Mario Party DS Cheats

Mario Party DS cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mario Party DS cheat codes.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Bob-omb Rival badgeEarn 15,000 Mario Party points.
Cheep Cheep Rival badgeYou must Earn 5,000 Mario Party points to get the Cheep Cheep Rival Badge
Daisy Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Daisy.
Goomba Rival badgeYou must Earn 1,000 Mario Party points.
Luigi Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Luigi.
Mario Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Mario
Mario Party DS Begginer badgeNo need to unlock. You start with it. It comes when you start playing.
Monty Mole Rival badgeYou must Earn 13,000 Mario Party points.
Peach Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Peach
Scuttlebug Rival badgeYou must Earn 3,000 Mario Party points.
Shy Guy Rival badgeYou must Earn 9,000 Mario Party points.
Toad Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Toad.
Toadette Friend badgeYou must Earn 19,000 Mario Party points.
Waluigi Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Waluigi.
Wario Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Wario.
Whomp Rival badgeYou must Earn 11,000 Mario Party points.
Wiggler Friend badgeEarn 17,000 Mario Party points.
Yoshi Master badgeYou must Complete Story Mode with Yoshi.
Bowser Jr. Rival35,000 MPP
Bowser Rival Badge37,000 Mario Party Points
Mario Party DS Master50,000mp (unusual change?!)
Mario Party DS Star39,000 mp
Party Mode Boards
i will find some other badges.
BoardHow to Unlock
gumdrop badge1000p
spider badge3000p
fish badge5000p
ghost badge7000p
red ghost badge9000p
Party Mode Boards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bowser's Pinball MachineWin in story mode
Puzzle Minigame
place first in bowser's pinball machine board, defeat bowser in boss minigame, and there, you unlocked triangle twisters
UnlockableHow to unlock
triangle twistersdefeat bowser in boss minigame


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Baby Bowser Jr Badge
Get 35000 MP points and you will get the bowser Jr rival badge.
Boss tips:
PIRAHNA PLANT: This guy reminds me of Andross... He'll start by trying to suck you up, press A repeatedly to stay above his mouth. He will also eat two bomb seeds. He will then spit out his Bomb Seeds, grab one with B and dodge the other. DO NOT THROW IT YET! Throw it in when he tries to suck you up again, and he'll lose one hitpoint. Repeat the process, except watch out because he sucks you in faster and eats three bombs. After you hit him again, he sucks you up superfast and gets four seeds. Now show that chump not to mess with Wiggler!

HAMMER BRO: Should have been before Pirahna Plant, because this guy is easy. Just copy his notes. He starts by hitting his drums 3 times, then 4 and then 5 after you start hitting him. Very easy indeed.

DRY BONES: A very interesting way to beat Dry Bones. Normally I hit him with a cape or a couple Red Shells. Anyway, first pound the switch highlighted by a fire symbol. A magic blast will hit Dry Bones. Then hit the next two switches in the order indicated on the top screen. Two magic blasts hit Dry Bones. Now just basically do that with three switches and Dry Bones will be Broken Bones.

KAMEK: Argh, I'm reminded of those times in Yoshi's Island where Kamek was such a pain... Anyway, the moron will teleport you to a hallway. Play a little game of Galaxian with his books and bookcases, then get to Kamek. Kamek will start throwing those Koopa Spells at you. Dodge those and hit him in the face with ink until it's completely covered, then get to the middle. Kamek will fire spells in every direction, then some books will fall down. Dodge those, then get out of the middle as Kamek gets hit in the head by a very big book (that's one way words can hurt you). Repeat the process, except Kamek will this time fire two spells at once, and make a wall of books attack you. After inking up his face again, he will get hit with another book. Repeat, except this time, after his two book walls, he will send two books out to get on both sides of you and smash you. Once you inkatize his face again, he will go berserk with spells, and then his blue dictionary will KO him. Phew...

BOWSER: Bowser will put on his Megamorph belt and turn into a golden Bowser Block. Black Bowser Blocks will form a top, and the golden block is on the side. Avoid the "Bey-Bowser" by running in circles around the edge (at least, that's what I do) until he slows and stops. If the Golden block is near the ground you can punch it. If it isn't, jump-kick it. When you hit it enough (5 hits should do it), Bowser will turn into his Block form. Wait for the Block to move (in a Tox Box like manner) and stand by his corner until fireballs come out, then punch the weak point till he turns over or goes to his next form, the Snake form. Dodge the snake until it shoots fireballs, then go to the middle. Have the snake run at you, and punch its head (just keep punching, don't worry about getting hit) until Bowser is defeated. This is the toughest boss of all.

Good Luck!
Easy MP points
go on battle cup and put study fall for each of them, make the computer at easy and start the game. dont try going low as you can just concentrate on going lower than them. the games should end fast and easily. just keep doing this over and over and you will get tons of MP points.
Easy win for any blowing game
When playing a game requiring you to blow, if you have a blow dryer, turn it on, on the Mic.
Goomba Badge
Get 1000 MP points and you will get a Goomba badge.
Goomba Wrangler cheat
When playing the mini-game Goomba Wrangler, I've figured out that you can circle more than one Goomba at the same time. Like drawing one big circle, will nab you all of the Goombas within it, just be sure that there aren't any Bomb-ombs in the cirle!!
How To Get Lots Of Coins!!!
Ok heres what you need for this trick.

