Mega Man ZX Cheats

Mega Man ZX cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mega Man ZX cheat codes.


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Beat Serpent Fast

Get 3 Sub-Tanks, and fill them up, you'll need them for the 8 bosses that you re-fight. Once you get to the top where Serpent is, do NOT enter the door that leads to him, instead, dash back and forth killing the 3 guard Mavericks to refill your Sub-Tanks. Now his first form is easy as hell, but to do it so you have no hits at all, use Model Phantom X (PX), Wall Climb up to the top of the screen and stay up there firing, if he gets too close, dash to the other side, firing at him on the way.

His second form is best taken on with Model Zero X (ZX), which you change to already via the cutscene. Just keep slashing at him while slashing down his attacks, eventually you will get to the core with Zero's face. Slash at the core as fast as you can, because you can hit it from anywhere.
Beating Omega Easiest Way.
Turn to Model X and go to where you fight Omega. Use X's 2 combo charged buster all the time and Omega will die.
Dolly in Prairie's room
If you continue to hit the doll long enough it will drop a W can (Weapon can) which refills your weapon energy, though the dolly will only drop it if you do not acquire one already, so when you've ran sure to go back and give that doll another beating for one.
E -tank
If you go to the guardian base and go to the bottom and talk to cedre or whatever her name is and she'll sell you an etank for 200 ec.They will restore all of your life.
Easter Eggs 1
Go to Prairie's room to see this:

Amy's mallet from the Sonic series.

A picture of Ciel, Aolette, and Zero from Megaman Zero.

Aolette's clothing from MegaMan Zero.

A pillow with the MegaMan Zero logo on it.

Two Cyber-Elfs as stuffed animals from MegaMan Zero.

There are also various other things, like a helmet with a "V" shaped visor and a big stuffed animal on Priarie's bed, but I do not know what they are from.
Easter Eggs 2
Here are more Easter Eggs found in MMZX:

In the Amusment Park's Crane Game, you can find toy replica's of enemies from multiple MegaMan games

quote Easter Egg with spoiler
The Mission in Area D when Giro dies is several events from the MegaMan X series strung into one mission.

Enemies ignore you.
First, you must be in Human form. Go to Area A or B, enemies will ignore you, but still if you walk straight through them, you'll get a damage.
This also work in Area C.
MegaMan X4 Reference- Flame Saber
If you remember from Megaman X4 the move you acquire as Zero that you get from Magma Dragoon is the same exact move that OX Model has in it's Overdrive

Model OX Overdrives
Press " A " for Overdrive.

- Press Down+R for Ground Breaker
- Press Down+Semi-Charge Buster for summon 8-Ball cover you.
- Press Down+Full-Charge Buster for Rekkoha(OX version, lasers all are near you)
- Press Down+Y for Saber Shock-Wave attack
- Press Up+Y for Flame-Upward attack
- Press Y in mid-air for Ice-Circle attack
Quick Kill to Omega
When you battle Omega, become Model PX. It's normal attack does almost 1/2 a bar of damage. (It also works on the boss on M3)
Stuck Car in Area C-1
Talk to a man near the car. He told you to move that car.
So turn into HX, press Y button for full charged attack and release it. That car should be moving.
W tank
In the guardians base go to Prairie's toy room and knock down the doll hanging on the string. Attack it multiple times and a W tank should come out of it. The W tank will restore all of the biometal's energy that you are currently using. You can only hold one W tank but you can get it as many times as you want


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Birthday cake?

If you change the system date to the day of your birthday, you can go to Area C-1 and talk to Sherry to get a free Birthday Cake that restores your health. Sherry is in one of the buildings that has a dark door.
Boss Toys.
If you beat bosses without hitting their biometals and get a level 4 finish you can unlock a toy of that boss in the back of Prarie's room.

These are the areas you must avoid to get a level 4 finish so you can obtain the toys.

Fistleo: head
Flammole: arms
Hivolt: neck
Leganchor: head.
Lurerre: head.
Protectos: chest.
Purprill: arms.
Easy lives
This requires the green keycard. Go to the teleporter that is found before the C-1 level. Then, enter the level and find the green door. Enter it, then while in human form go under the gap to get the three items on the right, which include an extra life. Return to the teleporter, then enter the level again and repeat the process as many times as you want.
Easy lives and energy for serpent
Once you beat the fourth boss re-fight room (with the Px holding bosses( the monkey and fat shield guy)enter the door to the right, then go back into the boss room. Enter the door to the left now. You will be in the elevator room. Use Hx to climb the walls, and grab the life energy and 1up. Head back to the boss room, then the right door, then return to the elevator room. LOOK! THE 1UP AND LIFE ENERGY IS BACK!! Do this alot to get 9 lives and fill your sub-tanks!
Getting Model OX.
After defeating Pandora at Area M-3, file a mission report then save your game.Fill at least 2 subtanks then head to Area N-1 then go to the floor below you and go to the room after you crossed the area full of spikes.Then.....BE READY.Because you will battle Omega(a.k.a. the real Zero.)If you defeated him, go straight to the lowest floor and get the mysterious rock.Beat the game and talk to Fleuve and you will get Model OX.
Keeping Model X
Once you've completed the game with both Aile and Vent on either the normal or the hard mode. Make a new game (remember, your saved files of your old games should be 'cleared') as either one of the two character and you'll be able to keep the Model X after finding the Model ZX.
Model OX
This trick requires Megaman Zero 3 and Megaman Zero 4 for the Game Boy Advance. Successfully complete the Area M mission, then go to the Area N trans server. Have the Game Boy Advance game Megaman Zero 3 or Megaman Zero 4 in the cartridge slot. Enter one of the two doors (depending on which game you have in the GBA cartridge slot) to fight four Bosses from the game that is in the cartridge slot. After defeating the four Bosses from each game, you will fight the final Boss from Megaman Zero 3. Defeat him and take the stone back to the fluub
to get the Model Ox.
Model Ox
To get this GOOD model, compleat the area M mission, then return to the transporter at the end with 3 full sub-tanks. Enter to the right to area N, and drop one level and start going right. This set of warping blocks is easy, but after there is one with spikes below! Use Hx and air dash near the end. Enter the door. Now you must fight Omega from Megaman Zero 3. Use your sub-tanks and stay far away. Fire charged buster shots at him. He will go down eventually. Now you must go BACKWARDS through the warping blocks! Use Hx and dash back to the beginning of area N. DO NOT SAVE!!! Drop to the lowest level, and enter the door to the right. Enter the far door, grab the rock, and beat the game. Take the rock to the scientest in HQ and he will give you Model Ox.