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Front Mission Cheats

Front Mission cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for DS.

Front Mission Unlockables

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Comprehensive Unlockables List
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sound TestBeat the game once.
TCK Assault Wanzer for the USN StoryBeat the USN story for the first time.
Buren Wanzer for the OCU StoryBeat the OCU story for the first time.
x0.8 and x1.2 DifficultiesBeat the game once.
x0.5 (overrides x0.8) and x1.5 DifficultiesBeat the game twice.
x2.0 DifficultyBeat the game three times.
x5.0 DifficultyBeat the game four times.
x10.0 DifficultyBeat the game five times.
Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on December 01, 2008