet it your dog will lie on its back and wiggle up and down angrily and squeal likes its having a fit.
Then it walk away, kicking its hind legs at you.
This is rather mean to your dog, but its also very funny, especially when its biting you because the dog has a very funny expression!
Don't worry, because after you give your dog a treat or an item for it to play with, it will soon be happy again, depending on the temperament of your dog and how long you teased it for.
Another toy you can controll...
You all know the mario kart you get in walks, Right? Well, theres another toy like this called the RC helicopter.This toy is very hard to find and you can only find it on walks. Press A to fly, directional pad to move and release A to set it on the ground. Its a Fun Toy!
Bunny Trick
If you want to teach your dog to do the bunny trick, you first have to teach it the bunnyhop. To teach your dog the bunnyhop, tell your dog to beg. And then you help your dog up by lifting it's paw. Then your dog will do the bunnyhop.
Now, if you want to do the bunny trick, first tell your dog to do the bunnyhop. Then tell it to jump. Your dog will then do the bunny. It's really adorable and your dog will look like a bunny!
*Sometimes your dog will do the tricks you tell it to do seprately. So, you would probably have to either play the game longer or practice all of your trick alot.*
Can't manage your dogs?
I f you have 3 or less dogs, and you wont be able to care for them for a while, put them in the Dog Hotel.
Colonel Bogey Really Makes your dog MOVE!
(If you have the blue record colonel bogey, then you'll be able to do this trick) So, play Colonel Bogey and stay on that screen. Move the arrow button up and down as soon as your dog starts running in a circle. the lower the tune is, the slower your dog will run (well, walk). The higher the tune it, the faster your dog will run. Middle tune is just like middle run/walking.
Contest Redos
If you enter a contest and really want to nab first place, and maybe don't have any more slots for entering contests after this one, here's a sure-fire way to get first.
When you enter, do the competition as normal. But make sure to save the game by either changing accessories or pressing save right before entering! Then, if you mess up and start to lose during the competition, you can just turn off the DS right then and there and reboot the game to go back in a try again until you get first!
Dance to your own Beat
If you want to teach your dog some of those tricks that only happen every once in a while. Hear's the thing then, When you're walking you might find a record called the "Flower Walts". If you play it your dogs will start dancing, but they will be doing some hard tricks too. So when you play the song go to your home page real quickly and zoom into the dog you want and teach it a whole bunch of tricks!
Dark blue walks
while on a walk, you may pass ? A hint for this to see if it is a present or dog, the light blue circles where your dog marked will blink dark blue if the ? is a dog. This means the dog you are visiting went to the spot where YOUR dog marked. Then you know if it is a dog or present
Different dog colors
When you go to the kennel to buy a dog, if you press a breed and don't like the colors, press the 'back' arrow and press the same breed again. A different litter will show up. =)
different tricks
Try to only do the not-needed tricks after you have done most of the obedience trials, because if your puppy know too much then it mite get mixed up with some commands that you say.

For example, I say sit in the open class and he actually does hi-5, and same for others. So only do needed tricks.
Disc comp.
Ok.I discovered that when you enter a disc comitition, when you dog retunrs to you with the disc, if you scratch it on the head , that increases your dogs chances of catching the next throw.
Disc training & contest
When you go want to play fetch with your dog, choose the frisbee. Its better at the park (pick a park with no dogs in it) but you could play at home as long as you have the dog that you want to train more. Put away any other dogs to the hotel. When throwing the disc make sure you throw it shortly so the dog can warm up. then throw it farther. When the dog comes back, you pet it on the head. wait for the sparkle (which means the dog is learning)and then try to grab the ball. it'll be easier to grab the ball from the dog now if you keep petting it after your dog come back. usually your dog either loses intrest or it get tried. usually making your dog run would make it more thirsty so keep some water bottles or milk handy at the park or etc. calling its name, whistling, or tapping the screen if it wanders off in a direction to get its attention. doing this would get you big trainer points. When Putting you dog in a contest, make sure you make your dog fetch higher like sa jump catch all the way to the purple blue part to get 10 points each time you do it. going to contests would make yopur trainer points go up 100. if you know you're gonna lose in a contest, make sure you save before you enter and then you can turn off your system and try again. NOTE: save before the standings or else the game has already saved what you placed.
Easy Bath
When you are soaping down your dog, flick the stylus/sponge once and then leave it in that place without moving it. This is a great way to keep your touch screen scratch-less.
Easy money
1.Feed Dogs
2.Give drink to dogs
3.clean dogs shampoo them.
4.Save game
5.train ata agility course in walks for agility
or 5.train at home or empty park for obidance
or 5.train at park by throughing a frisby or ball
6.feed drink shampoo
8.Enter comotetions and if you dont make 3rd 2nd or 1st when its judgeing your dog turn off power

Or do that step except go in high ranks like champion in disk training then you purpously loose till you enter beginners and wait a day and you have 3 easy 1500 dollors in total!
Easy way to unlock dogs
You need two Ds's or two Dsi's
You also need 2 diffrent nintendo dog games

put them both on barkmode with difffrent dogs then when you go out of barkmode a sign will apear and say that the dog you just met is now at the kennel

