Mario Kart DS Cheats

Mario Kart DS cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mario Kart DS cheat codes.


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Game Unlockables and added Glitch also
I beat the game using my Ar. and wrote everything down so here I'll post here 4 you guys and even add cool Ar.Codes!!!No Wifi ar codes Sorry:( 1 Glitch even added:)
UnlockableHow to unlock
DaisyAll gold trophys in Retro Grand Prix 50cc
Dry BonesAll gold trophys in Nitro Grand Prix 50cc
3 kartsAll gold trophys in Nitro Grand Prix 100cc
WaluigiAll gold trophys in Retro Grand Prix 100cc
ROBAll Gold trophys in Nitro Grand Prix 150cc Mirror mode
36 kartsAll Gold trophys in Retro Grand Prix 150cc Mirror Mode
Mirror ModeAll Gold in 150cc Grand Prix
Different Ending screen and Beginning screenAll gold in all cups 50cc,100cc,150cc and 150 Mirror mode
Mission 7Star rank or higher in All Missions 1-6
Flower cupGold trophy on Mushroom cup Nitro Grand prix
Star cupGold trophy on Flower Cup Nitro Grand prix
Special cupGold trophy on Star cup Nitro Grand prix
Banana cupGold trophy on Shell cup Retro Grand prix
Leaf cupGold trophy on Banana cup Retro Grand prix
Lightning cupGold trophy on Leaf cup Retro Grand prix


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3 for 1 in time trials
in time trials use rob lgs for three mushrooms instead of one
[Balloon Battle] Burst Two Balloons Combo.
When you have any shell, take it out and wait until you get a mushroom, then throw the shell to your oponent, it will burst one balloon, then use the mushroom to steal his other balloon, you will get his balloon and burst one.
You can kill your oponents easy if they are using just two balloons.
A boost on Tick Tock Clock
When you are racing on Tick Tock Clock, right before you pass the finish line there are two gears. Ride up the gear going forward and it will give you a short boost! Mushrooms might make it faster, I've never tried them.
A handy little tip
If you know of some shortcuts, cheats or others that you'd like to try out then if you're not sure that they work, then you should practice in time trials, because you're completely alone (the ghost data won't bang you off course.) It's really helped me in the past.
A New but Rare Way to Dodge Blue Shells
If You have a star and you see a blue shell coming when youre in 1st place, activate the star and the shell wont affect you. I did it with my friend today: he was in 2nd, i was in 1st and i had a star. the blue shell came, i activated the star, the shell hit me but didnt affect me (kinda like when you have a star and a bomb explodes, but there is no affect).
A PRB [prolonged rocket boost
A PRB is a prlonged rocket boost.You need a perfect start or almost perfect start to perform a PRB.After the start right away do a quick mini-turbo boost then make a fast chain of turbo boosts very fast.note: This will make you go through rough terrain without losing speed.When you get hit by an item it is gone.this is great for timetrails[TT].
All Karts
To unlock all of the karts for each character (36 karts) beat all of the retro stages with a gold trophys on Mirror Mode. Mirror Mode is like the 150cc mode exept the tracks are mirror image of what they usually are. You can unlock it by defeating all of the other modes with gold trophies.
Alternate Ending Screen
Different "Thank you for playing" screen after credits.Finish all classes with gold trophies on all cups (including mirror mode)
Ambush Opponents in Balloon Battle!
Ok, you've noticed all of the Boxes where you receive your items from, correct? Well, what you do is you get an item, and go to where it will spawn. You lay down a Banana/ Fake Item Box. Opponents will occasionally drive right into these.
An easy way to dodge blue shells
If you have a banana or a fake item box, or see one close to you, and you see the blue shell headed for you. Just hit the banana or fake item box just before the blue shell hits you and then you won't be hit by the blue shell. You will, however, feel the effects of whichever item you just ran into.
This cheat is for teams, (specifically multiplayer), it's really simple, after starting a race, let the last person on your team stop at the first item box spawn (which can also be you), every item you get would supposedly attack the person in another team, use that 2 your advantage! When the last person spots an enemy kart, let the person fire away, and if it has the banana or fake box, let the person place it next 2 an item box spawn, the team the person is in would see the box on their map and avoid it. keep doing it, and voila! most of the other team is behind most of yours, and, you'll still get more points. this can work on any track! Happy Karting!
Avoid a Blue Shell
To dodge a blue shell, You need to powerslide. When it's about to hit you in powerslide mode, let go of R and Tap it while turning in the direction you powerslided.Byebye blue shell! You can also dodge the shell you use on yourself!
Avoid a Red Shell
In pipe plaza if someone is going to shoot a red shell quickly go through one of the pipes and the shell will not affect you. NOTE don't do it if you are far away.
avoid blue shell
when the blue shell is right above you, use a bomb and it will destroy the blue shell. You really have to practice for it to work.
Avoid blue shells
Avoiding blue shells are a hassle at first but help alot. Especially on Wifi. To do so, get a powerboost ready, when it stops spinning and heads down to you, let go and boost, then jump straight away in the same dirction. You should avoid it. It takes alot of practice
avoid spiny shell
when u look @ the touch screen and u see an opponent with a spiny shell quicky reverse so u will be second (spiny shells often go for the player whos first)

ps. do not reverse when u see the spiny shell on the touch screen flash by a player while in first place
Avoiding Blue Shells in tight races!
The three top tips are:
1. Let it hit you, but drive near others so that the explosion hits them aswell. If your going down, bring others with you.

2.If someone is very close behind you when a blue shell is coming, slow down and let them get the lead. The blue shell will them go for them, and you'll be back in first in no time. But you must do this early when the shell is launched, if you do it too late, you will get hit whether you move back or not.

