Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Cheats

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon cheat codes.


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Gaiden Chapters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chapter 6xHave fewer than 15 characters by the end of Chapter 6
Chapter 12xHave fewer than 15 characters by the end of Chapter 12
Chapter 17xHave fewer than 15 characters by the end of Chapter 17
Chapter 20xHave fewer than 15 characters by the end of Chapter 20
Chapter 24xChiki dead and no Falchion
Recruiting Units
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alan (Paladin) Chapter 16Visit the village to the left with Marth
Astria (Hero) Chapter 13Enemy, talk with Midia
Athena (Myrmidon) Chapter 6xVisit the village with Marth
Banutu (Mamkute) Chapter 7Visit the village with Marth
Beck (Shooter) Chapter 13Visit the village with Marth
Chainy (Commando) Chapter 16Enemy, talk with Marth
Chiki (Mamkute) Chapter 19Enemy, talk with Banutu
Daros (Pirate) Chapter 2Enemy, talk with Marth
Ellis (Cleric) Chapter 24Automatically from the start
Est (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 18Enemy, talk with Marth
Etzel (Sorcerer) Chapter 17xClear the chapter without killing him
Gato (Sage) Final ChapterAutomatically from the start (Only if you didn't go to Chapter 24x)
George (Sniper) Chapter 9Visit the village with Marth
Gordon (Archer) Last part of tutorialEnemy, talk with Marth (Automatically from the start if you're playing hard mode)
Horus (General) Chapter 12xClear the chapter without killing him
Hymir (Warrior) Chapter 20xTalk with Marth and complete the chapter
Jake (Shooter) Chapter 11Enemy, talk with Sheeda, must have visited village where Anna is (In same Chapter)
Kashim (Hunter) Chapter 2Enemy, talk with Sheeda
Katua (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 14Enemy, talk with Marth
Wendel (Sage) Chapter 5Enemy, talk with Marth or Marich
Lawrence (General) Chapter 20Enemy, talk with Marth or Sheeda
Linda (Mage) Chapter 11Visit the village with Marth
Machis (Cavalier) Chapter 4Enemy, talk with Rena
Maria (Cleric) Chapter 10Enemy, talk with Marth
Marich (Mage) Chapter 4Visit the northern village with Marth
Minerva (Dragon Knight) Chaper 10Enemy, talk with Marth, and must have recruited Maria
Nagi (Mamkute) Chapter 24xClear the chapter
Navarre (Myrmidon) Chapter 3Enemy, talk with Sheed
Paola (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 14Enemy, talk with Marth
Ricardo (Thief) Chapter 6Enemy, talk with Marth or Julian
Riff (Priest) Chapter 1Visit the western village with Marth
Roger (Knight) Chapter 8Enemy, talk with Sheeda
Samson (Hero) Chapter 16Visit the village to the right with Marth (Can only recruit either Samson or Alan not both)
Xane chapter???Enemy talk with marth
Jake, BallisticianAfter visiting the house with Anna in it, talk to him with Caeda.
Norne (archer) Prologue IVFinish Prologue IV with 4 of less characters in the party
Sound Room and Story Viewer
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sound RoomComplete the game.
Story ViewerComplete the game, each individual conversation needs to be viewed in the main game and the chapter completed to have each one show up here.


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Easy 2-turn finish on Endgame (Last Chapter)
If you don't feel up to killing everyone in the last map, here is how you can finish the game in two go.

First, you only need few units. Bare minimum, you need two units that can use staffs. For me, it's Elice and Lena. I also brought along Beck and that's all I used. Equip one of your two staff-wielding units with Barrier and the other, Warp. And both, Fortify. It would help if Beck have Thunderbolts packed as well. No need for a Door Key.

Equip Marth with Falchion. Most important thing is Marth needs to be as strong as he can be. Meaning, level 30. Now place all units in that locked room with Marth. If you only brought two staff-wielding units and Beck, they should all fit there.

First turn, use Barrier on Marth. Then Warp him into the room with Medeus, preferably at the staircase at the upper left corner. Once there, go and kill that Sniper in front of you. Use Beck and a thunderbolt to hit that Ballista in front of the room. Finish him off with Gotoh and Swarm. This ensures none of your units get killed in the room.

Your turn ends. The enemy will move the Manakete in front of Medeus to attack Marth. The counterstrike should kill him easily if Marth is at max-level. The Sniper on the other side will attack as well, as well as a Ballista at the far left and a Bishop with Swarm on the right. And if you get hit by all attacks, it's alright. No more units can attack after that and Marth has at least 50-something HP by then, he can take them.

Your turn again. Let's finish this. Use both Fortify. Then move Marth to fight Medeus. For me, he killed Medusa in one battle, I deal 34 damage x2 and he deals 24 damage once. As long as Marth don't miss and not get critical hit by anyone, that should be the end of Medeus.

And all it took is 2 turns. =)
How I beat the final misson in two turns
All you need are 2 warps with at least 1 use left.

Then have Elice warp one character other then Marth and attack the person standing near him. Then have a Bishop use the other warp and then attack the final boss

P.S. I had bonus strength on Marth and he was at level 30 and this was on normal.
YES! In Chapter 23, you have to fight not one, not two, but THREE Gharnefs. Here's a simple trick to finding the REAL one:

The real one doesn't get hurt, right? In Chapter 19, where you get Tiki, if you open all the chests and kill all the thieves, you are likely to have an item called "Geosphere". This item does 13 damage to EVERYONE on the map. Including fake Gharnefs.
Triangle Attack
When Est, Palla, and Catria surround an enemy, they can use a Triangle attack where they all attack as one.

unit number
only train 15 units for the whole game because you can't take more that 15 into the final battle. during points in the story people will automatically join your team. use them as lures and don't give them a weapon so they don't waste valuable EXP.


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Play 24X with the Falchion
When you lose a character his inventory goes to the caravan, so give Tiki, or a disposable character if she's already dead, the Falchion at the end of chapter 24 and let her die. Gotoh will take you to chapter 24X and the Falchion shall be in the caravan. You'll get the weak Falchion at the end but Xane can't use it (I tried).