Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats

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1 and a half weavels
This is more of a fun thing and is very ahrd to do. First, your msut be noxas and be facing someone that is playing as weavel. Next, charge up your juginator and when weavel is in mid-air from going into half turret. When he is halfway turring in to the half turret and freeze him. the half turret will be there and next to him will be a full weavel. NOTE: this is a very hard thing to do. I did it by accident.
Advanced Sniping in low gravity enviroments
This only works with Trace.
Jump out into where you would die from dropping into darkness. Snipe and fire once in the air.
Now to recover go into Triskelion and lunge to safty.
Affinity Weapons
Samus: Charged missile seeks target.

Kanden: Charged Volt Driver will seek target and damage the combat visor for a while if hit.

Spire: Charged Magmaul will set enemies on fire if hit.

Trace: Becomes invisible if remains stationery while having the imperialist.

Noxus: Charged Judicator freezes enemy if hit. Has short firing range.

Sylux: Shock Coil steals enemy from target when maintaining it in the chain.

Weavel: Battlehammer, if it touches a solid wall, makes a small explosion, causing additional damage.
Alt Trick
Okay, when you are facing Trace users, and you wanna make sure their not around the corner, you go into alt, and stand near the end of the corner. You should now see whats passed the corner!!! You can also drag the stylus across the screen to the right to see even more!!! Also everything works for dual mode, and you don't just have to use this against Trace users.
Be a hacker!
Go to Head Shot and choose Sylux.Get the Dethalt and then kill some one,then go to where you respawn then turn to your Alt mode.Lay bombs like crazy and runaway for the rest of the match.
(Note:This must be a one-on-one match)
Beat the ending boss for regulator easier
To kill the samus at the ending of the training mission regulator, just grab the rocket before you enter, aim at samus and repeatdly press your shooting button!! This is much easier then using the generic gun!

Best weapon for fighting minibosses
The best weapon to use for fighting mini-bosses in 1 player mode is the Judacator.
It is very accurate, shoots fast, and you can charge a shot to shoot 6 at a time.

On top of that, it takes away a hefty amount of health from your oppenent too.
So, if all else fails during a mini-boss fight, use the judicator

(P.S. Shooting the enemy in the head will take away even more damage)
Boss Fight Scans
If you want 100% completion, remember to scan the bosses, the blue laser blasters on the Slench (eyeball) level, the Octolith, the Stronghold Door, the Stronghold Void datashade at the portal door, and the Biodefense Chamber A and B datashades in the boss rooms by the door.
Camoflage on Wi-Fi
If you are playing a single match on Alinos Gateway, turn on teams and change whoever character you are to the red "team".
This way, you'll blend in more with the lava.
Works wonders with Spire!
Cheap Head Shots
It is easier to get head shots if you hit any person at all while they are switching into alt form. It works on Samus, Sylux, Spire, and Trace for sure.
Cretaphid Killer: Shock coil
If you are struggling on Cretaphids, shoot the Cretaphid with the shock coil. It's health will go down like a rocket! Hope this helped you!
deafeat spamus
if you have trouble wining cause of spamus freeze them with the judicator if your noxus or go into alt and spam them back or you can use the magmul and shoot them one of these will work.
One why of defeating the enemies to small is to change into Morphball.Set bombs and it will destroy them.
Defeating any Cretaphid
To defeat any Cretaphid all you need is the SHOCK COIL. Just keep using the shock coil against the holes. When the crystal thing appears keep blasting it with the shock coil. Repeat these steps and you'll be victorious. It worked for me and im sure it will work for you.
Easier lockjaw kill
Ok, so everyone knows Sylux's lockjaw, but it's hard to get your opponent into the triangle without jumping, so lay one bomb then lay the other behind the enemy so he'll land on the tripwire, then do the lockjaw trick (laying bombs over and over etc.) to get a succesful kill
Easier tactics in multiplayer for Weavel
Note: Most tips only really works in nice open arenas.
Tactic 1: If you find yourself being assaulted by a powerful weapon and/or two or more people at the same time. Transform into the half turret and get out of there as quickly as you can. Your enemies with mostly fire on the turret half as it poses more of a threat. While they are finally finished with your turret half, you're camping at the energy respawn. =D.

Tactic 2: In the map 'Combat Hall' the key to racking up kills is to grab the battlehammer and just start unloading it at everything that moves. Even if they are far away, chances are, you'll hit something.

Tactic 3: Also in 'Combat Hall', another great tactic is to start in your turret form (preferably in the center of the arena), and run around in your melle form drawing enemies to the turret where they get a faceful of battle hammer.

Tactic 4: This one you can use pretty much anywhere. Find a n00b with the battlehammer then go into your alt. form and start running circles around him. The turret will fire at him as well as him killing himself with his own battlehammer.
Note:This is much less effective if the opponent is using the power beam or the shock coil.
easier wins in combat hall/ multiplayer
be trace or samus for this.(samus is better) immediately run for the air jumper thingy at the end of the map. turn to alt mode and grab the health orb. now turn back to normal and grab the missles if you are samus. now is the fun part. if ur trace snipe the people bellow u, for samus, homing missles. hide behind the small wall when they try to attack u from below. when they come up and change to alt mode to invade your fortress, snipe/blast them while they r in their alt form! recover by grabbng the health orb if u get hurt. reload missles if ur samus(thats y samus is better) easy victory most of the time xD
Easily beat Noxus [adventure mode]
When you reach the noxus/trace battle in adventure mode, you can get onto the ledge trace is sniping you from. Remember the glitch in multiplayer where you can hang onto the wall? It works here too. Go to where there would be a double damage in multiplayer, and right in front of that big "box" thing that it spawns on, walk towards the wall to the right, starting a little to the left of it. If done correctly, you will be walking "in air", or hanging onto this wall walking forward.

Once you reach the end, jump onto a ledge thing you see, then go up the left ramp [need to missle push or morph ball boost to get up it] then jump to where trace is. You have reached the ledge. Kill trace, and go to the door that leads to the war wasp battle. Go into the hallway thats blocked off by force fields [its the hallway thats in the same direction as the door] and you'll be able to hit Noxus through the force field if he runs up against it. If he runs away, go close to it, then back away. He will return. You can beat him taking no damage this way.
Easily missed power-up...
If you are looking for the volt Driver it is in the room you open with the battlehammer in celestial archives it is in a morphball tunnel.
Easy kills with Noxus
This is kinda' hard to perform and takes practice, but its worth it. Freeze your opponent with the shadow freeze technique[charge up judicator, look at your opponent, look down, and fire!], then quickly change to imperialist, go into snipe-formation, then do a headshot and they are dead!
extra shcock coil damage
For this, you can be anyone, preferably Sylux. Now go and grab the shock coil. If you continuously hold the chain, it will deal a lot more damage than usual.

NOTE: If Sylux has the double damage, the shcok coil will deal the same amount of damage, which is a lot
Fighting Gorea 2
To unlock the fight with Gorea 2, you must hit the 6 panels around the arena of the Gorea 1 battle with a certain weapon. Hit the panels in this order.

Yellow - Volt Driver
Green - Battlehammer
Orange - Magmual
Blue - Shock Turret
Purple - Judicator
Red - Imperialist
Fire Spawn- Alinos
To defeat the fire spawn, run left from the entrance way from which you came through and hid behind the rocky pillar. Switch to the Judicator (ice weapon). Now strafe left and wait for the spawn to come out. While waiting, charge your Judicator. When the fire spawn comes out, wait until it opens its mandible like things and aim for the middle. Then strafe right (back to safety behind the rock pillar). Charge your Judicator and repeat
Fly With Sylux ANYWHERE
All you need to do is turn into alt form find the highest spot in the arena (alinos perch/gateway they hve the most open area) start laying bombs as fast as possible. Also if you cannot fly that way go to headshot or an other low-gravity arena lay bombs (you don't need to lay them fast just lay the first three then lay two of the three and wait to start falling again and then lay the third bomb to fly up again then repeat the process again and again to fly around the arena.
flying spire
No cheat required just pick Spire and go into the Alinos Gateway.Change into spire's morph ball roll over to the right side of the lava-fall and since Spires alt form can climb go up the right pillar type thing you have to be in the crevice climb up all the way to the top of the level then keep going from the away from the water fall and sooner or later you should fly. if details are a little sketchy just play around with your options i happened to fall upon this nifty trick and just wanted to share it.
flying sylux in mutiplayer
go to headshot in multiplayer as sylux. change into your alt form, the lockjaw, and keep on pushing L again and again. you can fly! WEE! Note: doesnt work inside shiny door things.(i think theyre supposed to be air locks?)
For crash EGg8
I got your friend code!ine is 3910 3310 2623! Add me as Sam!
Friend Code Error Help
Are you having problems with your friends such as not seeing them visible while online? Well there is a nifty glitch that can help you with this little issue. Just delete the particular friend that is causing issues. Re-add this friend using the 12 digit friend code number, and this time when typing in his name, type in "999" and save.

This is a glitch that is proven to work 92% of the time, if it doesn't work that time then do it again once more and it shall work.
Go invisable with Trace
When using Trace in multiplayer battles hold down R to zoom in using Trace's weapon of choice the Imperialist. When stationary he becomes invisable giving you a huge advantage over other hunters
Go to high places for accurate sniping.
In all arenas, in wi-fi and regular muiltiplayer. Make sure you get to high land areas. This will keep from enimies seeing you and shooting at you. This technique also makes sniping easier and more accurate then lower ground.
Good sniping spot
As spire on Alinos Perch in multi-player, grab the imperialist and fill your ammo all the way. Now, go up that path or ramp and you should see a groove in the wall. Go in to spire's alt form (Dialanche) and roll up the wall on the groove and roll onto the first ledge and you are ready to win with only sniper shots. Only come down to get more ammo.
Great Glitch in Sic Transit
In the map Sic Transit (the one in Arcterra with the bridge where you face Trace for the NOOBS) if you go to the very corner where you would normally enter from the gateway in story, push into the corner where the ice thingy is and keep jumping, if timed correctly you should be on the other side of the wall. This is particularly useful in multiplayer since you can see them and shoot through yet they cant.

