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Final Fantasy III cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Final Fantasy III cheat codes.


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Beating the Land Turtle
Land Turtle (111 HP)

Your first boss turns out being quite easy to defeat. Hopefully, you explored the cave as much as you could, and you should now equip two swords (you must have 2 of those, if you battled enough and opened all the chests) instead of a sword and a shield. Then, head to the battle and ALWAYS use FIGHT command. When the health of your only current character drops below 10HP, be sure to use a "Potion" and proceed as usual, your foe will go down in no time at all.
Best Party Ever
At the beginning of the game (after you\'ve beaten the Djinn)unlock the Onion Knight and make every ones job an onion Knight except for one. Make one party member a theif and don\'t change jobs ever. By the time you reach Christal Tower every ones job level should be at 99. Also with a high level thief you can get Gungir
Cloud of Darkness Leveling
Try training to the Levels 55+, then you are ready to battle the Cloud of Darkness, and beat the 4 other bosses (90.99 percent chance of beating all 5).
Easy exp.
go to the cristal tower and kill 2 character\'s. make sure you have a swordsmen that can wield the weps that kill dividing monsters. when fighting the dividing monsters that summon Kum Kum\'s, kill them until theres 1 left. get the person with the dividing swords to kill the kum kum\'s that it summons and the other person to block. when it dosent summon a kum kum keep blocking. repeat this for more exp. kum kums are about 8000 exp. good luck
Easy job levels... anywhere and for anyone of any level!
Alright, you know how you spend forever trying to level up your jobs? Well, There's a way to easily level them... even in altar cave.

just get into a battle (any creature works, but weak ones are preferable because they don't pose a threat to you if you're higher level) and keep selecting 'guard' (defend for knight and steal for thief). do this about ten times, and then defeat the enemy(ies) and then you'll most likely gain a job level.

This works because job levels are gained not through exp, but through number of actions performed (even guard counts!). use this if you want to level up your people w/out having to worry about dying.

Still, even this tactic takes a while, but it's still much faster than traditional training.
easy wins!!!
ok when you start the game get antarctic wind. duplicate it but dont go farther then 99 or it will damage your save file and stuff. ONLY use antarctic wind on bad guys until you go to the second castle ( i think its argoth castle or somthing like that) and one of the walls have antarctic wind. when you get that go to the right and their will be another passage going to artic wind. duplicate that and you will be nearly invunerable and the fire one is like bomb arm but i dont know where to get it.
Extra Protect Rings
You can steal Protect Rings from King Behemoths, if you need better glove armor.
Finding Hidden Rooms Easier
Need an easier way to find he switch to open the door to a hidden room? Well, when you are in a room that you think has a hidden door, zoom in using the L button (the left shoulder button). After zooming in, look around the room for something that is twinkling (white dots fluttering by it). Examine it and enjoy your new goodies from the hidden room!
Getting good equipent.
A little bit after accesing Xant's tower, look something that looks like a door with a special symbol. The key that you received should open it. You will access to the Forbiden Land of Eureka. There are many treasures there with very good equipment.
Good job selection early in the game
Have 1 thief, 1 red mage, 1 warrior, and 1 black mage. A wide varied team helps, good luck!
Great way to get alot of HP
Usually when you level up, your stats all increase, including your HP. But, your hit points is the only thing that stays when you change jobs, everything else changes changes depending on which job you change to. So the best way to raise your HP, is to make your team into Black Belts. They have one of the highest HP stats, so when they level up, they gain more HP then most other jobs. Also, the Black Belts are one of the only jobs that can do more damage without weapons then then they can with them, with their attack being able to reach over 300 at a high job level and a level of just 60, making them a powerful choice.
Raise a thief so it's job level is 70-73, then go to Saronia Catacombs and fight Odin. Be at least level 42 or above. Have your thief use Steal and you'll get the Gungnir, one of the most powerful dragoon weapons in the game.
Hidden Shuriken
In Gyshal, go to the shop that sells magic keys. You should notice a well-hidden chest. Face the right wall and walk through it, then walk up when you hit a wall, then left when you hit another wall. You will get a shuriken. However, they are useless at the time unless you have a ninja.
How to get alot of shrikens (without duplicating)
If you want to know how to get shrikens follow these tips:

1. Go to the crystal tower.

2. Go into Euerka and follow the paths until you get to the place were you can buy summons.

3. There is a secret passageway here. You see the see women on the right hand side? Well you should see this black space. Go through it.

