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Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace Cheats

Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace cheat codes.

Command codes

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Fight Rogue ZZ
At the title screen, hold L and press the star icons in this order:

G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star.

He'll appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, located in the Orbital Base.
Σ Bosses Appear Randomly
At the title screen hold L and press the star icons in this order:

S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, and Black Ace Star.

You should hear a confirmation if done correctly.


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Cipher Codes

Talk to the orange Wizard in Big Wave.

It will ask you for a Cipher Code. Input these codes correctly to receive a certain reward.
Upsilon79755"AcornBomb3" Standard Battle Card
Delta86531"AirSpread3" Standard Battle Card
Rho17385"ThndrHead3" Standard Battle Card
Psi07280"BeastSlap3" Standard Battle Card
Lamda09373"BigDrop3" Standard Battle Card
Omicron74574"BubblHook3" Standard Battle Card
Mu13420"Bushido3" Standard Battle Card
Omega42348"DblEater" Standard Battle Card
Chi83559"DrillArm3" Standard Battle Card
Sigma66019"FlashStrk3" Standard Battle Card
Pi95941"IceSpin3" Standard Battle Card
Zeta78695"KiloBomb1" Standard Battle Card
Nu31121"MechFlame3" Standard Battle Card
Phi24914"MuTech3" Standard Battle Card
Tau78431"Shuriken3" Standard Battle Card
Eta67300"AcidAceV3" Mega Battle Card
Omicron64221"StrngSwngV3" Mega Battle Card
Gamma31412"ClubStrngV3" Mega Battle Card
Theta78108"CygnsWingV3" Mega Battle Card
Beta20976"DiamndIceV3" Mega Battle Card
Zeta11702"DreadJokrV3" Mega Battle Card
Kappa34080"DrkPhntmV3" Mega Battle Card
Epsilon71083"CorvusV3" Mega Battle Card
Mu66767"MoonDstryV3" Mega Battle Card
Lamda72890"RogueV3" Mega Battle Card
Nu73618"SiriusV3" Mega Battle Card
Iota16196"WolfWoodsV3" Mega Battle Card
Alpha40352"SpadMgnesV3" Mega Battle Card
Delta18946"QueenVirgoV3" Mega Battle Card
Pi62739"WickdFlame" Giga Battle Card
Sigma08312"AirShoes/260" Ability
Epsilon07292"HP+50/110" Ability
Tau90338"MegCls+1/270" Ability
Phi40588"AntiDmg/250" Ability
Psi09659"Danger Ring (2/2/3)" Weapon
Chi78584"Gale Claw (2/1/2)" Weapon
Omega68805"BN Blaster EX (1/5/2)" Weapon
Eta28274"Virus Claw (1/2/3)" Weapon
Theta32596D. Engry
White Cards
Go to Menu > Brotherbands > Profile > White Cards.

Then, enter these codes in the following order to receive a certain reward.

