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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar cheat codes.


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Pets can be purchased from Lucho in the bazaar. The conditions for him to start selling them are:
UnlockableHow to unlock
CatsYou need four or more chickens
DogsYou need four or more cows/sheep
HorseLucho brings it to you in Summer of Year 2
Recipes - Salads
UnlockableHow to unlock
Turnip SaladTurnip
Tomato SaladTomato
Onion SaladOnion
Potato SaladPotato + Milk
Mixed SaladCucumber + Onion
Caprese SaladTomato + Oil + Cheese
Herb SaladMint + Chamomile + Lavender
Macaroni SaladSpaghetti + Cucumber + Onion
Pasta SaladSpaghetti + Mixed Salad
Paprika SaladYellow Pepper + Olive Oil


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Befreind Ivan
All you have to do is give him floweres every single day. It was really easy.
bouncing barrels
kay so if you double jump onto a barrel with white at the top you can be blown into a person's house or a place you can't reach. hope i helped.
Chickens + Blizzard
It is usually a bad idea to leave your chickens out in a snowstorm in any Harvest Moon game. In this game in particular, however, leaving your chickens out in a blizzard or typhoon will cause them to blow away - literally! Your chickens will blow into the air and vanish and they will not reappear until the next day when you will discover that they are sick. Make sure that you DO NOT leave your chickens outside as, if you do, you will not be able to help them.
Fishing in the Winter
The rivers will be frozen over in the winter meaning you will not be able to fish... or can you?

By hitting the river with your hammer you can smash through the ice and fish! You will have to hit the portions that look "cracked," which will (probably) cause you to fall into the river, but you can navigate back to the dock and fish again. The ice will freeze back over the next day and so you will have to smash it again the next day.
Forage Early!
If you wait too long to go foraging then all of the items will disappear. All forage items will vanish at around noon time and possibly even before then. If you do not pick up the items before the bazaar, for example, then when you leave the bazaar they will be gone! It is best to forage items FIRST THING in the morning (after watering) to ensure that they will be there.

Eggs count as forage items - if you do not pick them up in the morning then, by afternoon, they will disappear.
Max Goods From Trees
The amount of goods trees spawns is random from 1 to 3 under normal circumstances. If you throw some Fertilizer on a tree everyday you always get 3 items from it.
Racing Backwards
When training your horse, you get a number of training points that is equal to the greatest amount of consecutive jumps that you make. For example if you make 13 jumps in a row then your training points for that day will be 13. If you make 6 jumps, bump into something, and then make 3 more jumps, then your training points for that day will be 6.

If you want to rack up your points, however, you can race BACKWARDS! By racing backwards the game won't count the amount of laps that you make meaning you can run nonstop for 99 seconds before being forced to stop. In that time it is possible to get anywhere from 1 to 70 jumps or more, meaning you can rack up 70 points a day.
Save the weeds!
Since Weeds and Branches do not spoil, it is a good idea to keep them in your storage rather than sell them. Once you unlock the first windmill you will be able to make your own fertilizer with these two ingredients and so you will want to have a large amount of them saved up.


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Disappearing Horse Stars!
Several people have noticed that their Horse Training Stars have disappeared. This appears to be a cosmetic glitch, however. If you notice, the horse will still run as fast as it had when it had all of its stars so if the training stars suddenly vanish then you don't have to worry - the training is still there.
Strange Jumping
Some spots in the town, there are places that you can jump onto and your character will keep jumping until you move him/her. these spots are in several places including on the flower beds in the waterfall area and the rails on the bridges.

I also discovered something very amusing. If you have your fishing rod equipped and jump, while in mid air, press b. your character will stop in mid air. In fact, if you stand in front of someone standing still, double jump and press b at the right moment. Do this correctly and you can make your character stand or sit on someone else's head.