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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Cheats

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates cheat codes.


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Another Boss?! (Multiplayer Mode Only)
After you beat the River Bell area go to the castle in Reben Ta Ra. Go into the door on the left and then go up. The guy from Shadowland will be there with the princess! Beat him and then the princess will become the leader of Reben Ta Ra!
Beat the Boss in Reben Ta Ra (Multiplayer)
After some point a ring will apear around it with a bunch of black circles. Use magic on the circles or he will regenerate health.
Beat the boss of Kinda Isle
In the beginning, keep hitting the two until the guy falls off the the monster. Then jump on it and breath fire onto the small guy. After you've killed him you have to face the monster. Keep on going to his tail and hitting the crystal. When he trys to turn around cast a freezing spell on him. Keep on doing it until you've beat him.
Carry Key Without Holding it
After getting a Key, Face a Wall and throw it at the wall. The Key will stick to your Head So you can clear sweeps of enmys while still carring the key
Extra Spells
When you use spells. You can also make even more spells than the orb just given to you!

Clear + Fire = Barrier (2x your defense!)
Clear + Lightning = Haste (Attack and Move faster!)
Fire + Blizard + Lightning = Holy (Power Holy Magic)

There are more, just mess around with them and see what you can find out!

When using a Yuke, don't waste your Cure spells by casting it! Use the Yuke's tribe ability "Magic Needle". Drop your cure, rise, clear, or any other spell, and use magic needle on it! Using Magic Needle on Cure heals you by 40, but it heals you well over 600+ HP.

Make Equipment with 3 Stars!
To have 3 stars on your eqipment justmake them with a ruby(not petite ruby). To make ruby get a "Refined Ruby" scroll and make it.
Moogle Madness!(6 facts on moogles)
1)Moogles will give you a stamp if you find their hiding place
2)In Story Mode you can change your Moogle's coloring
3)Moogles will pick up all items left behind in a room! To get those items hold the moogle
4)Something you don't want a moogle to pick up? Use it! To use magicites carry them and then throw it. If you do it right it will flash then explode
5)Those strange green small moogles that dissapear when you hold them are actually Moogle Plants. Moogle Plants are a material used for alchamy.
6)Moogles Appear in almost every dungeon as well as the basement of the castle in Reben Ta Ra(Mulitplayer Mode Only)

I hope these helped!
Strongest Selkie Weapon!
The strongest Selkie weapon is the Doom Cannon. Make it with the "Destructive Weapon" Scroll.
Unlockable Modes
Hard mode: Clear all stages once.
Very Hard mode: Clear all stages on Hard mode.


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Extra dungeon
Clear the game once and continue the new game+ file. Clear the second Varl Mountain event to access the extra dungeon.