SLDTCIPlasmaGun, StlthLzr2, MummyHand1, ThndrHead1 (White Card 01)
ACTKGMGreenInk, ArachAtk1, Shuriken1, PollnShot2 (White Card 02)
DFEJTHWhistle, DrillArm1, DrillArm2, WindyAtk1 (White Card 03)
SIHFQKBubblHook1, BubblHook1, FlashStrk2, ThndrHead2 (White Card 04)
EJHRPGBlackInk, FlashStrk2, BubblHook1, MummyHand 2 (White Card 05)
JDBPLCWindyAtk1, WindyAtk1, NoiseWzrd1, NoiseWzrd2 (White Card 06)
JQMAKCBuzzSaw2, GrandWave2, Shuriken1, IceSpin1 (White Card 07)
FJLEDRHevyCannon, DrillArm2, HeatUppr2, BigDrop1 (White Card 08)
HRJKBQMalWizard1. BubblHook1, ElecSlash, ArachAtk1 (White Card 09)
IJMHQPBarrier, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon (White Card 10)
JKIPTDDblEater, BeastSlap3, Whistle, GreatAxe (White Card 11)
IDHBGTAcornBomb1, AcornBomb2, TimeBomb3, MechFlame1 (White Card 12)
AGHTRQWideWave2, SharkAtk2, IceGrenade, IceGrenade (White Card 13)
RSBQPHBushido3, Bushido3, Bushido2, Bushido1 (White Card 14)
IDOSTESyncHook1, FrezKnukle, StunKnukle, HeatUppr3 (White Card 15)
KDANJHFire+30, MadFire3, TaursFireV2, MechFlame3 (White Card 16)
JCKDBABreakSabre, StlthLzr3, BuzzSaw3, AcidAce
DKLEAHBuki3, HeatUppr3, GreatAxe, DreadJokr
GLRHEDDblEater, MalWizard2, BeastSlap3, Corvus
SHDETNGrandWave3, SwrdFghtr1, NoiseWzrd2, DrillArm3
RBDLCIHeatUppr3, Buki3, BreakSabre, BigDrop3
CSTKQNMteorLight, GravityPlus, WideWave1, BeastSlap1
EGIKMPPollnShot3, VulcnSeed1, Shuriken3, VulcnSeed2
TDAFIQTyphnDance, TrnadoDnce, WindyAtk3, Scythe2
GHDRJL Aqua+30, BubblHook3, SharkAtk3, DiamndIceV2
HNDKLQ AtomicBlazr, Attack+10, BeastSlap1, HeatUppr1
GFKSLR BeastSlap1, GravtyPlus, BuzzSaw1, IceSpin1
TLSRPJ BeastSlap3, BeastSlap3, Scythe3, MalWizard3
KJRLBD BreakSabre, DrillArm3, SwrdFghtr3, AcidAceV3
JCKDBA BreakSabre, StlthLzr3, BuzzSaw3, AcidAce
KQBPAH DanceFire3, HeatUppr3, MadFire3, MechFlame3
KICMJT DstryUppr, StunKnukle, FrezKnukle, PoisKnukle
BTRIFJ DbleEater, WideWave3, BubblHook3, QueenVirgo
THFLJI Elec+30, FlashStrk3, ThndrHead3, SpadMgnesV3
SLBHDT ElecSlash, SwrdFghtr3, WoodSlash, SpinBlade3
JRQTLA FlashStrk2, SharkAtk2, HeatUppr2, Shuriken2
SKQALD FlashStrk3, ElecSlash, ElecSlash, ThndrHead2
SJBMPL GreatAxe, BreakSabre, DrillArm3, Buki3
JSTKAP HeatUppr2, MadFire1, TimeBomb2, DanceFire1
RTALSJ IceGrenade, WideWave3, SharkAtk2, BlueInk
DKMPHI IceGrenade, WideWave3, SharkAtk3, FlameAxe
BFGJIM IceSpin3, WideWave3, SharkAtk3, BubblHook3
DTOFKL JetAttack3, SkullArrw3, SkullArrw3, Buki3
LPBKDJ MadFire3, TimeBomb3, KiloBomb3, KiloBomb3
IJDCEO MiniGrnade, Sword, WideSword, LongSword
JDFICS MummyHand 3, ArachAtk3, ElecSlash, Earthundr3
BSCHLJ PanicCloud, PanicCloud, FlashStrk3, PollnShot3
STKGHM Shuriken3, WideWave3, StlthLzr3, SmileCoin3
OGBFKL Squall3, Scythe3, TrnadoDnce, WindyAtk3
KFHPLD TrnadoDnce, AirSpread3, VulcnSeed3, MadVulcn3
MFQLHJ WhtMeteor, TimeBomb3, BigDrop3, MechFlame3
EMJKAD Wood+30, Squall3, VulcnSeed3, ClubStrngV3
MISBLT WoodSlash, ArachAtk2, Shuriken2, StlthLzr2


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Rezon Card Codes
Profile > Menu > Brother > Center Portrait. Press the bottom box and enter belwo codes for the desired effect. These codes will only work after you've completed the game.

UnlockableHow to unlock
KOEAIQ Ultimate Aqua Master: Aqua cards +3 Attack Stars, Finalize Ice Panel
BTRLPD Ultimate Battle Master: Null cards +3 Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Mad Vulcan
PADMLS Ultimate Break Master: Break cards +3 Attack Stars, Charge Finalize Drill Arm
KLADJE Ultimate Finalize: Finalize Turn+2, Access LV+1, Charge Finalize Cannon
DOFMAP Ultimate Fire Master: Fire cards +3 Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Machine Flame
CMDGPL Ultimate Guard Master: Finalize Turn+1, Finalize Holy Field, Finalize Aura
SGALMK Ultimate Paralyze Master: Charge Finalize Plasma Shot, Finalize Paralyze Panel
GPELAI Ultimate Sword Master: Sword cards +3 Attack Stars, Finalize Super Barrier
GDHQPM Ultimate Thunder Master: Thunder cards +3 Attack Stars, Finalize Zetsuen Panel
GDIEHP Ultimate Wood Master: Wood cards +3 Attack Stars, Finalize Kusamura Panel
Star Marks
The Black Ace (Red Joker) Star should replace the theme. Geo Shidou or Mega should say, "Shooting Star RockMan 3: Black Ace" or "Shooting Star RockMan 3: Red Joker". The Crimson Dragon should now have 4500 HP. Gold Stars are required to gain the fight of Crimson Dragon SP
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black Ace/ Red Joker Star (Gold)Complete the main storyline
S Star (Gold)Collect 150 Standard Battle Cards
M Star (Gold)Collect 45 Mega Battle Cards
G Star (Gold)Collect 5 Giga Battle Cards
SS Star (Gold)Fight Sirus in the Secret Scenario
AJ Star (Silver)Fight Acid Ace BB or Grave Joker RR
Sigma Star (Silver)Fight the following bosses: Moon Disaster Sigma, Apollon Flame Sigma and Sirus Sigma
Murian Star (Silver)Fight Rouge (Burai) ZZ


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AcidAce and WingBlade
<font size=1>To land an extra hit with the AcidAce Mega Battle Cards, press A.
However, you must time it correctly for it to work.

