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MySims Racing Cheats

MySims Racing cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS.

MySims Racing Tips

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Start Boost
to do the boost, when the 1ST crystal turns red, hold down L and R. When the second one is red, hold UP on the D-pad. Lastly, Press A when it the race starts. Then you get a nice lead over the other racers with that.
Submitted by: sorab on October 20, 2009

MySims Racing Glitches

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fall in lava at coastal park
first go to the volcano,then speed fast[i say using a boost]. Then you should be over the impassable fence. Then just jump off[but make sure you are not just driving off]then ta da you fell in lava. You just get ballooned back to the start then
Submitted by: sorab on October 17, 2009