3. Throw an item backwards at the shell. This extremely difficult to do and it takes a lot of practice and a very good timing.
Balloon Battle
In a balloon battle against computers, you might have noticed four balloons in the top right hand corner of the upper screen. You can press Select rapidly to inflate those balloons and add them to your single one that's on your cart.
Balloon Battle/Get More Balloons
Instead of holding SELECT to inflate your balloons you can Blow into your microphone. When you blow into your microphone you will see that your person will blow up a balloon.

P.S. this only works in Balloon Battle.
better drifting
When you are hit by lighting your speed will decrease a lot/but because your smaller you will find it easyier to drift and get round corners without falling or going off the track
Beware the Box
In Banshee Boardwalk, when you go inside, the bats are flying out of a large metal box. Beware the box! I was playing against my friend and I dropped a bomb on her next to the box. Somehow, she wound up being blown up and landing inside the box. There's no way out, except to quit the game.
Block Red Shells Easier
Instead of dropping an item a the right time you can drag an item behind you when you see a red shell on the bottom screen. This works most of the time. The rest of the time the shell curves and hits you on the side.
Blue Shell/Squid
Don't use these items when in first place as they will only hurt you.
Boost further over a jump
You might already know about this, but whenever going over a ramp with a boost (or without) use the R button to jump at the peak of the ramp and you'll go further.
Concentrate... Tailgate... Battering Ram!!!!!
The following shouldn't be to hard to know, and doesn't require much practice. In any race, tailgate somebody, but don't run into them. Note: It is VERY CRUCIAL to stay directly on your opponent's path. In a moment, you'll see wind blowing past you. Next thing you know, you're head looks like it has a headache or something like that. You have what ,I like to call, a battering ram. Bump into somebody and...Viola! You just hit someone and didn't go off course. Note: This will only last a few seconds. HAVE FUN!!!!☺☻☺
Defeating Chief Chilly in the last misson
Use mushrooms to knock him out twice. On the 3rd time he will jump over you at any time. Whe he's not looking, use mushrooms repeatedly and he can't jump while you do it. Good Luck!
Delfino Square
When you get to the stall with the two boxes next to it, go past them and then turn right. It will bring you to a muddy track. It's a short cut to the bridge.
Different Screen
When you complete all trophies on all speed ( 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and mirror mode ) in gold

When you start up the game
The characters from the game are on the title screen.

Dirty tricks with cheat code or not
#1~banana/fake ? box
When you are near a platform or what, put it there and if your appointment knock on it, he/she will eventually go to the last place ( maybe yes or not)

#2~make your Wi-Fi appointment mad
Choose noisy characters e.g.Daisy and use cheat code.(for R4)click one cheat code for L and just simply use it.

#3~how to hold four items a time.(R4)
Chose cheats for X, L, Y & select and ignore the blue letters.

When you have a bomb and you see the person behind you(very close) has a red shell, just press L and not releasing it, BOMB!!! your enemy will get bombed!!!

#5~a small jump (NOT action replay)
When you go to the top of a platform, press R & have a nice jump!!!

#6~Crazy bumpings
When your enemies is shrunk (lightnig) and you were not, get a mush or star or bullet, start bumping! It's a ideal for sky garden, rainbow road bowser castle 1...
DK Pass Extra Item Box
When rounding the last corner on the snow-covered hill, drive up the last slope over the snow. At the top is an item box that gives rare items no matter what place you're in.
Don't fall off!
Note: You can only do this on Rainbow Road.

If you have a mushroom boost and you're almost falling off the loop, quickly use the mushroom and you won't fall off. It's cool, try it out!
Drive On When Inked By Squid
If you're in 3rd place or near the front, you can drive on whilst other carts slow down as you can look at the bottom screen and drive on. Be careful: other carts might knock you off.
Driving on Walls
On Yoshi Circuit when you go near the mouth under the tunnel, stick as close to the right hand side as possible - but don't crash into it. As you come out drive up the right hand side wall and you'll ride on the wall!
Easier Control of ANY Kart
If you look at the bottom screen only, and drive, it is much easier to manouver because you can see ahead of you. You will have a less chance of falling, and a less chance of running into a banana peel, or a green shell and get off-course.

Easy Balloon kills in Nintendo DS
If a person only has two balloons in the Nintendo DS arena, the easiest way to kill them is this.

When you get a Mushroom, use it so that they will fall off of the side. When you hit them, you will steal one of their balloons, and because they fall off, they will lose the other.
Easy way to get in front [Rainbow Road]
Note: It has to hit or it wont work

While on the top of the loop lay a banana, fake box etc. and once the other person hits it he will fall off the loop into space giving you more time to get into first.
Extra Balloons
When you are doing a balloon battle get a queen speed (yellow mushroom). Charge into somebody and you will get one of their balloons.
Get a star above your name
To get a star above your name finish every single grand prix (even mirror mode) with a ranking of a star or better. When you race against somebody they will see your name with a star above it. It looks really cool!
Get Items Quickly
When you get an item box, keep pressing R or X really quickly, and you get an item in about 2 secconds!!!! (It doesn't change how good the item is)
Getting A Good Item In The Beginning
When you begin a race, try stay in the pack but in one of the last slots [6-8] when you get an item it should be good, but your still with everyone, use your item to your advantage.
Go faster in Yoshi Circuit
This one is a bit tricky and you will need a mushroom in order to do it, when you begin racing and you pass the second curve instead of going to the left and go around the long curve, keep going and use a mushroom to jump through the big gap.
Good record on Baby park
Choose Bowser at any kart choose Baby park.
Now your kart is fast right? Then you'll get a good record and I suggest at every curve you use a speed boost.
Guarenteed 1st Place!
During the '3,2,1!' countdown at the start of a race, start holding down the A button at the end of '2'. You will jet into first place, which you then just have to maintain. (If you start pressing A too early or too late, you will burst up in smoke and be slowed down!)
Guess What?
If you fall off of the stage, there is a way to get a little good out of it--you can get a mini turbo. when you land on the ground after the snowman thing drops you, and press "A", you get a mini turbo. you need very good reflexes and timing to do this.
Hint on Mushroom Bridge
Right after the first tunnel take a right and there is a little pathway that will get you in front of others! And if you still don't get it, go a little ways after the FIRST tunnel and (do this on time trials because you can stop and look) take a right and it is a little dirt pathway. Have fun!
Hitting Opponents With Red Shell Sucessfully
You may have noticed that in the higher cc's, opponents drag an item behind them to avoid being hit by on coming shells. Sometimes when you throw a red shell, it doesn't work and it is a waste of a shell. I have found that when dragging along a corner, releasing the shells while still dragging is very effective, it almost every time curves around the item behind your opponent and knocking them down, making their defense useless.
How to avoid Blueshells and get the sap behind you blown up
If you are battling for first place and an oppenent is right behind you and a blue shell is coming simply stop your kart and let the other poor sap pass you and get blown up and you take the lead getting rid of your blue shell problem and your oppenent
How to Block Shells in Balloon Battle
Now, this is fairly standard, but is very effective.

