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Nintendogs: Best Friends Cheats

Nintendogs: Best Friends cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Nintendogs: Best Friends cheat codes.

Nintendogs: Best Friends Unlockables

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Unlockable Dogs,items and themes
You can unlock these stuff/dogs with the amount of trainer points(I think that's what u call them), or by getting these specific things by taking your dog on a walk.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Boxer dog10,000 trainer points
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog35,000 trainer points
Chihuahua dog50,000 trainer points
Dalmatian dogFind the fireman's hat during a walk.
Jack Russel Terrier dogFind the Jack Russel Book to unlock this breed at the kennel.
Miniature Pinscher dog30,000 trainer points
Miniature Schnauzer dog16,000 trainer points
Pug dog14,000 trainer points
Shih Tzu dog2,000 trainer points
Shetland Sheepdog4,000 trainer points
Shiba Inu45,000 trainer points
Siberian Husky20,000 trainer points
Toy Poodle8,000 trainer points
Desktop roomGet 6,000 owner points (costs $20,000).
Outer Space roomGet 18,000 owner points (costs $100,000).
Seaside roomGet 12,000 owner points (costs $50,000).
Urban Living room25,000 trainer points
Ranch House room40,000 trainer points
Balloon300 trainer points
Jump rope300 trainer points
Milk and dog food cansou can get carton milk and a dog food can when you get over 300 points. It appears randomly in the pet shop
Windup Toy10,000 trainer points
Natural Dog Food Bag10,000 trainer points
Pull RopeGet 300 trainer points. Note: This is obtained at the Discount Store while on a walk.
Gold barTaking a toy poodle (ONLY!) on a walk (this is super rare to find. Be patient).
Submitted by: Alphapup on August 07, 2012

Nintendogs: Best Friends Tips

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Easier training:
When teaching your dog to sit, do not say "sit down", just say "sit". By doing this, when you teach it "lay down", it will not get confused. When teaching it to shake, do not say "shake". Instead, say "shake hands". By doing this, it will not get sit confused with shake
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
Easy owner points:
Play with a disc, ball, etc. Each time your dog gets it, call it over (or tap the screen a few times.). When he or she comes, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He or she should give a sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. This also makes it easier to get the toy back and repeat.
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
extra trainer points
this works for every game. and i reccomend having a charger. go to brushing your dog, then put the brush on your dog plug it into your charger so the power dosent run out then just leave it. every minute you will get one trainer point. it sounds like a long time but it's worth it for more choice of items, house designs,dogs and a better bond with your pups.
Submitted by: puppy power!! on May 20, 2006
How to get rare items
To get a rare item you need to wear a lucky collar and have a clover clock set up and you should get a gold bar worth 2 grand if you sell it.
Submitted by: liongirl01 on May 05, 2008
Searching for Pictochat while playing nintendogs:
While you are at the "Go Out" menu instead of going somewhere, touch the "info" button. Then go to System Settings. Switch pictochat search to on. press confirm. It will ask you if you want to search for pictochat, say yes, if you don't you will have to go back and set it to on again. Now whenever you are playing and there is someone on pictochat, there will be a little smileyface in the top-left side on the top screen. Note: Whenever you turn the DS on and go to nintendogs, it will ask you if you want to search while playing, if you say no you'll have to reset it to on again.
P.s. while you are in info you can go to Trainer info and see your Trainer points.
Submitted by: Kelsey on January 13, 2008
Secret shedding records:
If you walk your dog a lot, you will eventually find an item called "Secret Shedding Record". This item plays strange music when you activate it from the music icon in your supplies menu. There are four records in the game; these are extremely rare.
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
Teach your dog to do a backflip and howl
First you have to teach your dog how to sit and jump.Then tell your dog to sit and while its still sitting, tell it to jump and it should flip.

While its night time look at only one dog. Soon you should hear either sirens or another dog barking and your dog should start to howl. Quickly touch the light bulb before it disappears. This might take awhile because the sounds don't happen that often.
Submitted by: Minidragon18 on February 02, 2012
Trainer Point Unlockables
2000 ... Shih Tzu and Dog Food Can
4000 ... Shetland Sheepdog
8000 ... Desktop Theme
10000 ... Boxer and Natural Dogfood Bag
12000 ... Seaside Theme
14000 ... Pug
16000 ... Miniature Snauzer
18000 ... Outer Space Theme
20000 ... Huskey
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006

Touch your dogs nose and it should sneeze touch the training icon and say "sneeze".


Get your dog to lie on it's side or back, then touch your dogs legs and it should kick touch the training icon and say "kick".

Hope you like these tricks.
Submitted by: Rebekah Pilbrow on February 04, 2007
Get your dog to sit, then touch its mouth with the stylist. It should bit the little hand on the screen. You can call it bite or sneeze, because when you say bite it might bit or sneeze.

I'm not 100% sure this works but if you touch the top of your dogs head when it is standing or sitting it barks. Thats speak.

When you are looking at only 1 dog playing around in your house it might start to dig or sniff the ground or pounce on nothing, quickly touch the little command icon and say what it did. Then repeat it when your dog has learned it and see what happens. This is another trick I'm not 100% sure works.
Submitted by: Kirstin on June 28, 2008
Tricks and Tips for you and your dog
Sitet your dog's head, then slide the stylus down to the dog's nose. Simple!

Lay Down:While the dog is sitting, do the same thing up top.

Shake1:Take one of the front paws while standing, and move it up n' down.

Shake2o the same thing up top, except sitting.