NOTE: This can be EXTREMELY hard to pull off and takes practice.
Headshot Half Turret on Head Shot
Go to the outer part of Head Shot. Switch to half turret on the VERY END of the platform. The half turret will fall for infinity, but never destruct. Switch back to biped mode, then back to halfturret. Every 6 shots, it may headshot. Guess we know why it's called 'head shot' now, eh?
HeadShot Tips with Sylux
If you are Sylux in the area Headshot, immediately transform into the LockJaw and snag the DeathAlt on the lower floor. (This should be easy because the LockJaw is the fastest alternate form) Then plant a string of trip wires next to where the hole dropping them into the floor is. The moment they go down , plant another bomb forming a triangle to tri-bomb them. If they survive, chase them with the DeathAlt. (Make sure to grab the ShockCoil for later) If the DeathAlt wears off and they use the launch pad to escape, use the pad and use the trip wire bombs to stay afloat. When they get to the central core, use the Shock Coil to finish them.
Homing Missle
When using Samus Charge your missle all the way then release it will then home in on your target.
how to get to Gorea 2
see those colored triangular shaped objects? shoot them in these order.
Yellow: Volt driver
Green: Battlehammer
Orange: Magmaul
Blue: Shock coil
Purple: Judicater
Red: Imperialist

Now your in obilette!
p.s. I want a friend in wi-fi connection!
my code is: 3910
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Hunter dodge
There is a way to avoid hunters being on your planet/station. Just land on the place you wish to go to and lift off again. Doing so makes all hunters move to a different place.
P.S This shall only work if you have faced the hunter at least once, as in you cant avoid fighting each hunter cause they have to appear somewhere during your adventure so AFTER you face them in there set place you can make them move to a different place.
Ice Spawn- Arctera
The ice spawn is the same as the fire spawn in Alinos except this one throws ice at you (and it can freeze you). Tou can use the magmull, but the normal power beam Samus has works better because you can shoot faster (and it does more damage than the magmull).
To defeat your icey foe, just strafe around him blasting him with your power beam while dodgeing the ice he throws at you.
This guy is easier than the fire spawn so this should be a peice of cake for you
Imperialist glitch
Ok, for this glitch to work, you have to pick Trace and you can pick anyplace. Now, poick up the imperialist! If you can chase them[or if they chase you] into a narrow tunnel/hallway[there is at least one in every level-even oubliette]. When you shoot, do not zoom-in. Hit the side or tip of the fett on the enemy hunter, and it will say headshot kill!
When having an imp battle with people online, try jumping around. Stay unzoomed until you have the perfect shot, then zoom and immediately fire. Works best for very close range imp battles
Instant Start
If you want to start before the other players in multiplayer mode. Just keep pressing the fire button after you select the arena. You'll instantly start the battle.
Just A Tip
In case you didn't know trace only goes invisible with the imp. Well, I just told you.
kanden is the best
if u need to get kills really fast pick kanden. dont under estimate him becauser each shot is about 15 dmg with its rapid fire it can take someone out in about 5sec.
Kill metriods easier
To kill metroids easier just get the missles and shoot them twice and they will die.
Lag imping.
When you or someone else is lagging, and you just can't seem to kill him when you headshot (while they're moving) Just shoot where you think they will be in about half a second to 1.5 secs. Once you eventually get a Headshot, memorize the point where you shot to kill him before, anjust keep doing it, but in a different direction depending on where he is going.
Low Gravity Float: Kandan
Lay bombs carefully until your at the Set a small fixed amount of distance between your bombs to keep afloat.
Low Gravity Float: Samus
Time your bombs until you reach the very top of the carefully place bombs to keep afloat and move around up high!
Low Gravity float: Sylux
Sylux is easy to do this with just lay bombs the third one will always launch you in the air and you can fly around easily in low gravity enviroments.
Morph Ball Double Jump
You can do a double jump with the morph ball with 3 bombs. Lay 1 bomb, right when it is about to go off lay another bomb, when you reach the top of the jump lay the 3rd bomb. When you land your 2nd bomb will go off causing you to jump again and right when you reach the 3rd bomb it will go off and send you up a second time. You can use this to create a few shortcuts on some of the levels. I stood on a crate and used this to jump up to the ramp to get the shock coil gun, instead of going through all the portals.
Multi player super strategy
On ancient heritage, hide in the corridors to the left or right and wait for an enemy to go by then roll into the morph ball just before they run by and lay a bomb. Not only are the bombs powerful, but they are also detonated automatically when an enemy touches it.
MultiPlayer Map : Harvester Sniping Locations
Sniping Location #1
Use The Pad On the Ground floor on either side of the map. Then Use the Warp In the Middle Of the Second Floor But Go on the Side Pillar on either side of the Cloak Ball at the Very tallest part of this Lvl. Then Jump On the pillar in the Middle, if u want, grab the Cloak ball, and then head on this pillar to the imp. shot is, but just head that way, don go off the pillar. Then look on each side down of the pillar, u will notice small ledges that are parallel to it, jump on it and keep yr balalnce n go all the way to the end of it and u can snipe there.

Sniping Locaion #2
when u first start in harvester or die n respawn, u will be on a small platform that looks like its floating, but it aint, look behind u n u'll c that there is a beam that runs all the way down of the game. If u walk of the ledge near it and jump in the air, and u can go under it on a small beamlike platform that connects to th middle of the platform. this is an exellent hiding spot that no 1 can kill u as long as yr closest to the middle of the platform. u can shoot from underneath the platform through the platform to, and if u have an imp. rifle, go farthest to the beam that goes down and u can snipe from there.

Sniping Location #3
This 1 is close to #2, except this 1 u can get out from underneath the platform w/out dyng. Go to the platform where the Imp. Ball Respawns w/ the yellow life orb and the 2 green ammo is on each side of this smal platform. U will see there is a beam going down this platform simular to the 1 in #2. There is a beamlike platform under this1 that u can jump on2 and snipe, except when u need to get out jump out where the ground lvl is on the lvl w/ the 2 warp pads on the bottom, and u can get refills of ammo.

Sniping Location #4
Get to where the Cloak ball is all the way on top of this Lvl. start from the cloak ball. Face the Big Wall where the cloakball sits. Look right. Jump to the Beam like platform Next to the 1 yr on. From there jump to the next 1 that is there. look down on the side where it looks like u will die. there is a platform u can jump down 2 and snipe.

Sniping ocation #5
Start from either 1 of the warp pads on either side on the ground lvl floor. dont hit the warp, instead go to the side of the warp closest to the side where if u fall u'll die. Next, jump on the small ldge but dont fall to yr death, instead balance and follow this ledge towards the builing and ull notice u will get farther from the gorund. Keep following it till it combines in2 a ramp. Go up the ramp, but watch it 4 if u let go, u will slide back down and die. postition the gun toward where u want it and hold back if u postitioned it like if yr walking up backwards and u can snipe here on this ramp ledge when u get 2 the top of the ramp.

Most preferred Sniping locations, #1,2,3, but #2 can also b used to hide until the game is over. it would b the best hiding spot if this game had a simular game as oddball like in halo2, because u can win w/out diein cuz no 1 can get u.
MultiPlayer Map: Highground Sniping Location
If u look at all the walls surrounding Highgrounds, u wil notice ther are small squares encrested in some of the walls. they have a small ledge on the bottom to where u can climb on em.
Some have no ledge to get to em and look unreachable...
Sniping Location
Climb the level of this map to where the magma shot ball respawn is almost at the highest part level of this map. Notice there is also a green ammo item next to it. Go 2 exactly where the magma shot ball thing is(it shoots orange blasts, i think it called magmael shot, not sure) Spires prefered weopon. U can get it, but if u get the shot stay there. look on each corner at the end ot this platform, u will notice 2 smaller platforms if not small walls that u may jump on. jump on the one closest to the green ammo item is. look straight out over the map to where u can see the lower levels under. turn right and u can c a square encrested into the wall. By fallen down for not even half a second and doing the air jump(Jump in air w/out feet touchen nythen), i could vector my hunter of choice on the squares bottom ledge and sit there and snipe, u can slip of sometimes depending on which unit u use.

There is another square that is very hard 2 reach, but im not tellin, i leave it up to u to figure it out.

**My Favorite Hunter: Trace**
*Being camoflauge when u snipe is the most tightest thing ever, find a location, snipe, and they wont no wher the helll u r, n 2 top it off, ur invisible!
No Judicator puzzle
When you reach the puzzle you must complete to get the judicator, it's possible to skip it. Jump onto a pillar close to the judicator ledge, charge a missle, missle jump, and you can get the judicator, no puzzle.
Noxus on Ice
This isn't a cheat so much as a glitch, but it is still pretty cool. In multiplayer, have at least two copies of Noxus playing. If one freezes the other while in alt form, the Vhosythe will continue spinning, even though it's still trapped in the ice cube.
To get an Octolith on your hunters licsense,beat the game with 100% completion.
Oubilette trick
In oubilette, you can shoot any weapon (including the omega cannon) at any one of the green spots at the walls. These spots will reflect the shot, allowing you to trick someone.
Oubliette Omega Cannon Glitch
When you have unlocked Oubliette, get a friend to play multiplayer with you and have him be on your team. Set two robots to three star(note: you don't have to set them to three star but the cheat allows you to defeat them with ease). Now start the game. Right when you start, you and your friend need to make your way to the omega cannon as fast as possible. Whe you are both there and the omega cannon hasn't respawned yet, you both need to stand in the yellow circle where it respawns and both of you need to stand right where it appears. When it appears, since you were both standing in remotely the same spot, you both should get the omega cannon at the same time! But this doesn't always work.
Outer reach Glitch hiding spot
Glitch Behind the bounce.
Go to the mmost lowest level of this map.
there should b 3 bounce pads, 1 in the middle, and 2 on the sides. Go 2 1 of them on the sides. there will b a slanted wall that looks like netting there. the wall is not all the way around this level of the map, so go to the end of the wall on either side and look at the walls thickness. No jump around the outside and u can glitch back thorugh the wall and hit the bounce pad, but if yr good like me, u can just miss the pad an b on a small ledge behind the warp pad but behind the wall, thing is u can also shoot through the wall, but if u get back far enough as where to not die, no 1 can shoot u!
Perfect Noxus Defense
This doesn't assure your safty %100 more like %80.
Go into Vhoscythe and Move randomly with turns changing every second and keep your Vhoscythe Extended.

