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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team cheat codes.


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An easy way to get trader fodder
If you want to use a chip trader, have some money, then go to Higsby's. Buy as many MiniBomb* chips from the bargain bin as you can. At 300z each, you can get 99 with 29700z. Since Higsby never runs out of chips in the bargain bin, you can do this as much as you want, and not have to get rid of any chips in your pack that you want to keep.
Battle Party Image Data Combos
Theres some cool things about the Battle Party Image data . All you have to do is be Megaman counter and turn into a different navi . Than you do something like D-hero Megaman and Protoman . Br-rush Megaman and Colonel .This helps a lot but it wastes your number of times changing into other navis .
There was this time where Protoman and Magnetman attacked at the same time I don't know how that happened it was called M-Z

Megaman and Protoman : D-hero
Megaman and Colonel : Br-rush
Megaman and Knightman : B-shot

Find the rest by yourself
Colonel, a great pal.
Colonel's chip does great damage in a strategic way, as most enemies end up diagonally placed to each other.
But, haven't you thought, that if Colonel slashes
in this direction:


He should slash in the opposite direction? Like this?


It's been shown that that is possible! Just press <- and B at the same time when Colonel appears. If you did it right, you should hear a sound. Good luck on virus busting! This ability used in ColonelSP can help you so much, that you can defeat enemies in a blow! I preffer to have Colonel as my regular, since I can defeat almost any V1 and V2 virus with this cheat!
Crossover points mini game
Crossover Points Minigame
Because this game can't link to Boktai 2 to earn Crossover Points, this new system was created to give them to you. By Slotting in Boktai 1, 2 or 3, the Samurai Statue in GargoyleCastle turns into an Otenko Statue, and the 100 Warrior wacking minigame turns into a 1000 bat wacking minigame for crossover points. Also, an Zoktai trader appears in Oran Area 2 to exchange your Crossover Points for chips
Defeating Batty Viruses
The Batty virus floats up and down on one panel. When they're in the air, you can't attack them. However, there is a way to damage them without even touching them.

First of all, use a Wind or AirShot chip to push them to the back row. Then, place a RockCube in the same row as the Batty you want to delete. Finally, use an AirShot to push the RockCube to the same panel as the Batty. When the virus comes down, it will hit the RockCube and take 200 damage.
Defeating Fire-type Viruses
For anybody having trouble defeating fire-type viruses, here's a good way to weaken them. All you have to do is use OceanSeed from the middle panel of your area to turn the opponent's entire area into ocean panels. Fire-type viruses and navis lose HP while on an ocean panel, and with nowhere to go except an ocean panel, they'll continue to lose HP until the battle is over or the panels revert back to normal.
If you get all seven symbols and defeat NebulaGrey SP in one version of the game, ForteXX replaces ForteSP in the opposing version. Example: Defeat NebulaGrey SP in Team of Blues, and you will unlock ForteXX in Team of Colonel.

ForteXX has a 150 regenerating Black Barrier, 4000 HP, and much more powerful attacks.
What is te meaning in the doghouse means?
What is te meaning in the doghouse means?
invilible paths
In end area 1 the isolated area can be reached by going under the area with the arrow and keep walking where the path ends. This will lead you to one of the five black navis. The other path is in mayl's webpage. Go to where the floor changes from light purple to a redish orange. On that floor go to where there are two hearts (there should be two areas) and at the first one stop and walk right. You'll find Mayl's secret page.
Invisible Path
In End Area 1, go underneath the path you got to End Area 1 from End Area 2. It leads to one of the five black navis you have to defeat to get the door open in Nebula Area 4.
Larkman DS and Gridman DS(and SP?)
I don't know if this works on the English version because i have the Japanese version but here goes.(O means Omega)

Instead of going to Undernet 2 for Larkman O or going to Oran area 2 for Gridman O, you can go to where you fought the normal version(Undernet 1 for Larkman and Mr.Famous for Gridman). Challenge them, and they will be O level. Beat them with a S-rank or 10-rank(I think) then you'll get the DS version.

