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Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Cheats

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days cheat codes.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Unlockables

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Mission Mode - Dual Keyblade Roxas
  • Complete Story Mode
  • Purchase the "Zero Gear" from the Moogle Shop
  • Equip three Ability Links to it
Note: This is for Mission Mode only.

Note: This form is only available in Mission Mode. Any other mode and Roxas will wield the Kingdom Key+, a vastly improved version of his starting Keyblade, Kingdom Key.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dual-Wielding Keyblade FormAfter successfully completing Story Mode, the Zero Gear will be available for purchase at the Moogle Shop for 30,000 Heart Points. Buy it, and equip it. By installing three Ability Links into it, the Keyblades, "Oblivion" and "Oathkeeper" will be equipped to him, allowing him to dual wield those Keyblades in battle. While the Gear is equipped, Roxas' hood is fully pulled up and you gain three Abilities-- "Defender", which gives you a Defense boost while your HP is low, "Damage Control", making you take half the damage you normally would while your HP is low, and "Second Chance", leaving you with 1 HP if you take an otherwise fatal hit.
Submitted by: Chronoboy on October 08, 2009
Mission Mode - Hidden Keyblades
  • Complete Story Mode
  • Purchase the "Zero Gear" at the Moogle Shop
  • Equip two Ability Links > Two Become One Keyblade
  • Equip one Ability Link > Oathkeeper Keyblade
  • No Ability Links equipped > Kingdom Key+ Keyblade
  • Redeem 60 Mission Crowns for the "Mystery Gear" > Aubade Keyblade
(Story Mode does not need to be completed for this Keyblade)

Note: These Keyblades are only available in Mission Mode. However the Kingdom Key+ Keyblade can be used in both Story Mode and Mission Mode
UnlockableHow to unlock
Two Become OneBuy the "Zero Gear" and equip it to Roxas. Then install two Ability Links into it. The Keyblade will then transform into the "Two Become One" Keyblade. You gain two additional Abilities - "Defender", which gives you a boost in Defense when your HP is low, and "Damage Control", making you take half the damage when your HP is low.
OathkeeperBuy the "Zero Gear" and equip it to Roxas. Then install one Ability Link into it. The Keyblade will then transform into Roxas' signature Keyblade, "Oathkeeper". You then gain the Ability, "Defender", which gives you a boost in Defense when your HP is low.
Kingdom Key+Buy the "Zero Gear" and equip it to Roxas. (No Ability Links are needed)
AubadeBuy the "Mystery Gear" and equip it to Roxas. As a hidden extra, if you install one Ability Link into the Keyblade, you can gain the Ability, "Striker", which boosts your Strength when your HP is low.
Submitted by: Chronoboy on October 21, 2009
UnlockableHow to unlock
Theatre ModeComplete Day 358 on any difficulty
Secret Reportscomplete the game, then go back and get 100% for every day. (reports attached to Roxa's Diary)
Submitted by: Rabla, flamingtunapictures on June 18, 2009

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Tips

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Be able to wield just Oblivion
You probably know you can get dual wield Roxas who is holding oathkeeper & oblivion but if you want you can wield only oblivion. Here`s how - you beat the game and get as many mission crowns and nobody symbols as you can and redeem them and then get pandora gear. When you get it go to mission mode choose Riku and equip pandora gear and link 2 or 3 ability units and you have oblivion by itself.
Submitted by: Darkside28 on July 06, 2010
in the neverland mission where you need to find the artful flyers and avoid cannonballs, look in the holes, if they have a doll in them, FLYER!!! its an easy way to find them.
Submitted by: ironhulk124 on October 15, 2009
Easy Munny But Don't Mind Spending Heart Points.
An easy way to get munny without spending too much heart points is by buying panacea's at the moogle shop for 140 heart points each and you can sell it for 1400 munny each.
Submitted by: Avader28 on November 01, 2009
Heartless Locations: Mission 62
At some point in the game, Demyx will ask you to find all the hidden heartless in mission 62. This is very hard for many people due to the fact that Zero is not in this mission. Here are the 4 locations:

Town Center
1. On one of the pumpkins embedded in the west wall (must jump to see)
2. On one of the lanterns (must jump to see)
Moonlight Hill
1. On the tip of the hill
2. On a gravestone in a corner
Submitted by: shadofrak on November 03, 2009
Moogle Shop start
When you are first able to use the moogle shop (the place you exchange heart points) make sure you choose your new weapon carefully because there are other things in he shpo that are useful

Wild Gear-Balanced weapon for the ground or Air
Lift Gear-Small ground combo but is amazing in the air
Tech Gear-Ground Blade (meaning good ground combos but bad in the air)
Chrono Gear-Enhances magic as well as does great aoe attacks (meaning it can attack a lot of enemies at once like the Loaded Gear)
by around the time you have access to the shop, you should have something called the Power Unit or something similar, it can enhance your weapon. If you don't have it yet then you'll surely get it, it's called the Ability Unit for your weapon to enhance it, revealing it's hidden power
hope this helps =D
Submitted by: dsguitar on October 08, 2009
Trick for ruler of sky
When you battle ruler of sky and he shoots coins at you get close to his treasure chest (which is his mouth) and a glitch will happen. The coins will go through you!