If you notice a shell is going after you and you have an item, make it so your holding it behind you. You do this by holding the launch button, but not releasing it.
How to blow balloons faster
Instead of holding down the select button blow in the mic, but when you blow in the mic, blow it lightly, because then the mic is too sensitive and will pick it up.
How to dodge a blue shell
If a blue shell is coming up behind you, and you have a bob-omb handy, throw it behind you at the right moment and it will destroy the blue shell.
how to get rocket
To get a rocket you have to be 8,7 or 6 place I always get one in 8 place
How to Power Boost Drift
If you dont know how to already fo a power slide boost,( which is required in some of the missions), this is how to do them, well how i do them anyway.

When comming up towards a corner and you want to do a power boost drift, turn in the direction you want to drift and press and hold the R button and hold the direction you want to drift. at this stage your kart wil be drifting normally. now whilst you are drifting in a direction and you are STILL holding the R button in. keep pressing left and right on the key pad. you will then get a small blue boost. now keep pressing left and right until you get a red boost. that is the power boost that allows you to finish the mission levels.
To get rid of Blooper ink just go over a boost.
Instant Boost
Start of the Race
Right at the beginning of race, don't touch the acceleration button until you see the number two in the countdown. Once you see the number two, press and hold down the accelerator to get an instant boost.

After Lakitu Drop-Off
Lakitu will rescue whenever you fall off the track. Wait until he drops you on the track and, at the exact moment that you touch the ground, hit the accelerator button.
Items List
! Items that can be dragged behind you
Makes karts spin out when run over.
Triple Bananas!
Press L or X to deploy behind you. Tap the button again to drop one.
Green Shell!
When thrown, this shell travels in a straight line and knocks over the first kart it hits.
Red Shell!
These automatically lock onto and chase after the next kart in front of you. When hit, the kart rolls over.
Triple Green Shells! Triple Red Shells!
Press L or X to deploy, then press the button again to launch a shell. Each one has the same effect as a single Green or Red Shell.
Spiny Shell
This shell tracks and chases after the lead kart and blows up when it reaches its target. Any kart in the blast radius will be knocked over or spun around.
Fake Item Box!
Looks just like an item box, but when you run into it, it knocks you over.
Explodes after a brief pause or when another kart comes near it. Any kart in the blast radius will be knocked over or spun around.
Provides a short speed boost.
Triple Mushrooms
Each press of L or X uses up one Mushroom.
Golden Mushroom
Allows you to use Mushroom boosts as many times as you want for a short period of time.
Bullet Bill
Briefly transforms the user into a Bullet Bill that soars through the air along the track, knocking over karts along the way.
Sprays ink on the all of the karts in front of you, obscuring those drivers' view of the track.
Unleashes Boo, who turns you invisible for a brief time, making you impervious to enemy attacks, and steals an opponent's item for you.
Makes all opponents spin out, drop their items, and shrink for a brief period of time.
Makes you invincible for a brief period of time. While invincible, you will knock over any kart you hit.
Jump High!
This is just for fun, I don't think it makes you faster.

When your going up a jump, right at the tip, press R and you'll bounce higher in the air than you normally do, and it's really fun! I think it makes you faster, if not, at least you'll be jumping higher than other people in WiFi!
Knock over cars and pinballs.
Go to Waluigi Pinball or Shroom Bridge and have Bullet Bill or star. Then
go near a car or pinball and use it and they flip over! It's really funny!
Local Play
In local play
Say you had 3 people
And 2 had the game
You don't have to have 1 game and the rest download play,
Make a simple game and get the 2 with mario kart to join
And the person without can also join
(When you do simple mode, you can only get the first to cups to race in)
Loop Jump
On Rainbow Road, if you are peach in her standard, when you make it to the road leading down to the first loop, you can use a mushroom on top of the road and jump. If you do this correctly, you will land on the loops outer part of the fence and you can junp, if you do this you will jump to the road that comes up after the first loop.
Lotsa items
If you have a shell (red or green, not blue ) then hold L and it will appear behind you and also you can have another item from item blocks.
Make Bloopers useless
When you're hit with a blooper (the little squid things that squirt ink on your screen), just look at the bottom screen, making it completely useless!
Make Bloopers work against you
Collect a Blooper from an Item Box and move to 2nd place. Now just when you overtake the player in 1st place, activate the Blooper. It will go up, then fly back at you and do damage!
Make other players get hit by a spiny shell!
When you see a spiny shell, try and get close to an opponent so when the spiny shell blows up it will hit anyone who is in the blast and they will fly up or spin around.
Making big leads
A common idea is to start the race slow maybe in around last place but still close to everyone else. Whenever you get a good item like bullet bill or a star save it until you get close or to first place. After that use the item and it puts you really far ahead averyone else. You can get hit by blue shells and still maintain a decent lead.
Mini-map tips/Item tips
Mini-Map Tips:If a Squiddie inks you then just look at the bottom screen when it shows the terrain/items/racers/monsters.
Item Tips:If there is a banana peel or a fake ? box then use a regular shell to dodge it by hitting it away.
More characters
If you go to Single player and choose 'prix' option, try to win all the racing tracks in each and every one of the levels (5occ, 100cc, and 150cc) When you win the 50 and 100cc, you'll get another character to choose from. When you win 150cc, you get another level, 15OccMirror. If you win that, you'll get another character!