I don't know if you can get the SP versions too but I will find out

[Note]: This has been confirmed to only work with the Japanese release.
Liberation Mission Prizes
BlizzardManSP B Beat Mission 1 in 5 or less
BlizzardMan B Beat Mission 1 in 6 - 7
ShadeMan SP S Beat Mission 2 in 7 or less
ShadeMan S Beat Mission 2 in 8 - 9
CloudMan SP C Beat Mission 3 in 7 or less
CloudMan C Beat Mission 3 in 8 - 9
Fullcust * Beat Mission 4 in 8 or less
AntiNavi M Beat Mission 4 in 9 - 10
CosmoMan SP C Beat Mission 5 in 7 or less
CosmoMan C Beat Mission 5 in 8 - 9
Z Saber Z Beat Mission 6 in 8 or less
ProtoMan B/Colonel C Beat Mission 6 in 9 - 10
BlakWing W Beat Mission 7 in 10 or less
ShadeMan DS S Beat Mission 7 in 11 - 12
Muramasa M Beat Mission 8 in 12 or less
CloudMan DS C Beat Mission 8 in 13 - 14
Anubis A Beat Mission 9 in 14 or less
CosmoMan DS C Beat Mission 9 in 15 - 16
More time in Liberation Battles
Whether you may or may not know, you can use a "SlowGauge" battle-chip to significantly lengthen any Liberation Battle. Since the battle is over in 3 turns, you can use "SlowGauge" to lengthen turns and thereby give you more time in-battle.
NeoVari Button Codes
Here are the codes for the MegaChip NeoVari. These button codes change the form of the attack, and while inputting these commands, you must hold down the A button.

CrossSwrd Slash: Down, Right, Up
Double LifeSrd Slash: Up, B, Down, B, Up, B
Super Sonic Boom: Left, B, Right, B
Numberman Navi Customizer Program
Enter these codes in the Numberman Lotto Number to get a Navi customizer program

Password Effect
78987728 Spin Green
54288793 Tango (green)
50906652 HP+500 (pink)
45654128 HP+400 (yellow)
30356451 Spin Red
30112002 BodyPack (green)
28256341 SoulT+1 (yellow)
12541883 Spin Blue
09609807 Rush (yellow)
97513648 Mega Folder 2 NCP
91098051 DjangoSP D
90914896 Full Energy
90630807 HP +200 (Pink NCP)
87412146 Charge MAX (White NCP)
83143652 Fast Gauge *
80246758 BusterPack NCP
79877132 BeatSupport NCP
73978713 Unlocker
73877466 Anti Fire *
72846472 HP+500 (White NCP)
68942679 Grab Revenge P
68799876 Dark Invis *
64892292 Sneakrun
64664560 Unlocker
63231870 Attack MAX (Yellow NCP)
52052687 Death Match 3 V
50364410 Bug Fix *
48958798 Static S
48785625 HP+300 (Pink NCP)
44213168 Anti Recovery P
36695497 Speed MAX (Pink NCP)
35607360 Anti Elec *
35321321 Gun Del Sol 3 O
31084443 HP+50 NCP
29789661 Lock Enemy
28706568 Unlocker
25465278 Anti Aqua *
18746897 Recovery 300 Y
15595587 Custom 2
13926561 HP+300 (White NCP)
12118790 Full Energy
10386794 Anti Sword R
10133670 Anti Wood *
07765623 Custom Bolt 3 G
05068930 Anti Navi V
03419893 HP+400 (Pink NCP)
00798216 Untrap
Obtain Chaos Lord and/or Leaders Raid.
To obtain the Chaos Lord giga chip or the Leaders raid megachip you must first Have the following Icons on your Start Screen.

-Protoman Icon/Colonel Icon
-Standard Complete
-Mega Complete
-Dark Complete
-PA Complete.

Once you have the Following Icons Head Over to Nebula area 5. Just before you are about to enter nebula area 6 you will see a Blue flame. (the same flame representing the DS Navi's in nebula area 6)

Once you talk to it the Blue Flame tells you 2 Different codes Depending on which version you are playing.