Shake3:While lying down.

Shake4:Last but not least, while on it's back.

Spin:Grab the dog's tail, and piddle with it and your dog will spin around in silly circles, chasing it.

Beg:While the dog is standing, slide the stylus up it's neck and the dog will sit up on it's hind legs in a begging motion.(P.S. Your dog might not do if it's not yet obiedient.)

Dance:While the dog is in beg motion,pick up one of his/her arms until it's on hind legs.(standing,like you)Then, the dog should waddle around like a penguin. It might sound stupid here, but trust me, it wont look like how i'm desrcibing it. K?

Now For Some Tips(dun da daaaa!)
Treats when your'e on a walk: On the map you'll see boxes with a ?(question mark) on them. Draw your walk pattern over that, and your bound to find another Nitendog out for a walk, OR you'll find an item like a stick or a doll, or blah blah blah. Also, you might see a box or trash bag. PULL YOUR DOG AWAY FROM IT! It's nasty trash and it will really cramp your dog's style, dude! Plus there's brown buildings with a bone on top where you can find greaqt discounts, like dog food is a $1.30, while here, it's only like, pff $0.60!

Ok, this was great n' all you have to read the next little box below this one. So bye-bye!Arevadache`! Toodleloo!And however the heck you say "Good-Bye" in other languages.
Submitted by: Kate on January 03, 2006
unexpected presents!
When your on a walk, there is a small doggy on the top screen to show where you are. Well, keep an eye on that doggy. If that doggy stops, and you are still walking or running on the top screen, then you should stop. Because that means that your dog has to go to the bathroom, garbage, or an unexpected present! this is how I got the jack russel terrier and the dalmation in my kennel.
Submitted by: Harvest Mooner on June 20, 2006
Unlimited/Infintite Walks
To do this, you must take any dog for a walk. Once you're finished with the walk, go to System Settings on your DS/DSI Menu. Go to 'Time' on it. Go up 30 minutes later. Now you can go on a walk whenever you want possibly. I thought that was astounding!
Submitted by: Jayden on December 18, 2012
Unlockable Dogs and Designs
Unlockable How to Unlock
Shih Tzu Collect 2,000 trainer points
Desktop Interior Design 6000TP
Toy Poodle 8000TP
Shetland Sheepdog Puppy 4000TP
Boxer Puppy 10,000 Trainer Points
Seaside 12,000 Trainer Points
Pug 14,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Schnauzer 16,000 Trainer Points
Siberian Husky 20,000
Outer Space Interior Design 18,000
Urban Living Interior Design 25,000 TP
Welsh Corgi 22,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Pinscher 30,000 TP
Dalmation Obtain Firemans Hat on Walk or Via Bark Mode
Jack Russel Terrier Obtain Jack Russel Book on Walk or Via Bark Mode
Cavalier K.C. Spaniel 35,000 TP
Ranch House Interior Design 40,000 TP
Shiba Inu 45,000 TP
Chihuahua 50,000 TP
Submitted by: riku24 on July 17, 2007

Nintendogs: Best Friends Cheats

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Contest Restart
To restart in a contest when you think that you are gonna lose and it is your third turn of the day it is easy just do this: simply turn off your DS and do the contest again.
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
Easy Dalmations
To get a dalmation, find someone with nintendogs Dalmation and Friends. (BARK MODE) They could either send a dalmation or their fireman's hat. The hat automatically comes with the dalmation version. You can still give the hat back and be able to buy dalmations. Warning: IF YOU DELETE YOUR DATA YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER!!!
Submitted by: zgillis on December 27, 2006
Interior Decorator :
Designer Condo (Costs $500.00)
With its sun-bathed white walls and simple layout, this room offers
the ultimate in hip, modern urban living.

Early American (Costs $1,000.00)
Reminiscent of a classic American home, this living space offers a
friendly patchwork feel.

Tatami Room (Costs $5,000.00)
This simple, Asian-themed space is the perfect place to pass the hours
in simplicity and style.

Desktop - Unlocked at 6,000 trainer points (Costs $20,000.00)
With a view that everyone is familiar with, this space makes the perfect
playground for puppies.

Seaside - Unlocked at 12,000 trainer points (Costs $50,000.00)
Sunlight pours down onto the white sands and blue waters of this private
seaside paradise.

Outer Space - Unlocked at 18,000 trainer points (Costs $100,000.00)
Stretching out below is the blue planet, but the rest of this room feels

Urban Living - Unlocked at 25,000 trainer points (Costs $1,500.00)
With the feel of a classy cafe, this style of house is perfect for
retro-themed relaxation.

Northern European - The default house (Costs $0.00)
Surrounded by peaceful forests, this soothing style balances comfort and
nature perfectly.

Ranch House - Unlocked at 40,000 trainer points
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
obediance trial
You can get extra points if you give your dog a bath and brush and put on your most expensive collar/hat/bow/etc. and you will get extra points! ^.^
Submitted by: Mouschi Chan on December 13, 2006
Reset Nintendog Data
At the Nintendo logo, hold L + R + A + B + X + Y to delete your saved data.
Submitted by: pet dreamer on June 02, 2006
Teach Your Dog to Kick!
This will get you a good score when you do Obedience Trials. When your dog's butt is facing you and your close to it touch it's leg and it will do something really cute with it's foot. That's kick. Make sure you teach it to him/her and use it in the free performance. E-mail me at iluvbeaglepuppies@hotmail.com for more tricks!
Submitted by: pikacelebi on April 01, 2007