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Another Way Of Saying Escape

When trying to escape using the microphone, instead of saying "Escape", just blow into the microphone alittle bit. The game picks out the "pe" part of "Escape".
Verified by: Helper120, fiestaismygame2 Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 14, 2005

delivering items

okay, so for anyone esle stuck, listen well. when you accept a mission for delivering, it says deliver a thing or what ever. well, when you hear that, you think okya 1. but no, look at the no. listed by it, that's exactly how many you need before they will except the package. also look for the no. to turn blue, in the job screen, that marks you have enough items needed
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: flamingtunapictures on October 29, 2008

Easy way to kill evil Jian

Use the Shreeker card to poison him and attempt to escape every turn. It won't let you run away but will waste a turn, he will then try to imitate you and just lose 100 health each turn. When he starts to lose 0, just attack him once and he'll die.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 12, 2007

Escaping/ speeding up battles

blow into the mic. to escape. you dont have to say anything like some people think. (read the manual!!) to speed up the battle press and hold L to make the animations go quicker or press and hold R to make them go really quick.i found this out at the first giant boss and beat him in under a minute.
Verified by: Helper120, fiestaismygame2 Submitted by: anonymous on December 16, 2005

Making Animations Faster in Battle

during battle if you press L the animations go twice as fast and If you press R they go three times as fast and if you press L and R It goes 5 times as fast so know you know.
Verified by: spit_fire_f14 Submitted by: James on December 28, 2005

San colliseum.

Level up to atleast level 10. Make sure you have bravery boots on. Attack the "RAFT" with your kicks, make sure to have 20 healing drops, heal whenever your hp goes to 60 or below, do the same to the sharif, and the huge huuuuge Moran.
Verified by: Helper120 Submitted by: Helper120 on March 13, 2006