Protoman: The blue flame will give you the following Code which Contains Leaders raid L
Code: 01285874

Colonel: The blue flame will give you the following code wich Contains ChaosLordX.
Planning for the Liberation Mission
Liberation Missions can be tough as you go later on in the game. A good way to get through them is to have a good plan. First thing you want to do is to scan the field by pressing L or R. Make sure you know where the dark holes are and the fastest way to get to them. Utilize Napalman's special ability to get farther accross. Toadman's ability can also help. Have a good plan and make sure you can back it up!
Playing with Gow during the Credits
During the credits, you can make Gow, the dog move around the screen with the stylus. Touch anywhere on the touch screen and he would move to where you touch the screen at.
Sol Cross MegaMan
To get Sol Cross MegaMan, simply put Boktai 2 in the GBA slot (slot 2), and put MegaMan Battle Network 5: Double Team DS in the DS slot (slot 1). Answer the yes/no questions and start the game, look at MegaMan on the Touch Screen, he will look a bit like Django from Boktai. Read the E-Mail sent to you about the Cross, you now are Sol Cross MegaMan. Your charged shot will be Gun Del Sol 1. If you get tired of Sol Cross, simply take Boktai 2 out while the game is off, it will then deactivate Sol Cross

Easter eggs

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Move Gow around in the End Game screen.
Sometimes you just let that credits go by without even noticing that if you touch a spot in the touchscreen section of your DS, the dog Gow will run to that spot. You can keep on doing this and entertain yourself while you wait for the credits.


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Instant HP Recovery
If you're having trouble keeping your HP up, then this will help you out tremendously. Talk to a golden program in any area of the net that lets you go through a liberation again. When you start the liberation, you'll be at your maximum HP. Simply retreat immediately after you start to resume normal gameplay with your HP fully restored.
LarkMan Special Chip Effect
Much like ShadeMan, SwallowMan (aka LarkMan) also has a special chip effect in this game. When using the chip, entering the button code up up+right right down+right down will cause the chip to pierce barriers.
Navi Compression Codes
Enter the Navi Customizer screen and highlight the indicated Navi Customizer Program. Then, hold Right and press one of the below button combinations to compress it. After getting compressed, the Navi Customizer Program will be one block smaller. Repeat the code to decompress the program.