Thx i really hope that helped

Note- This only works once.
Get a Better gift
When you are out on a walk Make sure you put your Dog In a good mood for example:
1 Clean your dog
2 Pet your dog be for you go out
3 feed your dog be for yo go out
But last of all
4 Rub and love your pet be for going out
Get Diamond Ring!
If you have a 'Lucky Collar', put it on one of your dogs. Then, if you have a "Clover Clock' then set it up. Take that dog on a walk, and you may find a Diamond Ring. Be patient though, it may take a while.
Getting a new dog fast!
If you go on walks, always go on the blue ? boxes. You can sell the stuff if you get a present. If you just meet dogs, turn off the power and go for another walk until you raise money to get another!
Getting past the first part of the game
The first part of the game is probably the toughest part of the game. I had trouble getting past it, and I know of several other people who have had trouble getting past it. Most people don't know how to get your dog to remember it's name. People will call it several times, but it will still say it forgot it's name, which can get pretty frustrating when you have to do it several times. Trust me, I've been down that road. The key to getting past this part of the game is just to constantly say it's name every 2 or 3 seconds. When he/she comes, just give it a quick rub on the head, so that your dog leaves fairly quickly. Just keep repeating this until you get the message that you can now walk your dog, feed your dog, ect. I hope this helps!

P.S, you only have to do this with your first dog! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/embarrassed.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Happy pup
To get your dog Happy:

1. Groom/Clean your pup every day (Even When its still clean).

2. Walk your dog everyday .

3. Be king to your dog and give it treats when it does a trick.

4. When you find a "Naptime" record use it when it yorns

5. Get first in Agility trials

All that will boost your trainer points
Hi-5 BABY!!!
I looked through all the Nintendog D-hound cheats, but I never saw anyone menchen the HI-5 TRIK!!!Let me teach;
1 Get your dogg in sit position.
2 hold either paw of your dog, in shake position.
3 then pull it up hier, he/she will b half off the ground.
4 then press the trik icon and teach either "hi-5" or in my case, "HEY BABY!!!" i tought my husky that!
6 wen it finally gets it, say the triks name, and u will c your dogg put its paw up in the air.Then all u have to do is touch its paw with the stylus!COOL HEY!!!!"HEY BABY!!!"
its pretty eazy!*crazy dance*
Hidden presents
To find a hidden present go on a walk then only look at the top screen,and if the little dog up there stops walking but yours doesn't there will be either a present or trash.
Your dog might howl when it hears something like a siren outside. When it does, aim the camera on that dog, press the lightbulb and teach it howl, speak, cry, copy a wolf, call to the moon, or whatever you wish to call it.
Jack Russel Terrier
If you want to get a Jack Russel Terrier then you are going to have to go on walks. If you have the clover clock you will have the best Chance of Finding the Jack Russel Book. Then you will get the dog to appear in the kennel.
Jump Rope Attack
When your dog jumps when you swing the jump rope pull the jump rope up to its belly and it will go into the air and land on its belly.
Learn sit by saying it only 1 time!
This is real, I figured it out. Get a new dog from the dog shop, then 1 day later teach it "sit", but only say it one time. It should work <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> P.S Add a capital letter at the start for more effect when you say the command!
Love your dog
Show your dog some love. One special way of doing that is giving it stuff it likes. For example; Say you have a 'Bark Ball', and you throw it to your dog. If It's tail goes under it's body and it growls and barks, it doesn't like the toy. Then say you have a 'Stuffed Bear', and you throw it to your dog. If it runs up to it and bites it, yanks it, and plays with it, then it likes the toy. So show your dog some love, and give it the toys it likes!
On this game, you can find Mario hat, Luigi hat, and so on. But the best of all, you can get a Mario Cart! You can drive it around! To go forward, press A, to go backward, press B, and to turn press the left or right buttons. But be careful, because if you hit your dog to many times it will hate the toy forever. This works with all nintendogs games.
Mini Help
When your training your nintendog(s),try to keep the place quiet (the real place in reality not in the game) for example if there are lots of people talking in reality and you try to teach your dog sit it will say something like sit blah blah blah.Also turn the sound off on your DS,this makes it easier for your dog to learn it+do the same thing in an obedience trial because it will defintly work! Training
One of the primary tasks in Nintendogs is to teach your dog as many tricks as its little brain can hold. Doing so is a relatively easy process, at least when compared to dogs in the real world; if you can figure out how to touch your dog to encourage it to perform certain animations, then all you need to do is tap the trick button in the upper-right corner of the screen and say the name of the trick into the microphone.

If done correctly, you should see a number of yellow bulbs go off above your dog's head; this indicates that they registered the voice command. Note that you don't need to use a voice command that necessarily corresponds to what the trick actually is; you can even use nonsense phrases, so long as you can remember them. So long as you use the same phrase for the same trick each time you try to use it on your dog, it should be able to remember it as well.

Some tricks are more complicated than others, so don't feel frustrated if your dog can't learn everything the first day you get it.

In point of fact, it's usually better to use some kind of phrase or combination of words for your tricks instead of just using a single word. The voice recognition in Nintendogs is fair, but there are some caveats, like the way it has a hard time recognized words that begin with the letter s if you use them at the beginning of a recording. "Sit down" will sometimes come out as "it down," in other words. Anyway, to prevent overlapping command words (which can happen when you start reaching the upper limit of tricks that you're able to learn, if you're not careful about keeping the sounds distinct), you'll probably want to use phrases of two or three words instead of simple one-word commands. Doing so will help prevent command overlap and will let your dog more easily understand your commands, so long as you keep your intonation and pronunciation consistent.

Most tricks will require three or four repetitions before your dog finally learns the trick and will be able to repeat it via the voice input. Be sure to pet your dog after each time it repeats the trick to encourage it! It also helps to ensure that your dog is happy before you try to teach it tricks, especially the advanced ones. To increase your pup's happiness, feed it, clean its coat with shampoo and a brush, or take it for a walk and hope that it meets other friendly dogs on the way.

