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Hidden Functionality

Please complete the game once, and then select your player profile while;
UnlockableHow to unlock
Holding the R triggerReplaces all clockworks with kingdom force. Also changes cutscene sprites from clockworks to bluebits.
Holding the L triggerThe final story sequence is displayed.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Archangel on December 04, 2008


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Beat Final boss fast

To beat the final boss fast place as many gunkirs as u can to quickly kill him.i think he comes out of the town antonia but watch out for kingdom force, they'll swipe at the walls knocking them to the ground.
place many lava traps and build attack boost helpers next to all gunkir rows
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Tanooki Mario on December 24, 2009

Easter eggs

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Developer's Room

When you clear the game, you can visit the developer's room (hall of heroes).
1. Head to Brookwood Camp after you load the finished game and interact with a skull on top of a grave.
2. A yellow dot in the world map with no dots leading to it will now appear. Head to this place.
3. You will find yourself in a cave. Firstly, interact with a bubble in the water to pop it. Next, activate the source well by interacting with it. Then, all the lamps will be lit up except for one. Interact with the unlit lamp to reveal a door which leads to the developer's room.
Verified by: Wereknight Submitted by: Archangel on December 04, 2008

Mari, Mayor, and Wilfre

When you go to Brookwood Camp (East of Antonia), there will be 3 graves on the very right. If you click the first grave, it says "Here lies Mari". If you click the second grave, it says "Here lies the Mayor". And if you click the third grave, it say "Here lies Wilfre. Wilfre, huh? Sounds familiar".

These are all characters from Drawn to Life :c
Verified by: Wereknight Submitted by: Anthia180 on May 28, 2009