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Imagine: Fashion Designer (DS) Cheats

Imagine: Fashion Designer cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Autumn Clothes
First, go to "coats" and choose the one with big buttons. Don't cut it, and make it red. Next, choose the skinny pants and make them red, too. For the shoes, use the red or tan ankle boots. To finish it off, use a red sunhat, red bag, and red sunglasses.
Goth Clothes
First, choose the first shirt in "Shirts". Color it black, and don't even think of cutting it. Next, use the uneven long skirt. Use black and don't cut it. For her shoes, choose the black military ones with a gray skull. Her hair needs to be black and use the short hair without bangs. Her makeup needs to be: ALL BLACK!!! But her face needs white blush (not the Japanese makeup). When you take a picture, use the background of Romania.
Military Clothes
For the shirt, use the first one. Make it short sleeved, and don't cut the bottom. Color it green with a military pattern. For the pants, use the skinny ones. Don't cut, and color it the same as the shirt. The shoes will be the short military boots. Lastly, finish off with a military cap.