4. Follow it through until there is a way out.

5. Speak to the person you can see.

6. You should see that she sells shrikens.

7. Now you know where to get shrikens from!

Note* Shrikens are alot of gil, they are 65,550 per shriken. Make sure you have alot of money.
How to send emails without having to wait an hour
Do you want to send mails to NPCs or your friends without having to wait an hour just to send one? Yes? Well you came to the right place!

It is pretty self explanatory really, but it should help you greatly when trying to get to Onion Knight or any other side-quests quickly.

So here are the steps:
(Before doing this cheat make sure you already sent an email, so that you won't waste the next mail.)

1) Turn ON your DS and tap the bottom button (DS icon) to get to your settings.

2) Tap the blue icon (clock and calender) to get to your time settings.

3) Next tap on the icon next to the alarm clock (large clock) to enter your current time.

4) Okay, obviously, you see digits with a colon and the words, "hour" and "minute." All you have to do is change the hour up 1. After that just save and turn back to your game.

5) Go back to moogle, choose send mail, and... tada! The 1 hour limit is taken off!

After sending your mail to your friend or to a NPC, the 1 hour limit is back on, but don't worry... just do the same process that I told you and you should be fine.

I hope this helps all of you!

Iron Giant
This guy is ridiculously hard. Here are the requirements:
1. 4 maxed out OKs(Onion Knights)(level 99 and job level 99)
2. OKs equipped with all the onion knight equipment( helm*, armor, bracers)
3. Every Onion Knight with Curaja, Arise, Flare, Meteor magic spells eqipped( level 8 spells are sold in Eureka)
4. All Onion Knights equipped with two onion blades
5. Good attack items like Chocobos wrath and white musk
* Either have ribbons or onion shields equipped to cancel out any status ailments
Level 7 summon, Leviathan!
By the time you're able to summon, you'll probably have realised that there's a big fishy thing swimming around on the eastern half of the floating continent.

Guess what? It's a super-awesome hidden summon!

After you get the airship 'invincible' during the later half of the game, it becomes possible to fly over to the lake. Simply exit the airship after crossing the mountains, swim out into the lake with your raft, and move towards the underwater shadow.

You'll enter a large, maze-like dungeon. The monsters should be easy enough to beat if your levels are low-mid 40s. Along the way you'll find some weaponry/magical items. After about four/five floors, you'll finally encounter the boss, Leviathan!

If you made your way to the bottom floor without much difficulty, you should be able to beat him just as easily. I suggest having a healer and a summoner set up to provide support to any attackers you may have (Dragoons/Dark Knights/Ninjas are reccomended).

At any rate, once you've finished it off, you'll be granted the level 7 summon spell, Leviathur! Congratulations! Now go try it out and beat stuff up!
Level 8 Summon, Bahamut!
Everyone should remember the beating they got at the Dragon Peak the first time around in the early stages of the game. Bahamut was way too powerful to beat back when you only had the first crystal's power to help you out.

Once you get the airship, 'Invincible', it becomes possible for you to get your well-deserved payback.

South of Dragon's Peak you'll notice a cave near some traversable mountains. Simply fly over the mountains on the airship, and enter the dungeon.

Although relatively short, Bahamut's Lair is filled with slightly more powerful monsters than the ones you may have encountered in the Leviathan's lair. It is highly recomended that you have at least one Dragoon in your party.

Make your way to the end of the dungeon, and as you reach the exit you'll have a text bubble appear at the bottom of the screen reading: "Are you powerful enough to defeat me?", after which you will immediately exit (whether or not you're ready for the fight) and confront Bahamut.

I reccomend mid-40s for the Bahamut fight. If you have a high-level Dragoon on your team, it's likely one Jump will finish the fight though.

