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Egg Monster Heroes (Import) Cheats

Egg Monster Heroes (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.

Egg Monster Heroes (Import) Tips

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Egg Rumble Mania!
In the stage, "Find my egg!" look for a bubble in the celing at the top of where you start, then, hit it and a rumbler will appear asking if you want to participate in the "Egg Rumble Mania!"
Submitted by: Snowe on December 31, 2005
Egg Types
Jack Egg: Complete game once
Queen Egg: Complete game twice
King Egg: Complete game and unlock every mini-Game
Giant Egg: Beat the game with 6 stars
Mini-Egg: Beat the game with 7 stars
Twin Egg: Beat the game in a gameplay status of 3 hours
Submitted by: Snowe on December 31, 2005