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Final Fantasy IV Advance (DS) Cheats

Final Fantasy IV Advance cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Final Fantasy IV Advance cheat codes.


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100% On The First Map
If you search the first dungeon fully and get 100% recovery of the map, (the first map is the one where you defeat the Eidolon so you can give the ring to the Village of Mist) you get a cool prize!
UnlockableHow to unlock
5 PotionsGet 100% completion on the First Map
Whyt Summon Types
To customize the way Whyt looks, fulfill the requirement listed for any given option.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black MageMaximize your score in Rydia's minigame
DragoonMaximize your score in Kain's minigame
GoblinComplete the game twice through in its entirety
NinjaMaximize your score in Edge's minigame
PaladinMaximize your score in Cecil's minigame
SummonerMaximize your score in Rydia's minigame
White MageMaximize your score in Rosa's minigame
ZeromusFill your in|+|game bestiary completely


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Easy Max Score on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute
If you're stumped on getting the max score (9999) on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute, there is a easy way. When you're about to begin the minigame, quickly remember the numbers and close your Nintendo DS screen. It will put your Nintendo DS in sleep mode. Write down the numbers you remember and solve the mathemagic. After you find your answer, quickly open up your Nintendo DS and prepare to copy the answer as fast as you can. Keep doing this until you get your max score (9999) and Whyt's Summoner costume at the end.
To get Asura, you have to:
1) Go to the cave located on the bottom left of the underground map
2) Make your way through the cave
3) You should be at this place called, 'Cave of summons' (something like that)
4) Go to the basement of the library
5) Talk to the Lady on the throne
6)A battle will engage with the lady

This battle is really easy!
Just cast blink on every member on your party and then cast reflect on Ashura and then just attack her!

After the battle, you should have the summon called, 'Ashura'
Changing And Running
You Probably Already Know But;
Press R And Keep A Hold On It To Run Away From A Battle (Not Sure If It Works In Boss Battles Though. I Doubt It)
Press Y When You're Running Around To Change The Character You Run Around As.
Complete each dungeon.
After talking with Mappingway, you get the map that can be used in dungeons. After the dungeon is complete and it says 100% you get a reward. These may include potions, ethers etc.
Defeating Lugaborg
Ah yes, a lot of us probably have trouble beating this guy. But I defeated him in 10 seconds. When you first start off, he'll automatically use reverse gas which reverses everything's effect. How to counter this? Throw an elixir at him - 9999 damage right off the bat.Then just throw a few hi potions if you don't want to waste another elixir.

And you win.
Easy as that!
Easy Way to defeat Rubicante.
Well, you know Rubicante and how tough he can be with his inferno? Well no worries, I have a strategy that is fool proof. First Put an ice shield on either Kain or Cecil. Next, give the character you gave the ice shield a cursed ring. If you don't have one you can go and kill souls in Mount ordeals until you get one. Now go fight Rubicante and he won't kill you because you absorb all his attacks. This might work against other bosses but I only tried it against him.
Get Gaia Gear Early!
To get a the Gaia Gear early (a good armor for mages like Rydia), wait until you get to Damcyan with Tellah. Right when you enter the castle, unequip all of his equipment, as he will be leaving soon.

The Gaia Gear is his armor. Equip it to Rydia for a nice defense boost.
How to defeat trap doors easily.
When you go to get the last dark crystal from sealed cave there are nasty trap doors.They kill you in one hit i know how to reverse that.Make Rosa use reflect on the target when he uses ninth dimension it will reflect on the trap door.Hope this helped goodbye (it does`ent work on bosses).
Inferno no more!
If you have already gotten to Rubicante you will know that inferno is a powerful attack.But did you know that you can cancel it? All you have to do is have Edge steal when Rubicante opens his cloak(when he is going to use Inferno)and Rubicante will close his cloak and cant use Inferno(until he opens his cloak again so use steal when he does)
Laviathan is a summon. Its very strong and can deal heavy water dmg to opponent. To get this deadly summon, all you have to do is:
1) Go to the cave located on the bottom left of the underground map
2) There should be this cave on the bottom left hand corner
3) Go inside it and make your way to the, 'Cave of summoners'
4) Head towads the basment of the library
5) You should see this old man sitting on a throne
5) Talk to him
6) A battle will engage and your opponent will be Leviathan.
7) Defeat him and he will reward you with a summon called, 'Leviathan'.

Hoped this helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Magic Item (Rods and Staves) Skills
I found this secret the other day by accident that I think is pretty cool. When in a battle, you know how you can press up in the items menu to view and change the characters' equipment? Well, if the weapon is of the magical variety, you can double click on it to use its secret ability (this doesn't cost any MP!). I don't know all of the skills yet but here are a few. Try playing around with the ones not listed here.

Rod - Calls down arrows to attack a target for minimal damage
Stardust Rod - Casts Comet
Staff - Casts Poisona
Healing Staff - Slightly heals all party members
Aura Staff - Casts Dispel
Sage's Staff - Casts Raise
Obtaining Bronze Hourglass in the city of Baron
When in Baron, make your way to the top of the city, where the Dancer is located, when there run into the water, and fall down the waterfall and follow the river down to the end, when at the end run around pressing 'A', and eventually you will find Bronze Hourglass, which is an item that acts as 'Slow', it's only one time use though. Good Luck.
Three Hidden Chests in the Underground Waterway B1
When you enter the Underground Waterway make your way to the water and enter the river, once there run to the waterfall, and run straight into the waterfall, you'll be able to enter it! Upon entering you'll find 3 treasure chests with helpful items in them =]. Good Luck.
Ultima Spell
There is an Ultima spell in the game but there is only one way to get it. First, make sure you have given a total of three augments to Palom and Porom (give one to one of them and two to the other), After the Castle Baron battle against Cagnazzo, go back to Mysidia and talk to the Elder. If you gave them the three augments, you will two copies of an augments called Twincast. Give one of these to Cecil and the other to Rosa. Have them both use Twincast in battle and most of the time they will cast Ultima, an extremely powerful spell. The two of them using Twincast is the ONLY way to use Ultima.
View Credits
In the developer's room in the Dwarve's Castle, inspect the shelf behind the doll in the first room to view the credits.