To dodge his rampage keep going up and down to confuse him and he will usually miss you if you do it correctly.
Submitted by: Skyexplorer on February 12, 2010
Ultima Weapon
there is no true Ultima Weapon, but there is a panel that grants the keyblade the ability. The panel is a Moogle Freebie.
Submitted by: flamingtunapictures on October 08, 2009
Unlockable Missions and free items
be sure to talk to every member in the Grey Area before embarking on a new mission. try to complete any requests for chances of getting a new mission, or getting a sythesis item.
Submitted by: flamingtunapictures on October 08, 2009

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Glitches

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Do a ground combo in the air!
If you equip a weapon that has a ground attack that propels you forward,then use that ground attack at the edge of a platform,you'll do your ground combo in mid-air.

NOTE:It only seems to work while playing as Roxas equipped with Nimble gear.
Submitted by: Wolverine527 on October 08, 2009
Limit break while in green hp
when ur facing the Zip Slasher, set ur partner to heal.
fight the zip slasher and then when u r able, do a limit break.
if u time it right, ur partner will heal u right as u limit break and ull be in the green zone for health but ull keep the limit break until it runs out.
Submitted by: mastr575 on October 23, 2009
Powered Armor Frozen
After the Powered Armor in Mission 89 detaches it's limbs from it's body, you can use Blizzaga on the head and the arms and feet will freeze also! There is a 1/20 chance of this succeeding. This has been tested and actually works.
Submitted by: Oglop on May 15, 2010
Vs. Dustflier - Station Plaza Glitch
In Mission 89 in Twilight Town, you have to defeat at least six giant Heartless. After defeating the sixth giant Heartless, a Dustflier (easily the hardest Heartless/Boss in the game) will appear at the Station Plaza. Lure it over to the double doors of the station under the little roof. Once there, its Shock Wave attack will be fully negated, and you can more easily fight it. As long as it is at that location, it's Shock Wave is negated, and you take no damage from it.
Submitted by: Chronoboy on October 08, 2009

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Easter eggs

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fight anti-riku
1. Beat game
2. go to mission mode and pick solo
3. go to holo-missions and select the third mission at the castle that never was
4. go to the area you fight normal riku anti riku should appear

WARNING: he has ten bars of health and some new attacks
Submitted by: kingconway on October 08, 2009
fight anti-saix
1 go to mission mode
2. select the mission where you escape the castle
3. instead of running through the stairs you should end up where you fight saix
4. make sure you bring lots of high potions and high ethers
Submitted by: kingconway on November 11, 2009
Have a peek to Kingdom Hearts II at PS2
When we finish / clear the game, we will see an extra part. It said:
"Days 359"
"The First Day"
It looks same with when we start the Kingdom Hearts II at PS2 where we play as Roxas. At PS2, it also say "The First Day". So, we have a peek a little about Kingdom Hearts II at PS2.
Submitted by: Yuliandi on November 22, 2011
Hidden Character Weapons
After you complete Story Mode, the "Zero Gear" becomes available at the Moogle Shop. Once purchased and equipped, the characters (besides Organization XIII members) will have his/her hidden weapon unlocked and in-hand.

Here is a list of the character names and the weapon name/type:

King Mickey -- "Kingdom Key DΩ" Keyblade (Ultimate version of his Kingdom Key D)
Sora -- "Dream Sword" Sword
Goofy -- "Dream Shield" Shield
Riku -- "Way to the Dawn" Keyblade (Riku's signature Keyblade)
Xion -- "Kingdom Key+" Keyblade (Upgraded version of her Kingdom Key Keyblade)
Donald -- "Dream Rod" Rod

Note: These weapons only work in Mission Mode.
Submitted by: Chronoboy on October 22, 2009
Organization XIII Signature Weapons
In Mission Mode, each member has only their weakest weapon equipped at the start. By completing Story Mode, you can purchase the "Zero Gear" and equip it. When equipped, each Organization XIII member will have his/her own signature weapon in-hand, earning them greatly boosted Stats (and extra Abilities when Ability Links are equipped).

Below is a list of each member's name and their weapon name/type when the "Zero Gear" is equipped:

No. I: Xemnas -- "Interdiction" Ethereal Blades
No. II: Xigbar -- "Sharpshooter" Arrowguns
No. III: Xaldin -- "Lindworm" Lances
No. IV: Vexen -- "Frozen Pride" Shield
No. V: Lexaeus -- "Skysplitter" Axe Sword
No. VI: Zexion -- "Book of Retribution" Lexicon
No. VII: Saix -- "Lunatic" Claymore
No. VIII: Axel -- "Eternal Flames" Chakrams
No. IX: Demyx -- "Arpeggio" Sitar
No. X: Luxord -- "Fair Game" Cards
No. XI: Marluxia -- "Graceful Dahlia" Scythe
No. XII: Larxene -- "Foundre" Knives
No. XIII: Roxas -- "Kingdom Key+" Keyblade

Note: These weapons are only playable in Mission Mode. (Exluding Roxas' Kingdom Key+ Keyblade)
Submitted by: Chronoboy on October 22, 2009
Roxas is a ninja
In the mission where you must search for Xion with Axel, Go to the Tram common and head to the tunnel entrance behind the synthesis shop.

Instead of entering, approach the wall to the left and you will find an "Examine" point.

Upon examining the wall a text box will appear;

"It looks like someone scribbled on the wall here.
Submitted by: Flippy on April 04, 2011
Weird weapons
buy the mystery gear, then goto mission mode and the oganization members will have cleaning and cooking utensils and other random stuff. Luxord will have a copy of FF13, roxas will have an umbrella, and leaxeus will have a whiffle bat and so on.
Submitted by: minutegamer99 on April 24, 2012