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Jump Ultimate Stars (Import) Cheats

Jump Ultimate Stars (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Jump Ultimate Stars (Import) cheat codes.


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8 Komas
There are only a few 8 Komas in the game (The Strongest form of each character)

-Dr. Mashirito
-Sasuke (Knowledge Koma)
-Sasuke (Power Koma)

Good luck unlocking them all!
Easy KO
Use Tsuna from Hitman Reborn! anime series, or any character that has a down spike when in the air.

In a level where the platforms are able to be passed through, you can spike down your enemy, for an easy KO.

In missions where there is a small or low time limit, this is very useful!
jaguar jump bump
Have jaguar 5 koma when he looks like a fairy on your team then add luffy 3 koma or any koma support koma that can give you a up attack. When playing as jaguar press X then when the character is up in the air press the luffy support koma... you should get at least 75 hit points! this is a very usefull attack especially in wirless mode because people won't see it comming. ...... P,S for mor of an attack when you finsh with the luffy koma part of the attack and he is still up in the air press up And Y!!!
Unlock Champion Rank
Complete Point, J-Star and Elimination ranks in the J-Arena.
Unlock Pre-Configured Decks
Play through ALL the J-Ranking modes and clear Point, Elimination, J-Star and Champion ranks in the J-Arena.


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New Mode
Unlockable: Quizz Mode
You must finish the story mode.

And then you get this lol XD
Quiz Mode
In order to unlock the Quiz Mode you must complete the story mode. Quiz mode will then be available from the main menu.
Reveal all Special Missions and easy green gems
To reveal all of the special missions beat the last boss once.to get easy gems go to ninku the first mission were you have to collect J stars K.O. i cant remember his name at the moment but it dosent matter because they are all the same person. I suggest using Kyubi Naruto 7 if you k.o. them with a special you will get 20 green gems you should be fine if you use a power character that you are good with.
Reveal Special Missions
In some of the levels there are extra missions that can be completed but you can't see what they are. Finish the game once and then you will be able to see special missions under regular missions.
Unlock Champion Ranking
Unlockable: Champion Ranking
You must finish Point, Elimination and J-Star Ranking in the J-Arena.
Unlock Characters
Unlockable Characters

Allen ... Unlock when you collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the D.gray.man first mission
Don patch ... Avoid being hit for at least 2 minutes in the 2 mission of bo-bobo
Gohan ... Clear the stage in 30 seconds or less in the second mission of DBZ
Gon ... get the most points to win on the first mission in Hunter x Hunter
Hitsugaya ... Clear Mission 1 of the Bleach Planet with at least 4 points
Ichigo ... Get the most points on the first mission of the Bleach Planet
Kakashi ... KO at least 2 opponents with a special attack in mission 2 of Naruto
Kazuki ... KO all the opponents in the first and only mission in Busou Renkin
Kenshin ... KO with at least 3X attacks on the first mission of Rurouni Kenshin
Killua ... Get 4 points more than your opponent in the first mission in Hunter x Hunter
Demon fox Naruto ... unlock Jiraya and evolve him then get the path to Kyubii Naruto
Linali ... Collect all the stars in 30 seconds on the first D.Gray-Man mission
Nami ... collect 30 coins In one piece on the third mission
Neuro ... Complete mission 1 of the Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Piccolo ... Collect All 7 dragon balls on the third mission of DBZ
Renji ... KO 2 enemies with Special Attacks in Mission 4 of the Bleach Planet
Robin ... Clear mission 4 of Planet "U" within 30 seconds
Rukia ... Have a full Special Guage when you clear Mission 3 of the Bleach Planet
Sakura ... Finish mission 3 of Naruto with full health
Sanji ... Collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the second One Piece mission
Sasuke ... KO KO 2 times with an attribute better than the opponent's
Seiya ... Get the most points to win on the first mission os Saint Seiya
Train ... Collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out in the first mission in Black Cat
Vegeta ... Never use special attacks in Mission two of DBZ
Zoro ... Get the most points on the first mission on the One Piece planet
Unlock Train
Unlockable: Train
You must acquire more stars than your opponent has before the time runs out in the first mission in Black Cat.