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Lost In Blue 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lost In Blue 2 cheat codes.


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"Pwning" Wild Animals For Food and Profit
If you are always dying while fighting an animal, there is a way to avoid dying entirely. In fact, you can avoid getting any damage at all.

When in fighting mode, continuously click the right (or left, whatever is your preference) button. Just keep on pressing it. The animal will lounge at you but will miss because you keep on step-siding to the right (or left -- just go in one direction constantly).

When the animal starts to go back into its resting position, hit the animal. Repeat this as many times as it takes to kill the animal. Using this exploit, you can kill an animal easily with just your fists (which, of course, would take longer than a weapon)!
building stuff.
sav tis for a day when you got food water ect. and you moved the block tothe animal place where the wolf is, or will be. you go to the top left corner and climb up. there is the jungle. run through it and grab evrything you see, and if found, defeat the tiger, then run back befor amy id dead.

P.S. only works after day 11
Decent meal, tree house, killing animals, trapped in beach,goods in heavy rain,hot spring,
To get your character a decent meal, use small trap(bucket+twigs).You will get many2 small animals: squirrell, mice, ducks,chicken,pigeons.
You have to open the trap as many as you can. After that you can cook your victim, or make them into jurkey. U can locate the trap in front of your tree house(near jungle). I only use 1 small trap. And it works. It is more effective than fishing.

When there is heavy rain(with strong wind, not tsunami) go outside and you will find many twigs, bamboo, logs(or you can come outside,tomorrow after the rain)maybe it is random.

When you use the hot spring, allow amy to go first, after a scene, go in to the hot spring too(it will work if your relationship with amy is close).

After tsunami you can find iron spear or bottles(now i have 4 bottles).

This is a tip for someone who trap in the beach, because of the tides. first, u eat a lot, drink a lot, and bring as many food as you can before u go there, and go there at night(i forgot the time)but in my case, i was trapped. so i wait until morning, at 6.15, and i am survived...

This thing is really2 piss me off, i build a tree house, when i go to the ancient building and i go thru there and i found another TREE HOUSE??!...ohh Godd...so i have to bulit it again??!!

For kill the tiger(not kill, onle chase away), i usually use iron spear, because i think it has better power.

To kill wolf, the fastest way is using bow.You only have to shoot, shoot and shoot..but sometimes i got hurt too.

Sorry for my broken English..
Ending 1: On the top of the cliff (the tallest point) you'll see a ship at 10:00 am. Go to the top right corner of Beach 4 (where the second Treehouse is) to trigger a raft building scene. After the raft is finished sail it out 10:00-11:55 am to meet up with the boat and get rescued.

Ending 2: On the top of the cliff you'll see a helicopter at 5:00 pm. At 4:00 pm the next day, bring fire lighter, twigs, and two logs. People will come to rescue you.

Ending 3: On to the top right beach and dive to find Map A(the map to another island). The left most beach(beach 3???) and use the boat. Make sure you and your partner is stuffed with food(anything is fine) and set sail for the other island.

Ending 4: Get the radio from the gorrilla. Sucessfully imitate his sound 4 times. Next time give him stuff, green symbol represent lunchbox(I dunno what that means, maybe it's one of the treasure map you can get?), purple symbol means give him pineapple, '!"represent necklace. After you give him the pineapple, recieve the radio. And use the radio at the cliff, choose volcano. And wait to be rescued. (To get radio, you have to have found the dying guy in the ruins.)

Ending 5: Get the radio from the gorilla, use it on top of the cliff. Choose 'ruin' and trigger a event where you have to find a special landmark for this island. Go to the ruin by the beach to discover this is a volcanic island. Go back to the cliff and use the radio. Wait to be rescued.

Ending 6: Must light 5 torches in one day before 6:00 pm. 2 in the ruin, one at the lake, one at the swamp, one in the forest. For the one in the forest you need your partner, fire maker, twigs of various amount, torch. After the event, Wait to be rescued

Fishy Foods
Ok so by now you should know you can catch fish by spearing(1st way), fishing(2nd way), and traping(3rd way). Here are some fish recipies that will get your Hunger Gauge up to 100% in no time.

Major Dishes
SweetFish Surprise= +38%
-Use either 4 sweetfish or 2 sweetfish and 2 crucian carp

Crucian Carp Suprise= +27%
-Use 4 C.C

Minor Dishes
Baked Sweetfish= +10% or +11%
-Sweetfish+Rock Salt+ Blue Seed
(you can trade in Rock Salt for Pepper Seed)

Baked C.C= +10
-C.C+Pepper seed+ Blue seed
(You cannot trade in Rock Salt for Pepper seed)

Hope This Helps!!!