Basic Tricks

Sit Down

Sitting is the first trick you'll teach your dog; it comes along automatically early in the game, so you really can't miss it. To perform a sit, press your stylus against your dog's forehead, then quickly move it down towards their mouth. Many other tricks come out of the sit position.


To perform a shake maneuver, grab one of your dog's hands while it's sitting and lift it up so that it's just under their head, then tap on the trick button. When executed, they'll hold their hand up to the point you indicated.

Lie Down

When you have a dog that's sitting, you can repeat the sit down stylus command (hand on forehead, slide down towards its nose) to have it lie down on the ground.

Roll Over

If your dog is lying down, move your stylus across its body from right to left or left to right to make it lie on its side, then push on its belly towards its upper side to make it roll onto its back.


Place your stylus on your dog's tail and hold the tip of it for a few seconds; it should start spinning around and chasing its tail. Doing so will let you teach it the Spin command.

When your dog is standing up on all fours, touch its belly and slide your stylus upwards. It should rear up on its hind legs and effectively stand up, with both of its front paws held in the air. It takes a while for your dog to be comfortable enough with you to perform this trick; if it's not quite there yet, it'll bring both its feet up, wag them around a bit, then immediately drop them back to the ground. If it consistently does this, then you'll have to work on your relationship a bit more before you can teach it to really beg.


When your dog turns around so that his butt is facing you, sticks it up in the air, and starts shaking it, then you're witness to what is known in the animal kingdom as "presenting". Overlooking the awkwardness of this gesture, you can teach your puppy to repeat it by quickly clicking on the lightbulb before it stops playing; you'll need to be quick because they don't often hold the position for long, and it's not something you can encourage them to do with your stylus. They'll do it every so often while you're playing with them, so long as they're comfortable around you. Note that this "trick" isn't necessarily required for anything, although you will need your dog to play before you can teach it to jump. You might want to just use it to teach your dog to jump, and not bother actually teaching it to your dog as an actual trick.


As mentioned, your dog has to be in the Play position before you can teach it to jump. When it's presenting its rump and wagging its tail, tap your stylus in the air above its head and it should leap off the ground. Repeat this process a few times to teach it to jump on command; when it learns how to jump it'll be able to do it from any position.


Tap your dog on the nose and it'll sneeze. This technically counts as a trick, but it's kind of a pointless one to learn since it doesn't really build to anything.

Advanced Tricks

Advanced tricks all come about as combinations of the basic tricks you've tought your dog. Thus, you can't just skip right to the advanced tricks and hope that your dog will be able to keep up; these tricks are unperformable unless your dog knows the basic trick "ingredients" for them.

When attempting to teach your dog these tricks, you have to be sure not to pet them after the first basic trick in the combination, or they'll think you're rewarding for performing the normal trick and won't continue to the advanced trick. If possible, use voice commands to string together these movements, and keep in mind that your dog will have to be pretty comfortable with you to perform these tricks. If you've only spent a day with your puppy, you shouldn't expect it to start breakdancing on command.

Note that this is far from a complete list of advanced tricks; there are many more in the game that require a lot of patience to learn. For a more thorough listing, check the Nintendogs page at Gamefaqs.com, and keep watching for the light bulb icon; it can appear when you least expect it!


Have your dog sit up in the Beg position, then tell it to Spin. It should hop around on its feet in one place, while holding the Beg position. Yay!


Similar to dance, but with a twist. Instead of Begging, you need your dog in the Roll Over position here. When it's on its back, tell it to Spin and it should do the electric boogaloo.

Ground Flip

If you have your dog Roll Over, then command it to Jump, it should flip up from the ground and land on its feet.


Tell your dog to Sit, then immediately Jump. If you command the jump quickly enough, then the dog should do a backflip from its sitting position.


Have your dog Lie Down, then tell it to Beg. If done correctly, it'll move its rear feet up into the air and wind up standing on its front legs!
For easy money buy a dog and take it to the gym asap. train it for 20-30 minutes and yea it requires work! make sure the dog can hit every jump at all angles and go through the tunnel very fast so you don't have to make it go faster later. If you really can't think of anything else to do, take it a few laps around the gym. It help with their speed. Take for a contest. Get first. repeat until in the championship, and buy even more dogs so you can make even more money! the championship 1st place is $1000 prize, so train hard! Hope it helps!
More ? Blocks on Walks
You know how when you're drawing out the plan for your walk, how sometimes it seems like there are just no ? blocks, or the only ones are really far away, spread out, and nowhere near where you're trying to go? This is especially a problem with newer dogs, since they can't go nearly as far. Well, when you're drawing out your walk, and you don't like where the ? blocks are, if you leave the walk menu and the "go out" menu so you are back on the home screen, then go back to the walk menu, the blocks are usually in different places so you can keep doing this until they are arranged to your liking.
More contests
When you have done all the contests in a day, you can reset the clock to 11:59 and set it forwards two days. Then you will be able to go on more walks and do more contests.
Obediance Trials
If you turn your sound off while particapating it will help your dog comprehend you better.
Other dogs
When you pass a blue "?" box, you may get an item, or another dog will be there. If another dog is there, there are 2 ways to tell if you're dog likes the other dog. If, when it barks before the screen goes blank, your dog has it's ears back and barks seveal times like it's mad, it doesn't like the other dog. If it just barks like when you find an item, only twice, it likes the other dog. If it's kind of in between, it won't do anything with the other dog.
Play dead
To get your dog to learn Play Dead have him sit down then rub his head and move the pen down so he lays down. Then make him roll over so that he is laying on his back then tap the middle of his stomach. He should make a wizzing sound. Click the trainer sign and do this 3 times and he should learn it. To make sure he will know this trick try saying the name of the trick he learned.
Pooper Scooper
On a walk, your dog may stop to go to the restroom. It'll go #1, or #2. When it goes poo, you need to tap the poo, and it will fall in a paper bag, and it disappears. Clean up after your dog and do your duty. This goes for all the Nintendogs games. Otherwise, Meimei, the local in town with the miniature pincher Angel, will yell at you to pick it up...
Pull Rope Twirl
1st, obtain a pull rope.
2nd, equip the pull rope.
3rd, start playing Tug-of-War with your pup.
4th, yank the pull rope as quick as you can
to the upper right of screen when the pup is
on the left of screen.