Anyway, once you've beaten the Dragon, you'll be granted the summon Spell Bahamut. Congrats! Now go blow stuff up!
Look at your Bestiary and Achievements!
Head to the Gyshal Inn and press along the right wall. You'll find a secret room with a guy that allows you to look at your bestiary and achievements(enemies defeated, chests opened, etc.)
Master Smith and Ultima Weapon
Send 4 mails to Sara. She'll ask you to fix her pendant. Go to Takka, he'll say he can't do it. Then send 4 or 5 mails to Takka, he'll mention something about a Legendary Smith. Once he mentions about the smith, go to Saronia. You'll find the smith in NW Saronia. She has a silver hair.

After you fixed Sara's pendant (she'll ask you to find Orichalcum), start sending mails to Cid. On his 4th reply, he'll say something's in his basement. Go to his house and beat the monster(Aeon). It'll drop something, which turns out to be Orichalcum.

For the next step, you have to open the door to Eureka first. Once you've done that, go to Falgabard. You'll find the Smith there. Talk to her and she'll give you Ultima Weapon in exchange for Orichalcum.

Note: You may need to send mails to OTHER players in order to get replies from the NPCs.
In castle sasune, go inside and on 1st or 2nd floor beside the door there are sections of the wall that have cracks at the top, open all chests until you get arctic wind (antarctic wind works too but makes less money) use duplicating cheat make 99 and sell 98.
Monks and Blackbelts
When you are able to get the job(s) monk and or Blackbelt get them on one of you characters immediately!

Monk and Blackbelt do massive amounts of damage even without weapons. Monks are the early stage but have about the highest vitality early and can do 9,999 as early as lvl 30 in some cases or earlier.

Blackbelts are the upgraded rank of monk but can do much more damage. Monks can boost their attack so on the next turn it can unleash a massive blow. Blackbelt also have super high vitality and agility so they can strike first, strike long, and strike hard.
Nepto Temple easier
When you are around the Nepto Temple area and must have the Mini status, physical attacks deal very little damage (if any at all). Make sure you pick up the fire staff from the gnome doctor's house. You can use it as an item in battle and it will cast Fire. This will let you save your MP for when you really need it.
Onion Knight
- Send 7 messages to another player.
- Send and receive 4 messages from Topapa.
- After reading the fourth one you will get a message giving your a mini-quest.
- Go to Ur and talk to Topapa.
- Go to the cave that is to the north of the other cave.
- Enter, then defeat the three Bombs to get a piece of crystal.

The Onion Swordsman job will be unlocked after you win the battle.
Pheonix Downs
Don't sell the Pheonix Downs that you get, because they revive a character in your party, and you can't buy them at the shops.
At the beginning of the game, you may have missed this! Just as you enter "Ur" go immediately to the left and talk to the old lady she will tell you to take the potions. Go down the well and you will find three potions! Now go and fight monsters! Good Luck
Quick Level Up
here are the steps:
1.get the invincible, and go to the first
2.go to the Bahamut's lair
3.just start battling monsters, and you should get 3750-5700EXP per a battle
I got from level 43 to level 60 in about 2-3 hrs
Quick Lvl Up (Kum Kum's)
Having trouble at the last areas of the game?

Got some spare time to train?

If the answer to these is yes, then look no further. In the Crystal tower there are summoning enemies named Bluck (purpleanemies with tenticles on their faces). Fight until there is one left and let it summon, keep beating the Kum Kum's (that usually die in a single hit) until you feel like you have beat fair amount, usually 30-60minutes should do it. At the end of which you will gain around 200,000 EXP and an insane amount of gold.

Points to consider

-It will take a while

-Kum Kum's have powerful 'aga' spells

-I would recommend having a devout with adequate healing powers.

-after fighting you may have to return to the airship to heal, depending on how long you fight for.
Really good combination of jobs
The best or maybe very very good job combination if you are too lazy to get the oni-swordsman job the the first job you get is a summoner with all of the summons,a devout with as much magic as possible,a magus with as much magic as possible and a dark knight all trained to the highest level possible.
Sea Dragon Help
If anyone is trying to have a full list in their bestiary, knowing where the Sea Dragon is is important.

The only way to encounter the Sea Dragon is to first off, have the Enterprise. If you have already been to Saronia, and your Enterprise is destroyed, you will not encounter one.