His bad turning actually messes up Snipers and Mid Range attackers while close range attackers will get hurt by the arm.
Practice with Bots for Aiming Problems
A lot of people train with the bots to get better aim, but it doesn't help your strategy, but help's your aim greatly. I've been having some trouble with aiming, but it helps if you practice shooting with bots at some of the slower characters in the game.
Prime Hunter King! Weavel!
When in alt form his turret does not lose health use this to store health and join back together when your low on health. this will get you alot of extra time.
Quick acceleration and short burst of speed with Dialanche...
When you are about to hit the ground with the Transformation to spires alt form make sure you hit near a downhill area and you will go as fast as the Trisk. for about 1 second.
Reach Judicator Early [no war wasp battle]
It is possible to obtain the judicator without doing the war wasp battle.

First of all, after you beat noxus/trace, head to where you would normally do the battle, meaning drop down into that area. Now, look around, you should see a missile expansion on a ledge somewhere. Thats where we want to go. To get there, face the missile expansion, then turn right, and on the wall to the the right of it, you will see a very very small ledge.

You can get on this ledge by double bomb jumping [hard to do] or missile jumping [easy to do]. Get on there, and turn around, your back facing the wall, and hold the control pad back so you don't fall off. Now, walk as far as you possibly can on the ledge towards the missile expansion, charge a missile, and missile jump, then immediately hold left+forward for a quick sec, then QUICKY hold right+forward [doing this dodges a wall thing that would make you fall] then jump.

If done correctly, you will be on the missile ledge. To reach the judicator, go into morph ball, through the tunnel and roll to the portal and boss portal. Jump up to the boss portal [may take a few tries] and your there. No war wasp battle. Interestingly, if you grab the judicator, leave, then come back, the war wasp battle will have been completed, even though you didn't do it.
Risky Getaway
If you are playing in Headshot and someone is following you with Deathalt, you can go straight below the whole arena with Lockjaw. First, go to one of the outer stations. Then, go under the arena while laying bombs to come out the other side. This is risky though because if you lay bombs too fast, you'll run out of them and fall before you reach the other side. And if you lay bombs too slow, you'll reach a Death Barrier at the bottom. Just time your bombs and you'll make it out with nobody able to follow you.
Rocks can fly (no really!)
On the map Headshot if you go Spire and roll on the anti gravity part (the outside part of course) of the level you can switch between the main wall and the surrounding pillars which can make for evasion techniques, it should be easy to avoid other players unless they can glitch to fly too.
Rooftop Sniping
Alright, this very handy trick happens in Weapons Complex. This works with any hunter but works best with Sylux. Go into Lockjaw with Sylux. Keep laying 3 bombs over and over until you reach the very top of the level, keep laying the bombs and go to one of the sides at the top. Push against it and turn back into biped. You're on the roof! You can snipe here easily plus it gets a great view of the level. To get here with the other hunters, go in the tube by the Judicator and jump out of the tube then go backwards and you'll be there!
Safe Disconnect
Safe disconnect is where you Disconnect [DC] and don't lose any points.
If you are facing a hacker/glitcher, disconnect.
Now normally, you'd lose some points for this.
But as soon as you DCed, go to a bot match and win. That counts as your WiFi point.
Shadowfreeze made easy
Okay here is the shadowfreeze explained and made easy.
Shadowfreeze is a Noxus glitch where you can freeze far away opponents.
1.) Charge Noxus's judicator
2.) Look at the opponent
3.) Look down to the floor, but keep the enemy in front of you
4.) Let go of judicator and shadowfreeze.
shoot through with trace!
pick trace in combat hall.
go to the hallway on the left with health in it.
get the imp, jump on the "window" and walk towards it. your gun will be through the wall, and you can shoot through it!
Stop the Alt. Form spammers.
These Alt. Spammers. [Players who are always in Alt. mode] Can be very tough to kill. To make this easier, use the magmaul weapon. This weapon will bounce back and forth. Eventually hitting the other players. This simple technique can defeat the toughest of players.
Super Jump
Not so much a tip as it is a glitch.

Morph into a ball. Lay a bomb and come out of morphball just as the bomd goes off. It should launch you into the air if you time it right.

Note: Haven't played the full game yet, it not being out and all, so I only know this works with the demo. But it might work with the propper game.

A good place to use this jump is the top of Survivor, just go into the little thing that bounces you up to the second floor and land on the "doorway arch thing". Do it there and you can get right to the top before falling back trough the roof and landing back in the map, but wihtout textures. It's pretty cool, try it.
Super missiles (DEMO)
This cheat works for Regulator training. Go through the level getting *both* missile tanks. The first is pretty hard to miss. It's in the big circular room, right in the middle. It's suggested that you kill the metroid before attempting to get it...

The second is after the morph ball maze. After getting out, DO NOT head through the door. Turn around and jump ON TOP of the maze to get the
missile tank.

Now for the fun part. Go through the door and take aim at the green Samus. Select the missiles. Shoot and HOLD DOWN the fire button. The end of the gun should start spinning. Lots of cool lights too. Shoot and congrats, you just fired a super missile.

NOTE: Kill the green Samus before doing a victory dance.
Super Sniping Spots
This Super Sniping spots are for two arenas high ground and elder passage. Some people say you only can do this with spire they are wrong. You can do it with anybody perfered trace. Stock up on affinty ammo then get to the undergroudn area. Go to the spot where it boosts you up really high then jump to to your left off of a small pillar. Then go over to the corner past the hole were you fall down then jump over to the imperialist area if you are good at jumping you'll probably make it. the get the tiny green cristyal then get imperialist then stay there. If you are trace you will have an amazing view of the arena stay put you'll go to cloak mode then head shop as fast as you can then boom you got 7 points and you won the wifi battle
surprise kills
use trace and go to the data shrine level in multiplayer. go into one of the alt tunnels with a weapon (not life) this is a good place to snipe players in the center area, but if you jump on to one of the "ledges" in that alt tunnel, and hold down on the control pad, you will be able to stand there, hidden from enemys, and be immune to most attacks, including alt form attacks (missle blasts, Judicator, etc might still hit you) so if another player attemps to enter the tunnel, or if someone wants to end your sniping spree, go on the ledge, and imperialist their alt form as they enter, 2-3 hits should do it, and if youve already hit them they shouldnt be able to attack you with alt form.
Taking down Weavel Abusers
Run around in a circle and just keep blasting the turret and when it is destroyed shoot the body once with a power beam and he will die.
Test out both modes
As a newbie, I'd suggest trying out both dual mode controls, and stylus mode controls to get a feel of what you like best.
The Imperifreeze
To do this technique use Noxus and Freeze the enemy with the fully charged Judicator then quickly switch to imperialist and headshot them zoomed in! Resulting in an Automatic Kill!
The Rock Paper Scizzor game of Metroid Prime Hunters...
One hunter beats another here is how it works this may help you against abusers and specialists...

Kandan beats Trace by Homing in on him which counteracts sniping...

Sylux beats Weavel By Destroying the Stationary turret with not trouble.

Weavel beats well balance characters like Samus through manuevers using both parts of the half turret...

Noxus Beats Spire by attacking the slow guy at close range...

Spire beats Kandan because of the magmaul and can therefore keep a good distance and take cover on walls and such...

Trace beats Noxus because Noxus has to keep a very close distance to deal damage and well...trace is a sniper!

Samus Beats Sylux By matching his skill with quicker bombs and homing missles which make the triangle almost useless...
Trace tips
Trace's best levels are Alinos perch, combat hall and Alinos gateway.
Sniping is easy once you get the hang of it, but hard to master. It requires quick reflexes. Once you see their head in your scope, follow it. As soon as you have their head on your scope radius, fire.
But master the other weapons too, otherwise you'll be called an "imp spammer."
The triskelion dash is also effective. It's fast, and does up to 50 damage.

Transfer Lock Sniping
This trick will only work if it is the Transfer Lock with the low gravity section. (on Bounty or Capture mode) On the middle platform on the edge of the low gravity section is a star shaped tower. You can climb it by jumping on to each segment one by one. When you get to the top, you can easily snipe other players who have Octoliths. If you are playing as Sylux, you can just bomb fly your way to the top of the structure. Or if you have Samus, you can just morph ball fly to the top.
trouble headshoting?
If you're shooting their face, but it's not headshoting, hit their forehead.
(Tip: You can also shoot the upper half of the shoulders).
Unlock Trace early
When fighting Noxus you may or may not notice this but Trace is sniping you from a ledge. Blast him until he is at half health and he will dissapear like you have killed him and he will be unlocked! Just don't forget about Noxus while doing this or you will not have enough health to get to your ship! lol
Unlocking New Maps
To unlock a new map in multiplayer, simply do the following.

Play 2 local games.

Compression Chamber
Play 4 local games.

Incubation Vault
Play 6 local games.

Play 8 local games.

Outer Reach
Play 10 local games.

Play 12 local games.

Weapons Complex
Play 14 local games.

Council Chamber
Play 16 local games.

Elder Passage
Play 18 local games.

Fuel Stack
Play 20 local games.

Fault Line
Play 22 local games.

Stasis Bunker
Play 40 local games or a Wi-fi game.

Head Shot
Play a four-player match.

Gateway Arenas
You must land on that planet in single player.

Beat Gorea 2
View Metroid Prime Hunter Trailer in First Hunt
To unlock the Trailer for MPH, you need to place 5th or better in Regulator, Training and Morph Ball areas in the Single Player part of the game. When you do get 5th or better on each one, it will prompt you to view the trailer. After you view it, you can view it any other time by going to the Main Menu (where it says 'Touch Screen to Continue'), there will be a flashing dot in the lower left corner. Touch that dot and you'll be treated to the trailer anytime you'd like. Use the stylus to hit that dot, because using the Thumb Strap is kind of hard.
Volt Driver on Wi-Fi
Some people have trouble hitting on Wi-Fi with the Volt Driver; it's very easy actually. In 1v1 games, just pretend that you are playing against a bot, if the game shows you hitting your opponent, you probably are. In 3 and 4 player games, it takes a different strategy. Shoot about a hunter's width ahead of them and shoot slowly, about 2 to 3 shots per second; too fast, and most of them won't even register.
Sub-Weapons Items

A heavy-ended caliber weapon, the Battlehammer fires at a constant rate, delivering continual blows to the enemy target. It can not be charged up, but thanks to the heavy rate of fire, it will be able to cut most enemies up with ease. Any door/force field that requires a heavy impact to open will be cut down by this impressive weapon.

This sniper rifle like weapon will allow Samus to deliver powerful laser blasts over long distances, and it even boasts a zoom feature. It is best used in large areas, picking off foes from a distance.

This near absolute zero weapon delivers a chilling blow to the intended target, and it has the ability to bounce off of most surfaces if the initial shot misses. When charged up, it will fire three beams at one time, increasing the devastation it can deal to a single or multiple targets.