As for WingBlade, press LLR for a Sword attack or RRL for a Stealth Laser attack before dealing its main 450 damage.
This must also be timed correctly for it to work.</font>
Dread Joker Tip & Helpfull GA
OK. A helpfull tip for battling Dread Joker of any level. When he uses his long line of missles, hide behind the pedastals he made, if he made some. The second that the pedastals begin to fade, use your shield. It will help you to recieve less damage. Or, you could try having an Aura card on hand. Each missle should only do 10 damage each, thus allowing Aura to render them usless, as long as he doesn't hit you with something else.

A GA that is VERY help full, is the Gemini Thunder GA. It will hit anything straight down the middle row, and anything on the back row. It spreads from your middle space like a T. Here is it's card combanation:


This could prove very useful against most enemies.
Fast Noise Change
Keep Battling for a little while (5-15) in any noise wave,eventually you will find viruses with warning sign. If you haven't had a noise change for a while you should get one. After you get one, you must go to a different noise wave entrance to get another. I did this and got 17 noise changes in 10 days. It Works:)
Higher Noise Level and Countering
Sword-based Battle Cards will raise your Noise Level above 50% no matter what. More accurately, "Melee"-based Battle Cards will do the trick.

Sword-based Battle Cards like BeastSlap and GiantAxe is guaranteed to raise your Noise Level above 200%! Other Battle Cards, such as SyncHook will only raise your Noise Level to a minimum of 100%.

Countering also helps you raise the Noise Level, but barely at times. If you have problems Countering, I highly recommend the use of Multi-hit Battle Cards instead of Single-hit Battle Cards. Cards like AirSpread, MadVulcn, and Squall is guaranteed to Counter the enemy and leave them wide-open for an all out attack.

How to find Link Power you give off
Using the following formula, you can see how much LP you give:
(6 x number of gold stars) + Percentage of Stroy beaten = LP

For instance, you have beaten the game and gained all Standard cards. It would be like this:

(6 x 2) + 100 = 112

you have 2 stars and beaten the game. So you have 112 LP

You have all the Standard cards and Mega cards but only be 80% of the game.

(6 x 2) + 80 = 92

Although it is almost impossible, it is still possible.
Hunter-VG Wallpaper
Tired of Omega-xis hovering about in your Hunter-VG?

Well then, start unlocking the S Comp Star, M Comp Star, G Comp Star, SS Star, Black Ace Star, AJ Star, Sigma Star, and Mu Star.

Defeat Crimson Dragon SP and receive a cool Black Ace Finalized Noise Wallpaper to replace Omega-xis.
Old Title Screen
You can revert the new Title Screen back to the old one by pressing the Black Ace Star.


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Meteor Card Transfer to Card Folder
I have only done this once, but when I accessed the Meteor Server I realized that I could do a Galaxy Advance with three Dance Fire 3's. So I did and received WickdFlameGA. But by mere accident I pressed B and went back to my regular folder, but still had the three Dance Fire 3's! So I accessed the Server one more time and the Dance Fire3's were still there! I then decided to keep my noise level high and returned to my regular folder. I was able to select them and get a Galaxy Advance even if they were under other cards! The only downside was that after the battle ended, I looked in my folder and the Dance Fire 3's were no where to be found. Weird Right!!?
I have yet to do it again, but I don't see why it wouldn't happen again even with other Galaxy Advances.

Easter eggs

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galaxy advances
In both versions of the game there is something that lets you combine cards. This is called ~galaxy advance~ this is not revealed in game so most people have to find it out them selvs. I only know four combinations.

these are the ones I know:

Impact Canon (240DMG)

Big Granaid (90 DMG)

DreadJokerGA (390 DMG)

and...AcidAceGA (460 DMG)

(note: The combination works only in battles so don't waist your cards on the card trader in big wave store.)
Galaxy Advances (cont.)
<font size=1>Here are the Mega GAs (Note: Damage shown is max damage possible):

Spade Magnes GA (220 x2)
Flash Strike 1,2,3

Diamond Ice GA (130 x3)
Ice Spin 1,2,3

Queen Virgo GA (150 x1/2/3/4) (# of hits depends on enemy position)
Wide Wave 1,2,3

Taurus Fire GA (380)
Mad Fire 1,2,3

Cygnus Wing GA (400)
Ground Wave 1,2,3

Wolf Woods GA (240 x2)
Shuriken 1,2,3

Rouge GA (140 x4)
Mu Tech 1,2,3

Plesio Surf GA (450)
Shark Attack 1,2,3

General Auriga GA (420)
Big Drop 3 x3

Apollo Flame GA (420)
Mach Flame 1,2,3

Break Time Bomb GA (750)
Time Bomb 3 x3

Wicked Flame GA (150 x12)
Dance Flame 3 x3