Huston; we have lift off! Your puppy is now
dangling in mid air, bent on winning this war!
Does it stop there?
5th, start making circular motions to twirl
the poor puppy. Twirl it faster...faster I say!
Your pup will twirl so hard that it's forced to
be flung out of the camera view!

AFAIK, this will not affect your relationship
with the dog.

You can probably do it with any dog.
I did it with my Shiba Inu.

Freakin' hysterical I tell you!
Quick and easy trainer points/ How many points you get
This tip is for anyone that needes trainer points qickly.

1. Go get a brush from the store

2. If your DS didn't alredy come with one get a charger

3. Go brush anyone of your dogs(doesn't matter which one)

4. Now leave the brush in the same spot(with charger hooked up

5. And then just leave youe dog there for as long as you want

This second part of this tip is how many points you get.

The points you gain are 1 a minute or:

24 hours is 1440 points
2 days is 2880 points
3 days is 4320 points
4 days is 5760 points
5 days is 7200 ponts
6 days is 8640 points
7 days is 10080 points

Occacionally, your dog may scratch the ground in your house. When it does, quickly aim the camera on that dog, then teach it scratch. Easy, doesn't score that high in competitions, but fun.
When you go to pet your dog, grab its paw and shake it. The training icon should appear. Tap it and say something like, "Shake" or "Shake paws" or whatever you'd like to call it. After several tries, your dog should learn the trick.
Sneeze Trick
Get your dog to sit and tap it's nose lightly. It will then sneeze. Touch the trainer icon and then say 'sneeze'. After several times, this trick will be learned and can get you extra bonus points at obedience trials
Some things to know;
1. When you donate a dog, you don't get any money for it and you can never have that dog again.
2. When you go to the park, you can't teach your dog tricks.
3. Give your dog water after each walk and water or milk with every meal.
4. Brush your dog and it will sparkle more.
5.Get your dog in a good mood before going on a walk.
6. To delete all the saved data on nintendogs, press A, B, X, Y, R, and L at the same time.
7. When you pet your dog and a bone appears, feed it to your dog. (This gives you trainer points)
8. Give your dog treats when it wins competitions and behaves well.
9. Golden Retreivers, Poodles, and Shiba Inus are good for obedience competitions.
10. 'Sit' is the first trick you should teach your dogs.
11. If you don't take care of your dog for days, it will be in a bad mood and growl at you.
12. Bubble Blowers, 'Suprise' Records, and other things that suprise your dog can spook them and won't be in a good mood. Nonetheless, hate the toy.
13. Brush, bathe, feed, walk, play with, train, and all around take good care of your dog, and your dogs with love you, nonetheless, you will the top rank in training! Good Luck!
Tap dancing in a circle
First, make sure your dog knows beg and spin. Next get your dog to to beg, then tell it spin. It should start spinning around on its hind feet. It's relative to tap dancing.
The keyboard
in order to get the keyboard you must get a certain number of trainer points. go on a walk and enter a shop. there is a small chance you can buy a keyboard!
Tip: Free Gifts and Toys
While you can purchase new toys for your pup to play with, you can actually get some goodies for free if you know where to look. When you take your Nintendog on a walk, outline a path that goes by the blue "?" boxes marked on the map. Your puppy is likely to run off screen at those points and come back with a present for you!

Your puppy will also randomly run to get presents for you if you leave the game on the "Home" screen for long. If left unattended, your Nintendog will leave the apartment and stay off screen. Simply tap on the center button (the circular one) to whistle and call back your pup who should be carrying a new present.
To lazy to move the brush/spunge?
first tap it. Now touch the screen on the side beside the tool. while pressing there, touch on the other side. sliding your finger/stylas or rapidly tapping brushes/cleans your dog!
To teach your dog Speak
If you want to teach your dog Speak then here are 2 ways(the easy way and the hard way).

Hard way is: 1.Wait for a car/truck to pass by then quickly go to the main page(if you aren't already on it),tap on a dog and tap the light bulb.Then you say the command Speak or anything related to Speak.


Easy way is: 2.Unlock the keyboard(you have to get 50000 trainer points or above to get this when you go into a shop while you are taking a walk)and tap on the camera so your facing the dog that you want to teach the trick to. Then you press the lowest key on the keyboard and leave your stylus on there until the light bulb comes up.Tap the light bulb(if it comes up)and teach it Speak or anything related to Speak.