A fire based magma launcher, these burning projectiles can be powered up to explode on contact. The weapon fires in an arc, so it is often required to aim slightly higher than the target that is being fired upon.

Shock Coil
High-density neutrinos will fire out of this weapon in continuous waves, sapping the strength of the target with consistency. This weapon can not be charged up to attack, but it has no cooldown time between shots, so it is still a very effective weapon.

Volt Driver
A rapid fire electrical weapon, the Volt Driver can disrupt the vision of an opponent. The charged up version of the Volt Driver delivers a slow moving but highly damaging blow, making it a heavy hitter when called upon to do so.

Omega Cannon
this is the most powerful weapon in the game it can only be used in oubillete


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Combat Wall Glitch
This is a very easy, and most well known glitch on MPH. First what you want to do is in the map Combat Hall, go on the ground floor in that tunnel/hallway like area. Go the very end of either side and stand back against the wall, facing the rest of the map, not facing the inside of the hallway. Make sure you have rockets equipped and hold down the R button to get the rockets charged. Now point your gun slightly to the ground, still facing the outer map. Release the R button and this should push you inside a black area. Make sure when you get pushed back, you press the L button to jump into the square black area to your right. You can now shoot people from the inside of this, and they cannot shoot back at you, and if they try to get in where you are, kill them before they do.
Missile Push
In Muiltiplayer go to the combat hall and get a lot of health.On the right go into the tunnel.If it is on your left side it wont work.Now go to the very end of the tunnel.There is a wall.Go up back againist it.Charge your missile and point it towards the ground.It is critical that you do not point it all the way to it.Fire your charged missile.this all ways takes a lot of tries but once if you have done it correctly you should have gone through the wall.Then quickly jump to the right.You should be on a invisible platform.Here is were the fun begins.You can shoot others but others cant shoot you. Have fun!
oublette block glitch
On oublette to get in a wall go up to the omage caono get it and walk back down the opsit waty you came on the frist plat block go on the plat from under it and push your salf in the crack and go in to bipad your are now
invisbal and can still kill and me to ur frind code 3952 46180190
oublette block glitch
On oublette to get in a wall go up to the omage caono get it and walk back down the opsit waty you came on the frist plat block go on the plat from under it and push your salf in the crack and go in to bipad your are now
invisbal and can still kill
See through wall in obilette (Adventure mode)
After you go through the portal and go through both doors, if you look to the right, you will find a morph ball tunnel. when you get to the portal at the end, in the portal there will be a energy tank. If you shoot in the lower right corner of the biggest window, you should see through the wall.


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2 Different cool glitch with Noxus in Combat Hall
Cheat 1: Ok, now for these cheats, you obviously need to be Noxus and go to the Combat Hall. Get the Judicator and lots of UA ammo. Then grab some Health Orbs. Go to the wall where you can do the missle push, and then do the missle push. you can fire the freeze judicator when people walk by.

Cheat 2: Do the same as cheat 1 exept focus in that little hall where theres a Health Orb
Adventure mode missile push
go to vesper. go to cortex chamber where you get the battlehammer, go to the alt tunnell, and missile push!!
Affinity Weapon Combat Hall
Trace has the edge on Combat Hall with the Imperialist. Go through both of the alt tunnels and then stand on the ledge. This is great for sniping on if others are in the middle of fightinh. Good for stealing kills.
Alinos Gateway
Alinos Gateway Barrier Break:
Go to where the Battle Hammer is, and go to the blue life pick-up. Keep going straight til you see a jump pad. Bounce on it, and land on a ledge above the bridge-like thing connected to the wall. Anyway, once on the ledge, walk right until you see two lines on the wall. Go to the right one, and walk up until you can go up anymore. Go into HalfTurret and HalfTurret Slice to gain height. Now, walk left when in the glitch, and you\'ll be on top of the level.
Alinos Gateway - Shadow World
Alinos Gateway Shadow World:
Take the same path as Barrier Break 1, and go left. When you are above the Imperialist spot, go off into the darkness. You should land on the Imperialist ledge, and be in a Shadow World.
Alinos Gateway - Wall Glitches
Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 1:
Take the same path as the Barrier Break 2, but walk off the side into the darkness. Their will be a ledge to land on below, but there is also invisible ledges to land on as well.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 2:
Go to the blue health pick-up near the Battle Hammer. There will be lots of boxes stacked, so get in the crack with a little ledge in the middle, and Missile push through it. You should be in the boxes now.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 3; Behind Lavafall:
Be Weavel, and go to the blue health near the Magmual. Go in the corner of the boxes, and go in HalfTurret. Now, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You will fall underneath you Turret, and be in the glitch. You can also run around the edges of the outside of the level, and make it behind the Lavafall!
Alinos Gateway - Wall Glitches 2
Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 1:
Works best with Spire. So go to the Imperialist ledge, and drop off the left side. Now, you will see the lower side walk and the big rock have a small space you can walk in to. Go in there, then go in Alt. Form. You willgo through the rock if done correctly.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 2:
Okay, go to the same spot as Wall Glitch 2. Once there, go to the opposite side of the blocks, so you are by the lava. look at the end of all these blocks that is nearest to the Battle Hammer, and you will see a crack in between two blocks. Now, go in Alt. Form, and go in that space. You will slip through the two blocks, and be in the other section of the blocks. But be careful not to slip out of the blocks while going in, because its more than likely to happen.
Alinos Gateway Glitch
Alinos Gateway Barrier Break: Behind Lavafall:
Be Weavel, and go to the Imperialist location. Climb up the rock nearby. Once up there, you will see the walls meet together, forming a line going up. Wall Crawl up the line, and when you cant go any higher, go into HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice to get up more. Your now above the level, so walk right, and keep going, eventually, you will meet another line on the wall, so go off into the darkness from here. Now, stick to the wall, and try to go as forward as possible. If done correctly, you will land on black lava, so jump around the corner, and you will be behind the Lavafall.
Alt. Form Glitches
If you run into a 90 degree corner and have a weavel jump above you and go into alt form, if done correctly it'll push you through the wall.
Be Trace and go to where you get the yellow life. now turn into your other form and attack facing the life. befor you get in git up. you should be standing where the life is!!!!! =)
Arcterra Gltiches
Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch:
Go on one of the jump pads on the bottom floor, and look underneath the 2nd jump pad. There is a ledge underneath the bridge, and jump pad. Land on that ledge, and go in Alt. Form. SLOWLY, go into the crack while in Alt. Form, and once your past that, Come back into BiPed quickly, or you\'ll fall out of the glitch.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch:
Be Weavel, and go to the bottom floor yet again. There will be a jump pad that is near a huge tower thing, with little squares to stand in. Get in the bottom right square, go in HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You\'ll fall into the glitch from here.

Arcterra Level Cheats
Invisible Pole Glitch:
at the top of the map, near the entrances to Wall Glitches 5 and six, there is an invisible pole that you can walk on. Just shoot off the edges of the platform near the Wall Glitch entrances, and you will shoot a solid object. That will be the pole.

Credit to Ultimate Vhozon for these cheats
arcterra no-head glitch
Arcterra no-head glitch

For this cheat, you need to be trace. on the bottom floor, theres a health orb[yellow or blue]. Go into alt-form[triskelion], then charge at it with his alt-attack, Right before you go inside, change into biped[while you are still charging]. If you did it right, you will be in that spot with the orb and in biped form, so your head is invisible and theres no ceiling from your point of view. The upside is if your opponent[s] are on the bottom floor, you can snipe them, and they cant headshot you! If you do this cheat right, it works 100% of the time.
Arcterra- go through ceiling on top floor
This cheat is so easy to perform, works 100% of the time, and is very useful because it's useable with any character. Go to the platform on the top floor with all the ammo that you want. Go on one of the poles that leads to a very small platform. The platform is pretty small and is flat, excluding the one step. Look all the way up, and jump forward onto the step. You will now be seeing through the ceiling. If you try to move you can't, but you can still turn/change weapons. To get out of here, simply turn into Alt-Form and go. The reason this cheat is useful is because you can only get hit in the feet [and if your Trace, well, it will be hard to see you] and you will not be on the radar. If you shoot a solid object other than another Hunter, your shot will go right through anything.
Arcterra- Go through rock pillar in the centre
Ok, for this cheat you can be anyone except for Spire. Go on the jump pad from the bottom floor into the pillar in the middle [but still on the bottom floor], and you will see a spacing that looks like a 45 degree angle. Turn into alt-form and go into the space a little. Start walking slowly then turn into biped-form. If done right, you will be in a Shadow World, but you can still see your opponent who can bearly see your feet, and if he shoots your feet, you will somehow be teleported to a hole in the platform on the top floor. If you turn into alt-form, fire any shots, get shot, or just turn, you will fall to the bottom. If you jup, you will be on the top of the platform. It may be kinda hard to get into here, but it becomes easier with practice.
battlehammer glitch
Now I bet you all know the combat hall wall glitch dont you. This cheat IS exacly the same but better first be weavel then select a Trace robot now go to the missle-glitch-wall but make sure you have full health and your affinity wepon(battlehammer)fire once and do the same as the missle glitch this saves time health and ammo because the BATTLEHAMMER doesnt overheat(highly recomended version of the combat hall glitch!
battlehammer glitch 2
you can use the battlehammer glitch above anytime you need to missle push thru an alt tunnel or wall PS. I just foud out you can use the magmaul to missle push too but it takes off more health and dont use magmaul as spire it kinda hurts(alot)
Character Unlocks
If you win a match in multiplayer and the person you beat was being a character you didn\'t unlock, you unlock it.
This also works on wi-fi. You can unlock all of the characters in single player aswell.
Combat Hall
Combat Hall Wall Glitch:
Go to the first Alt. tunnel, and Missile push through it. Now, walk down to the end of the tunnel with the blue health in it. Go in HalfTurret, go outwards, and go back under the Alt. tunnel. HalfTurret Slice to the ledge behind the Magmaul. You will fall to your doom if you dont HalfTurret Slice.

Combat Hall Glitches
Combat Hall Wall Glitch:
The battle must have 2 people in it. Anyway, go in the hallway, and go to the corner with the blue health. Charge a Missile, and Missile push through the wall. You then have to jump up right to land on a ledge.