On the Surface world, allow the Enterprise to sail around in the waters. You will encounter weak monsters such as mermaids, but you will eventually encounter the blue Sea Dragon, (as opposed to the green Sea Serpent, which you can also find with the same methods).
Secret Dungeon
- Send a 7 mails to another player through Mog Net.
- Send 4 mails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Elderly".
- Send 4 mails to "King Alus". After reading the fourth one, you will unlock a new quest.
- Ride on the airship that can travel underwater and go to the floating island. Once there, go directly east until you see a shadow in the water. Go underwater at that point to enter a cave with a secret dungeon and Boss.
In Fabalgard walk past the trees on the left of the waterfall and walk in, there should be an old man inside talk to him he will make you fight him to see if you're worthy to wield his blade kill him and get kiki-ichimonji also theres stairs inside the waterfall go down them and run through the river, theres a little island in fabalgard with a rock on it press L when you're on the island you should find a blessed hammer, demon mail, demon shield and a hi-potion
Sing abilities with different Harps
Like many classes in Final Fantasy 3, the Bard has an ability other than Attack and Guard. This ability is "Sing." When you first acquire the Bard class, this ability isn't as good as, say, any of the Magic abilities. As you continue through the game and gather various harps, though, the abilities you gain change. With each different Harp comes a different ability through sing.

Madhura Harp - Minne - Casts Protect on the party (Increases Defense of your party) {Lasts 2 turns}
Loki Harp - Minuet - Casts Haste on the party (Speeds up your party) {Lasts 2 turns}
Dream Harp - Paeon - Heals the party, similar to a Cast -> All Cure spell
Lamia Harp - Requim - Does damage comparable to an Attack command from the back row, but to all enemies.
Apollo Harp - Elegy - Casts Aura on all party members (Raises the attack of your party) {Lasts 2 turns}

Note that the Sing ability will ALMOST ALWAYS be the first command in that round. Therefore you have a chance to defend/boost your party members in preperation of whatever the enemy can throw at you. Also of note, changing Harps in battle does nothing to hinder you. So you can change back and forth without worrying about losing a turn. This provides easy combos for Haste at the beginning of battle to something to boost their defense or attack. While a little tedious, the constant buffs to your party's attributes is helpful.
Smith Locations (after Ultima Weapon)
Ur (well)
Sasune Castle (East Tower, 3rd floor)
Healing Copse
Village of the Ancients (inn)
Gyshal (Chocobo Pen)
Dwarven Hollows (entrance to Subterranean Lake)
Replito (inside the northernmost house)
Saronia Castle (2nd floor - basement)
Doga's Village (central island)
Ancient Ruins (inn)
Something you may have missed
After exiting the cave at the beginning, go straight back in. You'll be at the top, rather than the level you fell too, and there are several chests with pretty good items here.
To Falgabard and back
To get to Falgabard and back you need the Invincable.

To start the cheat go south of Saronia until you see a line of small rocks.

Kick the ship into overdrive and go over the mountains.

Keep going ahead and cross the small mountains.

Fly the airship straight on and you should be in Falgabard.

*If you want to go back to Saronia reverse this cheat*

Easter eggs

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Secret room with powerful weapons you can buy
Go to the Crystal tower and go to the middle door when you get in then follow the paths in the Eureka place to the end and there are two wizards there and then there is a pond to the right run to it and there is a secret door go through it and there is a man talk to him and he will offer you some of the strongest weapons in the game. Buy one of each and use the duplicating cheat and there you have it.


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*easter egg* see refias panties
when in battle make sure refia is a scholar and make sure she is DEAD (done)
Cloud of Darkness Battle
First, you get all of your characters around level 60-65. You must have a Devout, a Summoner, a Black Belt, and a Ninja in your party. Put your mages in the back row, and make sure that the devout has every white Magic spell in his/her spell book. Then make sure that your summoner has every summon magic available for use.

The Cloud of Darkness attacks four times each round. It swipes its hand at your, uses bad breath, casts the spells haste and protect on itself, and uses lightning. After you deplete a portion of it's health, it starts using Particle Beam a lot.

The party should have the best armor and weapons equipped, and you want good defense and magical defense. Everyone should have their share of either ribbons, aegis shields, or onion armor so the bad breath attack won't affect them.

