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Jam with the Band Cheats

Jam with the Band cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Pro edit mode
To get this mode finish all 5 Studio recordings in Special Event and get to the pro level in the main game
Pro Mode
To get this mode finish all 5 Studio recordings in Special Event.
Unlock Barbara the Bat theme song.
To unlock the Barbara the Bat theme song clear pro-level recording 5.
Unlock Recording Ticket Gold
To unlock Recording Ticket Gold you must beat level 5 in pro-recording studio.


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Band Play songs in Single Play
Clear Pro Studio Recording mode Level 5 to get the Band to Play songs in Single Play
Continued play upon disconnect.
Start up a multiplayer session (single pack) witha friend. Choose your song, instrument, and begin playing the song. Have your friend close his DS, placing it in sleep mode (assuming you are the one with the cartridge). It'll say there's been a connection error, but even if you turn off your DS, your friend will still have the game on theirs and as long as they don't turn off the DS via the power button (sleep mode works great) they'll be able to play the song you selected over and over.
Unlock Two Secret Songs
To unlock the Abarenbou Shougun Theme and Gmen'75 theme, simply play a song in the multiplayer mode. Only one DS need to have a Band Brothers game card for it to work, however anyone who has the card should receive the two songs. They will both appear in the "TV songs" section.