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Elite Beat Agents Cheats

Elite Beat Agents cheats, Easter Eggs, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Elite Beat Agents cheat codes.

Easter eggs

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hidden nintendo
This is a easter egg i found go too the level too the movie and every time after the video there is a guy with the clip thingy if you look on the clip thingy look close and you see Nintendo the his hand over the next word I'm pretty sure it says features


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Mr. X (Multiplayer Only)
After reaching Hard ROCK! mode, "Mr. X" will become a playable character in both single-card and multi-card Vs. mode. He appears in Commander Kahn's space, and is basically Kahn himself with a giant cat head. Mr. X disappears once Kahn is unlocked and is replaced with him.

Unlock Bonus Episodes
Unlocking bonus episodes only depends on your rank. There is a total of 3 unlockable bonus episodes. Once you unlock them on one difficult setting, the are open to all others.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bonus Episode 1 - Cher - Believe Advance to 4th Rank - Captain of Soul
Bonus Episode 2 - Jackson 5 - ABC Advance to 6th Rank - King of the Beat
Bonus Episode 3 - Destiny's Child - Survivor Advance to 9th Rank - Legendary Agent
Unlock Commander Kahn
To unlock, Commander Kahn, finish every song in the game in every mode. (Breesin, Crusin, Sweatin, Hard Rock!)
Unlock Modes
In the game there already is 2 game modes, 2 more are there for you to unlock.
To unlock Sweatin' Mode clear Crusin', and to unlock hard ROCK! mode clear Sweatin'.