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A lot of Exp.
Near the end of the game, you can repeatedly do an optional mission called Midlight's Deep which can get you 50,000-60,000 exp per mission.
easy way to kill mydia in the volcano
get the summoning gate just right of were mydia appears and summon lots of bombs and just send them all over with self destruct after a while she should go down.
Filo's/Cu Sith's Mementos:Statues
Name:Wings of the Warbird


Requirements:Forge A Pact With Twelve Espers

Name:Viera Idol

Rank:Grand Illusionist

Requirements:Forge A Pact With Twenty Five Espers

Name:Tomato Trophy

Rank:Master Summoner

Requirements:Forge A Pact With all Espers
Filo/Cu Sith's Mementos:Fountains
Name:Marble Fountain

Title:Fortune Hunter

Requirement:Get One Hundred Thousand Gil

Name:Gleaming Fountain

Title:Robber Baron

Requirement:Get Five Hundred Thousand Gil

Name:Ardan Fountain

Title:Merchant Prince

Requirements:Get One Million Gil
Getting Bahamut
In the final chapter, he is always 30 levels higher than you unless he cant be. Try to defeat him before Megaflare.
Good exp.
Go to Gates of Shattered Time. Its in Eternity`s March close to the end. U shood get from 30,000 to 50,000 exp. Points it a good way to leve up befor the final battel.
Goodbye Friend
Send one unit to attack the lizard thing(I can't remember the name), and let your unit go through towards Balthier. Then allow them to fight it out, then move in and attack Balthier. (mentioned in a previous thread)
Its a good strategy, make sure you use units that will do well against the espers you are attacking.
Flying against melee
Melee against Ranged
Ranged against flying.
Good luck
How To Summon Espers
you have the ring of pacts that lets you make bonds I guess I can call it with monsters to summon. You start with a few monsters at the start of the battle and to get more you have to take over one of the summoning gates. You cant just summon a endless amount of monsters each one costs a certain amount of stuff I forget what it is called the stronger the monster the more it costs.
Level 99 Final Boss - 100% completion
Level 99!? Are you ready for that? When you are ready to face the Final Boss at Level 99, you will need to complete all the missions in the game.

The difficulty spikes of course, and his minions also level up. Beating him will allow you to see the Hidden Game Ending.

It isn't much, so don't do it if you haven't seen the Hidden Ending at least once. Beating the final boss at level 99 CAN and WILL be the biggest challenge in this game.


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Melee Attacks Beat Ranged Attacks.
Ranged Attacks Beat Flying Attacks.
Flying Attacks Beat Melee Attacks.

First capture the gates with Lyuud (Since You can't use filo) then have Vann, And kytes go after Ba'gamman and have Penelo Heal and Have lyuud come to use Revive After captureing the gates.

Dance Of The Dead Mission
For the dance of the dead misson use the use Diabolos, Carbuncle, and Odin as some of your espers. Pick the other 2 you want.then try to capture the summoning gate. Then try to take everything out around the boss with out making him attack you. After that try to get the awkening for Vaan or Kytes. Then split your forces into two and attack from two directions. Use the awakenings and you should win
Unlockable: Alternate Ending
To get an alternate ending, beat the game with a 100% completion rating.