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Adromeda Infinity

After getting all of the star marks go back to the space station and fight Adromeda. You will fight Adromeda Infinity instead nothing is known of what you get after you win (4000 hp)
Verified by: Zelgius Submitted by: Sasuke45 on September 04, 2007

Find Kaiser K.

To find a Kaiser Knuckles, you must have a Lonely Heart, beaten all FM-ians and beaten Andromeda (2500) Make your way to the Vista Point. Pulse In and go to the familar Wavehole. Make your way to the DeepSpace EM WvRd. Then when you encounter fork path, on the left is the FM-ian is to needed to be beat. Second other, to the Lonely Door. Pass there. Then you wil get not only Kaiser Knuckles but your dad's Transer.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Green Dragon Megaman on March 01, 2008

lonely heart without erase your brothers

in the space station on the last part (almost with andromeda) in the wave road in the lower right you'll see a hidden path that leads to a capsule, in that capsule you'll see a program it will ask you if you are alone answer no and it will give you th lonely heart.
this is used on the space door that requires it to obtain one of the mega weapons the kaise klnucle and a hp+20.
Verified by: Zelgius, PegasusKnight Submitted by: charliealbert on August 31, 2007

Title Screen Star Marks

Accomplish something in-game to recieve these different icons on your New Game/Continue screen. Getting them all will also result something new to appear on the screen. One will also be able to fight the Infinity Version of the Final Boss at the end of the game which has 4000 HP.

G Comp Star - Colllect all 5 Giga Cards

M Comp Star - Collect all 30 Mega Cards

Pegasus Star - Defeat PegasusMagic

Rockman [Megaman] Star - Finish the Main Story

S Comp Star - Collect all 150 Standard Cards

SP Comp Star - Defeat all SP navis
Verified by: PegasusKnight Submitted by: Super Vegeta on April 25, 2007

Easter eggs

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If you put any Mega Man Battle Network game into the GBA Slot of your DS Lite and save the game, you can unlock a series of events that involve MegaMan.EXE from the Battle Network Series.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sigma on April 13, 2013


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Cipher Mail codes

Cipher Mail

Compose a mail by pressing "X" in the mail screen, and send it to yourself. Type "Cipher" in the subject, then type the code in the body of the email. Send the email, and exit back to the main screen(Map screen). If entered correctly, it should give you a card.

Let's combine -next line- our strength! Brave Sword 3 Card
Dec. 17, 1986 ChainBubble3
ISNBDUBO Cloaker SubCard
SIXGAME-O D.Enrgy SubCard
Legendary (next line) Master Shin DragonSky SP
Taurus Fire Fire Ring3
Star Force, the ultimate power! Get LeoKingdom SP
Check out the (next line) Megaman (Next line) website! GhostPulse 3
NGYNGIWCUS GhstPulse2 B. Card
Get stronger (next line) through (next line) BrotherBands! GroundWave 3
ROHNATPE HeatBall3 B.Card
OSLEGRATE HevyCannon B.Card
Go On Air (next line) to trade info (next line) with friends. Pegasus Magic SP
Wave Change! (next line) Geo Stelar, (next line) On The Air!! Porcupine Needle Mega Weapon. AT1|SP3|CH1
Brother Action RPG QnOphicus SP
AURIEFRUTS Recovery 50 B.Card
Megaman 20th (Next line) Anniversary (Next line) Game StickyRain 3
Store info(next line) in your Transer! Taurus Fire SP
Let's form a (Next Line) BrotherBand! TimeBomb 3
LAREBARAON Timebomb1 B.Card
ALPTUNZLA Unlocker SubCard
NROSIMAMSTU Unlocker SubCard
Time to bust (Next Line) some EM (next line) viruses! Widewave 3
Verified by: supershanic Submitted by: supershanic on September 08, 2007