Combat hall weavel glitch with all hunters
Ok, so everyone knows how to get in the wall in the center of the map near the blue health, but only with weavel...
I'll refer to the Weavel glitch (missile push through alt tunnel, go into half turret near blue orb etc) as "W glitch", and where you missile push through the wall near the blue orb (bottem floor) as "N Glitch"
I have found out a way to get there with all hunters, first off, grab a magmaul, and some health. Then go into "N glitch" go right up to the edge of the wall, (try not to go through it though...) facing "W glitch"
Charge up a magmaul, fire it straight down, the blast should send you a bit in the air, at the top of this air you should jump and press forward towards the "W glitch", when you are halfway between the "N Glitch" and the "W glitch", fire a magmaul down, it should bounce off the floor and hit you, sending you a bit higher, so you are able to get into "W glitch".

This take a LOT of practice, also dont abuse it.
This is NOT reccomended for Spire, 'cause his magmaul burns...
You can get there easier with Samus, just go to the edge of "N Glitch" facing "W glitch", and double morph ball jump, then boost over, that takes skill aswell, just not as much.

complete saftey
in multi-player in alinos gateway be spire he is not affected by the lava. now go to where the imp. gun spawns and drop down you should now be between a black spear shaped rock and the stairs
to get the imp.
go straight in between the 3 walls and go into alt form you should be pushed through the black rock and are now untochable to anyone u can leave at any time
Cool Sniping Glitch
be Spire, and select Sic Transit.
now, this is a 3-step cheat, and i will describe the best i can.
1. go to the box where you get the double damage.
2. go alt. and climb the wall to your right. (facing the ramp, but not going down it)
tip: just hold down both the up & right buttons...
but mostly (majorly) left.
3. as in step 2, climb till you get to an icy ledge-type thing. go biped, and turn around 180*
and walk. you'll be in a glitch... where if you do it EXACTLY right, you'll be sightable, but not by much. if you find out how to put trace in this glitch PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!
Counter Glitches on Combat Hall
You can counter the wall glitches on combat hall using the Imperialist.

You can counter the corner wall glitches from standing around where the missile is. Shoot at the wall and it will go through.

The weavel glitch can be countered by standing at the start of the first alt tunnel and shooting from there.
Data Shrine Level Cheats
Shadow world 1

Go in the corner of the volt driver and get the Weavil to turret slash you and your in.

WARNING:Must have a Weavil and a Sylux user to work.

Shadow world 2

Be Sylux and in the Imperial tunnel go and get to the top there with Sylux and missle push and change into Alt. mode and your in.

Death Alt
If you are in a 4 player match, there will be a deathalt at the start of the alt tunnel.

This only works n a 4 player match.
Deathalt Ledges - Headshot
Having problems getting away from the DeathAlt?

If you are Sylux you can use your bombs to float around in space.

With other characters you will have to find a ledge. There is one where you spawn. If you look at the pillars going up, you can jump onto a ledge where they start. It is hard for any of the characters to get there and they run the risk of self destructing.
Defeat the Alt-Abusers!
A way to counter them is to go into their alt form and Run away leaving bombs or stay in one spot with a melee Alt. If you are fighting Kandan run away using the bombs or in any case use the magmaul as it rolls along the ground.
Double Damage without double damage
Ok, this cheat is really worth it. For this cheat, you can be anybody, however, you need the imperialist with at least 1 shot left. Ok, all you need to do is aim at your enemy and zoom in with the imperialist. You can shoot with the imperialist, and it will do double damage. Alternatively, this is where the cheat/glitch part comes in. When you zoom in with the imperialist, immediately change to power beam or missile, change back to imperialist, zoom in, then zoom out, then zoom in again, then change back to power beam or missile and fire, and it will count as a charged hit, with only using 1 shot. Please note: this cheat only works for missile if you have 4 or less than the total amount of missiles. This cheat does not work with any other affinity attacks.
easier place to hide from those deathalt abusers-ice hive
This cheat is very simple. If someone gets the deathalt before you, just run to the jump pad on the first floor that leads you to the deathalt. go to the room on the right using the jump pad[the room has a few ice crystals and a UA ammo recharge]. Then, start walking to the right, so that your up on a ledge. Keep holding up[you won't be going anywhere, but you can't be hurt by people using deathalt. Another way is to go to the room with the deathalt, then go up that pile of rubbel and up onto a post.
Easy kill for Lockjaw
Okay, for this cheat, be Sylux and go anywhere. Lay 1 bomb. Stay near the bomb, like pretty close to it. When the enemy comes by, lay the other bomb. When they trip on 1 bomb, lay another. When 1 of those bombs are gone, lay another one, and so on.
Far away freeze!

Grab the judicator as noxus and charge, aim at the floor (still faceing the enemey!) and release. the enemy should have been frozen! even from far away!
Fastest way possible to get deathalt at the Ice Hive!
This is sorta a glitch but, here it goes: Ok, this takes some practice to be really good at it. Look for the jump pad on when you jump, you will see the icy bridge. Go to that jump pad and then head right, towards the little icicles[make sure you are oretty much on top of them], then press the jump button, while still grinding up against the wall. If you did it right, you will be on the ice bridge. Head left to get to the room with the deathalt. Head right for the imperialist. I have checked many sources and tried it mysekf and this is for sure the fastest way to get to the deathalt in ice hive, because this takes exactly 6.25 seconds starting from the respwn area if done correctly!!!
Fly as Sylux
To fly as Sylux go to a Headshot lvl. go to a spot that you can jump go to your alt. form keep on tapping L really fast and jump off and keep tapping L then it's like you are flying.
Freeze someone from a high distance
this is an easy one.
Be Noxus in any map, then face your opponent with the judicator (HE MUST BE AS HIGH AS YOU!!) then look down. keep facing other guy!! charge and shoot. it should work but I'm not sure. i got it from another site.
Fuel Stack Level Cheat
Silo Levitator Glitch:
Okay, go to the main area, and float up the Silo Levitator to the Imperialist. Now, walk off the Imperialist box ledge towards the Silo Levitator, and jump into the light. Now, if done correctly, you will continue to float at the top.

Fuel Stack Wall Glitch:
Go to the Silo Levitator. There will be many floors, but go to the floor that is above the two blue health orbs. Now look up on the upper floor. You should see the Judicator. Go in the door that is under the Judicator. Now walk all the way through the narrow hallway, and you will get to a room with three doors. Take the door that is straight ahead, and you will be in an Affinity Weapon room, with a UA Ammo. Now, look on the wall to your left upon entering the room. You will see a small crack in between a pillar and a wall. Now, Missile Push there, and you will soon enough, go through the wall. Though, no one has discovered any place in the glitch that you can land on, so, you will fall to your death.

Fuel Stack Shadow World:
Go to where you start at the Wall Glitch, but go a floor down so you are on the two blue health orb's floor. Now, you will see a sort of yellowish wall, and a white wall near each health orb. Go to the white wall, and jump torwards the most bottom part of the upper floor. You will go through the wall if you jumped to the right part. But now, you have to walk backwards while falling, or you will fall to your death.

Credit to Ultimate Vhozon for these cheats
Get rank points fast
You need to ds. go on wifi and battle a five star. When the game ends leave and go straight to ds download. Have someone come and start match. the ds downloaded person will have the rank of a 5 star. just keep playing until u have 5*
Glitch - Alinos Gateway
Alinos Gateway Barrier Break 3:
Okay, go to the lavafall out in the ocean of lava. Once there, head towards the right side of the landmark and wall climb the side. Once high enough, it wont be too high, you will come up to a peice of wall that can be walked on. Now walk all the way to the right and get at the end of the ledge. Now their will be a line on the wall, it turns black when you look at it at different angles, but yes, wall climb up that line until you cant go any further. Now, go in HalfTurret to barrier break, now HalfTurret slice to gain higher ground. Now wall crawl left-wards, until you see a triangular ledge. you have to fall a bit to land on it. Now you have to get on this ledge because you need to be able to jump onto the lavafall rock, so stand on that ledge, and wallcrawl up. Do not start off by jumping, because you need a reserve jump. Now walk up as far as you can, and walk right. Now, turn so you can see the whole level. Keep walking that direction until you see the rock appear. It is invisible at first because you are in it. So, jump onto the rock, go in HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and try to stay above the height barrier. Continue walking until you cant any more, and just go in HalfTurret.
glitch combat hall
in wifi go to the end of the tunnel on the first floor and charge a missle and aim towards the part where the two lines intesect but a little to the right you should jump right and there you are
Glitches - Arcterra Gateway
Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 1:
Go on a jump pad on the bottom floot, then go on the next jump pad, but now, fall between the rock and the stairs on the bottom floor. You should be in the wall.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel, and go to the bottom floor, now go to where you get in Wall Glitch 1. Jump up torwards the wall, go in HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice. You now have to walk at an angle, and you\'ll slip through the wall, and be in the glitch.

Go through wall in sic transit
To get through to the wall, you can pick any character. Go to the bottom floor from wer u enter in sorty mode[the place with the pile of snow and UA ammo]. Look into the crease in the wall and then start jumping. If you did it right, you are now in a shadow world wer u can still fire beams. be careful because if you move too far back you will die.
Go thru wall in Sic Transit
On the bottem Floor or Sic Transit their is this red or green cyrstal thing.(Depends on region i think)
Use Weavel and jump looking upwards into a corner where the top of it and the wall meet.
You will now be stuck. Next go into HalfTurret and you will go thru the wall!
Be careful if you go to far out you will fall to your doom like you just fell off a cliff.
Harvester Level Cheat
Harvester Shadow World:
Be Sylux, and go to the jump pad that leads to the cloak. Go up there, and jump to one of the further ledges from the cloak ledge. Now go in Alt. Form, and glide across to the slanted ledge on the wing on the side of the level. You will fall, so bomb a little to keep your place. Now go to the end of the wing, and turn towards the corner. Go in Alt. Form, and fly to the back side of the wing, and go further. If you landed on the other side of the level, you will be in the Shadow World. This can be done with Spire as well, but just wall climb your way there.

Harvester Wall Glitch:
Be Sylux, and go to the Cloak. Now walk down the Cloak pillar, and you will be above the Imperialist, yellow health, and two UA Ammos. Now jump on one of the pillars on the left or right side, and walk up util you cant go any more. Now go in Alt. Form, and bomb jump up to the top of the middle pillar. You will fall through it, so stay close to the wall, and you will land on one of the two cubes. You are in the Wall Glitch.

