Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Cheats

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario Hoops 3 on 3 cheat codes.


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Alternative Costumes
These are alternative costumes for a character. To use these, hold a direction of the control pad (up/right/left/down) while you drag the player into the basketball ring. A different direction may mean a different costume (eg. Yoshi can have 5 colors)

Peach's alternative costume - Finish Mushroom Cup (silver prize)
Daisy's alternative costume - Finish Flower Cup (silver prize)
Yoshi's alternative costume - Finish Hard Flower Cup (silver prize)
Flyguy's alternative costume - Finish Hard Star Cup (silver prize)
Ninja's alternate colors - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup (silver prize)
White Mage's alternative costume - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup (gold prize)
Black Mage's alternate costume - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup (bronze prize)
Bowser Jr. Street Point Trick ( Unlock Glare Desert )
You Can Get A Lot Of Points On This Stage, which will be useful for unlocking the glare desert and getting cactuar. first, dribble on 3 purple coin boxes, to get 3 lines in the Slot-Net. Special shot, if there are 3 marios, then your score is tripled, resulting in 420 PTS. Reapeat Until You Get at least 800 PTS to get glare desert.
Early Blocking
Once the screen comes back on after the other team scores, you can touch the screen and the blue blockage will come up and when they call for play it'll be red and ready to steal the ball quick!
Extra Moves
Here's some extra moves for you to use to become a pro:

1.Backward Shot-Get near the hoop then turn around.Quickly shoot while turning.

2.Charge Pass-Charge up a charge shot but instead of shooting,direct pass to another player.

3.Dunk Pass-Right before you make a dunk or rebound dunk,in the air,direct pass to another player.

4.Swing-Keep direct or charge passing to each player to distract the others.

NOTE:Keep good timing on each tip.
Hard Mode
Complete the Rainbow Cup in the Normal Tournament to unlock Hard Mode.
How to unlock Cactuar
To unlock cactuar you have to do more than 800 points in the Star Cup on normal, and then you will unlock a Desert Stage, then go to exhibition mode, and go to the new stage, there sometimes, a cactus will be in the sand , you have to be above him, and he will jump out the sand and run away, after that you have to win, and you will unlock him
Saikyou (Strongest) Difficulty
Complete the Rainbow Cup in Hard Tournament to unlock Saikyou Difficulty under exhibition mode. It the number "6", under the COM level.
Third Dribble Race
Beat the two existing records in dribble race: Peach Castle (45sec) & Sunshine Road (55sec), to unlock the 3rd dribble race: Rainbow Road (1min)
Unlockable Cups
Perform the specified task in order to unlock the Cup stated.

Flower Cup - Complete the Mushroom Cup, which is initially available.
Star Cup - Complete the Flower Cup.
Rainbow Cup - Complete the Star Cup.
Unlockable Levels in Coin Hunters Mode
Originally there are 2 stages available for this wireless mode:
Mario Classic 1-1
Mario Classic 8-4
To unlock 2 more (Mario Classic 2-2 & Forest Stage) , you have to play and win 5 coin hunter games in a row (meaning don't lose, and don't turn off your DS) and then the next time you turn on your DS, you should have a message saying you have unlocked the two levels.


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Unlock All Charactars & Balls
Bowser: Beat the Star Cup (Normal)
Paratroopa: Beat Mushroom Cup (Normal)
Dixie: Beat the Flower Cup (Normal)
Birdo: Beat Mushroom Cup (Hard)
Boo: Beat Flower Cup (Hard)
FlyGuy: Finish Star Cup (Hard)
Ninja: Beat the Rainbow Cup (Normal)
Moogle: Get silver in Star Cup (Normal)
Black Mage: Get gold in Rainbow Cup (Normal)
White Mage: Get silver in Rainbow Cup (Normal)
Cactaur: Beat the other team by 800 points in
the Star Cup (Normal) to unlock a level called
"Glare Desert" now if you turn off items and get 14 points or more a small cactus will appear in the sand on the line (it moves really fast)
dribble the ball on it 4 to 5 times and Cactaur should jump out of the sand and run away, now win the match, when you get to the victory screen
you should see Cactaur running across the baseline, appear in the backround twice then run across the baseline again and so on, when you go back to the main menu it says you have unlocked

Blue & Silver Ball: Beat Training
Bubble Ball: Get 2000pts in Profile Card
Star Ball: Use entirely Special Moves in any Tourny
Yoshi Egg: Get gold in Mushroom Cup (Normal)
Cactus or Melon: Get Gold in Flower Cup (Normal)
Dice: Get gold in Flower Cup (Hard)
Cheep-Cheep: Get gold in Mushroom Cup (Hard)
Goomba: Get gold in Star Cup (Hard)
Gold: 5000pts on Profile Card
Soccer Ball: Get silver in Mushroom Cup (Hard)
Black and Red: Play on Rainbow Ship without items
an win the game in exhibition
Purple and Orange: Play Bowser's Castle in exhibition for the first time
Yellow and Green: Play Daisy's Garden in exhibition for the first time
Red, White and Blue: On any tourny win by only using charged shots
Rainbow: Win 5 times against a friend in Exhibition mode
Pumpkin: Lose 5 times against a friend in
Exhibition mode
Unlockable Stages
These are the fourth stages of the cups that can be unlocked

Gira Gira Desert (Star Cup) - Win by 800 points in a match in star cup.

Malboro Garden (Flower Cup) - Dunk 3 times in the last court of flower cup (daisy garden), and a panel appears, and from that get a blue seed.

Sunset Beach (Mushroom Cup) - In exhibition, between the times of around 4-6pm play noko noko beach and win by over 200 points.