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Mega Man ZX Advent Cheats

Mega Man ZX Advent cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man ZX Advent cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Model A (Ancient)Get all medals from all bosses.
Model HBeat Aeolus in Floating Ruin.
Model PBeat Sirnaq in Legion HQ.
Model FBeat Atlas in Oil Field.
Model LBeat Thetis in Highway.


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Hidden move with Bifrost.
Move his tail by going to left and right to damage an enemy.
Monthly items.
Go to Oil Field 3 or 4 (the one has Data Room), and head down to lower groud. Get into the room and destroy every objects, one of the objects consist Monthly items. If you don't get it, leave that area and return back.

Note : 1 item only for each month.
Reference to RockMan & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
When you get to Area 3 of the Train, enter in the first door you see. Get the Backpack from Patrick inside, and when you return to Hunter Camp, head to Area 2 and return the the Backpack to Ray.

He'll give you a Disk to give to give to Patrick that contains his favorite "Super Hero" in it. He'll tell you that he does not have the equipment to view it, and give it back as a Secret Disk.

Head to Hunter Camp and look at the Secret Disk. It will be a comic, and on the cover is a boss from RockMan & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha - KonroMan (roughly translated into StoveMan).
Tip: To unlock a NES version Mini-game.
Beat Megaman ZX: Advent once on normal mode.
You will unlock a mini game in the mini game section called Rockman A not it's not MODEL A it IS Rockman A.

This is a personal favourite of mine because it is like the classic NES games with the 8-bit music.

The music is from the previous Megaman ZX game including the boss battle's

I'm not going to spoil anything, but if you've beaten RMZX:A then you know what the first boss in the mini game is :þ

You can play as both Grey and Ashe they are chosen at random.


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Flying through door ways
If you run up to a door, and jump onto the wall above it, then slide down, you'll float through it, making it look like you are flying.
Glitch : Skip stroyline for battle Model ZX.
Go get Vulturon in Scrapyard, Model L in Highway, and Queenbee in Control Center.

Head to the Hunter Camps with basketball court, remove a barrel from drain entrance with Queenbee and make your way to Quarrry and battle with Model ZX.

Note : This will change the whole game stroyline and you cant transform into any model after doing this glitch. USE AT OWN RISK.


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Action Replay Codes
GAME ID: YZXE 59db331c

22169D0C 00000080

Infinite Health
22169D1A 00000020

Infinite SP
22169E20 00000020

Infinite Crystals
02169DE8 0001869F

Infinite Lives
22169DE4 00000009

Quick Burst (Y for main Weapon and X for Subweapon)
927FFFA8 F7FF0000
22169DA0 00000078
D0000000 00000000
927FFFA8 FBFF0000
22169DA1 00000078
D0000000 00000000

Turbo Shot
12169F90 00000000
22169F92 00000000
22169F98 00000000
22169FA1 00000000
02169FB0 00000000

Infinite Run
920163AC 00001E4E
120163AC 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Moon Jump (B)
94000130 FFFD0000
02169CD0 FFFFFC80
D0000000 00000000

Have All Forms Selectable
1212127E 0000F7CF
02121280 F7F7F7FF
Easy Lives
Once you're able to go to the Oil Field, after beating Chronoforce, Rospark, and Buckfire, there is a Life that is really easy to get.
First, make your way to the Transerver in the Tower of Verdure. From there, enter the Oil Field and take the lower route, killing the enemies (Buckfire works wonders with killing all the enemies in the way), and when you get to an area where there is a fire crab crawling on the roof above you, and a couple of Galleons, and there should be a few flying enemies there too, there will be a long thin platform right above that has a Life (The A symbol) on it. Turn to Buckfire, use your Charge + Up to get high enough to reach it, then very easily go back to the Transerver at the Tower of Verdure, save and repeat.

I easily got a max of nine lives in less than 15 minutes. You can come back any time you want to refill.