Hope i helped.
Trick List
There are a lot of different tricks you can teach your puppy, although some of them can only be taught if the dog performs the trick by it's own choice first.
Sit Down - You teach the dog this as soon as you get it. To get the dog to sit, gently pet his head and quickly drag the stylus straight down and the dog should sit down.

Shake - When the dog is sitting, gently lift the dog's paw off the ground with the stylus. If it doesn't work, try the other paw.

Lie Down - When the dog is sitting, pet his head and drag the stylus straight down, and the dog should lie down.

Lay on Side - When the dog is lying down, pet his head and drag the stylus to the right and the dog should roll over onto his side.

Roll Over - When the dog is laying on his side, touch his belly and drag the stylus to the right, and the dog should roll onto his back.

Beg - When the dog is sitting, quickly slide the stylus straight up, going up his chest and face. It will take a few tries to get the dog all the way into the beg position.

Wag - I don't know how to actually get the dog to do this, but most dogs will automatically go into the playful position where he lays down on his front paws and stands up on his back paws and waves his tail in the air. You can train the dog to do this on command.

Jump - The easiest way I've found to get the dog to jump is to wait until they go into the "Wag" position and quickly tap the very top of the screen. Not always, but usually, the camera will zoom out a bit and the dog will jump. As soon as that happens you will be able to click the learn button in the top right corner.

Wave - When the dog is sitting gently take his paw and drag it all the way up above his head. You should be able to teach this as a trick.

Sneeze - If you touch the dog's nose he will sneeze, and you can have him learn this as a trick.

Speak - I don't know how to make the dog bark, but it does it on it's own every now and then, and it can be taught as a trick.

Chase Tail - When the dog is standing you can gently grab his tail and move it towards his face and he will start to chase his tail after a few seconds.
Unlimited Walks
When you are planning your route for a walk, go through all the ? boxes and places you can/want to on the way to the park. Doesn't matter whether the park has other dogs or not. Then take the path straight back home. Get all the stuff and do all the stuff you wanted to on the walk on the way to the park. Then, when you reach the park, change the accessory on your dog/take the accessory off/put one on, and the game will auto-save. After it has saved, turn off your DS without leaving the park and then turn it back on again. You will find you still have all the items you got on your walk etc., but you can go on another walk immediately because technically you never finished the other one. Keep on doing this for unlimited walks!
Teach your dog beg and spin. Then while it is begging quickly say spin and it should still be in the beg position but wadling around in a circle.
When you walk you dog try to get the furthest away blue ?'s because then if you get the close ones you will have little good stuff like sticks and other worthless stuff but further away the richer the item!

Hope it helped!
Walkthrough of somesort
This tip is for people that don't know how to play the game nintendogs dachshund & friends.

1. You start off at the kennel to pick a dog:
Miniature Dachshund
Shih Tzu
Golden Retriever
Siberian Husky,
those are the dogs in the start of the game.

2. When you take your dog home he/she will be very scared of the new place.

3. You will start to read some things I don't know what but you don't need to know, when your done it will say to click the button in the middle, click it a couple of times then your dog will come to you.

4. After you read what is says then click the botton again your dog should come to you and the screen will turn white and the top screen is now the bottom and vice verca.

5. Start to pet your dog for a couple of seconds, after all that petting the screen will turn white again and more words will come up telling you to name your dog, if you picked a boy for the quickest time for your dog to learn it name it buddy, for a girl daisy.

6. After it learns its name you have to learn to call it, to call your dog just keep saying its name, if you don't say it enough your dog will forget its name (if you used my tip about the names it should be no problem.

7. After it barks at you the screen will turn white yet again and now you have to teach your dog to sit, how you make it sit is put your stick on its forehead and quickly wipe it down his/her nose, he/her should be sitting now and the words should say "He say!" then the screen turns white AGAIN! but there is only do that one more time and more words say to teach it to sit.

8. As you can see in the top right corner there is a little icon and an arrow pointing at it, click the icon and use the mic. and say "sit down" like 3 times thats how long it took me but it might take longer for you cause i've been playing for a while.

9. After you teach him sit down, you have to call him and tell him to sit downif he does it quick your lucky.

10. Now for the last time in the start of the game the screen turns white it says "He say!" again, now your done for the easy part go adveture find new things.

BONUS! I have a little bonus for after you do all that, go to supplise and give your dog the food in "care" after he/she is does give it the "water bottle" after hes done that go to the icon at the start that says "go out" go shopping and bie 20 water bottles, 20 dry foods, any brush, one of the disks and the red colar

bonus cont. now if you don't get a charger bie one and hook it up now go brush your dog but don't move the brush keep it in the middle for 1 min. of it being in the middle you get 1 trainer point you can find your trainer points in the icon that says go out it says "options" go to profile or something and so how much you get

Hope I Helped
Yawn Trick
Early in the morning, or late at night, your dog may yawn once in a while. Quickly aim the camera on that dog, press the lightbulb, and teach it yawn. You can trick people if you teach their dog yawn, you tell it to, and the person will think they're tired! Anyway, it doesn't score real high in obedience competitions, but it's fun to do.

Easter eggs

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The Effects Of All The Blue Records
Each of the Blue Records has an effect on your dog. Here's a list of all of them and their effects:

"Toreador" Record: Makes your dogs hate you and each other.
"Nintendogs" Record: Makes your dogs bark to the chorus like if they were barking to your Keyboard and they will all get along and love each other.
"Naptime" Record: Immediately puts your dogs to sleep.
"Flower Waltz" Record: Makes your dogs do a dance routine to the music including moves such as shaking, yawning, jumping, and doing backflips.
"Surprise Symphony" Record: Your dogs act normal, but jump at the surprising part of the record.
"Colonel Bogey" Record: Makes your dogs walk around in a circle, speed depending upon how fast the music is being played.


