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MySims cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more MySims cheat codes.


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Buy 5
Almost every store restocks new supplies if you buy 5 items. Buy 5 things from a store, and the owner will announce that they will be getting new stuff!
Buy a cake from Charlie and he will give you a hint on where to go and what to do to.
Clothing, Racquetball, Rings and a Happy Officer
to get full happiness for the Tailor, earn up money to buy everything he has every time <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

-To win a racquetball trophy for the rally 1, when you first serve the ball, move one step closer and hit the ball when it touches your head. This helps the ball stay in one place and gain you more points without missing!

-if you don't know what to do with the sapphires and rubies and emeralds, give them to the girl who sells anything (one with an apron) and she can make jewelry out of them!

-The officer will become extremely happy when more tourists come and if he does get sad, just keep talking with him as the days progress. This is at the beginning of the game.
Fashion Review
In the Highlands you need to wear a white polo shirt and black jeans.

In the Mountains you need to wear a yellow camisole and a purple skirt.

In the Forest you need to wear a green camisole and a yellow pleated skirt.

In theTown you need to wear a red flower hawaiian shirt and blue roll ups.

In the Port you need to wear a blue hawaiian shirt and light blue pants.

In the Entertainment Area you need to wear a pink gradient polo and pink pants.
Fashion Review
How to win Fashion show =]

Tip: Presently Unknown
Outfit: White Polo Shirt, Black Jeans
Elizabeth: You remind me of the beautiful peacock spreading its magnificent feathers.
Reward: Origami Japanese Helmet

Tip: Presently Unknown
Outfit: Yellow Camisole, Purple Skirt
Elizabeth: Presently Unknown
Reward: Presently Unknown

Tip: You need to be wilder -Yellow and/or Green
Outfit: Green Camisole, Yellow Pleated Skirt
Elizabeth: Presently Unknown
Reward: Presently Unknown

Tip: Passionate colour for this area - Red
Outfit: Red Flower Hawaiian, Blue Roll Ups
Elizabeth: The way you look now, why, the beautiful city of Venice would pale when compared to you!
Reward: Chinese Lion Mask

Tip: Presently Unknown
Outfit: Blue Hawaiian, Lt. Blue Pants
Elizabeth: Presently Unknown
Reward: Presently Unknown

Entertainment Area
Tip: Wear something more showy -
Outfit: Pink Gradient Polo, Pink Pants
Elizabeth: Presently Unknown
Reward: Presently Unknown

Gifts and Tips I have gathered but not yet placed in my guide: Fish Hat
Wrestler's Mask
Enlightened Mask
Chinese Mask

more curious - orange.

more elegant - black and/or purple.

Fishing- Super Fish
At night...go to the mountain and fish in the small pond there.
Look for a large fish. To catch it, move your fishing rod in circles.
You Caught an Aligator!
Give it to Joesoph and he will be so surprised!!
Free Furniture!
When you go fishing sometimes you can fish out furniture!
Furniture Store Unlockables
After you get a couple stars, you will be able to name the furniture store. Then (a while later) you will be able to create your own furniture. Once you get gold medals in all the mini games you will have extra patterns to use when making furniture. Its pretty cool too, like theres one with flowers.
Get a new house
Do you need a new house in Mysims? Well, once you have unlocked the Entertainment Area, and have met the wealthy sim named Elizabeth, she will tell you she is selling a house that used to be her pet's house, and she'll ask you if you need another house. Say yes, and then she will tell you the price, which is 10,000 simoleons.
Get Angry
When trying to impress tourists, you usually don't want to get mad at them. However, some of them won't like it when you try to Encourage them or Converse with them. With these Sims, get angry with them once. After that, they will love conversing and won't mind the other options either.
getting the montain
when you get the 4 stars,you can go to the mountain and then go to the house there will be a person in there talk to her then you can search and dig up treasure!
Giving cakes to tourists
Charlie sells two kinds of cakes: Shortcakes and cheesecakes. Tourists have preferences over the cakes.
Females usually prefer shortcake, and males prefer cheesecake.
Glitched Animals
After you unlock Foster and animals start coming, when you give super feed to some animals, when they go to your house they will SOMETIMES be discolored.

EX: Black Bunny, Purple Dog
How to fish
To get the fish to bite your line, you have to use your stylus and move the lure in circles over a fish. This will produce music notes. Keep doing this until the fish or other fish come along and bite. You will have to move the lure in circles over the fish very quickly though.
How To Make Moolah
When it turns to night, go home and hit rest, the one with 1 Z. When you wake up, go to town and please every tourist there. Go with a pattern, like, "By columns(between houses/shops) and 1 row, the street." Only do the town, not the forest, highlands, etc. then make leis at the highest level possible at the flower shop till it closes. Keep the lei's, as you can use them on tourists the next day. Check in on owners and local residents (Not tourists!)and see if everything's O.K. If they have a quest or something, do it. Now fish until you feel you have enough, and then either check on tourist's in other places, sell your fish, or do another minigame. You get well over $1000 every day. The whole thing rely's on whether you do it quickly. The quicker you do it, the better.