Have fun!
Mushroom Boost
If you get a triple mushroom boost don't use it all at once. You'll go faster if you use a mushroom then your own speed for awhile and so on. Trust me, you can save it to bump someone.
Mushroom Boost in Delfino Square
When you come to the dock in Delfino Square,you see a crate when you turn,right?And it's beside the thing with the fruit in it,bump into it and get the mushroom that comes out of it.It comes in handy when your far behind of the others,or when you feel like getting a boost.
Mushroom Usage
Mushrooms are some of the best items in Mario Kart.

Here are ways to use them.

Firstly, never use them on roads your driving can handle getting in 1st second and all that other stuff.

Use them to go over grass fields, like when the road curves the grass is curving it, go over the grass with the boost

Use it to do short cuts Some short cuts require boosts so that you can get over them or are dirt paths that are slow. One is behind the pyramid in the desert course. Another is in the yoshi Circuit course.

Use them to escape shells

If you see a shell about to hit you boost right when it goes down.
Not, snaking but it's close
If you can't snake try this: When you're on a turn continuous drift against the turn and keep doing this with the rocket boost so keep doing it and and you'll go faster.
Pipe Plaza
Stand outside one of the bottom pipes with triple shells, and when people come out they get hit. That is if you stand on the correct spot.
To pivot, press A and B at the same time and turn in the direction you want to go. This helps at times when you accelerate, you will fall off or hit another item.
PRB (Prolonged Rocket Boost) is a glitch in the game. You can go over rough terrain with it slowing you down. Mario Circuit 1 for example, you can go over the dirt on that level without slowing down. To PRB, you have to get a perfect boost (or close to perfect boost) and star snake right away (tips on snaking will be coming!). It's mainly used for time trials but you can use it for racing. But once you get hit, with a shell or anything like that, you are done.
The PRB is an everlasting mushroom, basically. You need to get a almost perfect to perfect start. Right away after the start do a turbo-boost, then start snaking at your fastest! When you feel a change of speed it will probably be PRB. when you get hit by an item it will stop. Please note that with the PRB you will be able to go through grass with out loss of speed. It will be handy in time trails.
Quick Drift
Press Right and left twice while drifting to get an instant mini-turbo.
Quick tip on Banshee Boardwalk
Go on Banshee Boardwalk with any character and any kart. When you come to the part with bats flying out of the box at you, there should be a pole on the left with a huge hole on the left at that. Go to the very left of the pole then jump over the crack right next to the pole. It's not a very big cheat, but it will give you less time on your time trial if you do it every lap. Good luck!
Quick turn
Simply hold A and B then press left or right to do a quick turn.(Note:You don't go fowards or backwards.)
Rainbow Hopping
This is how you get a little extra boost on rainbow road:

While in any cart at any speed, while riding on the loop-de-loop, when you begin going up, start jumping as fast as you can. The jumping will always propel you upward, or away from the normal gravitational pull, so by jumping you will increase your speed! But if you jump while on the top of the loop or going down, you will slow down, stop, or even begin to go backwards! So try out this cheat!
Rainbow Road Unintended Shortcuts
~After going up the twirling tower, right before you start heading down, jump with R. As you go down, you'll notice you're flying. If you can aim just right before you get air, you can land on the railing and drive outside the loop'd'loop. At the right time, jump off the side of the loop'd'loop to land on the road again, completely skipping the loop. This should drastically lower time.

~Driving down the road a bit, begin turning, and aim for the red pipe, just to the left of it. Use a mushroom boost and hop, and fly off the edge. Lakitu should pick you up in a later part of the course.

NOTICE: these shortcuts are on an expert level. Don't be discouraged if you don't get them the first time.
Rocket Start
This one is my favorite boost in the Mario Kart series. It lets you get out of the starting line fast!

TO activate this boost, press and hold the A button when the number 2 appears on the screen. If you do it just right then you'll get a rocket start with the race begins.
Save lots of time in Defino Square
You need a mushroom to pull this off. At about the halfway point in this course, just before you cross the bridge, turn left, (or in mirror mode, right) and go through the grass next to the tree. If you look off the corner of the grass, you can see a dock. Use the mushroom to cross the water and carefully land on the dock. On the dock, there is a ? item box. Get back onto the track and you should have saved about 6 seconds depending on how long you took to use the mushroom. Be care full though, you can easily fall off the dock.
Saving Thunderbolts
Save your thunderbolts for when your rivals are leaping gaps, as it will make them fall and lose time.
Secret item box!
This works best with Dry Bones but if you don't have him then use Yoshi or Toad.