[1]Unlocked Bowser's Pinball Machine
[2]20 Coin Hex and 2 Star Hex
[3]Red Hex 1-5 spaces near you

Ok heres how you do the trick

Step 1: Place a 20 Coin Hex or a 2 Star Hex on a Red Hex

Step 2: Wait for someone to land on the trap

Now you have either 2 Stars, 1 Star, or 0-20 Coins.

Do this often to get lots of Mario Party Points!
How to unlock Triangle Twisters
If you have already gone to Puzzle Mode and when ou gotta choose from Puzzle games or a black one that black one is Triangle Twisters! Tp unlock it, you must finish Story Mode with any character, then you'll win it.
Super easy MP points
Go to party mode and pick your character and CPUs now set the turns to 30 leave the CPUs at normal. It may take some time but it is worth it when you finish you get like 1,000 MP points per go. Also do TAG PARTY! You will get a ton of coins and each coin counts as a MP point and get a lot of stars. Good luck!!!! Note set bonus stars on.
Undoing events
In story mode, If something ever messes up, press Start,Select,R, and L at the same time to reset the game and when you load your story mode, it will start back at the character who is first. This is good if you accidently step on hexes or other players obtain something special.
Unlock character's badges and trophies
To unlock the playable character's (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Waluigi, Toad) trophies and badges, complete Story Mode with each of them. For example, if you complete Story Mode with Mario, you'll get his trophy and badge.
Unlock Expert level for COM players
Finish Story Mode with any character.
Unlockable Trophies
Beaten Dry Bones... Beat Dry Bones 5 times
Beaten Hammer Bro... Beat Hammer Bro 5 times
Beaten Kamek... Beat Kamek 5 Times
Beaten Piranha Plantc... Beat Piranha Plant 4 times
Bomb Seed... Beat Piranha Plant 3 times
Bowser´s MegaMorph Belt... Beat Bowser once
Delicious Durian... Beat Dry Bones twice
Dry Bones´s Bone... Beat Dry Bones 4 times
Electromagnetic Generator... Beat Bowser twice
Enchanted Bookcase... Beat Kamek twice
Hammer Bro´s Hammer... Beat Hammer Bro 4 times
Jagged Leaf... Beat Piranha Plant once
Kamek´s Blue Dictionary... Beat Kamek 4 times
Kamek´s Brown Book... Beat Kamek 3 times
Magic Switch... Beat Dry Bones 3 times
Toadette´s Chair... Beat Hammer Bro once
Toadette´s Piano... Beat Hammer Bro twice
Toadette´s Timpano... Beat Hammer Bro 3 times
Winner´s Ballon... Beat Piranha Plant twice
Winner´s Pen... Beat Kamek once
Yummy Lychee... Beat Dry Bones once
This is loads of unlockables you can unlock without any codes!:

1. Character badge and figure: Say you wanted Mario's figure and badge. Complete story mode as Mario. So on.

2. Triangle Twisters: There is a black box when you go onto puzzle mode and that is Triangle Twisters. To unlock it, finish story mode with any character.

3.Expert COM level: Complete story mode with any character.

4. Boss Bash: Finish story mode with any character.

5. Character voices and music: Complete story mode with any character.

6. Classic badges and figures: You get 1 every thousand MP points.

Easter eggs

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Credit Character Jumping
During the credits, the characters can jump at anytime. Just tap on that corresponding character and he/she will jump. Keep on tapping until the end of the credits.


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Choose which minigame you want to play!
If there's a game that you want to play and you don't want another one to appear then I'll tell you how to do it! Here's an example:

highligthed game

Here it is:

All Geared Up
Cheep Cheep Chance
Hedge Honcho
Trash Landing

The highlighted game in the example is Hedge Honcho, lets say you want to play that one. Press the A button and maybe that game will appear! But maybe it'll appear the next or the previous game. Maybe the one that appear is Trash Landing or Cheep Cheep Chance.This works sometimes when the game that you want is there and you want to play it.
Get lots of coins!
Ok. If you want to have lots of coins, over 200, well do this. Its better to play it on 30 or 25 turns, because I did it on 30 and on the turn 14 I had 614 already. ok to do this you must also play in Bowser's Pinball Machine. Try and land ond the Wheel of Wonder, then bet all your coins, bet x2 or x3, but if you're lucky try the x5.. Here are the coins that you get for betting 99 on each one:

99 coins x x2= 198 coins
99 coins x x3= 297 coins
99 coins x x3= 495 coins
Getting all minigames easy.
play with a firend with 1 game card or more it doesnt matter, when its minigame time it should ALWAYS go on a new game for that category.
Minigame Mode
If you're playing free play on minigame mode for mario party points,an easy way to win is go to two player games and put your partner set to hard and the other computers set to easy then you'll always win.(you don't have to do this if you're really good at the minigames.)