Use Arise when ever needed, and when not needed, use Curaja and Curaga every turn. When you use Arise, have everyone else that is standing use an elixir so they won't die. Intend to use up all of your shuriken and elixirs. I killed The Cloud of darkness in about 8 rounds using this technique, and this party at Level 66:

Arc: Summoner
Luneth: Black Belt
Refia: Devout
Ingus: Ninja
Duplicating Magic
*WARNING: This item duplication will ruin the game play, please note to do this at your own risk. If may also damage your save file so please duplicate your save before you attempt this.

In Final Fantasy III, all magics can be duped using this method, as mentioned, please use at your own risk.

1)Open menu screen via non-battle.
2)Select "Magic"
3)Go to any character you desire and select by A Button
4)Once at the magic menu, go select Trade (koukan)
5)Highlight a character that has magic you want to duplicate, but do not push the accept button (A button). Simply highlight the character (Hover the cursor on the character)
6)After highlighting the character you wish to duplicate magic off, hit the cancel button once (B button)
7)You should be back to the first character you chose, now go select Remove (Hazusu)
8)Now, move your cursor to the level and space of magic you wish to duplicate from the character you highlighted. You will get and hear the error message, but in reality, you are removing the magic that you don't even have(duplicated magic).

*You will now that the glitched worked on begging of step8 if the description of the magic you want to duplicate is describe in the text box. If you are using the character that has magic already (the one you chose on step 3) in the level you want to duplicate magics off, make sure you remove all magic he has equipped on before Step 1, other wise you will rewrite the loose the magic with the one you are trying to duplicate.

Moderator's note: This does not work in the European version.
Easy Job Leveling
If you want to be able to level up a character to job level 99 in any given job in only a few hours, try the following. Enter a random battle with as weak of an enemy as you can find (since it's arbitrary how strong the creature is). Select the "Guard" command for your characters. Do this for four rounds. On the fifth round, kill the enemy party. Each character will receive a job level. Repeat as needed.

Hint: Onion Sword
Hint: Onion Sword
For the Onion Knight, this weapon can be found in the secret dungeon by slaying the Red Dragon.

Invincible Glitch
When you get the invincible, go to any mountain that you can fly over. Move towards it till you can\'t move( you should see a little shadow over the mountain) then press B and go right back to the steering wheel and press A. Now fly towards the mountain and you\'ll fly right over it(without pressing A)


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Item Duplication
*WARNING: This item duplication will ruin the game play, please note to do this at your own risk. If may also damage your save file so please duplicate your save before you attempt this.

In Final Fantasy III, all useable items (not weapons/armors/magic) can be duped using this method, as mentioned, please use at your own risk.

1)Open menu screen via non-battle.
2)Select "Items"
3)Put the item you want to duplicate in the very top left corner in your item list
4)Enter a battle randomly
5)When in battle, go select "Item" on any characters.
6)Your cursor should be at the very top left of the item box, the item you have placed there. Once you're here, hit UP and A button at the same time
7)This will briefly take you to Wepon/Shield list (about 1/2 second). If you see this, the code has worked after you hit "cancel' or B button. Go to your invetory and you will notice that the item quantity has been added by one.

With this method you are able to duplicate any demishable items, even items you can't by such as Chocobo's Rage, Elixir, Phoenix Down.


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Level 8 Magic
There are six level eight spells (Flare, Death, Meteor, Tornado, Arise, Holy), but they can only be purchased for use at one shop. The shop is located in the Forbidden Land of Eureka, and each spell can be purchased as many times as you'd like for 60,000 Gil per spell.

Scholars can be one of the most powerful classes earlier on, hitting 9999's for every shot at lvl 36 (job lvl 60)

just use the duplication trick on attack items such as white musk, then use them as your primary attack.

because the scholar can increase the effectiveness of any item used, you'll be hitting like the pros in no tome flat!
The Ninja
In order to acquire the Ninja class -- considered to be the strongest class of them all -- you need to go to Eureka (a sidequest area found in the first floor of Sylx Tower) and go all the way through it. When seeing the last teleport (the one who usually takes you to an area with stores), turn all the way left and you will see a floating staff. By touching it you'll fight Scylla, who gives you this class, when defeated.