Credit to Ultimate Vhozon for these cheats.
Holographic Sniping
On some levels there are holographic doors that you ca stand behind, if you have the imperialist you can snipe through then by standing up close to them and your enemy\'s will not be able to see through if they are few foot away from the door, this is perfect for trace users.
Ice Hive
Ice Hive Shadow World:
Go to the Double Damage room, and start to shoot the snowy walls. You will hit a wall that can be shot through, and can be jumped through as well. Get on the jump pad, and jump through the wall, now, once in the wall, quickly turn left, and land on the invisible ledge that is really the tunnel that leads to the Double Damage room. Well land there, and your in the Shadow World.

Ice Hive - Deathalt Dodge
It is quite hard to get away from the deathalt on Ice Hive. One of the best ways is to get the
Judicator and go up to the Double Damage room. Charge up the Judicator anf fire it down the tunnel. With the double damage, this will leave your opponent on low health. If you keep shooting single shots down, you should kill them.
Ice Hive Wall Glitches
Ice Hive Wall Glitch 1:
Go to the tunnel that leads to the Double Damage room. Dont go in, and look above the evtrance. You will see a ledge where you can stand. Get up there. Once there, you jump towards where the pole and the snow meet. Lay your HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You will slip through the wall, and be in the Wall Glitch!

Ice Hive Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel. Spawn in the main area, and go to the jump pad that leads to the Judicater. Now go on it, and jump to the Double Damage hall way entrance. Now climb up the ice cicle and jump to the middle of the pillar, lay your HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice. Now walk at an angle, and you will fall into the pillar. But be careful, it has a cut in the back, so you might fall.
invisible platform
arcterra multiplayer invisible platform

go to arterra and then go to the top platform with the affinity, missle, and health orb. Aim down then walk to the missle then get it. Keep looking down and move left, without looking in a different direction. Right when you are about to fall, move forward while looking down. Be careful because if you look in a different direction, you will fall. And also, once you shoot, if you move, you will fall, but if u dont move you wont fall. This cheat works about 25% of the time.
Invisible platform 2
Invisible Platform 2 in Arcterra[multi-player]

This a cool cheat that works 100% of the time. Its especially for Trace. For this cheat, you can be anyone and get a weapon that you want to do the killing with. Go to the big platform on the top floor. There is a big crack in the middle. You can stand on that crack in alt-form or biped. When you are in biped form, look down through the hole and fire away! The only downside about this is players[or bots] that are on the same floor as you, they will shoot at you. So if you are going to use this cheat, you might want to turn the radar on.

Kill those half-turret abusers!
Ok, for this cheat, you should either pick Noxus or Trace. If you go to a place that has the imperialist, you can pick whoever you want. Ok, so when your opponent turns into half-turret, run to another side of the arena, but you have to be able to see the half-turret. Go into snipe formation and kill that half-turret! If you picked Noxus, you can also freeze Weavel before or after he goes into half-turret. Just charge up the judicator, look at the Weavel[or half-turret], look straight at the floor, the shoot! He will be frozen so you can continuously shoot for a little bit. The range distance should be pretty big; the half-turret can't attack you, but you can still freeze it!
License trick
License trick:

Go to your Friends and rivals list.
Click on the down arrow on your friends list twice.
Then edit your name, but don't change it. Press the X.
Then press the up arrow on your friends list lots of times.
If this has worked, it should look like your WiFi friends list is empty.
metroid shadow world freeze game glitch
when on story mode-go to the door neer the 8 otholics cannon thing and do the shadow glitch. (if you dont know how go to where the 3 blocks are in the corner and use battlehamer/rocket gun and fire at a 95˚ angle and when your behind the wall jump to the corner). face where the other door is leading to the room and fire (use the rocket gun it usually works best) at the door and walk through. this freezes the game but you can just turn off or on some just restart the game. this doesnt hare you game or data in anyway!
Noxus tips
Okay eager Noxus users:
Noxus's best arena is the Sanctorus. It's small, has the judicator and the Voltdriver. Noxus's best tactic here is to freeze the opponent, then quickly changing to Voltdriver and shooting their head really fast. This is good because they cannot move or shoot you (this is best in 1v1)
If you jump around a lot, you will pull this off.
Hope this helped.

Omega Cannon Glitch- always left with 1 health
This glitch can be used against the user [so I don't see why you would use it that much], but it can save you from dying in 1 hit from the Omega Cannon. This cheat does not work if any player[s] has 1 health left, or has yet to respawn [or has not yet re-spawned]. You can be anyone for this cheat, but it sometimes won't work for Spire and Kanden. When you or you're opponent fires an Omega Cannon, make sure your some distance away, then quickly change into alt-form, close the open your DS immidiately, then run around in circles while still in alt-form. When the Omega Cannon hits, you will be reduced to 1 health no matter what it was, and then the game continues like normal. But if you look at how much damage someone has given in the end [when it shows your score], it will say 198 damage for each shot that hit, no matter how much damage they really did
Be Weavel, get oubliette. now go to the jump pad that goes the highest now walk to the center. look up put your at the circle at the top. go to the blue life on the bottom floor. face the center. walk till you hit the wall turn right and walk to the next wall. look up and go right til you see a crack jump up and turn into half torrent and move left. you should be in the wall!!!!! =)
Oubliette Wall Glitch:
Go on the bottom floor near the blue health. You will see a pointy rock. Jump up towards this rock, and you\'ll go through the wall.
Infinite Omega Cannon Glitch:
Get the Cannon, and push the L button, right at the same time as you go in alt. The shots will be invisible, but it does work.

Oubliette Glitch
There is a very handy glitch in Oubliette that you can use to your advantage. First, traverse all the jump pads. Second, follow the stone path to the right, get the Omega Cannon and then go back to the stone path and keep heading right. Drop down to the first ledge you see. You'll see a small entrance in the path in front. Go into alt and squeeze inside, when you're inside, get back in biped. You're in the glitch! Now if you know someone is in the Omega Cannon area, shoot the Omega Cannon and it will kill them but don't worry, nothing can kill you while you're in the glitch. But remember to keep going out to get the Omega Cannon.
Oubliette Glitch - Omega Cannon
If you fire the Omega Cannon and go in to your alt forum at the same time, you will get another Omega Cannon Weapon to use. This works with all of the characters.

You have to pull it off well, but if you do it is worth it.
Oubliette Wall Glitches
Oubliette Wall Glitch:
Go on the floor below the top floor. Look around, and you will see two stems meeting up, with a little spot to stand in. Jump on that, go into alt, and you will sink through. Now just land in a spot on the bottom floor, and you\'ll be in the wall glitch.

Over the Wall
Choose Alinos Gateway,and Weavel as your character and go to the sniping perch where the imp is. Then look the rock about 5 feet left of you and start jumping up it (it's a volcanic looking rock). Eventually, you will reach the top of the rock. Now look to your left again, and there will be a wall. Just jump towards the wall several times, then walk on it, and keep walking until you come to a halt. This is when you start spamming half turret to biped repeatedly until you reach the top of the wall. Now this is the tricky part. Once you see the darkness over the wall, strafe left until you reach an angle in the wall, then jump down and keep going forward as you're falling and you'll reach a little secret area where no one can hit you, but you can hit them.
Permanant charged Volt-driver
ok, for this cheat, you can go to any arena, as long as you see one or more of your opponents face-to-face. First, be Kanden and charge up the Volt-driver, then find your enemy[z]. Go right up to them, and fire the Volt-driver so you both get hurt and suffer blurred vision. After its starts to blur, hold the fire button, then step back[you can continuously do this as long as you have blurred vision]. Its hard to perform and takes expiriance, but its worth the time.
Processor Core wall glitch
Be Weavel bounce to the top floor but bounce to the ledge to the right.Now look for an air-vent-thingy on the ledge jump onto it face the left hand corner and go into alt.formyou should go thru the wall but if you face forwardyou will die in a shadow world so remember face the left hand corner.
prosseser core shadow world
GO into the alt tunnel that leads to the double damage but dont fall down. Try to get out of alt form but still in the alt tube, to do this when your in the hole where the double damage is got out of alt immediantly and start walking backwards. Keep walking backwards and charge a missle shoot the charged missleyou will go back a little bit, do this one more time and.............well, your in the shadow world!

Quick Way to Deathalt
On Ice Hive, go through the Jump Pad that goes through the hologram if you spawn neat to it. It is quicker than the other way, which most people go.
Quick way to reach top of combat hall
If you want to get to the top part of combat hall [through the two alt tunnels] quicky, then heres how.

With Samus, double bomb jump onto the sniper shield thing next to the top of combat hall, then go into Biped, and jump to the top.

With Sylux, go into lockjaw and press the fire button EXTREAMLY fast next to the same sniper shield, if you do it fast enough, you can get up onto it, then jump to the combat hall top.