Food, traps, and short cuts
For best resalts when grilling Crushin add some spices like chillie pepper. Draw circles over the peices as quickly as you can and try to finnish in eight to nine seconds. You can make a large trap with stick and a vine. Creating a short cut to the swamps: When you enter the jungle take a right and push the log forword so that it touches the cliff. It creates a step.Climp up this new step. Climb to the next lowest level of rock and push the log of the higher cliff. It creates a short cut. Climb down onto the log and then climb up the other cliff. When you first do this you will always encounter a tiger. Once you have defeated it I suggest you head back to the cave or tree house to rest. That has made a short cut to the swamps!
Not Dying
Now Everyone hates dying, so some good things to do are:
<span class="wikilists">
  • Always have heaps of firewood</li>
  • Make lots of lunchboxes with four bits of food </li>
  • When you get the oil drum stock up on water</li>
  • While going to build things far away bring two lunchboxes, two water and if your energy's low, eat the food then rest until your food goes to zero (Better Remember water too!)</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Oil Drum
The Oil Drum is an extremely helpful item to acquire since it holds thirty full servings of water. Additionally, it's simple to get. Wait for a tsunami to strike, and then head to Beach 3 the following day (it's the beach nearest the jungle). Pick up everything on the beach (such as seaweed, rocks, oysters, et cetera). You won't be able to hold everything there in your inventory, so continue to discard these items as you pick them up until there's nothing left on the beach. Then, head back into the Water Cave, go back to Beach 3 thereafter, and the Oil Drum will be waiting for you to grab on the beach.

Partner's 'Magical' Appearance
(This works after you've built your first tree house... but will work in both tree houses and cave.)

If you've left your partner behind while heading off to explore on your own, and you find that you're low on energy... don't worry about trying to get back to your partner... have your partner come to you!

Once you've fallen asleep in the tree house (or cave), while your partner is still back in the cave, your partner will 'magically' appear in the second bed, in the tree house, the following morning!

This works great once you've finished the first tree house in the plains and haven't yet found the shortcut that will allow your partner to explore.
The Correct Way to Dive
When you dive, the arrow will show you how to draw. At first, you should use your stylus to draw with the arrow, then you will get used to the speed and shape of it. If you draw at the wrong timing or the wrong shape, most likely you won't be able to dive.

Also when the 'Hold Breathe' words come out. Immediately touch the breathe meter, and after the shark's head exit the screen, you can continue diving already.
the swamp
when you go to the swamp, trust me, eat big, sleep big, and drink big before you go in, and bring the girl too, there is a VERY big loog. oh! and bring 10 logs and 10 ropes, to build raft. oh, and go down as soon as your outta the swamp. trust me. sail to the bottom place, you'll know what i mean
Useful items
Dig up the cooking pot from the beach in the Grasslands (top left area of the island)

Dig up the stir fry rock from the beach in the lake area (once you have the raft, check the northern beach)

Stones - can be found on the left hand side of every beach, though they take a 2-3 days to come back

Bamboo - Head into the forest then all the way right and back south to the lower area to find a bamboo cache of about six trees

Logs and Vines - The forest is the best bet, there are six logs and six vines in this area which replenish every 2-3 days

Iron bar - I found this south of the cave on the patch of sand surrounded by grass - it is new to LIB - I presume it was washed up with the storm, though you might need to complete part of the game first (I found it after opening the ruins)

The Treehouse can be built on the Grasslands - it takes about 30 Logs, 30 Ropes and 10 Leaves to finish, but when complete it has all the furniture of the cave already built.

Easy Meat, Fur and Lard - Hang about on the western area of the island, just south of the Forest late at night. Wolves attack, just spear them and take what you need. No need to trap - they come to you!

Salmon head west from the cave to the waterfall and fish from the centre stone to catch Salmon. It appears that the best place to fish is not the shore but from the centre of the river - I also found you can get char if you fish from the stepping stones in the grasslands


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Better Cooking
Step 1: Go and gather carrots, roots, mushrooms, or anything else you find on the ground.

Step 2: Give them to your partner to cook. Get some fish or meat to cook and eat alongside of her/his cooking

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for about 10 days. You should see a remarkable inmprovement with cooking.

Remember, you won't fill yourself off of their burnt veggies! Get fish and eat those, too! Using meat works, but it's generally a waste until the get better. My partner gets me the best possible from using these steps.
Unlimited Traps
The glitch that worked in the original still works in the sequel! Although this is hard to pull off, and may take many tries, it took me around 10 for 1. It has roughly a 26% chance of working! But still, it's WORTH it!

1:Head to the grasslands(or desired area), and
have a large/small/fish trap in your pockets

2:Next get into the sub menu(X or tap it's button)

3:Now just after you do that, rapidly press the A button(not once like the original), if you bind down, it worked!*

4:Select the desired trap, and press the A button, you should see it for a moment (or not), then hear the 'swash' of your character searching the ground, or picking up something, if you don't see it, don't worry that's the next part!

5:Now after you do this the desired number of times, don't forget to move around and place them in different areas, as you would normally. Now exit the area.

6:Now head back into the area, check the place(s) you placed the trap(s)If they are there, GOOD JOB, YOU DID IT!!!!!
Unlock Serious Survival Mode
To unlock serious survival mode (how long you can endure by yourself), beat the game in normal survival mode.