P.S.,When the tourist's mad, 50% of the time it's a good idea to cry as much as it lets you, then comfort him. The other 50% is when the first cry dosen't get you point's, then the only thing to do is to get angry at him. this also applies when you've tried a laugh, encourage, listen, or converse and also tried comforting or cried.
List of Mini-Games
Make a Lei: Slide flower cards onto the flowers to make a lei! Blow into the microphone or hit the button to shuffle cards.
Racquetball: Use a racket to hit a ball against the wall.
Fishing: Go fishing in the Ocean or a Lake to fill up your Fish Book.
Paragliding: Fly through the sky while collecting Jewels.
Casino: Play Casino games to make cash!
Scuba Diving: Take pictures of Aquatic Life.
Skydiving: Land safely on the ground while collecting Jewels.
make a lei
when you start a lei, that little bit after youve finished a lei and before youve started, shuffle. you can also put on the flower while the lei pattern is coming in.
Make a Lei
On Easy Mode, it can be a little difficult to make a Lei fast enough to get the Gold. When you select easy mode, you will have a few seconds to preview the Lei. If you look at it, you'll see that it's a simple pattern. Learn the pattern quickly. It will help you make Leis faster.
Making Money
You can make money in various ways:

1. You can play Mini-Games. The higher you score, the more money you make.
2. Cheer up Tourists. If a tourist is feeling blue, cheer him up and you'll get a Cash reward.
3. Sell stuff! If you don't want or need something, sell it.
Racket Ball Score
When Playing Racketball, If You Play A Round Where You Don't Hit The Ball At All, Your Total High-Score Will Go Back To 250 Points. So Be Careful.
Scoring High in Racquetball
In the first racquetball court, after you've gotten the heavy racquetball, stand at center court, and hit the ball. You can lobby the ball easily if you time it correctly, and easily earn money. This also works for the target game. It may take a few attempts.
Selling Fish
When you sell fish that you've caught, you should always sell them to Joseph, not Olivia. Why is that? Beacuse when you sell them to Joseph, he records all fish down for you, and he pays you well. there is also a chance that there will be an extra item in the fish, such as a purple frog, that can be sold for extra money.
Shiny Sparkles
At night,when you see something sparklie(usually in the Town)on the ground,press A or tap on it and it will give you sime simoleans
Skydiving hint
When you are playing skydiving, and you just cant seem to get that last jewel, dont 4get about the 'A' button that you can push to do a flip and you'll dart to the left/right very quickly and ie you dont want to go down fast, keep your sim horizontal because if your sim is straight up and down, the more air can get around you and the faster your sim will fall.
Sleeping in the Hut
If you go into the hut on the right, you will see a hammock inside. Press "A" on it and you can sleep in it like your own bed. This is really helpful if you want to go to bed and your house is far away.
Sparkling Gifts
Sometimes at night,There will be little sparkles on the floor.if you go up to them and press A-SURPRISE!-you get a gift.It may be Money or even a Fish!!!
Talking To Tourists
When talking to tourists, the music played describes there mood, so, choose the converse actions as to change their mood to happy.
The Furniture Store
Does the girl at the Furniture sleep all the time? During the Afternoon in Star Level 2, go to her store. She'll mention something about naming the store. Continue clicking around the shop, and eventually you'll have the option to name the store. Then she'll wake up.
Tourists Angry?
Often, if tourists are angry when you try to speak to them and nothing will work, cry. It fills up their bar a bit and then you can try to use a different command. If this doesn't work, you could always get angry, but I prefer to Cry.



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Cakes from charlie
when you start or any thing the way to get more cakes and friendlier to charlie buy 7 of each kind of cakes. then he will get happy and then that day on he will start doing experiments and also buy at least 2 of each kind of cakes he give you and if you but them he will tell you who is sad and mad and happy and stuff like that.
If you buy a ton of cakes from Charlie he will give you hint's on how to raise your star and who to talk to....but it's not a waste of your go to Olivia and sell the cakes and ....presto we are happy with news cakes and money ...but mostly news and money!!!!

Hope I could help!!!

Complete Fish List
Black Bass
Brook Trout
Horse Mackerel
Sea Bream
Sea Bass
Pacific Saury
Rainbow Trout
King Salmon

You should catch at least 7 of each fish, and give them to Joseph, only then will your fish book be complete as he has to get all of the information on them.
You can dance by pressing X when you are listening to music at the disco and if you use the large stereo (big blue stereo) and press X too you will start dancing on the pause screen =D cool huh?
Found In Fish
Here is a list of things that can be found in a fish.

  • Book
  • Blue Frog
  • Gold Frog
  • Green Frog
  • Orange Frog
  • Purple Frog
  • Red Frog
  • Yellow Frog
  • Yellow Green Frog
  • Pearl
  • Hand Made Surfboard

  • Freshwater
    Here's a list of things that you can catch in the Freshwater.

  • Alligator
  • Black Bass
  • Brook Trout
  • Carp
  • Catfish
  • Eel
  • Pike
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Sweetfish
  • Get MONEY by fishing!
    Go to the dock where the two huts are and fish. And try to get the big fish in the water. To tell if you will get a lot of money ,when you pull the fish out of the water it will be too big for your sim to hold. And when you give it to Joseph you will get about $700.

    ~~~~ Good luck fishing for MONEY ~~~~
    get TONS of money
    To get lots of money, talk to the towns people all the time. they give you ABOUT 250-300 dollars. Also, if you can go to the entertainment area, and you save your money, you might have enough to get the cottage!!
    Here's a list of things that you can catch in the ocean.

  • Anomalocarid
  • Barracuda
  • Horse Mackerel
  • Marlin
  • Pacific Saury
  • Sardine
  • Sea Bass
  • Sea Bream
  • Racquetball Cheat
    You don't really have to sweat it when playing racquetball with a Heavy Racquet. All you have to do is stand in the middle of the white line closest to the edge of the DS toch screen. Serve the ball. right after it hits the wall and bounces, swing your racquet. If this did not work, you must have had your timing off by a little bit. If it did work, keep at it. Don't worry about the running dogs (that look like pigs) running back and forth. just keep swinging the racquet at the right time. In no time, you will have a gold medal and a high score that's way more than the required score.