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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Cheats

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story cheat codes.


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Blitty Rewards
Find and return the following number of Blitties to the Broque Monsieur in Dimble Woods to unlock various bonuses. You can start catching Blitties after Bowser earns the Vacuum Block.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Block Band4 Blitties
Block Fangs8 Blitties
Block Ring12 Blitties
Broggy Bonker15 Blitties
Blitty Big DogGet all Blitty Babys
Cholesteroad Items
Earn at least an A rank in the following challenges to unlock these special items:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Advice PatchEarn at least an A rank playing the Spin Pipe Challenge
Bro SocksEarn at least an A rank playing the Yoo Who Cannon Challenge
Challenge MedalEarn at least an A rank playing the Green Shell Challenge
Daredevil BootsEarn at least an A rank playing the Jump Helmet Challenge
Dizzy BootsEarn at least an A rank playing the Super Bouncer Challenge
Master WearEarn at least an A rank in all of the challenges
Siphon GlovesEarn at least an A rank playing the Magic Window Challenge
Massage Parlor Items
Earning an A rank in the following Massage Parlor Challenges awards you some pretty useful pieces of gear.

Rewards are as follows:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bone FangsEarn at least an A rank in the Koopa Corps Parlor Challenge
Furry BandEarn at least an A rank in the Bob-omb Parlor Challenge
Heroic RingEarn at least an A rank in the Magikoopa Parlor Challenge
Treasure RingEarn at least an A rank in the Goomba Storm Parlor Challenge
Mushroom Ball Rewards
Find the required number of Mushroom Balls hidden throughout the Toad Town mall and deliver them to the Toad in the mall's northwest corner for various rewards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
10 Coins1 Mushroom Ball
Super Mushroom (x5)2 Mushroom Balls
50 Coins3 Mushroom Balls
Supersyrup Jar (x5)4 Mushroom Balls
100 Coins5 Mushroom Balls
Super Nut (x5)6 Mushroom Balls
300 Coins7 Mushroom Balls
1-Up Mushroom (x5)8 Mushroom Balls
500 Coins9 Mushroom Balls
Retry Clock10 Mushroom Balls
1,000 Coins11 Mushroom Balls
Heart Bean (x5)12 Mushroom Balls
Special Bean (x5)13 Mushroom Balls
Power Bean (x5)14 Mushroom Balls
2,000 Coins15 Mushroom Balls
Treasure Specs16 Mushroom Balls


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Boss Rush Mode & Bowser X
In order to unlock Boss Rush Mode, and a special Bowser X battle, you must beat all of the Gauntlet Bosses in the Challenge Hall.
Extra Vacuum Block Power
If you can't seem to suck up a enemy that can be sucked up just repeatably press X and Y instead of just repeatably pressing X. Also when you do it the Power of the move will be doubled.
Sp. Attacks tips
Here are some Sp. Attack tips if you're stuck!

Mario Bros:

Green Shell: Don't blink. Keep your eye on the shell.
Fire Flower: Don't just mash the A/B button. Tap a steady quaver rhythm.
Jump Helmet: Keep doing the Juuuump Mode.
Yoo Who Cannon: Memorise where one bro. is, then you don't have to worry about the other.
Super Bouncer: Center Luigi if he spins. The spinning will either stop or slow down.
Mighty Meteor: If you're unsure about whether it will hit, don't go full-on at the meteor.
Spin Pipe: Keep your eye on the bro. stacked at the bottom of the pipe.
Snack Basket: It's all about timing. Wait until Luigi gets really high and then slam down with B.
Magic Window: Look for a glimmer of red or green, then you know the bro.
Falling Star: Press both A and B at once as quick as you can.


Goomba Storm: Keep your eye on every Goomba.
Shy Guy Squad: Keep sliding the stylus left until it goes far enough.
Koopa Corps: Go after the shells that are closer to you.
Bob-omb Blitz: Don't aim for the body. Aim for the legs.
Magikoopa Mob: There is no need to trace over the Magikoopas' bodies. Trace the wands only.
Broggy Bonker: If you see a suspicious area, clean it!

We hope these tips work.


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chakroad glitch
go to the chakroad in UNDERGROUND TUNNEL, then go through the green pipe.
go back through the pipe and there will be a pile of wood on the chakroad.
get in front of the block, facing the pipe.pink dots should be coming out.)
press UP quickly NOT REPEATEDLY!!! so that you are ever-so slightly higher on the screen,and so that you cannot see the darkened foreground, then BLOW! (I mean blow fire. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> ) now hold RIGHT, until you touch the chakroad. Chakron will ask, "you aspire to travel?"
choose "Don't Travel", then walk around, put do not leave the area. If done correctlythe game's graphics should be all screwey.

Here's how it works: when the chakroad is touched, all of the areas that were not viewed in the space become glitched because they could not load.
Damage Freeze
To do this glitch, you need to get Mario/Luigi/Bowser's power as high as you can. Now get your character to Lv. 99. As the game wasn't designed for 10000HP+ of damage, if you inflict 10000HP+ of damage, the game immediately freezes.
Music delay
Have the Mario Bros. go to any enemy in Bowser's body. Then spin jump straight into the enemy. If executed perfectly Mario & Luigi won't say 'Let's-a-go!' until the star you see reaches the touch screen!
Walking through a Toad
For this glitch, you need to be the Mario Bros.. Get out of Bowser's body and go to a place with at least one Toad (Toad Town works best). Now position the bros. so that Mario is facing the Toad, and get as close as you can without changing Mario's action mark to 'speech'. Now Mario must jump over it. If you did it correctly Luigi should walk through the Toad!

Easter eggs

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Chakron warp
After beating Chakron and being launched to Toad Town, you can go back to his location to be launched to Toad Town again.
Shroobs from Mario and Luigi: PiT
you know how you can find shroobs in the At the bottom of Bowser's Castle you can find the shroobs from M&L:PiT.

Additionally if you go into fawful theater when you first get there and the fawful show is going on in the theater go all the way to the bottom right. There will be a shroob sitting in the seat if you talk to it it won't say any thing.