Lost In Blue Cheats

Lost In Blue cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lost In Blue cheat codes.


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Bamboo Ledge
At the secret beach, go all the way up (by pressing UP on the D-pad), then go all the way left. There'll be a small series of ledges to climb.

When you get to the top, there'll be bamboo sticks, which you can use to make a fishing rod out of (if you have a vine as well), or make a spear (if you have a vine and a sharpened rock) to fish with to pass the time if the tide goes up.

You can also shake the bamboo trees for some sticks. Take some to Skye so she can make some stuff for you. Also on the ledge, there are bamboo shoots that you can eat if the tide gets high, or take them to Skye to cook.
Challenge Mode
To play as the boss, beat Skyes story mode. Now you can play as the boss in challenge mode!
Extra Clams
Right after you have brushed away the sand over a clam, right as you click on it to pick it up, tap A and B repeatedly. If done correctly, there should be another clam right where the old one was.
fast seafood
When your are first on the island, or any other time, if you go to the left of where you wash up there is a rocky area. Climb the rocks and jump the gaps, on a ledge there is a peice of sea food that will be there every day.
Get Furniture!
Talk frequently with Skye, and then you will be able to create different furniture (some to keep Skye alive while you're gone for days).

You can make the following:

- Bed upgrade (replenish more energy)
- Shelf upgrade (hold more items)
- Table and chair (skye's jobs are done faster)
- Smoker (creates jerky)
Gettin mad Cocoa Nuts and Twigs!
When you got to the other side of the Island (The section of where the girl was found) Pick up the Cocoa nuts near the Red Raft first. Then shake the every tree for a Cocoa nut. If one falls form that tree, go back and shake it again. If another falls, you know that is the tree that will bear Cocoa Nuts for the day or few days. When the tree stops that means another one is replacing it, try other trees in the same location. Do the same thing for the tree of twigs located to the right of the cave and up the first level. Its good for the Fire place, and the Cocoa nut is good for refreshments on your journey.
Try other trees and see if they work too, but don't waste your time with the Bamboo trees, they don't produce anything.
Getting Skye to tell you to make furniture
For Table and Chairs - Let her get low on stamina and health on your next outage to the swamplands/grasslands. Talk to her and take another trip if she doesn't tell you.

For Jerky rack - Talk to her after taking your first trip out to the puzzle box area.

Play as Heroine
Once you beat the game, you will be able to play the game over as Skye.
Prevent Skye and Keith from Dying
If you do not want Skye or Keith to die, eat alot, and drink alot.Also, save your game alot. Every now and then check Skye's and Keith's stamina on the upper screen of your DS. If you are running out of energy, food, or water you should, rest, get a coconut, or get food to eat with Skye.
Quick Saving!
Quick Saving can help in your situations many times. When outin the tall grass fields where animals dwell, quick save were you are before hunting, then when you are to go around hunting and you have no luck in catching anything, simply switch off your DS, then go back to your quick saved file and try again. It saves time and energy. You can also try this for many things.
Radio Escape Ending
If you tune to frequency 6.75 you can contact the Ocean Disaster Rescue Team. When asked what island you two love birds are on, choose the first answer (Kauia) and a rescue boat will appear up to four days later.
Ruins/Box Puzzle Shortcut
When in the box puzzle area, instead of going out the same way you came in you can jump down the rectangle water holes that are up against the walls. You will be washed out to the top of the temple in the grasslands.
there is a much faster way to climb up to the grasslands than going right (past the lifeboat and before the potatoes).
go to where keith and skye pushed the big rock into the crack. there are two logs there. push the only one you can push all the way down, until the log can't be pushed anymore. hop on it. walk to the right, and jump. there will be a ledge, and a brand new area that's sort of hidden. lots of potatoes, but more importanty,(making sure you push all of the logs down on your way down) THIS IS A HUGE SHORTCUT from the cave to where all of the rasberries are. (just left of the waterfall) this shortcut shaves so much time instead of going the other way.
Time w/ Penalty
If you are are ever stuck somewhere (i.e. the secret beach)
and need to wait until a certain time to get back to the cave (and to
Skye) then always bring a spear with you. It can be a really bad one,
because it doesn't matter. If you go into spear-hunting mode, and not catch
fish, the time will pass at the same rate, but yours and Skye's health,
thirst, and hunger will stay the same. You will need to go back into
spear- hunting mode about every hour on the game, (about a minute, in
real time) because the game will take you out of spear- hunting mode.