When on DK pass just after where the snowball rolls down the hill there is a snowy, not very steep hill with a couple of trees on top. Drive up here and there is an item box. Get the item box and it either has a star or a great item! It is also a good shortcut.
Shell sheild
Whenever you have 3 shells activate it. Now whenever somebody comes very near to you, the shells will protect you and make that person crash.
Very useful.
Shortcut at Sky Gardens
Look at the overhead map. At the bottom of the screen, there is a big curve. When you get to this curve while you're racing, you'll see a cloud inbetween the left side of the curve and the right side. Go on it, but you have to jump (R) in between the gaps or else you'll fall off. If used with a mushroom, it works better, but it still is good without one.
Shortcut in cheep cheep beach
Just after you go along the jetty and do the jump, you will land on sand and see like a giant metal circle thing. Go around that, then you will see a jump take it. If you have a mushroom here use it and go under water (you should know what I mean) and come out saving like 5 seconds. This works best in time trail. If you don't have a mushroom DON'T try this it will cost you like 5 seconds
Shortcut in Banshee Boardwalk
In Banshee Board walk when you get to the first corner where bats fly at you. Go left and there will be a hole in the floor. Press R and jump in the hole to quicken your lap.
Shortcut in Bowser's Castle
When your spinning around the room with the rotating thing, instead of going through the passageway, keep driving and you'll find another passageway, take it, it's faster.
Shortcut in Delfino Square
Once you get to the dock area in Delfino Square, you will see an alley between two buildings, go through there if you have a mushroom and use it when you hit the mud in the middle to cut the distance of the original turn in half.
Shortcut in Desert Hills
If you get mushrooms, don't use them right away, save them when you have to zig zag through the sand, but instead, cut right through by using the mushrooms while going over the sand hills.
Shortcut in DK Race Mission
When you are doing missions, you will eventually come to one where you must race DK at DK Pass Mirrored. Having trouble beating it? Follow DK until he goes up the side of a snow covered hill as a shortcut, use a mushroom to get past him and you will have smooth sailing from there on.
Shortcut in Luigi's Mansion
In order to use this shortcut, you must have a triple mushroom, a golden mushroom or a star. When you exit the mansion and go into the grounds, immediately turn left and use your item/s. If you avoid the walking trees, you should come back onto the track where the gate is and you should also be ahead of some other players. (Note. 1 mushroom in not enough to use this shortcut.)
Shortcut in Mario Circuit
When you are coming up to the large pipe that you go into in Mario Circuit, you'll see that there are two Pihrana Plants in pipes, before you pass the first one, use a Mushroom to cut across the dirt path to the right of the first pihrana to help improve your time.
Shortcut in Rainbow Road
When your racing, be sure not to fall off, but when you have a chance, bump anyone ahead of you off the rainbow, they'll go right to last place.
Shortcut on Tick tock clock
Near the end ride up the gear turning towards the finish line to save a few seconds.
shorttcut to cheep cheep beach
After you go over the first rainbow jump you will land on the beach keep driving and you will eventually come to some water that you would normally go around if you stuck to the track, if you have a mushroom power up you can go through the water and it will save you a lot of time. You can still go through the water without a mushroom power up because it will still save you a bit of time, just not as much. The time you save will depend on the level of water that there is when you go through it
Sky garden shortcut without mushroom
on sky garden, there is a ramp right before the first vine road, if you do a Mini Turbo and jump you can make it across the ramp without the mushroom. This helps in time trials.
Slipstreaming is a relatively unknown racing tactic that reduces your wind resistance by getting close to another racer and falling in directly behind them. Wind will part around them, and since you're directly behind them you have virtually no wind resistance, increasing your speed.

When you're slipstreaming in-game blue streaks will appear around your kart. Stay in the slipstream long enough and you'll recieve a 3 second windbreaking boost (a normal Mushroom boost is only 1 second long, in comparison). Slipstreaming is very easy and useful to pull into first out of the huge melee of karts right after a race starts, and also in 150cc and multiplayer races when a kart with a higher top speed pulls ahead of you on a straightaway. You can still slipstream when turning and drifting, though it's more difficult because you need to remain directly behind another kart.
Snaking Tips for Newbies
Choose karts such as the Egg 1 or the Dry Bomber.

Snaking is powersliding to the left and the right on straight aways for more speed than the game allows.

First, you should start on the Figure 8 Circuit, it is the easiest to learn on.

To powerslide, press the R button on turns, and press left and right, and you will see blue, then orange sparks. When you let go, you will get a small boost. Try to do it on straightaways, and you will be snaking.
Special Power-Up In DK Pass
On the second turn when the giant snowball is following you, go up the hill and there will be an item box. Get the item box and receive a star or three mushrooms, no matter what position you're in.
Speeding Up
If you want to go faster at the start of the race, wait until it says 3, 2, 1, go. When it gets to the one, start speeding up to get a pretty good head start. Do not start speeding up until the one appears because if you do, you will burn rubber and start out in 8th place.
Staff Ghost Times - Nitro Cups
These ghosts are unlocked in Time Trial mode by obtaining a specific time on each course. The ghosts are those of the staff who made the game, and are all very difficult to overcome. The times given for each track are those of the Staff Ghost; the ability to race the Ghost is acquired by timing a few seconds more than the Staff Ghost on that track. It varies from track to track, though the required time is usually within 5 to 10 seconds of the Staff Ghost's time.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Figure-8 Circuit 1:36:481
Yoshi Falls 0:57:677
Cheep Cheep Beach 1:43:654
Luigi's Mansion 1:59:357
Desert Hills 1:31:262
Delfino Square 1:54:601
Walugi Pinabll 2:23:288
Shroom Ridge 2:05:123
DK Pass 2:14:607
Tick-Tock Clock 1:54:903
Mario Circuit 1:56:533
Airship Fortress 2:07:748
Wario Stadium 2:14:868
Peach Gardens 1:52:989
Bowser Castle 2:19:661
Rainbow Road 2:16:246
Staff Ghost Times - Retro Cups
These ghosts are unlocked in Time Trial mode by obtaining a specific time on each course. The ghosts are those of the staff who made the game, and are all very difficult to overcome. The times given for each track are those of the Staff Ghost; the ability to race the Ghost is acquired by timing a few seconds more than the Staff Ghost on that track. It varies from track to track, though the required time is usually within 5 to 10 seconds of the Staff Ghost's time.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Mario Circuit 1 0:50:688
Moo Moo Farm 1:17:751
Peach Circuit 1:12:011
Luigi Circuit 1:29:759
Donut Plains 1 1:08:027
Frappe Snowland 2:08:781
Bowser Castle 2 1:52:258
Baby Park 0:50:920
Koopa Beach 2 0:54:847
Choco Mountain 2:15:571
Luigi Circuit 1:46:581
Mushroom Bridge 1:30:600
Choco Island 2 1:01:620
Banshee Boardwalk 2:14:403
Sky Garden 1:44:400
Yoshi Circuit 1:48:793
Staff Ghosts
To get Staff Ghosts, you need to get around 5, 10 more seconds than the actual Staff Ghost has (or less). These are the times you have to break:

Mushroom Cup
Figure-8 Circuit: 1:36:481
Yoshi Falls: 0:57:677
Cheep Cheep Beach: 1:43:654
Luigi's Mansion: 1:59:357

Flower Cup
Desert Hills: 1:31:262
Delfino Square: 1:54:601
Waluigi Pinball: 2:23:288
Shroom Ridge: 2:05:123

Star Cup
DK Pass: 2:14:607
Tick-Tock Clock: 1:54:903
Mario Circuit: 1:56:533
Airship Fortress: 2:07:748

Special Cup
Wario Stadium: 2:14:868
Peach Gardens: 1:52:989
Bowser Castle: 2:19:661
Rainbow Road: 2:16:246

Shell Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 1: 0:50:688
N64 Moo Moo Farm: 1:17:751
GBA Peach Circuit: 1:12:011
GCN Luigi Circuit: 1:29:759

Banana Cup
SNES Donut Plains 1: 1:08:027
N64 Frappe Snowland: 2:08:781
GBA Bowser Castle 2: 1:52:258
GCN Baby Park: 0:50:920

Leaf Cup
SNES Koopa Beach 2: 0:54:847
N64 Choco Mountain: 2:15:571
GBA Luigi Circuit: 1:46:581
GCN Mushroom Bridge: 1:30:600

Lightning Cup
SNES Choco Island 2: 1:01:620
N64 Banshee Boardwalk: 2:14:403
GBA Sky Garden: 1:44:400
GCN Yoshi Circuit:1:48:793
Stars By Your Name
To get one or more stars (max amount of stars is 3) by your name is to Beat all races in 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 150cc mirrored, with star rankings. to get star rankings in the races you have to be in 1st without crashing, going off course, or losing position. hope this helps
Starting Boost
To Get The Boost When Youre About To Start A Race, Mission, Etc. Exactly After The "2" Goes Away, Hold "A" You Should Get A Boost.

Note: This Requires Some Practice.
Super Boost
Halfway through the #2 countdown, begin to hold the A button down and you will get a super boost.
Talk to me.
On battle mode, you might notice that it says BLOW into the mic but I TALK into the mic. Why?Bacause the DS reacts to sound and not feeling.

You can always press select.
Tart Top
Place Bananas/Fake item blocks as soon as you land on the ground after a speedup jump.
The only way to avoid blue shells
This is not easy!

There are only 2 places you can do this. Airship Fortress and Waluigi Pinball. When you get to the super boost that sends you clear across the stage, go on it the very second the blue shell is right above you. If done right, it will explode behind you. If you go to early, it will follow and hit you land, and if done to late, it will bomb you before the boost.
The Sandy Road
In Mushroom Bridge after the first tunnel, if you keep going you will see a sandy road (be sure to have a mushroom or three but you dont have to have one)go on it use your mushroom('s) and you will get farther.
Tick Tock Clock
When you're about to get to the finish line & there are those big wheel things you can go on them! Any Lap!
Tips for racing in Mario Kart DS
1. For the best speed and acceleration, I recommend choosing Mario's Shooting Star or Waluigi's Gold Mantis.
2. To get an extra boost at the beginning of the race, hold down the A button as the "2" appears (and keep holding it); and when it says "GO!", you will immediately boost ahead.
3. To make a random item box choose an item sooner, repeatedly tap the L or X button.
Tips on Weapons.
Use these tips to be the weapon king.

Banana: Place these in hard to see places, like after jumps. Hold them behind you for an increased chance of missing a shell attack.

Green Shells: Use these when you are at close range to an opponent while slipstreaming. Hold them behind you for an increased chance of missing a shell attack.

Red Shells: Use these when your on a straight track or shortly after boosts. Hold them behind you for an increased chance of missing a shell attack.

Blue Shell: When you hear the noise of a blue shell approaching, slow down and it might take other karts.

Fake Item Box: Same as banana, but can't block against shell attacks.

Mushrooms: Effective when using shortcuts. Also effective on straight tracks and power sliding.

Super Mushroom: Same as Mushrooms but don't use too much, or you could end up falling off the track (e.g. Rainbow Road)

Bob-Omb: Difficult to aim when shooting forward. Best used for blasting behind opponents.

Blooper: Slightly Effective on difficult tracks.

Boo Hoo: Effective when used on tracks with lots of obstacles.

Thunderbolt: When you get hit by one, it can actually make you snake better.

Stars and Bullet Bills: Can knock opponents out of the way, causing them to fall off on certain tracks.

Hope this helped.
Tricks/Skills with Power Slide
First off you need to know how to do a Power Slide, aka Mini Turbo in order to do these (this has been previously posted).

Dodging Blue Shell
This is one of the hardest things to do... and can only be done in, 100CC, 150CC, and Mirror.
To do this, you must have good timing.
When a Blue shell is coming towards you get ready with a MT (Mini Turbo). Then when its just about to hit you, release it! And quickly press R to jump after.

Snaking is when you MT left to right, or vice versa on a straight away making a snake like pattern... it takes some time to learn it, but once you got it, it's simple to do.