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A dachsund and friends cheat/hint (english version)
if you get 2000 trainer points in dachsund and friends the kennel gets yorkshire terriers.
avoid ranking loss
to avoid ranking loss you should save the game before you enter a competition and if you don't do well enough to get in the top 3 you should turn off the game before you finish the round
Does your dog like the neighborhood dog?
When you take your dig on a walk, if you pass a blue ? box, sometimes you will meet a neighborhood dog. Sometimes you dog will like the other, or it may not. When you want your dog to like another, try tugging it up to the other dog. They might sniff noses, and that is just a part of it. (note: it doesn't always work) Just be careful not to tug your dog while it is hopping on its hind legs. Your dog might end up stepping on the other, which usually causes trouble. Anyway,when you hear a sound like a xylophone being played, that means that the dogs are friends. This is also signaled when the start to lay on each other. When your dogs don't like each other, you will hear a fast drumming like sound while the dogs begin to run around rapidly. If you just hear slow beating drums (or something like that) in the background while no specific things are happening, your dog is still curious about the other.
Faster Walks
when u r talking your nintendog out for a walk, touch the leesh with your stylus and pull it to top right corner of the screen.your dog will then run.
From Shadow B
Beagle (Japanese version)
Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Beagle breed at the kennel.

Play in Bark mode with someone who has Nintendogs: Chihuahua And Friends, then have them bring a Boxer for your dog to play with to unlock the Boxer breed at the kennel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Japanese version)
Get 14,000 owner points to unlock the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed at the kennel.

Play in Bark mode with someone who has Nintendogs: Chihuahua And Friends, then have them bring a Chihuahua for your dog to play with to unlock the Chihuahua breed at the kennel.

Find the fireman's hat during a walk to unlock the Dalmatian breed at the kennel.

Jack Russel Terrier
Find the Jack Russel Book to unlock this breed at the kennel.

Play in Bark mode with someone who has Nintendogs: Labrador And Friends, then have them bring a Labrador for your dog to play with to unlock the Labrador breed at the kennel.

Shetland Sheepdog (Japanese version)
Get 17,000 owner points to unlock the Shetland Sheepdog breed at the kennel.

Shiba (Japanese version)
Link to a Nintendo DS with Nintendogs: Shiba And Friends.

Shih-Tzu (Japanese version)
Get 8,000 owner points to unlock the Shih-Tzu breed at the kennel.

Toy Poodle (Japanese version)
Get 4,000 owner points to unlock the Toy Poodle breed at the kennel.

Welsh Corgi (Japanese version)
Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Welsh Corgi breed at the kennel.

Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Yorkie breed at the kennel.

Desktop house
Get 6,000 owner points to unlock the Desktop house in the interior decorator.

Northern European house
Get 25,000 owner points to unlock the Northern European house in the interior decorator.

Outer Space house
Get 18,000 owner points to unlock the Outer Space house in the interior decorator.

Seaside house
Get 12,000 owner points to unlock the Seaside house in the interior decorator.

Get 300 owner points to unlock the Balloon.

Jump Rope
Get 300 owner points to unlock the Jump Rope.

Natural Dog Food Bag
Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Natural Dog Food Bag.

Pull Rope
Get 300 owner points to unlock the Pull Rope.

Windup Toy
Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Windup Toy.

Mario kart
While walking your dog, you may find a Mario kart in a "?" box. To control the kart, press B to move forward, A to move backwards, and Left or Right to turn. If the dog(s) hit it, the kart will spin around in place, then move in the direction you want it to move.

Easy owner points
Play with a disc, ball, etc. Each time your dog gets it, call it over (or tap the screen a few times.). When he or she comes, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He or she should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. This also makes it easier to get the toy back and repeat.

Easy items
Take your dog for a walk and make sure you have another accessory to change into. Try to go in as many "?" boxes as possible before you go to the park. As soon as you put the line into the park, go directly home. Go through your walk as normal, getting items, meeting dogs, etc., until you reach the park. Once you get to the park, go directly to "Accessories". Change your dogs accessories immediately, then tap "Back". The message "Saving: Don't Turn Off Power" should appear. After it is done saving, turn off the power. Turn it back on, and you will still have all the items collected, and can go for another walk. Note: You will not get owner points for this. Also, your dog's stamina will not increase.

Easier training
While teaching your dog to sit, do not say "sit down", just say "sit". By doing this, when you teach it "lay down", it will not get confused. When teaching it to shake, do not say "shake". Instead, say "shake hands". By doing this, it will not get sit confused with shake.

Getting money
Go on a lot of walks and get as many question marks as possible along the way. Then, go to the second hand store and sell all the items you do not want or your dog(s) you do not like. Some items are less then a dollar, but the amount adds up if you continue doing this. Additionally, when going out for walks, it is best to feed and give your dog water just before you go (if it's hungry or thirsty). By doing this, instead of your dog finding trash, they will be much more likely to find presents. You will see a white box with red ribbons around it. Try walking slow because you cannot go backwards. Touch it with the stylus. Your dog will bring it to you. These items are the ones that are worth more. The tri-color ribbon is worth ten dollars, and the Moai Statue is worth one hundred dollars.

Mario hat
While walking your dog, find a Red Hat at one of the question marks. Finish walking your dog, put on the Red Hat (under "Accessories"), and look at your dog; it is a Mario hat.