unlimited food
find two coconuts and put them in your backpack side by side, then talk to skye and order her to make food, when you did this a screen will pop up, with your stylus press a on the right coconut then quickly with with your pen start tapping the left coconut ,you will be able to eat all different kinds of food ,some even get more then 100 stmna up.

p.s. you can do this with any kind of food it doesn't have to be two coconuts.
Useless Skye
When I first found the cave near the ruins, I thought that if I brought Skye, she would cook and stuff like in the other cave. But no, she doesn't even sleep let alone cook. So it's best just to keep her in the home cave, because she'll die if you bring her to the ruins cave.


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After word for "Ulimited food" glitch
Okay, so yea, it works,(checkout the "unlimited food" cheat but beware, if you try to look at Skye's inventory after you put the "glitch food" in her inventory, the game will freeze. So to put it simple DON'T LOOK AT SKYE'S INVENTORY AFTER YOU GIVE HER SOME "GLITCH FOOD."

Easter eggs

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get good fish allmost evey thime you fish!
first of all you need a fishing rod. then when you hook a fish start to pull it in, if it fights back hard, its a good fish if its too easy let it go. this mmight break you fishing rod so be carefull!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Easy Mountain Climbing
Locate and take at least two of the yellow mushrooms at the start of the mountain pass before attempting to scale the peak. These mushrooms bestow infinite strength for a short while and pretty much allows your character to navigate the mountain quickly.
Time Passing
If you are are ever stuck somewhere (like in the 'secret beach') and need to wait until a certain time to get back to the cave (and to Skye) then always carry a spear with you.

It can be a really bad one, because it doesn't matter. If you go into spear-hunting mode, and not catch fish, the time will pass at the same rate, but your health, thirst, and hunger will stay the same (ditto with Skye).

You will need to go back into spear-hunting mode about every game hour (or every real-time minute) because the game will take you out of spear-hunting mode after a period of inactivity.
Unlimited Food in Skye's story
This trick makes it possible for only a single food item in your inventory be your unlimited source of meals and boxed lunches! Basically, you can play through Skye mode with the same moldy 'ol clam that you dug out at the beginning of the game as your only source of food heh...

Here's the basics of how you do it...

1.) Make sure there is at least one food item in your inventory (bottled milk, coconut, freshwater clam...), AND make sure your inventory is not full.

2.) Now access the cooking area (right side of cave, behind Keith's sleeping area). It doesn't matter if you're making a boxed lunch or not, nor does it matter what cooking method you choose. Next is the important part....

3.) Time to put in some stuff for it to cook...

move the cursor on the food item in your inventory to use for the trick. Press A to check it, AND THEN press B to uncheck it. (This select/unselect part is crucial because your game will freeze if you don't do this!!!).

tap on the first empty slot in your inventory with your stylus so that the empty slot is now highlighted. Press the A button and you should see the empty slot is checked, and the topscreen shows you sent a duplicate of that food to one of the ingredient slots. You could then go ahead and choose other ingredients and spices to use (although I don't bother to).

4.) After you've set the food to cook, press X to start the cooking mini-game; play as you normally would. You can continue cooking more meals, just follow the same process of putting in the ingredients from Step #3.

In conclusion, it doesn't *really* matter what food you choose for the trick because it all mostly ends up being a carrot dish. Don't let the name fool you... A boxed lunch made w/ only a single ingredient yields 100% Hunger, and when used for the meals shared between Keith & Skye, it's at least 60% or even as high as 256% Hunger to both of you. And the food you used for the trick is still in your inventory in the end.

Unlimited Spices
This cheat allows you to use a spice even if you don't have it. To do this you need at least one type of spice. On the spice selection screen use the D-Pad and highlight the spice you need that you're out of. Then using the stylus/touch screen highlight a spice you do have, then press A. If done correctly the spice you want to use that your out of will go from 0 to -1 and appear in the box of spices being used on the top screen.