Program - Code

AirShoes - B, L, B, A, B, L, B(2), A(2)
AttackMAX - L(3), R(2), B, A, R, B, L
BatteryMode - A(2), B, R, A, B, R, L(2), R
BeatSupport - A, B(2), R, A(2), B, R, B, R
BodyPack - B, A, R, A, B, R, L, R(2), A
Bugstopper - B, A, B, L, A, B, R, L, R, B
BusterPack - L(2), R, A, R, L, B, L, A, R
ChargeMAX - A, L, A(2), R, B, R, B, A, R
Collect - B, R, A, L, A, R, B, A(2), B
Custom +1 - A(2), R, L, B, A, B, A, L, B
Custom2 - B, A, R, L(2), R, A, L, B, R
Dandyism - R, R, B(2), R, B, R, B, A(2)
First Barrier - R, L, A, B(2), A, R, A, L, R
FloatShoes - A, L(2), B, R, L, A(3), L
GigaFolder1 - R(2), L, B, L(2), A, R, B, L
GigaVirus - B(2), R, A, L, B, L, A, R(2)
HumourSense - A, B, L, A, R, A, B, L, R, L
KawarimiMagic - R, B(2), A, R, B, R, A, R, B
MegaFolder 1 - B(2), A, B(2), R(2), L, A, R
MegaVirus - A(2), B, L, A, R, B, L, A(2)
Millionaire - R, L, R, A, R(2), L(3), R
RapidMAX - R, A, R, L(2), R(2), A, B, A
RushSupport - R, B, L, R, B, R, L(2), R, L
SaitoBatch - A, L, R, A, B, L, R, A, L, R
SelfRecovery - R, L, R, L, R, B(2), R, A, B
Shield - A, B, A, R, A, L, R, B(2), A
ShinobiDash - R, L(2), A, L(2), B, A, B(2)
SuperArmour - R, A, B, R, A, L(2), R, B, A
TangoSupport - L, B, L, A, B, L, A, B, A, L
I'm Fish program - B, A, B, A, L, R, A, R, A, A
JungleLand program - L, R, L, A, B, L, B(2), L, A
Oil Body program - L, B, R, A, R, L, A, B, L, B
Reflect program - L(2), R, B, L(2), A(2), L, B
UnderShirt - A, R, B(2), R, L, R, A, L, A
Number man Codes
Code Effect
99428938 Area Steal *
91182599 Dark Recovery *
78234329 DoroTsunamiBall *
01285874 Leaders Raid L
39285712 Lord of Chaos X
29387483 MagmaSeed *
64836563 NumberBall *
22323856 P. Battle Pack 1
66426428 P. Battle Pack 2
76820385 P.Attack+3
48582829 P.Chip+50
28475692 P.HP+100
53891756 P.HP+50
29486933 Super Kitakaze *
12495783 Sword *
85375720 TP Chip
19283746 Tsunami Hole *
15733751 Unlocker
63231870 Attack Max (yellow)
79877132 Beat (blue)
30112002 BodyPack (green)
80246758 BustPack (blue)
87412146 Charge Max (White)
90630807 HP+200 (pink)
48785625 HP+300 (pink)
13926561 HP+300 (white)
03419893 HP+400 (pink)
45654128 HP+400 (yellow)
50906652 HP+500 (pink)
72846472 HP+500 (white)
97513648 Mega Folder 2 (green)
09609807 Rush (yellow)
28256341 SoulT+1 (yellow)
36695497 Speed Max (pink)
12541883 Spin Blue
78987728 Spin Green
30356451 Spin Red
54288793 Tango (green)
ShadeMan SP/DS Extra Effects
ShadeMan's SP and DS chip can have a status effect other than flinching, depending on the command you input. While performing these button commands, the A button must be held down.

Confuse opponent(s): Down, Down/Left, Left+A
Paralyze opponent(s): Down, Down/Right, Right+A
Various Game W-Slot In
Place the cartridge indicated into your NDS' GBA Cartridge slot to unlock these things. This works for Japanese versions of the GBA carts only (at time of writing)!

Under Net 4: Heel Navi gives you "War Folder". Rockman EXE 1 in GBA Slot.

Liberation Mission: ProtoMan' power increased. Rockman EXE 1 in GBA Slot.

BGM: Virus Busting BGM changes to an arrange of EXE's version. Rockman EXE 1 in GBA Slot.

Dad's Lab: Salesperson selling Full Energy, Open Lock, Enemy Search, appears. Rockman EXE 2 in GBA Slot.

Liberation Mission: Magnetman's power increased. Rockman EXE 2 in GBA Slot.

BGM: Virus Busting BGM changes to an arrange of EXE 2's version. Rockman EXE 2 in GBA Slot.

BGM: Virus Busting BGM changes to an arrange of EXE 3's version. Rockman EXE 3 in GBA Slot.

BGM: Virus Busting BGM changes to an arrange of EXE 4's version. Rockman EXE 4 Tournament [Red Sun/Blue Moon] in GBA Slot.

Netto's HP: Gold Program appears with a mysterious message (initiated by email). Rockman EXE 4.5 in GBA Slot.

Liberation Mission: Searchman's power increased. Rockman EXE 4.5 in GBA Slot.

BGM: Virus Busting BGM changes to an arrange of EXE 4.5's version. Rockman EXE 4.5 in GBA Slot.

Forte Cross Rockman effects usable. Rockman EXE 5 [Team of Blues/Team of Colonel] in GBA Slot. The save on your game MUST have the Forte Mark

SolCrossRockman Effect Insert Boktai 3 into the GBA slot

Various E-Card Effects Insert MMBN4 Red Sun/Blue Moon into the GBA Slot (different versions give different effects)