Prolonged Rocket Boost
Prolonged Rocket Boost, aka PRB is when you snake right after a power boost, and the starting boost. What it does is allow you to go off road without the slow down effect as if you are using mushrooms over and over. This lasts as long as you can keep the snaking going. Very useful on maps such as SNES Mario Circuit 1 and GCN Luigi Circuit. Very difficult to do, takes lots of practice.

These skills are easier to do on some karts then others.
Dodging Blue Shell: All items carried behind you, or dropped will be destroyed... though sometimes they wont. (Items in your "inventory" will not)
PRB: Using a Mushroom will stop the PRB.
Tunnels=Outrun Blue Shell (sort of)
In Waluigi Pinball there is a tunnel at the beginning of the lap. If you are in 1st place, chased by a blue shell and go through the tunnel the blue shell won't catch you, however it will once you have passed the tunnel.
This should also work in Airship Fortress and any other major boost panel (I don't think there are any others).
Unlockable Characters And Items
Character - Daisy Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 50cc
Character - Dry Bones Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 50cc
Item - 3rd kart for all characters Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 100cc
Character - Waluigi Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 100cc
Item - Choose from 7 karts for each character Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc
150cc Mirror Mode Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every cup
Unlock R.O.B. as a racer Finish either 150cc Mirror Mode Class with Gold Trophies on all cups
Unlock "Mission 7" in Mission Mode Get at least a 1-star ranking on all levels of every mission in Mission Levels 1-6
Item - Choose from any kart for each character Get a gold trophy in every cup in the Grand Prix on 150cc mirror that you didn't use to unlock R.O.B.
Unlockable Cups
To unlock the Lightning Cup you need to get Gold on the Leaf Cup.

To unlock the Special Cup you need to Get Gold on the Star Cup.

To unlock the Leaf Cup you need to get Gold on the Shell and Banana Cups.

To unlock the Star Cup you need to get Gold on Mushroom and Flower Cups.
Daisy - finish 50cc with gold trophies
Waluigi - finish 150cc with gold trophies
Dry Bones - finish 100cc with gold trophies
R.O.B - finish 150Mirror with gold trophies (nitro Cup)
Mission 7 - get a gold star (or more) on each mission
36 for each player - finish retro 150cc mirror with gold trophies
Waluigi Shortcut
You know the pinball part on waluigi curcit? Well, turn right and stay along the side. You can go along and you'll be under the flaps! Now you are protected from those pesky flaps.
Ways you can avoid blue shell
Do you hate it when you get hit with a blue shell and lose the race? Then these tips will help you.

1)When a character has a blue shell, let someone get in front of you before they use it and get in front of them before it hits you.

Note: The blue shell is a homing shell so its the person that was first in first place

2) Use a star or a ghost to avoid the blast.

3)Let it hit you, but make sure someone is next to you so they will get hit with the blast.

Note: Make sure that they are within blasting range
win a race
To win a race, go through all the item boxes until you find a Bullet Bill. Use it and you will go lightning speed. You don't even need to control it!
Wooden Boxes and Goombas
They're more than stupid boxes that make you lose speed. If you don't know what wooden boxes are go to Mission 2-1 and look at them. Back to topic when you hit a box it can send out a mushroom, banana, or nothing. Boxes are in Delfino Square and Airship Fortress as far as I know. Another tip also gives out a mushroom. Get a shell(green works best) and shoot it at a goomba in Mario Circuit. A mushroom will appear in front of you.
Yoshi circuit
To get over Yoshi's mouth on Yoshi Circuit (see overhead map) you do not need a mushroom - you can powerdrift over it. Go as close to the right hand side of the wall as possible (dont hit it) and you should get over. This is guaranteed to save at least 3 seconds per lap.
Yoshi circuit
When you come to Yoshi's arm in Yoshi circuit,you see a gap there right? Yes,there is a gap, but use a mushroom boost to jump over the gap. Only needs one mushroom.
Yoshi Circuit Shortcut
Just before you do your third turn, use a triple mushroom to jump off the cliff and reach the other side.


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Arrows to Boxes?
You first need an action replay with the unlimited golden mushroom code (listed below) enabled. Then go into time trials and choose ANY track you want. As soon as the race starts press the L button rapidly then look on the touch screen and the little arrows will eventually dissapear. Wait a few seconds WHILE YOUR STILL PRESSING L and then you'll see boxes appear instead of little arrows!

Press L for Golden mushrooms
923d629a 00000200
6217bc2c 00000000
b217bc2c 00000000
2000004c 0000000d
20000054 00000001
d2000000 00000000
Boo hoax?
Note: You need to hack to do this.

If you get infinite Boo Items, this is what you do. Shoot as many Boos as you can. If you do the procedure right, there will be a boo floating on the course doing nothing. I did that and I found it funny.
Dodge the Blue Shell!
It takes practice. Drift, when it about to hit you, stop drifting and jump. HARD
easy kill on an edge
For this you need a red, green shell, or preferably a mushroom.

shell: fire your shell at the person then while recovering you ram him off the edge.

mushroom: make sure person is near and edge then use the mushroom to ram him and get a balloon. If done correctly you should hit 2 balloons instead of one.
Falling off the loop/corkscrew in Rainbow Road
This is a glitch found on the loop/corkscrew of Rainbow Road. You can use any kart, but we recommend an awful drifter. To do this glitch, you need to do the course as normal, but when you reach the loop/corkscrew, drift and hit the rail. If done correctly your kart will float up, putting it off the track.
First, put on 600cc or Moonjump code and go to Delfino Square. When you start, turn right right away and ride right next to the wall. Go up the hill at full speed and jump. You should land on the edge of the fountain and be floating in mid-air. Fun to do


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Baneshee Boardwalk Avoid bats
On baneshee boardwalk when you enter the building turn left even though it says to go right turn left and press L to jump over the small crack in the ground and go from there and it sorta prevents you from getting hit by the batts!
Block Red Shells
There are two ways to block red shells, hang an item behind your kart by pressing L, which works most of the time, or another way which is sometimes helpful if you have no items. It is also a crazy way of blocking, drift the kart's rear into a wall. I found out this on Tick Tock clock, after you drive over the cogs, there should be a wall. I accidentally drove into the wall, but the shell was blocked. I hope this cheat helps!
Blowing Balloons
Is blowing up balloons hard? Tired of losing your breath? Don't rapidly press select, don't talk in your mic, just HOLD the select button! Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Easy to title screen
If you want to go back to the title screen and dont feel like hitting B over and over again, just hole L+R+Select+Start to get you there quick.