Finding items
While walking on the sidewalk, tap the floor and your dog will look and sometimes find an item. Also while walking your dog, there will be a question mark on almost every walk that is not illustrated on the map. When you see it on the touch screen take your dogs leash and drag your dog to the present. It will be a present or garbage that your dog should not eat.

Determining "?" box content
When you find a "?" box during a walk, if you dog barks once it is a present; if it barks twice, it is another dog. Additionally, if you find a present wait until the dog runs off the screen. If it turns white, it will be a trainer. If it does not, it is a present.

Trainer information
The name registered in your Nintendo DS will appear as the owner's name, as well as your date of birth. You can change your picture to their choices of avatar pictures; there are eight choices all together.

Raising more than three dogs
The Dog Hotel will hold up to five dogs at a time. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, making it possible to raise as many as eight dogs.

Disc training
Go to the park, and keep training your dog until you get a message. Use a frisbee, tennis ball, rubber bone, or stick to train it. When playing fetch with your dog, after you throw a frisbee, tennis ball, rubber bone, or stick in the park or homeplace, to retrieve the item tap the screen at least five times to get their attention. Then, play a tug-o-war until you have it again.

Agility training
Go to the gymnasium and train your dog on the agility course; it will change with each competition won.

Obedience training
Have a dog do a trick repeatedly until a message appears. Name the trick, then the dog will do the trick every so often. Keep teaching it the trick until it does it the first time you call it. Note: The dog can only do so much training in one day. For more training, wait until the next day.

Training locations
Each competition should be trained at a different place (disc competition at the park, agility at the gymnasium, and obedience at an empty park or house).

Competition courses
There are five courses for each competition: beginners, open, expert, master, and championship.

Losing competitions
In certain classes of competitions, if you get below a certain score you will drop a class.

Avoid losing ranking
Before entering competitions, save the game. If you do badly, turn the game off before the competition ends to avoid ranking loss. Note: Whenever this is done, the leader's score will change.

Deleting tricks
On the camera view of your dogs, tap the question mark under the dog's picture. It will bring up a screen with the dog's information on it, such as name, age, gender, etc. At the bottom is a button to go to the "Trick List". Tap on a trick, and tap "OK" for the dog to forget that trick. If you delete the trick by accident, you can re-teach the dog the same trick, and name it the same.

Walking your dog
While walking your dog and he or she seems edgy, give the leash a little tug towards the way it is walking. The dog will start running. Also, if you want you can give it a tug while running upwards and it will do a jump.

Walking your dog more than once a day
You can walk your dog once every 25 minutes. Wait 25 minutes with the game on, in sleep mode, or off before walking your dog. Also, it will not be very active during the day if it stays awake at night.

Longer walks
Mark out the path on your map, ending it at the house. If your last few steps ends at the house, wait 25 minutes, then your dog can go slighter further on the next walk. Note: Make sure to give your dog water after each walk.

Question marks on the map
While marking out where you want to go on the map, try to get as many question marks as you can along the way. There are either other dogs or gifts that your dog will find with each question mark.

Blue circles on the map
While walking your dog, the blue circles that appear represent places to go to the bathroom.

Different colored Dogs
While at the pound, pick a breed. You will have three choices for the dog's coloring (light, medium, and dark). If you do not see the color you like, tap "Back", then tap on the breed again until the color and/or gender that you want with the dog appears. Note: It may take some time to actually get what you want.

Beautiful dog coats
Give your dog a bath when the dog's information page for coat reads "Clean". This will also make the dog like you more.

Other treats
When a bone or light bulb appears when you are training your dog, use the stylus to drag it over its mouth and your dog will eat it. While interacting with your dog at home, if you give it enough love by petting and scratching it, a golden dog bone of light will appear. You can give it to your dog as a bonus treat.

Back flip
Teach your dog to sit and jump. While it is sitting, tell it to jump. Your dog should do a back flip.

Flip from back
Teach your dog to roll over and jump. Tell it to roll over then quickly have it jump. It should flip forward onto its legs, with something that resembles a Kung Fu-style move.

Break dance
Teach your dog to spin and roll over. Make it roll over, then while it is on its back, tell it to spin. Your dog should spin around on his or her back, almost like it is break dancing.

Stand up
Once your dog has learned to beg, lift its paw up, and make it stand on its hind legs. It will stand and you will be able to teach it how so it is remembered.

Hand stand
Teach your dog to lay down and beg. While lying down, tell it to beg and your dog should do a handstand.

Walk on two legs
First, make your dog stand on its hind legs. Put the stylus on his or her leg and drag up. He or she should now be standing. Note: Teach your dog that trick so it is remembered. Then, pull its paw to the area that the training icon is located. It should now be walking on its hind legs.

Pikmin reference
In the pet supply shop, there is a Pikmin enemy on the shelf on the top screen.

get your dog to do a backflip
you can get your dog to do a backflip if youre dog knows sit down and jump. tell him/her to sit and then when it does tell it to jump. about 60% of the time he/she will do a back flip
Hidden Presents Not Quite Random/A Way To Make Hidden Presents Appear More Often
Where Can You Find Hidden Presents?

