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MySims Kingdom (DS) Cheats

MySims Kingdom cheats, Codes, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more MySims Kingdom cheat codes.

Command codes

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How To Get To CandyPalooza/Special Island
<div align=center><font size=2><span style="color:navy;">Now, I haven't tested this yet. But I heard it's worked once or twice before. Just simply try, and if it doesn't work, it couldn't have taken any more than a half hour of your time. I'll put the steps in order:

1)Befriend Candy
(*NOTE: Candy Is A Girl With [I Believe...], Green Hair And Head Phones.)
She says "Wow you're a rocking friend, but I cant get this party started without some great food!"

2)Befriend The Cook
OK, so befriend the Cook and he'll say "DJ Candy? Seriously?! Wow, what an opportunity! Thanks for telling me, ______!"

3)A New Partner?
Talk to DJ Candy again and she'll say "I cant believe it! My partner left! _______, could you find a new partner please?"

4) Befriend MC
(*NOTE: MC Is The Boy With Brown/Reddish Hair With Sunglasses, Who Dances.)
So, befriend the MC and then he'll say to Candy "Hey I can dance, but you have to keep up."

Then Candy will say to you "Come over anytime OK?"

6)CandyPalooza, Here I Come!
Then talk to Hank and a new option saying "Go To CandyPalooza"

(*Warning: If Hank Doesn't Work, Try Asking Everybody Just In Case. Also, Punctuation Marks May Be Incorrect.)

(*NOTE: I'm Just Going To Remind You That, I Got This From A Forum. So Please, If It Doesn't Work, Don't Come Running To Me, OK? I'm Just Trying To Spread What I Know. And Who Knows? Maybe It Works. ^^ Might As Well Try, Since I Don't See This Cheat Anywhere Else)

*****"_______" is where your name goes*****



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Special Items
Press the buttons in the order below to get the unlocked item.
PasswordWhat it does
X, Y, R, L, X, Y, R, LSamarai Helmet
Y, X, RIGHT, LEFT, L, R, DOWN, UPSamurai Suit
LEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, XPunk Bottom
ABX, YBA, UP DOWN LEFTRockstar Outfit
UP LEFT RIGHT, XXXCowboy Outfit [May be Cowgirl if girl chose on creating character]
LEFT B X, L R Y?????? [I just found this code]


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Unlocking Essences
Go to the destinations below to unlock the essence.
UnlockableHow to unlock
LeafCan be obtained by the Carpenter's House
MoonCan be obtained inside Dr. F's laboratory
HeartCan be obtained by the house near the tennis court
Gold SateliteCan be obtained at the ski jump lodge
StarCan be obtained inside the clothing store
DiamondCan be obtained at the Kayak reception
FlameCan be obtained inside the furniture shop
Water DropCan be obtained on the trees by the side of your house
Question MarkCan be obtained on the Amy's side of the Gondola
OrbCan be obtained at the appliance store
Water DropAnother way to get the Water Drop is to use the Extractor by your house (The original house you get at the start of the game), or you can obtain the Water essence from most fountains


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How to win at cards with Richard
I had to figure out a way to cheat at the memory card game with Richard, cause I was always losing. Here's what I did: Since my DS screen always has a protective cover (the stick on kind), I practiced with a dry-erase marker from the fridge. It works!!! Just keep marking the cards as they are flipped, and you can match them up to win! I won the platinum medal on the hard setting, too. The dry-erase marker wipes right off when you are done. If nothing else, you can just change the screen protector, right? Easy! Best way for me to make mega-money, too!
Make a lot of dosh
The best ways to make money is to: Play the balloon game on normal or hard,play the ghost game on normal or hard, go fishing whenever you're near water and then sell all the fish to Hank/Sharon/Roy.Also if you are good at it try the snowball game or snowball practice on any of the levels.
Perplexing paw
the perplexing paw is unlocked by getting at least a bronze medal at the mini game you Haven't played to unlock anything for the MechaDog thing. the most common mini game is Kayaking.
Sims emotions.
These are some of the answers to the Sims that you can win prizes from.

"I just ordered a plain pizza and a delux pizza, but I got just two plain ones" = Use the "Angry" Emotion.

"I'm so sleepy! I was so active that I couldn't calm down enough to get to sleep" = Use the "Cry" Emotion.

"All I can do is sigh! I haven't had any luck all day... I wonder if tomorrow is going to be any better?" = Use the "Joy" Emotion.