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Faster mini-turbo
If you snake/miniturbo after going over a boost, and you are still going boost-speed, do a mini-turbo and you'll go just as fast as the boost sent you, but for longer! Snaking fast enough lets you keep this boost for a long time. Doing this on rough ground won't slow you down, letting you take shortcuts without mushrooms!


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Good Item
Hold back very slightly before the first item box and you will get a good item. You can then use it during the race, even when you are in a good position or when the pressure from 2nd place is on.

You could use it when you get it to get a headstart on the others.


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Good items
In races, when you start, stay in last place for a second then get an item. It's always good so you go from last to first. Also, in battle keep one balloon except when with a bomb and you'll have items like stars almost every time!


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Good tip for Rainbow Road
When you are going in the loop drop an item (e.g. banana) in the middle, at the top of the loop. when some one hits it they will fall upside down off the course and generally go to last position. this also works if you or someone else is on the loop, near the top and you get hit by an item (especially blue or red shells) then you will fall upside down of the course. it looks really cool on the replay when this happens.
List of shorcuts
Delfino Square

Exit town, left before bridge, use Mushroom to the wooden pier

Luigi's Mansion

Use a triple mushroom boost when exiting the mansion on the left hand side to beat some karts

Desert Hills

1) Mushroom boost between the pyramid and the wall after the first right hand turn (left in mirror)

2) triple mush boost across the sand when the track meanders

Cheep Cheep Beach

Use a mush boost to go under water for a while....

Bowser Castle

In the spinning floor room ignore the first exit, taking the second

Donut Plains 1

Mushroom through the gap after the second right turn

Mushroom Bridge

Just after the first tunnel, use a mushroom up the hill

Choco Island 2

After the first left turn there will be a small opening in the wall.

Banshee Boardwalk

In the room with all the bats, take the left turn and hop over hole near the corners with 'R'

Sky Garden

1) Use a mushroom and jump to some clouds after the first turn

2) Use a mushroom to jump over a mini ramp with an arrow on it

3) Hop over some clouds next to the 2nd bridge.

Yoshi Circuit

Mushroom boost over Yoshi's arm (see overhead map).

Make your opponent Mad
On wi-fi, on the character selection screen, keep clicking on Waluigi and then pressing \"B\" (do this over and over again) and you will keep hearing his laugh. This will annoy your opponent. If theyare annoyed, they are more likely to make mistakes.
On the bridge...
(NOTE: You need an action replay DS card. See Action Replay) Before you start Mario Kart, put your Action Replay DS in, then put in your MarioKart. Check off the cheat where you can fly/superjump (I don't no the name) The go to the game. Play on GCN Mushroom Bridge, and when you come to the bridge, use your jump to jump on the supporters on eather side of the bridge. Then your "On the bridge"!
shoot something backwards!
when racing, press down in the D-pad, then use any shells or bombs, while holding down, press "L",then watch as the opponents at the back will get hit, also press the up button at the d-pad, then get a banana or fake item box then while holding up and driving, press "L" and watch your banana or item box gets throw far front!

Shortcut on Shroom Ridge
Note- you will need at least 2 shrooms for this to work. After you have turned a few corners, the wall on the left will go down and there will be a field. Use the mushrooms to go straight across it and into the tunnel. Cuts a good amount of time. :3
Spiny shells
The best way to stay in first place when a spiny shell is coming is to KEEP GOING!You'll eventually build up speed enough so you can't see the racer behind you on the map.Then if you get hit by the shell,you might still be in first place!
Tick-Tock Clock Burst Cheat
In the Tick-Tock Clock race, after you co around 1 lap, right before the finish line, there will be two cogs spinning on you left and right sides. The will be one moving forwards and one moving backwards. To get a 1 second boost, drive on to the cog moving forward and it will fling you forwards through the finish line. If you go on the one going backwards, you will get stuck. You can do this for the whole race, but be careful! They rotate they're spinning on every lap!
Okay I've got some cheats.

Retro Cup 100cc: Get gold trophies for each circuit and unlock Waluigi
Nitro Cup 100cc: Get gold trophies for each circuit and unlock 3 karts for each character
Unlockable Characters
Daisy- Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 50cc

Dry Bones- Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 50cc

Waluigi- Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 100cc

R.O.B.- Finish 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro Class with Gold Trophies on all cups
Unlockable Characters and items
Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc Item - Choose from 7 karts for each character
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 100cc Character - Waluigi
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 100cc Item - 3rd kart for all characters
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 50cc Character - Daisy
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 50cc Character - Dry Bones
Finish either 150cc Mirror Mode Class with Gold Trophies on all cups Unlock R.O.B. as a racer
Get at least a 1-star ranking on all levels of every mission in Mission Levels 1-6 Unlock "Mission 7" in Mission Mode
Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every cup 150cc Mirror Mode
Get a gold trophy in every cup in the Grand Prix on 150cc mirror that you didn't use to unlock R.O.B. Item - Choose from any kart for each character
150cc Mirror Mode- Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every cup

3rd kart for all characters- Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 100cc

Choose from 7 karts for each character- Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc

Unlock "Mission 7" in Mission Mode- Get at least a 1-star ranking on all levels of every mission in Mission Levels 1-6