So you know that the ? mark boxes give you either a present or you meet another dog. But what about the hidden presents? You may think that they appear randomly, but they don't. If you go for many walks in a row the hidden present places will be easier to find. Every place where you have seen a ? box, have found garbage, or have found a hidden present you ABSOLUTELY NEED to remember. Any time you take a walk and there is a place where you found a present, other dog, garbage, or hidden present that does not have a ? box on it might have a hidden present (or garbage if you don't feed, give some water, bathe, brush, and/or pet your dog BEFORE you start your walk). Using this method AND the next one I listed I have found up to 5 or 6 hidden presents in 1 WALK!!! BUT, just because you have found something there before DOESN'T mean something will appear every time.

How Can I Make Hidden Presents Appear More Often?
(next one I have listed)

OK. So you have to go through places where you can find hidden presents for this to work. If you make your dog run instead of walk hidden presents are more likely to appear. You might be worried though, if your dog is running how will be able to get the hidden present since you can't go back. When you are running and you pass a hidden present if it goes off the sceen only enough so that it gets less than 1/3 past what would be a second screens length your dog WILL backtrack and get that hidden present. What also helps is to NOT watch your dog run throughout the walk. Instead, watch the top screen. If the little dog (representing your dog) stops, quickly look down at your dog. If it is still running get ready to pull the leash back to retreive your present in about half of a second to a second. This cheat Can also make it so garbage appears more often, so you will want to feed, give some water, bathe, brush, and/or pet your dog BEFORE you start your walk so that presents are much more likely to appear than garbage. Using BOTH I have found up to 5 or 6 hidden presents in 1 WALK!!!
High-Five Trick
I looked through all the Nintendog Dacshound cheats, but I never saw anyone mention the HI-5 trick!!!Let me teach;
1 Get your dog in sit position.
2 hold either paw of your dog, in shake position.
3 then pull it up higher, he/she will be half off the ground.
4 then press the trick icon and teach either "hi-5" or in my case, "HEY BABY!!!" i tought my husky that!
6 when it finally gets it, say the tricks name, and you will see your dog put its paw up in the air. Then all you have to do is touch its paw with the stylus!
its pretty easy!
Learning to Sneeze
Tap your dog on the nose and it will sneeze, then you will see a light bulb in the corner. Click on this and say sneeze. Keep on doing this until your dog has learnt it.
More puppies for the kennel!
Get 5000 points for shiba inu puppies!(I just had to communicate with my sis for em.heh heh)
owner points-unlockable dogs
Collect 20,000 Trainer Points (2,000 in Japanese version)

Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
Collect 8000 Trainer Points (14,000 in Japanese version)

While you walk the dog, your puppy may find a rare present with a "Firemans Hat" inside. Visit the kennel, you can now buy a Dalmatian.

German Shepherd
Collect 30,000 Trainer points

Jack Russel Terrier
While you walk the dog, your puppy may find a rare present with a "Jack Russel Book" inside. Visit the kennel, you can now buy a Jack Russel Terrier.

Miniature Schnauzer
Collect 16,000 Trainer Points

Miniture Pinscher
Collect 35,000 Trainer Points

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Collect 10,000 Trainer Points

Shetland Sheepdog
Collect 14,000 Trainer Points (17,000 in Japanese version)

Shiba Inu
Collect 4000 Trainer Points

Toy Poodle
Collect 22,000 Trainer Points (4,000 in Japanese version)

Welsh Corgi
Collect 10,000 Trainer Points in the Japanese version

Collect 2000 Trainer Points
Red dog in manual- proof of color glich?
Look at page 10 in the manual you get with the game. The Dashhound is bright red! In the forums, some people said that their shiba inus turned purple. Is this proof of that glitch?
Remember on walks, that there is always 8 "?" boxes (plus the hidden ones). 4 of them are presents and the other 4 are dogs.
Secret Trick
If you get your dog to sit down, than hold its ear and shake it, your dog will eventually shake his/her paw up and down. If your dog turns or shakes his/her head, you will have to try again, just wait for your dog to set their head back in the center of the screen. Do this enought times and your dog will learn it

*Tip: If you grab the lightbulb that appears over your dogs head and drag it into your dogs mouth, they will eat it, so far, this has made my dog learn tricks faster.
I have looked on heaps of cheat sights and none have listed this trick.

occasionaly your dog will sniff the air or floor if it does quickly go to the home screen and zoome in on the dog. if you are quick enough you can teach your dog sniff if it sniffs the air or detective if it sniffs the floor (because it looks thike the dog is tracking something down like a detective)

hint: the dog will usually sniff the ground then the air.
To me it is unknown if you can teach a dog 'speak' by doing any actions. The dog will usually do it on its own, but if you pay close attention, tha dog 'speaks' when it hears a car/truck go by or when it hears a dog bark outside. You can hear both of these yourself as well. When you hear it, try to go to the home screen as fast as you can. If you get there at the right moment, quickly choose the dog that you want to learn 'speak' by clicking its picture, otherwise called zooming in on the dog. At the top right-hand corner the teaching icon should appear. Click it and teach your dog 'speak' or whatever you want to call it. It takes several tries, but the dog will eventually learn it. I have already taught it to my golden retriever, so i know it works.
Teaching your dog tricks Fast.
In order to do this turn the microphone sensitivity up to high once it is go to a quiet room and first do the trick then when the light bulb comes up say the trick name and if it works let the fog eat the light bulb it will speed up his process of thinkin in order for the trick to work you need to do this 5 succesful times in a row prounce it clearly and the same tone all the time.
The obedience competition
When in the obedience competition, make sure you save before you enter the competition. When you are doing the tricks, when it comes to the scores or you feel you have done badly in the show, before before or when the scores come up, restart your DS seeing as you can only enter three competitions a day.