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Madden NFL 2005 (DS) Cheats

Madden NFL 2005 cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Madden NFL 2005 cheat codes.


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Easy Sacks
This way is very easy and it will never really backfire on you. You have your defensive line. Take a guy from one side. I usually take the Right End and move him over outside of the Left End. It works either way if you wanna move the Left End. Anyway now if there is no Tight End you can just get right in there and disrupt or sack the QB. Even if there is a Tight End on that side he is way easier to plow over than the lineman that you line up against at the start. The only way this will backfire is if they run the ball to the side that you just left open. Then there is one less guy to make a tackle and the CPU can get more yards or even a touchdown but if you have good DB's and LB's you should be fine.
Endzone ball!
Hold L after you score a touch down to spike the ball!
If you are playing in season mode, to get more passing yardage, use Directional mode. It will show when a receiver is open, and you can still throw the ball when a receiver is not fully open.


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Misc Codes
Touch the small spot on the main menu to display the cheat entry box. Then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

More Interceptions - BADPASS
You get Five Downs - LONGTIME
More Sacks - SAD SACK
Opponent gets Three Downs - SHORTTIME
Harder Hits - SMASHMOUTH
More Fumbles - SUPERSLICK