Fossil Fighters Cheats

Fossil Fighters cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Fossil Fighters cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
frigisaurusbeat the bb bandets when you beat the game (after gunash)
3 brainsdefete gunash when the time machine is used
dynaldefete dynal a third time
dunarecive 100 vivasoars
raptinsame as duna
dinomationsame as duna and raptin
ignosaurusdefete saurhead after completing the game
squikgift after increasing all vivausurs to maximum(12)rank
squirkgift after increasing all vivausurs to maximum(12)rank
squirthgift after increasing all vivausurs to maximum(12)rank
squilkgift after increasing all vivausurs to maximum(12)rank
squirodownload at nintendo channel
Gunashall vivosaurs to maximum rank and beat the 3 brains with any 3 of the egg fossils.
MaldonnsaureGo to parchment Desert after you buy all the oasis, dig at the very back of the desert. May take a while to find.
hyperasaurususe frigi,igno,and t-rex to battle dynal the 3rd time
ShukosaurBeat Dynal, then Rosie, then Raptin, then Duna, then Saurhead, Then Gunash, then Dr.Diggins
Unlockable Dig Sites!
Read everything listed below to find out how to unlock every dig site!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Greenhorn PlainsBecome a Level 1 Fighter.
Knotwood ForestBecome a Level 2 Fighter.
Rivet RavineBecome a Level 3 Fighter.
Bottomsup BayBecome a Level 4 Fighter.
Mt. LavaflowBecome a Level 5 Fighter.
BB BaseBecome a Level 5 Fighter and bring all of the tacky idols to the harbor in the park area.
Secret IslandBecome a Master Fighter and get permission to go there by Mr. Richmond when you need to find the last idol fragment.
Parchment DesertFinish the main story line.
Coldfeet GlacierFinish the main story line.
Ancient RuinsGet a Tarbosaurus(Coldfeet Glacier) and a Tyrannosaurus(Parchment Desert) to max level then beat Rosie with them on your team(must be battling) then show Dr. Diggins.
Unlockable Masks.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Green Hero Mask.Buy from the Fossil Guild store.
Purple Hero Mask.Unlock after defeating Chip (Kid in Fossil Stadium obsessed with Vivosaur man) while wearing the Green Hero Mask.
Dinaurian Mask.Unlock after beating the main story.
Oonga Oonga maskFind Oonga Oonga with the snow berries.
BB-boy maskBeat Frigisaurus with Ingosaurus
Bb-girl maskSame as boy mask.
Mole MaskFind the Moles brother in Rivet Ravine.
Stone MaskFind the Moles brother in Rivet Ravine while wearing the Mole Mask.
Master MaskBecome a Master Fighter.
Digadig maskGo to the Cheifton post-game, beat his hip shaker test.
Cheifton maskGo to the Chiefton wearing the Digadig mask,beat the hip shaker test.
Master shaker maskGo to the Chiefton wearing the Cheifton mask, beat the hip shaker test.
Golden MaskFind in the pirate ship
Samurai MaskBeat the Samurai warrior as a master fighter.
Completist MaskGet All 100 vivosaurs.
Dropping MaskBring Nick Nack 30 dropping fossils.
officer maskcatch blambeau 3 times first in the greenhorn plains, then in rivet ravine, then in mount lavaflow
diving maskjust go to bottomsup bay for the first time
saur maskget during gameplay by beating sauerhead to get inside the spaceship