With Weavel, battle hammer jump then go into alt to get onto the sniper shield thing [which is very hard to do without falling off] then jump to the top.
Rapid-fire imperialist in story mode glitch
Ok, you must go to Arcterra in the part where you see Trace and Noxus fighting. Go left of the door and keep jumping into the wall [the same wall as the Sic Transit glitch], then run out and Noxus will attack you. Just avoid him and go directly to Trace. Trace will do rapid fire shots, but they only do 7-12 damage, and sometimes go through you and you don't take damage. Shoot one shot at Trace with the missile [not charged], and it will say headshot, even if it barely hits his foot. The second he dies [he dies right after you shoot him that one time], close your DS for 3-5 seconds, open it up, pause the game close your DS again for 3-5 seconds [to confuse the game], then press quit. When it asks if you really want to, press yes. Go back to that file, then kill Noxus [make sure you don't get hit by Trace, otherwise this won't work]. When you kill Noxus, he will drop the yellow health orb. Right when it shows the cut scene of him dissappearing before it shows the health pack, close your DS for 3-5 seconds, open your DS, then close it again for
5-10 seconds, then open it up. It will show Noxus drop the yellow health orb. Go pick it up, then the second you pick it up, close your DS, then immideately open it. You will now have the imperialist weapon, but it doesn't show the symbol, so how do you access it? It's easy! Just click on the missile, charge up a shot, and while it's still charging, click on the special weapons selection, then fire your missile while still having your stylus on the special weapon selection. Close your DS for 3-5 seconds, open it up, and you now have the imperialist, and it's also rapid-fire!! Note that sometimes the color of the symbol/shot of the imperialist will change, which may ruin the colors on the game temporarily. This can be fixed by pausing then unpausing the game, or closing then re-opening your DS.
samus can clone herself in storymode
this cheat will work 100% of the time.
first go to any slench boss, and right after
the entrance movie ends, DON'T MOVE!!! you will be just touching the edge of the Stronghold
Door. (if you aren't, turn around and face the Door and jump towards it, then turn towards the slench)go alt, and do not move off of the door
step. instead, roll towards the door(that will make the morphball turn towards the door)then go biped. you should still be in a zoomed-out view,
and able to shoot at the samus below you(of course it doesn't hurt her)and if you are quick doing this, you can even do it when the slench is attacking you... 1 slench versus 2 samuses!
Samus In Trace's Glitch (arcterra)
be samus, and pick arcterra gateway.
make your way to the bottom floor,
and circle around the pillar in the middle of
the room, until you get to the little
rectangle-ish hole with the health orb in it.
move back until you reach the snow ground.
then, turn into alt. and dash into the hole.
just like trace's glitch, turn into biped
right when you enter it.
if done right, you should be standing in the
hole... as samus!
Samus in weavel's glitch at Combat Hall
ok, Get Sasmus, and go to the corner in the hallway near the Jump pad. Charge a missle, and aim it at the floor infront of you. shoot it, when you get in the Shadow world, go to the side and jump forward before you fall to your death!
Now that your safe, go into the corner of the black floor, and go into alt. form. Now lay a bomb, and right before it explodes lay another.
When your at the highest point in the air, lay 1 more. When you hit the floor the 2nd bomb will explode sending you to the 3rd. and when it explodes you get pretty high! So when the 3rd one pops, boost as fast as you can to the room!
You should now be in Weavel's Combat Hall glitch! =D
shadow freeze
be noxus and charge the judicator and aim down it'll only work if you shoot at the same elevation as your enemy
Shadow World
Sic Transit Shadow World:
Follow the same paths as Wall Glitches 2-3, and when you are in Wall Glitch 2, walk behind the see-through door, and you\'ll be in the Shadow World.

Shoot twice at once for fast weapons glitch
For this glitch, you need to get a fast weapon [volt driver or judicator] or stick with a regular power beam. This sometimes works for charged shots, too. This works for any character. Right when you are about to shoot, tap [not hold] the jump button, then hold down the fire button. If done correctly, after you fire a shot, when you hit the ground, you will fire another shot. Depending on how high/low you jumped, this shot will be charged. Note that on rare occasions this works for any other weapon, including the imperialist.
Sic transet Glitch
Go to the jump pad near the invisable ball and the health. To your right there should be and notch in the wall. Jump in it then jump up for a while and you will go into a black area. This is actually the level exept you can't see anything. Get a friend to shoot at a spot in the arena(not in the black world) and you should see it.
Sic Transit
Sic Transit Wall Glitch:
Go to the Cloak room, and go up the jump pad. Now, your in the yellow box room. Look on the right ledge on the window, and jump on it. Face the wall, move forward, and jump. You\'ll go through the wall.

Sic Transit
Sic Transit Wall Glitch:
Be Weavel and go to the opposite side of the hall from the Wall Glitch 1 location, and jump towards the top of the pillar. Once you jump up there, go in HalfTurret, and your in.

Sic Transit
Sic Transit Wall Glitch:
Go to the Hallway with the Shock Coil in it, then hunt through that hall for a UA Ammo. There will be a room behind this UA Ammo, so go there, and look in the right corner. Continually jump in that corner at an angle, and you will be in the glitch.

Sic Transit
Sic Transit Shadow World:
Get in Wall Glitch 4. Once you are in, turn left, and walk. You\'ll be in the Shadow World.

Sic Transit Glitch
Sic Transit Wall Glitch:
Go to the Wall Glitch 2 entrance, and jump on the side of the pillar, not the top. Anyway, Once you appear to be floating, Missile Push, and you will go through the wall, or you will glitch into the pillar.
Sic Transit not-meant-to-be-there sniping spot
Be spire. go to the far corner of Sic Transit(opposite side of the cloak and where you attempt the shadow world glitch) and wall climb the corner that has a little ledge going around it. if you wall climb it at the corner, you can get up on top and be able to see over the wall and see the outside of the map! this is obviously not meant to be there because your not supposed to be able to see over any map's outer edges. well anyway, you can stand up there and it's just a good sniping spot I wanted to point out =D
sic transit rod shadow world
be weavel and go to the battle hammer (make sure you have full ammo for it)and collect it turn to face the bridge and go left now you see that rod on the ceiling jump towards it and go into alt form this takes alot of practice but you should go thru the wall (i never got to see most of this shadow world coz as soon as i got thru i was headshoted by trabot!
Sic Transit Shadow World 2
For this cheat, you can be anyone[its easier with Sylux, though] and go to the Sic Transit. Go to side where there are ancient writings on the wall and theres a jump pad. There will be a thing there that looks like a " [ ". Go into it and keep jumping, and try not to fall off. In a little bit if done right, you will be in a Shadow World. You can still be hurt and its harder for you to see you enemy and they can see you perfefctly. There are a few ways to get out. The easiest way is to back to the jump pad which you can only see when stading one step away from, moving to the left, and going to the cloak room. And the other way is to find a door out, which you can only see when its on the tip of your view point, so when you look at it, it looks like it goes away. Just go through them, and in a certain amount of time, depending on your accuracy, you will be out.
Sniping spot and not ever getting hurt!
Be Spire and go to Alinos Gateway. First, Getting the imperialist and UA ammo reacharges, until it is at max. Then, go below the imperialist ledge and move toward the lava-fall untill you come across a wall and a big black rock next to it. Climb the wall as much as you can with dialance[there isnt much climbing to do]. While you are still as high as you can be, turn into biped form and, viola! You are inside the black rock. There is the perfect place to snipe w/o being able to get hurt.
Spire and Weavel equals Speavel Glitch
This glitch takes some practice to perform, but it's really worth it. You need a Spire player and Weavel player, but you can have whoever else you want. For this glitch, you need to have a Spire above a Weavel [higher than just jumping] fall onto the Weavel. Just before you touch the Weavel, jump up, and then turn into Alt-Form. This is where Weavel does his thing. As soon as Spire does his down-punching-when-going-into-Alt-Form-thing, quickly press the Alt-Form switch. Then both players must immediately turn back into Biped form, then Alt-Form, yet again, at the exact same time. If done correctly, the Spire person will still see Spire, the Weavel person will still see Weavel, and everyone else will see whoever is winning [if you are tied, it will just keep blinking]. The cool and uncool thing is that if both people go in opposite directions, it will count as them jumping. If either one of those two people turn into Alt-Form, they will seperate, sometimes swapping scores, secondary weapons, health, ammo, etc. However, if you go into a Shadow World then turn out of Alt-Form, they will both have infinite health and ammo, but you can't pick up any more secondary weapons. However, the ammo and health won't say infinite, it will say whatever it previously was, but trust me on this, it's infinite.
stasis bunker glitches
wall glitch:
be weavel at stasis bunker in the main room at the bottom floor go to the corner with the ammo. go forward you should be blocked by an invisible barrier go to the right and you should go inside the barrier. go until you cant because of another barrier. go into alt. mode and you should be in the corner wall!

shadow world glitch:
go to the main room like in the wall glitch above go to the shield thing with the health behind it go to the corner farthest away from it on that wall run in to the wall and go into alt. form if timed right you should be in the corner on top of your turret and able to go into the wall by pressing down and left and you will go into the shadow world
Stasis Bunker Level Cheats
Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 1:
Be Weavel, and go to the room where yhe Battle Hammer and Volt Driver are. Now go to the entrance of the hall that leads to a jump pad, and two UA Ammos. Turn left at the entrance, and there will be a small square wall up a little slope. Walk up that slope, jump, and go into HalfTurret. If done correctly, you will go through the wall.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel again, and take the same path as Wall Glitch 1, but actually go to the jump pad. now, go in the jump pad, but go behind it, and lay your HalfTurret in the right corner. Go on the jump pad, once you get as high as you can, HalfTurret Slice towards the right corner, you will fall, slip under your HalfTurret, and fall to your doom.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 3:
An every hunter glitch! Okay, go to that main room with the Battle Hammer and Volt Driver in it. If you look aroung the room, you see on the wall there are small rectangular pillars connecting the roof and ceiling? Well, one of those wont let you go up to it. So get on the slope, and Missile Push. You will be in that pillar, safe from any harm.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 4:
Okay, this can only be done in Octolith, or Bounty. Go to where the Imperialist is. When your in there, jump on one of the side ledges. Look down behind the Octolith. You will see a wall, but when you get above it, you cant see it. So, Drop down to the floor, while staying as close as you can to the wall. Your in a minor Wall Glitch now!

Stasis Bunker Shadow World 1:
Go in that room with the Battle Hammer and Volt Driver are. Now go on the center jump pad, and jump to the indent in the wall that is above the door that leads to a UA Ammo, and then the Affinity Weapon. Anyway, go in HalfTurret, and go to the very edge, while in the corner. face the wall, and keep moving around. When you see some of the level go black, HalfTurret Slice out of the box to be in the Shadow World.

Stasis Bunker Shadow World 2:
Go get in Wall Glitch 1. When your in, walk around in different places until you see the level go black. Go out of the glitch into the Shadow World.

Credit to Ultimate Vhozon for these cheats
Stop a sniper by reflecting imperialist headshots
Right when you know someone fires an imperialist shot [you must be really fast at this part], jump, change into alt form, then attack as alt form, and it doesn't matter if you are on the ground or not, as long as you do this correctly. Even if someone doesn't fire the shot at you, you can still send a shot back. For example, if you see someone shoot [it has to be a headshot imperialist] and you do the trick, it will say the person self-destructed, and they lose 1 point, but you also gain 1 point!! This cheat works with any character at any place, including Oubliette. The only other rule is that you must clearly see the imperialist beam.
straight first person shooter
Get the imperialist, wast all the ammo, now go to your power beam and double tab the imperialist (make
sure all the ammo's gone)now look around, and you'll
have a straight first person shooter.
Subterrainean Level Cheat
Subterrainean Wall Glitch 1:
Be Weavel, and go to the cloak, and stand at the right edge while under the pillar. Jump and go in HalfTurret, and you'll be behind the cracked wall.

Subterrainean Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel, and go to the Cloak room. Theres a diamond in there. Go to the right side, and walk up the wall. Once up the wall and on the diamond, lay your HalfTurret off the edge so it will lock you. It is best for begginers. Anyway, it keeps you on the diamond so you wont fall. Turn so the wall is on your right, and walk right towards the wall. You will fall through the diamond, and be inside it.

Credit to Ultimate Vhozon for these cheats.
Sylux can go anywhere!
For this cheat, be Sylux[obviously...] and go to Ice Hive[that's where this takes place]. There is another cheat I posted saying that you can go on the ledge of the holes in the wall[which you can] to hide from the deathalt-abusers. What I didn't say was that Sylux can get there! Go on the jump pad[the one that when you are jumping, you can see the ice bridge], and go to the right, where there are a few ice crystals and a UA ammo. Go to the right while up against the wall, and you can get anywhere[at least in Ice Hive] with Sylux! Another place your opponent might be is the room with the deathalt, standing up on the pole past the little bridge[not the ice bridge]. Use bombs to go up the firat part, then keep using bombs and get on the first pole. If you time your bombs right, you will be able to get to the second pole, where your opponent is!

Sylux\'s Ship (single player)
Make sure you scan it otherwise you cant get 100% completion. You are about to battle Sylux when you can scan his ship.
Team Glitch - Video showing how to.
Here is a vid that shows how the team glitch works.

One glitch from:

Alinos Gateway
Data Shrine
Transfer Lock
Outer Reach

There are many more this is just showing a few and mainly how to do it.
team glitch for alinos gateway
get a friend and put the game settings on teams. now you must both be weavel. then, go to the big stair thing in the middle of the arena. don't go up it but go around the side of it until you find a cornerish part. then 1 player puts his turret down in the corner, after that the next player places his turret on top of that. then, take the bottom turret away and place it on top of that one. after that, the one who's turret is on top( the persons whose is on top is easier to be able to go through) go underneath the bottom turret and halfturret slice. you should go through the wall. for the second person to go in they need to take away their turret and walk underneath the other persons turret then go into alt form and halfturret slice and you should be in.(second person might take awhile)
team glitch for data shrine
get a friend, put settings on teams, both people be weavel. now go to the corner with the VD and have 1 person put their turret in the corner then the second person puts their turret on top of that turret. then the 1st player takes his turret away and places it on top of player 2's turret. now the person with the turret on top go underneath the bottom turret and halfturret slice(it is easier for that person for some odd reason). if you come back towards the arena at just the right time you should land underneath the glass. if you don't time it correctly you should still be in shadow world. for the second person to get through they need to take away their turret and walk underneath player 1's turret(yes it will be floating) and then go into halfturret and then halfturret slice. second player might take awhile.
Trailer in Demo
Complete the single-player missions in First Hunt and get a high score in each. The trailer will be at the title screen by pressing a flashing dot.
trick w/ Trace on Data Shrine
On Data Shrine as Trace go in the hole with the imperialist and, while still in the hole, transform to biped mode. This will allow you to easily snipe at people and no one will expect it or see you.
Be trace in oubliette and get the omega cannon. Fire it at the enemy and change into trace's alt. You will not take any damage.
unlimited points
GLITCH-for this glitch you need 2 ds's, it only recuires 1 metroid prime hunters game though. first, you set the time up to the exact same second on both of the ds's, match the dates up too. put date in as october 1st. and than go to single card play and set the game up in combat hall for 1 kill in 7 minutes. have the ds with out the metroid game do ds download. once in the game have the ds with the metroid game kill the ds without the game. the sad part about this glitch is that you can never gain any more points. the good part about this game is that you never lose any points. -END OF GLITCH-. THEORY- this is a very odd glitch. i actualy stumbled apon it on accident. my theory is that this is a super glitch in this game. the reason this glitch works is it actualy confuses the ds's with each other. it thinks the ds with metroid prime hunters in it is actualy the one with out the game. so it makes you never able to lose points. CAUTION- this glitch may cause damage in the game. BEING REVERSED- i am almost sure that you can reverse this glitch by simply doing it again. -----IF YOU HAVE ANY COMENTS, QUESTIONS, OR PROBLEMS WITH THIS GLITCH----- email me at ------THANX------
Unlock Noxus without killing him or Trace, and beat the game in under 10 more minutes!
Ok, for this cheat, go to Arcterra. Find Noxus, then go into morh ball. Right before he freezes you, lay a morph ball bomb. While he is being damaged from the bomb, press start and then hit quit really fast. If you then go to multiplayer, you will have Noxus, and sometimes Trace[i dont know how you get Trace like that, but whatever]. Then go to Single Player Go to Arcterra and you will notice that you have the Judicator weapon and at the part you see Noxus and Trace, only Trace will be there hitting where Noxus is supposed to be. You can then kill trace with a headshot of a judicator, and then you also have Trace. If you then go back to your ship, save, then right before it says save complete hold L, R, START, SELECT. then go back to that file and you will have all the Octoliths. Go to the combat hall in Alinos, then you face Gorea[for some reason on your way there, when you get hit or walk in lava, you take no damage. But if you get a health orb, you will be able to take damage, so watch out!]. DO NOT GET THE ENRGY PACK AT THE BEGINNING! When you face Gorea, if you quickly turn into morph ball then out, then hit start and press quit. When it asks if you really want to quit, say no. Then go back to the game. Gorea is doing his dying thing, then you get your reward and everything! The downside about this is if you want the Octolith on your Hunter Lisence, go back and kill Gorea the fair way.
Up the wall(sletch lv4 A)
Turn into morph ball and roll around like crazy avoiding ice blasts.Let the green cubes follow you.they will stick together.Once they start to glow realy brightly stop rolling and face one of the slanted walls.When the supercube hits you you will launch up the wall.(you will need lots of health for this because one hit takes off about 3 1/2 power suits worth of energy and that makes it the strongest projectile in the game so collect those energy tanks)Also if you hit the sletch in the right place you should hurt it thru the shield!This cheat is kinda poinless its not worth the health just to fly up the walls but anyway its kinda cool.
Uses Of Affinity Weapons
Samus & Charged missiles - Heat seeks - Will curve and heat seek to hit your opponent.

Kanden & Charged Volt Driver - Will seek target and blurr vision for a few seconds.

Spire & Charged Magmaul - Will set enemies on fire if hit. Takes off 50 health with 1 hit and then enemy will burn for about 5 seconds after.

Trace & Imperialist - Becomes inivsible when standing still.

Noxus & Judicator - Charged Judicator freezes enemy.

Sylux & Shock Coil - Steals enemy from target when maintaining it in the chain.

Weavel & Battlehammer - if it touches a solid wall, makes a small explosion, causing additional damage.
Wall Glitch
Combat Hall Wall Glitch:
You do the exact opposite as Wall Glitch 1. Other end of the hall, same Missile Push technique, and jump up left.

Wall Glitch
Oubliette Wall Glitch:
Go on the top floor, and you will see a little balchony thing sticking out. Go on that, and you will see a crack. To get in there, go in alt, go in the crack, and come out of alt. Your in the glitch now.
Wall Glitch
Sic Transit Wall Glitch:
Get in the Barrier Break Glitch. Once there, you will see that the top of the three poles by the Imperialist have no roof, so jump over there, Missile Jump, HalfTurret Slice, anything that will get you to the top of that pole. You will fall staright down the pole, and be at normal ground now. Except you are in the pole.

Wall Glitches
Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch:
Go ALL THE WAY UP, to the top floor. Now, go to the box connected to the wall that looks like it has an Alt. tunnel.
Anyway, jump up into the small space, and jump even more to go further to the left. Once in the correct spot, aim up just a little bit, and walk torwards the wall while turning left real slowly. You will soon enough, go through the wall. Now, your aiming for the black area behind the wall in the below hallway. Make is past that wall, and your perfectly safe from any harm. You cant fall off an edge either.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch:
Take the same past as Wall Glitch 5. Now, once you go through the wall, dont jump behind the wall, jump to the right, behind the whole hallway. Now, look down as you fall, and you will see a patch of snow. Land on, to take some serious damage. Now, stay here, or lump around the big tower, so you will be in Wall Glitch 4.
Wall Glitches in the Demo
This can only be done in either Survivor mode or MultiPlayer on the Survivor level:

Top of Level / Invisible Walls: When you start off, take an immediate right. Let the pad launch you to the top ledge thingy, and don't move while it launches you. Get on the flat part of the bow lookin thing and turn into a morph ball. Set all three of your bombs while staying perfectly still. Right when they start to go off, unmorph, and you will go flying REALLY high. At the very peak of your launch, jump and push the D-Pad towards the ledge. You will be able to walk up a steep slope, and fall down a big, roofless hole in the ceiling. Now you are back in the level, except you can only see the monsters and the walls of the side you came from. It's helpful to use the radar to walk around in here.

Side Wall:Go the same way as you did the first time, except when you are on the caged floor, do not step on the pad. Keep going and hop onto the very thin ledge running alongside the wall. Morph into the ball. Use the previous technique to get onto the top of the wall from there. Run on top of that towards the slanted hill. Jump to try and land on it, but you'll realize that there is nothing solid there, it is where the program stops telling the game to put walls. Instead you'll land on a flat beam. You can run out to the edge of this, and just missile, beam, and lob the heck out of your enemies down on the lower or parallel floor. If they eventually find out where you are, it will not matter, as they can't harm you, you can only get them.

Top of the Towers: Follow the direction in the first glitch, and step on the pad. Jump off of the block, and run onto one of the perpendicular sides of the level, one that has those big towers. Use the morph bomb trick to make your way nearly to the top. You can eventually get on the top of one of those slanted beams, and get a bird's eye view of all of your foes sitting there, wondering who the heck is shooting them.

Remember not to abuse these too much, because a good gamer does not camp the whole match using these glitches. Particularly the second one is really cheap, because you cannot die at all. So be a good gamer and get out there in the middle of the fight and don't be scared to die a few times. Good Luck!

Wall/ Vision Glitch
Combat Hall Wall Glitch:
Be Weavel, and go to the second Alt. tunnel. Missile Push through the Alt. tunnel, and go to either end of the tunnel. Now, Go in HalfTurret, and go a little outwards of the level, you will then start to fall, but when you are falling, go under the Alt. tunnel, and you will be in the glitch.

Combat Hall Vision Glitch:
Go behind the Affinity Weapon, and walk into the little corner on the right. Now get someone to jump on you. Now they need to go in Alt. Form, and come back out into BiPed. Okay, NOW they need to stay on top of you, and you kill them. If they walked straight into the corner, they will see the Magmaul, or the Magmaul fused with an Affinity Weapon, for about one second.